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Look At This Bright Pink Lake! -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 weeks ago

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This isn't an optical illusion. Hillier Lake on Australia's Middle Island is actually pink! You can thank the algae in the lake for the gorgeous color.

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Ape man Commeth
'Ape man Commeth' 1 week ago
Wonder what the first explorers thought when they saw it! Must have been a crazy experience
'yeah' 3 weeks ago
it's violet in the satalite photo
Furqan n Subhan
'Furqan n Subhan' 3 weeks ago
They are bacterias
'LuckyVoodoo1' 3 weeks ago
Such a great concept for a show but damn how poorly executed it is. Makes me angry that I want to watch it but I can't deal with the stupid non sense conspiracy crap dancing all around a place making it sound scary and in the end is practically explainable. It fails miserably and it gets exhausting to watch. Get serious science channel.
Natog1 1
'Natog1 1' 3 weeks ago
Guys this doesn't exist, the lake is of a brownish color because of the dirt mixing with the water. People at science channel used to do interesting things that were real, but it seems that they're just faking news for views
Oh and by the way, I checked the google maps coordinates on this video and also the ones on the Australia drawing one, and guess what! Both stories are fake. Science channel fuck you
'MeJoho' 3 weeks ago
There's many lakes like this in the world.
Booster “Gold” Alharthy
The question is, is it safe to swim in it?
Bradley Graham
'Bradley Graham' 3 weeks ago
Look at my noose i just made
Matthew Cowell
'Matthew Cowell' 3 weeks ago
I hate documentaries from the US... sounds like an action movie the whole time. It's a lake, not the Terminator!
'Austraverse' 3 weeks ago
They are acting like no one knows about it aha so many people know about this
dean ki
'dean ki' 3 weeks ago
lyft has gone too far with their viral promotion
0riginal _Panda_Child
Gordon Tang
'Gordon Tang' 3 weeks ago
What do those micro organisims feast on?
'heyzeus023' 3 weeks ago
Goddamn feminists trying to feminize water.

What will they think of next?
Wito Wote
'Wito Wote' 3 weeks ago
Bruh, dat shit photoshopped ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Austin Bryant
'Austin Bryant' 3 weeks ago
It's probably just a weird form of algae
'keezleez' 3 weeks ago
this show is so dramatic are you sure those are real scientists..
sofian senac
'sofian senac' 3 weeks ago
That must be the Mr burn's lake from the Simpsons
Carrie Wright
'Carrie Wright' 3 weeks ago
and only a thin ribbon of land separates the surfaces of the lake and the sea from mixing, how incredible
"it looks toxic" DONT YA KNOW THAT YA TOXIC
Stupid Fiction
'Stupid Fiction' 3 weeks ago
Lake Retba
'NuggetOfBlueGold' 3 weeks ago
God, no! >:(
'Bigalow45' 3 weeks ago
i would think that would be bubblegum flavored medicine
Lawrence Lo
'Lawrence Lo' 3 weeks ago
There is another pink lake in Port Gregory, they could have just went to that lake to find out why the lake is pink if they are not allowed on the island. Seriously scientists are overcomplicated this too much!!
The Trust
'The Trust' 3 weeks ago
Now look at this net, that I just found.
Tyler Cerni
'Tyler Cerni' 3 weeks ago
hello it is not my birthday or a holiday or good day but please like this comment for honesty
'MMQuck' 3 weeks ago
I'd like to go die in it
Gangeshkumar Tiwari
'Gangeshkumar Tiwari' 3 weeks ago
all is with my lovely bacteria
Martin Degn
'Martin Degn' 3 weeks ago
hmm does anyone know the coordinator
Eva Bekkert
'Eva Bekkert' 3 weeks ago
Now look at this lake, that I've just found!
Insane CoolAid
'Insane CoolAid' 3 weeks ago
Moses! O:
63 Rat Rod
'63 Rat Rod' 3 weeks ago
mmmmm carotenoid shake
Anton P
'Anton P' 3 weeks ago
So is it ok to swim in it:|
'FTO DBLOCK' 3 weeks ago
I would drink it omg that's probably the key too super powers
christian carranza
'christian carranza' 3 weeks ago
hi it me just want to say to you is keep doing what your doing and keep doing what you love
'jespergran' 3 weeks ago
Bright pink? More like dark purple...
'Rhenioun' 3 weeks ago
its pink lemonade
Hotdroping Shady
'Hotdroping Shady' 3 weeks ago
Pretty cool
'{Honestgamer}' 3 weeks ago
Hi 2 comment
'RubyHamster' 3 weeks ago
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