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Christmas Vine & Instagram Compilation 2016 -
Published: 1 month ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 1 month ago

433, 622 views

4, 067 Likes   155 Dislikes

New Christmas Compilation from the Top Viners of the Year 2016! Check out Team Internet's A Westworld Christmas►

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Matilda Faalili
'Matilda Faalili' 3 hours ago
Tucker Garland
'Tucker Garland' 2 days ago
Vine is trash! How is this considered funny. These are all expired memes, for real comedy, go watch some dank meme compilations, I guarantee 5 or more laughs.
Anthony Ricci
'Anthony Ricci' 4 days ago
VINES DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best Vine
'Best Vine' 4 days ago
hello friends please visit my #Channel
Larisa Gudashova
'Larisa Gudashova' 5 days ago
Lyrics Daily
'Lyrics Daily' 6 days ago
What's the song at 1:40
PaulCraftFTW -Gaming and more!
Didn't laph once
more dark vapor xx
tide pods
'tide pods' 2 weeks ago
That last one though
Riley Hanson-Clinnick
I wonder what it to be like a camera man in a vine
Mustafa Nafaa
'Mustafa Nafaa' 2 weeks ago
att 1:00 if you look close you Will se that it was Trump that talked to The kid
'Pii' 2 weeks ago
Is That Donald Trump In Home Alone?
Naimah Wright
'Naimah Wright' 2 weeks ago
i would have yelled at my son if he was playing wity mrs claus and mr clause like that. if i had a son lol
Tara White
'Tara White' 2 weeks ago
the mariah carey one had me rolling!!!
'Therealgoats' 2 weeks ago
9:51 wtf was I looking at????!??
David Robles
'David Robles' 2 weeks ago
OH YEAH Cristian! 2:15
Hunter Powell
'Hunter Powell' 2 weeks ago
if your kid says Santa claws just say Santa has a teliporter and go to every house
DMX beastmode
'DMX beastmode' 2 weeks ago
What happened to vine
10CatSucker Kitty01
'10CatSucker Kitty01' 2 weeks ago
Christmas Song DUN Kid: WHO ARE YOU .O. Creep: o_o MY NAME IS JEFF
Rocco m
'Rocco m' 2 weeks ago
HumzDaCrazyD 16
'HumzDaCrazyD 16' 2 weeks ago
these memes are dead then my future.
'MIMI R' 2 weeks ago
Donald trump looked at his ass oh my god!!!!
Kimberly Bethea
'Kimberly Bethea' 2 weeks ago
That looks like trump 0:57
Trill Chrxs
'Trill Chrxs' 2 weeks ago
supersaiyan god gothan fusion
go to 1:13
it's funny
Liafadlian Mardiana
'Liafadlian Mardiana' 2 weeks ago
Mango Madness
'Mango Madness' 3 weeks ago
rip vine 2013-2016 we will remember you
Kitty rainbow girl
'Kitty rainbow girl' 3 weeks ago
At 0:57 Donald trump was talking to a boy wow helpful but he is little racist
Zack X
'Zack X' 3 weeks ago
2:12 was my favorite 😂😂😂
Trends Hacker
'Trends Hacker' 3 weeks ago
hey, i have my own vines video how could i send you my videos...
'TheTicaAndTikiShow' 3 weeks ago
Eh Kler
'Eh Kler' 3 weeks ago
2:12 i am about to die of laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alpha Diisire
'Alpha Diisire' 3 weeks ago
At 0:57 was that Donald Trump
chris ramoa
'chris ramoa' 3 weeks ago
im glad vine is dead lol.
Victoria Kapihe
'Victoria Kapihe' 3 weeks ago
Put the middle finger up and stick it at trump
Cesar Cardoza
'Cesar Cardoza' 3 weeks ago
bessed Williams
'bessed Williams' 3 weeks ago
bessed Williams
'bessed Williams' 3 weeks ago
lil tom
'lil tom' 3 weeks ago
oh.. let me see your grades your grades need Jesus
The FluffyOshawollt Nooby vids
one day that huscy
is going to bite him
suchapill ! !
'suchapill ! !' 3 weeks ago
Awesome lol
Roblox gamer
'Roblox gamer' 3 weeks ago
the dog was so cute!!! (4:29)
Bilal Nasser
'Bilal Nasser' 3 weeks ago
Subscribe to me and I'll back
Bilal Nasser
'Bilal Nasser' 3 weeks ago
I know about 99 percent of you guys have a good day/night
Panic! At the Twenty øne crybabies
Merry christler
'Nick' 3 weeks ago
bruh I got a hoverboard and nba2k17
Gae Elle
'Gae Elle' 3 weeks ago
Donald fucking Trump was in Home Alone...

And that's the story of why I stopped celebrating Christmas😂😂
Jeanine Law
'Jeanine Law' 3 weeks ago
At 7:28 though
Katie Sinnott
'Katie Sinnott' 3 weeks ago
who's heard about a black santa
'don't ask' 3 weeks ago
0:58 did you know that the man is donald trump? ;-;
Arnye Playsfifa
'Arnye Playsfifa' 4 weeks ago
its the 24th and i havent even put up my tree
Yoshi MamaNama
'Yoshi MamaNama' 4 weeks ago
at 8:49 lil man was like "Finally I Got my Limited edition pokemon golden x cards I will Rule the world" xD
Wolfie Blackheart
'Wolfie Blackheart' 4 weeks ago
1:00 OH MY GOD I can't believe Trump was on home alone😱
'drunkmothrfckr' 4 weeks ago
can anyone else tell that the ideas for this shit are running out?
Le Tem
'Le Tem' 4 weeks ago
3:57 me
Joshua Bulan
'Joshua Bulan' 4 weeks ago
Elizabeth Kiyan
'Elizabeth Kiyan' 4 weeks ago
Damond Spriggs
'Damond Spriggs' 4 weeks ago
I'm in love with the snow snow
'LemonDropper' 4 weeks ago
Merry Chrysler
Ethan Troutman
'Ethan Troutman' 4 weeks ago
Faris Arrazi
'Faris Arrazi' 4 weeks ago
0:56 is that Donald Trump
'Cespanotic' 4 weeks ago
Duck you hat you do not want chrisms
Nate Beltran
'Nate Beltran' 4 weeks ago
santa: what do you want for christmas me: i want vine to be great again not shit
ricardo montoya
'ricardo montoya' 4 weeks ago
2:12 killed me
Nathan Gill
'Nathan Gill' 4 weeks ago
3:24 this is my favorite one!
'thesilence6' 4 weeks ago
Vine before it went to shit
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Lê Tín
'Lê Tín' 4 weeks ago
Song 9:15
Karina X-ing
'Karina X-ing' 4 weeks ago
what is the song called in 0:26
Mr. Benzedrine
'Mr. Benzedrine' 4 weeks ago
fun fact: Home Alone 2 was on telly yesterday and after watching it all with my baby sister I realised they cut Trump's part out completely. Not sure if the normal TV edit cuts his line but it was pretty funny.
young donald trump within the first min of the vid! ill take six with a side of wall and my sauce of choice will be honey mustard freedom thank you
phantom league
'phantom league' 4 weeks ago
2:55 😂😂😂
Angel Caballero
'Angel Caballero' 4 weeks ago
Vine is dead stop posting
Aaron Bolanos
'Aaron Bolanos' 1 month ago
This was FUNNY
And had a

🍺Good weekend!🍺
🍺                         🍺
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🍺          👟👟     🍺
🍺                         🍺
Alex YTB
'Alex YTB' 1 month ago
0:26 what's the song?
Tania A
'Tania A' 1 month ago
1:00? Trump?
Titanus Override
'Titanus Override' 1 month ago
I just saw Donald Trump
Chris Nicolas
'Chris Nicolas' 1 month ago
when vinne is dead so your juss gonna keep playing old vines because you made a channel around it
Tom Sojer
'Tom Sojer' 1 month ago
is this a chringe compilation?
Gera Nunez
'Gera Nunez' 1 month ago
suppose to be playing game of war but this one player keeps kicking my ass😂
B Ssm
'B Ssm' 1 month ago
So much black people lol

Good day !
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Waiting for your comments about my videos !
'YukiPlay' 1 month ago
Song on at 0:30?
neilson franciscus
'neilson franciscus' 1 month ago
ursa roar??
T-BoNe KiLLa
'T-BoNe KiLLa' 1 month ago
Santa is a stalker /pedophile he knows when kids are sleeping and awake he knows if ur bad or good he drinks egg nog every year because he doesn't get laid and he runs down ur chimney in a furry gay out fit and u let him in because he has some thing for ur kids .....his big red jolly sack hahahahahha why u think he says ho ho ho he gets bitches while Mrs Claus runs the damn shop
bubble gum (mandy)
'bubble gum (mandy)' 1 month ago
I can not laugh I just like watching this
Charles Ray
'Charles Ray' 1 month ago
what's the song at 1:14
'2ToTheDome' 1 month ago
id fuck chelcie lynn. am i wrong for that?
cj windbust
'cj windbust' 1 month ago
Trump @ 1:01
CortosAnimesArg :3
'CortosAnimesArg :3' 1 month ago
minute 10:45 Josh the Drake and josh
CortosAnimesArg :3
'CortosAnimesArg :3' 1 month ago
like for aparición the Josh the Drake and josh
Fremont Bevan
'Fremont Bevan' 1 month ago
'Lumindi' 1 month ago
ti christmas is 9 days more?!
Jonathan Sackey
'Jonathan Sackey' 1 month ago
subscribe to my aultimant video its called Jonathan weird guy
Esmeralda Boekhoudt
'Esmeralda Boekhoudt' 1 month ago
jij bent dik
sahsa pasha lopa
'sahsa pasha lopa' 1 month ago
if you guys need any help regARDING Your social media stuff (especially in instagram followers, likes) just go to (I G R O C K E T D O T C O M) and get all these
Scott W
'Scott W' 1 month ago
Would it be so much to ask for a little volume leveling when making these compilations? One second you can't hear shit, the next second, your neighbors think your murdering someone.
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