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CES 2017: LG's super-thin TV lies flat against the wall - BBC News -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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The BBC takes a first look at LG's "wallpaper TV", which protrudes just a few millimetres beyond the surface it is hung upon.

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'KEEVVY' 7 days ago
I was planning to buy a lg 23mp68vq-p, but now it's almost ~50$ more expensive than it was last month in Eu.
Boe Dillard
'Boe Dillard' 1 week ago
Too bad they couldn't think it through and separate the absurdly large dunsel speaker from the electronics.   The electronics should go into a rack or cabinet.  The speaker should remain in the box if it is unwanted.
the rock
'the rock' 1 week ago
technology is of no use unless is it affordable to common man
no one pay 5000$ for a thing whose cost of production is 1/25 of the tagprice
Pay Dough
'Pay Dough' 1 week ago
Who even watches tv enough to buy that? Lmao
Space Raanger
'Space Raanger' 1 week ago
i like smaller tv's anyways
JoyMcFly S
'JoyMcFly S' 1 week ago
sounds like 10k starting price range
Nick M
'Nick M' 2 weeks ago
Plasma > LED
'9-BBN' 2 weeks ago
UK taxpayers paid for this shitty station?
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 2 weeks ago
Nice! I'm looking forward to when TV will be like looking out the window! Watching music videos you could be at the festival with 3D views by TVs on 3 walls!
Xi Le
'Xi Le' 2 weeks ago
Will LG Wall OLED TV be available for sale to consumers this year 2017.
I hope it won't be like the transparent TVs showed at previous CES, but
they are not available to the public.
Todd Morrow
'Todd Morrow' 2 weeks ago
Better to propagandize you with
'fossilsol69' 2 weeks ago
Better hope it doesn't need an update because LG don't update shit or talk to it's customers.
Emmanuel Goldstein
'Emmanuel Goldstein' 2 weeks ago
How much did the anti-BBC recieve for this blatant advertising? We all know they get income from the EU to produce propaganda.
Russian Homecat
'Russian Homecat' 2 weeks ago
Who cares about thickness of 0,1" . My TV is 1,5 inch thick and I don't care, as it is sitting peacefully on the wall. Everybody cares about the price of the TV!
'96BxelA' 2 weeks ago
BBC Is this what you are calling news.....Pathetic...
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 2 weeks ago
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