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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Nic Surge (IcefireWolf67)
Biggest problem with Suicide Squad is that it was done independently of the ever-growing CW DC Hero series (Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Constantine)
'Supersub0' 40 minutes ago
I'm adding a sin, the guy who's good with guns is black
Rob Swarbrigg
'Rob Swarbrigg' 1 hour ago
how did you pronounce phone
Andrew Pellerito
'Andrew Pellerito' 2 hours ago
where's batman and flash when the monsters destroy the city
Daly Zee
'Daly Zee' 2 hours ago
That movie sucked ass.
Nick Foss
'Nick Foss' 3 hours ago
Everything wrong with La La Land
Rylan Kilmer
'Rylan Kilmer' 3 hours ago
Deadshot has more character in Arrow even they have a better suicide squad to
Meth overdose
'Meth overdose' 3 hours ago
bring Christopher Nolan back ffs and fire Zack Snyder who cares about good fighting scenes if the movie is shit?
'SH P' 3 hours ago
complete garbage film. i think you under scored the sins.
Stalker Deer
'Stalker Deer' 5 hours ago
Suicide squad: dirty dozen did it first
Claudia M Parada
'Claudia M Parada' 5 hours ago
This movie was shit
makayla moore
'makayla moore' 5 hours ago
Nerdy Bird (Joker)
'Nerdy Bird (Joker)' 7 hours ago
The Legendary Pug Neo
You should've called this Sin-ema
'Bitternerd' 10 hours ago
Damn, I really wish he would've removed a sin for Harley's elevator scene, considering the fact that Margo Robbie did all those stunts by herself
Tyler Satterfield
'Tyler Satterfield' 11 hours ago
Tyler Satterfield
'Tyler Satterfield' 11 hours ago
also planting nanite explosives is THE RIDDLERS MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler Satterfield
'Tyler Satterfield' 11 hours ago
btw i hate this joker if i wanna see a fat faced wierdo with face paint wearing a green wig i would have walked outside my house and take a right and see a fat faced wierdo with face paint wearing a green wig dancing naked
Tyler Satterfield
'Tyler Satterfield' 11 hours ago
deadshot is the ultimate sniper you fight in arkham origins along with deathstroke batmans childhood friend hush and other memorable characters such as killer croc and electocutioner who is only mentioned once in the comics which you could .K.O. in one punch first fight in the game but second time you beat the shit out of him in a battle for the ages and you steal his shock gloves
Ryan Worthington
'Ryan Worthington' 11 hours ago
Did its say that Deadshot uses a potato cannon in the second intro to his character in the weapons he uses?
'2099MagicMan' 11 hours ago
can you guys do SPEED RACER
Woods Lore
'Woods Lore' 12 hours ago
what about the name task force x. shouldn't that be a sin?
'DCMarvelFanGuy' 13 hours ago
I agree with most of those sins except for the one of Flash thwarting Captain Boomerang's robbery. That is classic Flash. Most of his Rogues are gimmicky bank robbers and Captain Boomerang is one of them. Flash is the everyman of the Justice League. Most problems aren't small for him. He helps the Central City community in a lot of ways.
king tyris
'king tyris' 13 hours ago
What could have saved this movie was if the fight scenes were any good. But they were just muddy forgettable shaky cam nonsense.
Jessi LaChat
'Jessi LaChat' 14 hours ago
As someone who's been in the psych department of my university (got a minor in it), there are LOTS of people with said degree that are at least mentally unstable. It's a lot more common than you think, to a pretty scary degree.

So Dr. Quinzel going nuts with Joker? Pretty realistic. XD
Mandalorian Gaming Network
Looks like the characters in this film went to the Call Of Duty school of surviving helicopter crashes.
John McNaughton
'John McNaughton' 14 hours ago
1000 sins to Cinema Sins for confusing the Kree (Ronin the Accuser) from Guardians of the Galaxy and The Chitauri from Avengers. Seriously you guys how do you confuse that? This is like LITERALLY your job to know this shit.
Carol Ann
'Carol Ann' 14 hours ago
At the 12:20 mark, the mannequin of the child is wearing the same thing as Deadshot's daughter in his intro
Antonio Ramirez
'Antonio Ramirez' 15 hours ago
Hahaha sin 46 had me busting up
'MEDIOCRE !' 16 hours ago
This film was made for you (and money... lots of)
jose antonio tenreiro sainz
Everything Wrong with A Clockwork Orange!!! I'm curious of what can you come up with!!
Rob Bob
'Rob Bob' 18 hours ago
im willing to bet that the movie was way better before DC chopped it up from what david goyer had originally created
'Mitdank' 18 hours ago
The only thing wrong was that Margot Robbie didn't have a nude scene
T Smith
'T Smith' 1 day ago
Please do looney toons back in action
'axelgarcia1' 1 day ago
when Moon broke the idol my first thought was "that's the opposite of what an archaeologist does!"
Confusing Cube
'Confusing Cube' 1 day ago
Nothing about the Chevy product placement?
milie jones
'milie jones' 1 day ago
You can really tell the level of stupidity DC is at when they call a Navy veteran COLONEL Rick Flagg. Is it that fucking hard to google rank?
'ThePrune' 1 day ago
Jared Leto was decent in his 3 minutes of screen time.
King Creeper EMD
'King Creeper EMD' 1 day ago
Anyone else notice how deadshot is lethal from over 4,000 meters with a potato gun, I saw it when it was showing the things he's lethal with.😆
'Jigsaw88' 1 day ago
19:43 "All in all, this chick was pretty worthless during this movie. Name one thing she did." She saved Boomerang from Incubus. What do I win?
'HarlsandJ' 1 day ago
LMFAO I stayed saying true through the whole thing
CeNedra L
'CeNedra L' 1 day ago
His Ohhhhhhhhh was perfect
Violet B
'Violet B' 1 day ago
watching suicide sqad right now
blackcarbon95 しょう
9:02 batman spotted
Michele W
'Michele W' 1 day ago
make a video of just the funny ending clips
'sheerbeauty' 1 day ago
They missed where soldiers with machine guns are useless against the bubble monsters but Harley can take them out easily with a baseball bat.
'N7Revenant' 1 day ago
This movie is such a garbage. It is one of very few movies I am not willing to watch ever again. Most of them I can enjoy enough to give it a second run, or thought.
I don't like where this is going if productions like this are going to continue.
'buddyrun' 1 day ago
15:15 how do you not sin the fact that the escape chopper dives down to street level so it can be knocked out of that sky as other have been already instead of easily flying at a safe attitude +1 sin, f*ck it +3 that was dumber than people surviving 3 chopper crashes!
'KingpinPasta' 1 day ago
"I wanna build a team of some very bad people who i think can do some good"
"NO" the end XD
Diego Pearson
'Diego Pearson' 1 day ago
In the future, do Sausage Party and also count all the Disney, Pixar, and other animated movie spoofs in it.
this mailbox is mine
Sorry, but you're not going to see a view from me on this video. It's not cause I like the movie. It's because this movie was the worst piece of garbage I've ever seen that I can't even watch it again.
William Johnson
'William Johnson' 2 days ago
dude oh my god you say some super hilarious shit man!!!!!!!! its funny and always , you kill me every time...
Jim Canterak
'Jim Canterak' 2 days ago
This movie was great you pathetic sacks of shit.
'SUA2015Roo' 2 days ago
the extended edition made more sense...exposition wise...
Connor Brown
'Connor Brown' 2 days ago
Do split next(it's an ok movie but You can win it into the thousands(also it's written by shamilan and is techniquly the sequel to unbroken))
'SuperN3rd' 2 days ago
Want a good Suicide Squad movie? Watch Assault on Arkham.
Mr Twister
'Mr Twister' 2 days ago
Cinemasins, please do everything is wrong with Dead Silence
'KingpinPasta' 2 days ago
"We got lucky with superman he shared our values" funniest quote even funnier then katana's intro
'Phoenixel' 2 days ago
Charlottes web
Pearl Z
'Pearl Z' 2 days ago
Lmao too many haters here. It's not cool to hate this movie because everyone else does. It's definitely in the top 5 comic book movies ever.
'AnthonyWLeone' 2 days ago
Wow, I really dodged a bad one. I think this movie would have been better if they stayed faithful to the characters and source material.
James Carter
'James Carter' 2 days ago
Minority distinct ankle install injure flesh limitation bid image around not
sean turner
'sean turner' 2 days ago
Most of these can be explained and there not really mistakes it's just wanting to make a good movie look bad
Chill Solo
'Chill Solo' 2 days ago
Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of The Guardians of The Galaxy
'Carlos94016' 2 days ago
Can somebody PLEASE TELL ME what does "ex machina" means?
'Indycraft' 2 days ago
Boomerangs actually don't always return, you're just following a stereotype. Don't you do research for these things.
Oscar Flores
'Oscar Flores' 2 days ago
This movie shouldn't even be called Suicide Squad. It should be called 'Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and friends.' The movie is all about them and doesn't give 2 shits about the rest of the team.
Lothlorien Mora
'Lothlorien Mora' 2 days ago
He gave a sin by saying "ohhhhhhhhhhh"!
'NotaXHammer' 2 days ago
20:53 seconds actually
Lukas Schmerse
'Lukas Schmerse' 2 days ago
Fuck you Dc isn't a sin. It's Jesus compared to marvel
Immortal FRO5T
'Immortal FRO5T' 2 days ago
20:53 the end
Emmanuel “Manny” Reynoso
Can you redo this with the extended version?
'KingpinPasta' 2 days ago
My god the DCEU is about one thing and it always fail

'StarWarslover' 2 days ago
Who is with with me
'StarWarslover' 2 days ago
Do hardcore Henry do it do it do it do ir
Lena Axe
'Lena Axe' 2 days ago
Do everything wrong with The interview
Rashawn McLean
'Rashawn McLean' 2 days ago
everything wrong with Forrest Gump it's a gold mind
Victor Lindvall (GhostFade)
I think I am damaged from watching Cinema Sins. When I watched this movie (before I saw this) I literally picked out everything mentioned and I sat and screamed "I KNOW RIGHT!?" on every point he made.
'D M' 2 days ago
Ok, DC movies, the basic element of decent filmmaking is...SHOW DON'T TELL.
Christian V.
'Christian V.' 2 days ago
Looks like this is worse than SW: the clone Wars.
noa michel
'noa michel' 2 days ago
Check force king object on romantic cave tear chain complaint.
'iSlowJO' 2 days ago
Everything is wrong with this movie
Joe Swanson
'Joe Swanson' 2 days ago
Like shooting fish in a barrel.
Truth Man
'Truth Man' 2 days ago
Kyle Camarda
'Kyle Camarda' 2 days ago
I don't think that I can remember a worse movie that was hyped more than this turd.
'TheDarkMessiah' 2 days ago
Nothing about Enchantress fucking dancing for half the movie?
Katina Galanis
'Katina Galanis' 2 days ago
potato gun quota is a ✔
Katina Galanis
'Katina Galanis' 2 days ago
potato gun quota is a ✔
Dante Kiyoshi
'Dante Kiyoshi' 2 days ago
I feel like this movie wasn't bad but it coulda been amazing if it was a group of low levels going up against a all powerful witch. Joker should've been the main villain
'ClockwiseSarcasm' 2 days ago
I saw someone I used to be friends with wear a suicide squad Harley Quinn necklace and shirt and I wanted to die
Leon Scholten
'Leon Scholten' 2 days ago
@cinemasins The pentagon is in Virginia, not washington dc. missed one sin.
Edwin Lopez
'Edwin Lopez' 2 days ago
Can we agree that will smith, and Margot Robbie were the best of this movie?
'GrimSikk' 3 days ago
I agree with most of these sins, however I can't lie, I really enjoyed this movie. I loved the new Joker, too.
'WassapDude94' 3 days ago
Everything Wrong With "Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less"
You didn't sin Diablo's death. Ding
Sin Count: 1
Sentence: Meh i liked the video.
'Marsluvsu1001' 3 days ago
XD June Moone, Mary Glarey, pam sham, Lucy Goosey XDD
not your damn business
i think red letter media said it best.
why do studios hire visionary directors, when they then dont let those directors do their thing and always interfere in the decisions the directors make?
and its entirely miscast.
David Medus
'David Medus' 3 days ago
I have watched tons of these "Everything wrong with..." videos, and I always find them entertaining. I laughed the hardest at this one though, on that "Ohhhhhhhhh." Line with the government lady hooked up to the machine. Excellent comedic timing.
James Garcia
'James Garcia' 3 days ago
Museum of modern BullShit. (MOMBS)
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