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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 4 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 4 months ago

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Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Charlie Barnes
'Charlie Barnes' 1 hour ago
Imagine if Snyder,Nolan and Michael Bay made this film, would it have been better, or worse.
Jaze MasterGamez
'Jaze MasterGamez' 6 hours ago
Alright in suicide squad do they commit suicide because they are call Suicide Squad?
Katie Penguinfuss
'Katie Penguinfuss' 6 hours ago
What if they just had June trip on a rock or something and break the statue by accident? That would make a whole lot more sense than her just randomly pulling its head off.
tyler gnosis
'tyler gnosis' 10 hours ago
Movie sucked
Alfie Chainey
'Alfie Chainey' 20 hours ago
batman and robin is better than this shitty movie.
Ty Stevens
'Ty Stevens' 21 hours ago
The panda scene at 20:27 caused me to laugh my ass off
Serena Arthurs
'Serena Arthurs' 1 day ago
4:58 you said that about Maui also lowkey disappointed you didn't make a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reference.
Tasty Tinfoil
'Tasty Tinfoil' 1 day ago
the sin at 16:00 should be dubbed over with the sin at 17:10 -ish, "Who the fuck cares, man."
'BOMBR' 2 days ago
5:53 umm batman with his kryptonite pellets
Jill Worrell
'Jill Worrell' 2 days ago
anyone notice joker circle of knives has baby clothes on the outside of the knife circle
Jill Worrell
'Jill Worrell' 2 days ago
harely like does all this crazy shit for joker...but joker helecopter crash she doesnt even go see if he lives
Jill Worrell
'Jill Worrell' 2 days ago
i like how they explain like the plot of the machine the entrantress is building other then they got stop the bad guy
Hound Games
'Hound Games' 2 days ago
Was i the only who thought "Oh man... they dragged Viola Davis into this didn't they?" ?
'Cresh' 2 days ago
CinemaSins- Always makes me feel bad for enjoying a shit movie
Cynical Brandon
'Cynical Brandon' 2 days ago
I feel like if they made a batman movie with Ben affleck and the villian was jared leto's joker, it would be the most divisive superhero movie since man of steel. cause, everyone loves ben affleck as batman but many people don't like his joker. I'd watch it though
Matthew Young
'Matthew Young' 2 days ago
Also missed Deadshot reading the entirety of a top secret binder conveniently on the ground in a few paces
Lucy Can Draw
'Lucy Can Draw' 2 days ago
Still pissed that a movie with a fucking mouth tattoo and bubble wrap looking skin that is supposed to pass as crocodile skin won an Oscar
Kane Flett
'Kane Flett' 3 days ago
#1 Thing wrong with this movie. Will Smith.
Ivelisse Colon Perez
speaking of things that they rip off, the poster in the end is strait out of now you see me
'vassiasparta' 3 days ago
I had headphones on when I watched this. It got so boring, I fell asleep halfway through.... (The video, not the movie.) This movie rocks!! Probably the only DC movie I like so far.
Jacob Barton
'Jacob Barton' 3 days ago
if Suicide Squad is so bad than why did it gross 700 Million Worldwide and Domestic Total Gross: $325,100,054
'pein260' 3 days ago
Add another to the long list of great trailer, shitty movie.

Twerkin Panda
'Twerkin Panda' 3 days ago
12:40-ish I absolutely hate the way he holds the rifle.
Kevin Triforce
'Kevin Triforce' 4 days ago
DC "Franchise gotta Franchise Yo" Extended Universe.
Vincent DeFiore
'Vincent DeFiore' 4 days ago
I mean shit, if the whole justification was "we need "super" villains to fight hypothetical super villains" why not just hire Batman or the flash? They're better than any of these villains and they aren't assholes.
Henry Waters
'Henry Waters' 4 days ago
How can you just do it in 20 minutes
'DarkMC' 4 days ago
Man, during Halloween a group of people were at the door and there were 10 Harley Quinns. Not the original, this new one. 10
tacomatic pictures
The alien army from The Avengers was the chitauri, not the kree.
Masked Rider
'Masked Rider' 4 days ago
I look like the only one who enjoyed the movie lol! It did have some plot holes and dumb parts but overall I liked it!
Sabaa Ali Hafiz
'Sabaa Ali Hafiz' 4 days ago
Hey guys , I just realized that the `You said it yourself, bitch, we're the suicide squad' line is the exact same dialogue said by Peter quill in GoTG except he says we're the guardian the gaurdians of the galaxy. Irrelevant?maybe, but still.
'Naked&Unashamed' 4 days ago
"Pussies" -Harley Quinn's signature line.
Skippy The B
'Skippy The B' 4 days ago
I'm still bothered that boomerang didn't throw the bomb. Isn't throwing his thing?
giant horse cock
'giant horse cock' 5 days ago
Awful, awful movie.
Kaden Woltje
'Kaden Woltje' 5 days ago
rrrrrrrroooooooooggggggguuuuuuueeeee ooooonnnnneeeee
Sean King
'Sean King' 5 days ago
murdering those agents was pointless...i hate this fucking movie
'HiTzZ SRR CLAN' 5 days ago
fking love the film and love the fk ups
Nazael Rahl
'Nazael Rahl' 5 days ago
They have 3 hot woman in this. One turns into evil smoke monster, one is in love with the sword and one is happy to be in abusive relationship. This movie hates my boner.
'Blueshayde' 5 days ago
Expert With:

Potato Cannon
Jacob Towner-Cohen
1:23 within the list of weapons, "potato cannon" is clearly visible if you pause the movie at the right time
Duke Animates
'Duke Animates' 5 days ago
Is it bad that i liked this movie?
The Golden Growtopian
Sin 55: Apparently its because he has cybernetics in his eyes for 100 accuracy
'7BlackSheep' 5 days ago
GET REKT, MOVIE. Good stuff.
♥ Antithesis of #SquadGoals. ♥
Caden Luna
'Caden Luna' 5 days ago
this movie is the worst it is bulls*hit
'sanchez990507' 6 days ago
😄 and nobody cares....exactly what i was thinking half through this movie
Eeriel Constantine
I wish he'd included the wierd tip over the croc did when he was going into the flooded tunnel. It was so awkward, I cringed in the theater.
Emma Akin
'Emma Akin' 6 days ago
( Package :Pg 13+ ) (Watches )  Lol I'm eight
Susana M.
'Susana M.' 6 days ago
Why does Enchantress sound like Galadriel in Lord of the Rings?
'DEKY' 6 days ago
How did it take you only 20 minutes?!?!
Gabriela Alvarez
'Gabriela Alvarez' 6 days ago
I love this movie
'Ms.Go' 6 days ago
The Pentagon isn't in Washington, DC. It's in Arlington, VA.
Hannah Austin
'Hannah Austin' 6 days ago
The circle of kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives! The path is unwinding! Yeah its the circle, circle of kniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives!
Ballsy Woofalicious
The phone was in Harley's suitcase of stuff that they gave her before they started the mission
Tipsy River
'Tipsy River' 7 days ago
I once went on a seafood tavern called "Enema" on one of the most popular Greek islands for tourists. Strangely the food there was awesome and the place is booked 24/7 during the summer.
Nando Mt
'Nando Mt' 7 days ago
This movie is so bad it's fun to watch
James Gleave
'James Gleave' 7 days ago
32 gratuitous shots of steak eating...fuck that film.
In the first 5 minutes 40 sin counters lol
Puppypach291 Da_fox
Pause at 1:34 XD POTATO CANON!!!!! XD LOL LMAO
'Zoloz469' 1 week ago
I actually enjoyed Suicide Squad ALOT i think its a cool movie
James Phillips
'James Phillips' 1 week ago
This movie is absolute trash. I just watched it on a preview of those ppv channels, my god it sucked.

Why do we try hard with hero movies when I guess regular explosives are enough to kill the baddies?
Jack Thomson
'Jack Thomson' 1 week ago
Not my gaorite movie
'Andrew' 1 week ago
There are so many easier ways to get the Suicide Squad to work together and for Waller...
Erin Malle
'Erin Malle' 1 week ago
Probly hid the phone in her bra duh
SweetieBell Schwenn
The only reason I watched Suicide Squad was because I heard that Heathens would be in it. Sadly, it came during the credits and not during the movie. It would have been better placed during the beginning.
'Andrew-V/Ellnats' 1 week ago
this movie is more or less a popcorn movie, just like watching it as if you were statler and waldorf or mst3k crew
'Interceptor810' 1 week ago
didnt know Gotham is in NJ
'GhostReaper085' 1 week ago
Hope you relized there was a lot of putting an ipad up to glass in this movie
caleb patchen
'caleb patchen' 1 week ago
harley quinn switched weapons
Nik Server
'Nik Server' 1 week ago
0:45 was that a wild Kermit I heard?
Kyle Playz
'Kyle Playz' 1 week ago
Let's be honest who was more useful Katana or that climbing guy who's name I forgot?
Josh Yu
'Josh Yu' 1 week ago
I didn't even realize how many times a woman got punched in the face by a man in this movie! Lmao that's fucking hilarious. I guess you could argue that's highly misogynistic, but you could also argue it's going the opposite way, trying to say "women can take it too" type of thing, like they are equals. That's what I would guess.
Josh Yu
'Josh Yu' 1 week ago
"...It's a secret facility!!!"


Logan Flowers
'Logan Flowers' 1 week ago
I actually like this movie but it is nowhere near perfect but I like it
The Haggis
'The Haggis' 1 week ago
4:23 and they stole the f**ing davy jones plot from pirates...
Michael Guo
'Michael Guo' 1 week ago
Димитър Стоянов
The Iranians (Persians actually) write with Arabic letters. That means that the General opens that folder Enchantress brings backwards. Sure the General can be Americanocentric idiot, but I doubt the Iranian officials will put their front labels on the back cover and so it seems the folder was labelled so. But, you know, Harley Quinn makes up for all the sins of this movie like a 100 fold!!! I think I'm in love... Now, after posting this comment, I expect the Jocker to show up soon and put a bullet in my brain...
Figi Wigi
'Figi Wigi' 1 week ago
What's an exmachina??
honda custom
'honda custom' 1 week ago
how about the sledge hammer turned into a baseball bat
Nicholas Totoro
'Nicholas Totoro' 1 week ago
Jared Leto is an A-lister... ?
Robert Colontonio
'Robert Colontonio' 1 week ago
i don't understand the reason for bleeping out language.Are these videos rated PG. Its sad.
No Man
'No Man' 1 week ago
Wait..that's not Alfre Woodard...but they STILL already had the 'black representative' why was Will Smith even IN this movie???
No Man
'No Man' 1 week ago
The one sin you forgot to mention is that the character of Deadshot has ALWAYS been WHITE. But the producers went for the 'Hey, let's attract a black audience by making one of the characters BLACK!! I know!! We can get Will Smith to play Deadshot!! Because having a 'multi-ethnic' cast ALWAYS draws in the money (even though they already had Alfre Woodard as Amanda Waller) SO TIRED of this 'Racial Swapping' trend making LONG ESTABLISHED WHITE CHARACTERS black just so the studio can earn a few extra $$ and give the impression that 'Hey, we're culturally relevant!!'
Travis C
'Travis C' 1 week ago
If only these were individual movies.....but like DC..they fuck it up.....Like...a movie about Katana and her backstory sounds pretty fuckin cool......and then there is the B&R story that they constantly hint at yet won't fuckin make...
White Girl McNugget
One of the things that bugged me was when Amanda said that Harley was MORE fearless than the Joker. MORE fearless? What?

Also, when Joker and Harley plunged into the water Harley was clearly showing fear because she couldn't swim while Joker gave no shits. Yeah. Totally more fearless.
Daye Nyte
'Daye Nyte' 1 week ago
wasted katana
NyxWolf X
'NyxWolf X' 1 week ago
19:14 cunt punt
Mia Smith
'Mia Smith' 1 week ago
Lol, I can't belive this is what you do for a living. finding 'sins' in a movie. Get a life😆
Mark Wadsworth
'Mark Wadsworth' 1 week ago
Anyone notice that one of the weapons Deadshot is good with is a musket and a potato launcher?
'KindaGotSwag' 1 week ago
Question:everything wrong with suicide squad
'Squeakes' 1 week ago
This video could have just been the whole movie
Joseph Hoffman
'Joseph Hoffman' 1 week ago
5:05 well according to John Kramer/Jigsaw "If you're good at anticipating the human mind, It leaves nothing to chance"!
Ellis Senior
'Ellis Senior' 1 week ago
is no one going to point out the witches brother wasnt defeated by a god or a superweapon but a demolition charge. WHAT. this brother shredded a metro train by standing in the way but NNOOOOOOO. maybe someone should tell Zeus how to take out Hades with a USAF cobra gunship
'Moana' 1 week ago
my fav movie
BossGaming 123
'BossGaming 123' 1 week ago
You are just listing things that you dont like or understand about the movie. If you pay attention (which you dont) you would have almost no sins. But since you are an ignorant fuck... you dont. ALL YOU DO IS HATE ON MOVIES FOR MONEY!!!
xXx Fire_Blaze xXx
Well I personally wouldn't have a clue where the Pentagon is because I know nothing about America or anything in it because I'm not American
'MrGBH' 1 week ago
Katana brought her sword. That's one thing she did. Though I think the writers only did that because they realised that none of the characters other than El Diablo had any weapons that could actually hurt the Enchantress, and they'd already killed El Diablo by that point.
Ghost Girl
'Ghost Girl' 1 week ago
Everyone with a handgun is perfectly accurate. Seriously?! Handguns are used for close combat, not fifty yards! I'm sorry, that was being nit-picky.
Kike Of Kekistan
'Kike Of Kekistan' 1 week ago
"Her minions can take shot in the head and keep walking." minions get killed by normal chick with a fucking bat
Nathaniel Vogler
'Nathaniel Vogler' 1 week ago
you misspelled Katana
Tambry 0152
'Tambry 0152' 1 week ago
"I did something!"
- Killer Kroc, 2017
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