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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 1 month ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 1 month ago

4, 503, 641 views

85, 718 Likes   4, 084 Dislikes

Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Smol Artz
'Smol Artz' 38 minutes ago
him during this scene:".......ohhh"

me: im watching 5.6 seconds of hidden tentacle porn
'SpecOpsPanda' 2 hours ago
Ministew me
'Ministew me' 4 hours ago
5:59 Would of made the movie 110% better if it ended on that.
Guywholikes goodmusic
I'll be honest here and say that this movie made BvS seem Academy Award worthy by comparison.
Cloud Strife
'Cloud Strife' 4 hours ago
18:56 Goddamn it Jeremy Stahp I can only take so much
Cloud Strife
'Cloud Strife' 5 hours ago
Gwen Brooks
'Gwen Brooks' 6 hours ago
What idiotic assassin walks daughter down a dark alley knowing that he has a lot of people who wants to kill him?
Avi Star
'Avi Star' 7 hours ago
I was so confused the entire movie. I literally was only a little excited because all my friends watched it and that 21 pilots had their song in here. And guess what song plays on the freaking credits...😑
Jay Luu
'Jay Luu' 7 hours ago
not gonna sin the gun flipping in the air during the bomb shot scene?
Shadowpelt The Boss
'Shadowpelt The Boss' 7 hours ago
I said the same thing about the zipper " why are you cutting the bag open can't you see the perfectly good zipper!" Is what I said
'Chivo' 7 hours ago
I really wanted to like this movie but got so bored half way through that I had to watch this instead to finish it.
'Brighton123' 7 hours ago
3:15 I actually did fall asleep during this movie.
'LazyLittleCunt' 9 hours ago
i dont think the movie was trash
'NomisIsGozulike' 13 hours ago
superhero wave is the worst. big fuck you to all ob you who watch this shit in the cinema, you ruin cinema. man, everybody hypers this shit, it turns out to be shit, next shit gets anounced, everybody hypes this shit, turns out to be shit, next shit gets anounced and so on. and the plots are so interchangable, the characters are so interchangable. its so boring and unoriginal. but whatever, if its a superhero movie, one like those thousands of others out there, youll hype it. as long as its basically unlogical all over the top action with costumed characters, people will hype it. and you cant get around it, fuck hollywood man its become so god damn crappy
Weegee the meme
'Weegee the meme' 13 hours ago
Jai Kortney. Varro. They fucked him out of his career in this movie. Such a shame.
grose zero
'grose zero' 14 hours ago
9:52 don't forget the Robber with boomerangs and a guy who...can climb anything
Rex67Diego9 fandub
'Rex67Diego9 fandub' 15 hours ago
sin 24, well batman is kind of a retarded knucklehead in this universe so its pretty much in character
Braeden Hamson
'Braeden Hamson' 15 hours ago
Another movie so bad I can't even finish a video making fun of it...
Errer Errers
'Errer Errers' 15 hours ago
I regret the day that I spent my money to see this movie.
Bill Malcolm
'Bill Malcolm' 17 hours ago
I thought it was odd that Batman shoots bad guys in Superman v Batman, probably killing some of them, then decides to rescue a bad guy from a car the bad guys crashed into the river. Does he only save the most insane, top bad guys and let the regular goons die?
'KingpinPasta' 17 hours ago
Landan stewart
'Landan stewart' 17 hours ago
Slip knot aka shitty spider man
'Sahand' 1 day ago
"Everything wrong with suicide squad"

more like

"Everything in suicide squad is wrong"
Duck Gamer
'Duck Gamer' 1 day ago
I love dc comics. And I was very excited to see superman, batman, and the suicide squad etc. on the big screen, but honestly DC, YOUR KILLING ME. Meanwhile in the MCU, they are satisfying everybody with only 2 flops. And with their terrible villians. No offense Marvel. Please fix DC. 😐😣😭😓
'OriginalDarkMew' 1 day ago
Master Milkshake
'Master Milkshake' 1 day ago
sin: brother enchanter person is a rip off of electro from the amazong spider man two. same face different color
'2004mojo' 1 day ago
If Enchantress is so powerful, why did Amanda Waller need a Suicide Squad?
Humans of Jerusalem
Anyone else realize the witch sounds like Yolandi from Die Antwoord?
A Chivalrous Knight
Has noone noticed that it said deadshot was an expert with the potato cannon.
Anonymous Anonymous
At 7:40, in the top right hand corner, looks like there are baby outfits? I don't know if it's weird but anyone else suspicious?
Sankofa NYC
'Sankofa NYC' 2 days ago
wow this looked really bad
'simeonK' 2 days ago
13:20 anyone wondered how did he swim there while holding and kissing her?
Lim Ft2
'Lim Ft2' 2 days ago
'Zenoxy1' 2 days ago
19:15 mmmm
Doom Carrot
'Doom Carrot' 2 days ago
I love that scene where the archeologist just fucking BREAKS the ancient statue she finds like that is a normal reaction for an archeologist to have lol
Rose Horse
'Rose Horse' 2 days ago
Suicide Squad was definitely one of the worst movies in 2016!
Soro Kila
'Soro Kila' 2 days ago
Jessi Marie
'Jessi Marie' 2 days ago
I've heard a few Americans pronounce "Aussie" without the z sound now. ɒzɪ̈ː
Holliday Jones
'Holliday Jones' 2 days ago
the 4,000 people who disliked this don't know good movies
neos _noise
'neos _noise' 2 days ago
I want this guy to narrate my life...
Alejandro Vega
'Alejandro Vega' 2 days ago
I reallllllly wanted to like this movie...... I really did :/
Wong Foo Hoe
'Wong Foo Hoe' 2 days ago
Man 8 minutes into this video and I don't recognise half of these scenes, are Malaysian cinemas censoring everything?!?
TheKingsmanFan 007
20:25 what song?
Johnny Skinwalker
'Johnny Skinwalker' 2 days ago
These Creatures made by the Witch were literally made of Shit. This was literally the Director passing a comment on the state of the DC Universe on screen.
Captain Wristband
'Captain Wristband' 2 days ago
this Movie was Bullshit
'eren_owens' 2 days ago
what in the world ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! DC comics is a sin now lol ?!relly
David Clarke
'David Clarke' 2 days ago
you should remove two sings because they used "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
Rye North
'Rye North' 2 days ago
Pentagon, washington DC?


Pentagon, Arlington VA?

That Guy
'That Guy' 2 days ago
But isn't deadshot white?
Amelia Becker
'Amelia Becker' 3 days ago
there should also be a sin for Marvel having a character called enchantress, dead shot being pretty much deathlok, and diablo being ghost rider, not sure who's fault that is but someone needs a sin
Gaming Menace
'Gaming Menace' 3 days ago
Aya Tokisaki
'Aya Tokisaki' 3 days ago
+50 sins for the Joker.
Benjamin Johnson
'Benjamin Johnson' 3 days ago
Jared Leto made 4,061 accounts to dislike this
Len Hirayama
'Len Hirayama' 3 days ago
What dies katana likes her katana
Emily Jorden
'Emily Jorden' 3 days ago
We get it

'ChaliblueTails' 3 days ago
The whole joker and Harley Quinn thing was cringy and executed poorly. I didn't like the focus on it at all, much less the idea.
'Jakobe' 3 days ago
I loved this movie
Houston Fauber
'Houston Fauber' 3 days ago
you should do rogue one when it comes out
Cowkiller59 HyperCars
9:08 The McDonalds casher couldn't tell you were the beef came from because there is no beef in that burger.
'goldenage' 4 days ago
Does anyone think slipknot should've been black spider
The 1 Of Many
'The 1 Of Many' 4 days ago
Giana Studios
'Giana Studios' 4 days ago
I liked this movie but it could have done without the witch.
Joey Bingeller
'Joey Bingeller' 4 days ago
How do go from a movie like The Dark Knight, to a shit show like this ?!
'[WM]DIGIT' 4 days ago
One of dead shots favorite weapons or whatever is a potato cannon
'LOL FOREVER2003' 4 days ago
Joseph Wong
'Joseph Wong' 4 days ago
Okay in suicide squad why the hell did that lady make the first mission to be picking her up? Did she know the witch was gonna take over?
Free Bird
'Free Bird' 4 days ago
Should've removed 5 sins for the "I need you to white people that shit" moment
Salty Izzy
'Salty Izzy' 4 days ago
Honey, it was hinted at in the comics that Harley, well, she used rather...conventional methods to get As. My question is, "What if she had a straight female teacher?". Maybe they were all male? Either way, she made love to her professors, and got good grades, which lead to this...
Salty Izzy
'Salty Izzy' 4 days ago
No, sugar, he killed Monster T 'cause he said he didn't want Harley.
Salty Izzy
'Salty Izzy' 4 days ago
~Narrator sins video literally in a different year than it came out - and it's not old enough to be justified either~

Chintogtoh Khash-Erdene
SUICIDE SQUAD supposed to be squad which government can control and make to their bidding cause they can't control vigilantes. But movie doesn't tell that. If only it focused on that it could have been alot better.
Mc 0w0
'Mc 0w0' 4 days ago
The 4k dislikes are butthurt Harley Quinn fans
Robert Ramppen
'Robert Ramppen' 4 days ago
what about that scene when "deadshot" first hypes diablo into using his powers & they are all standing along that walkway being shot at completely out in the open??????? nobody gets hit????? & people thought storm troopers had bad aim????? what the hell
Lili Put
'Lili Put' 4 days ago
You forgot to mention Enchantress mad dance skills. Why the hell did she have to move like that while explaining all her evilness? There's vid of a cute little girl trying to play with a Hula-hoop and failing in a really adorable way, but Enchantress doing the same thing... man, that was painful to watch. Actually, this entire movie was painful to watch.
True Swavy
'True Swavy' 4 days ago
I'd like to see more Slipknot. He seemed like the best one... SMH
GenesisxoxoxoMSP Vlogs
am I the only one who actually LIKES this movie xD
Pan African Toad
'Pan African Toad' 4 days ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭this is one of the most hilariois cinemasins that I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work jeremy!
maryzabel castro
'maryzabel castro' 4 days ago
you know what was tacky about that Movie?the part when the "witch" told them she was waiting for them, you could see that the "fog of her power was just people with sheets and fancy lights
Blaine Donahue
'Blaine Donahue' 4 days ago
I'm giving you one sin for failing to recognize a Jason Todd reference in the first 15 minutes of the movie. I give you another sin for not mentioning "a death in the family."
Pan African Toad
'Pan African Toad' 4 days ago
this movie was so damn poor. And I absolutely hated Jared Leto's Joker.
'Ky' 4 days ago
I'm a Suicide Squad fan myself and I take no offence to this. BTW you could've sinned that K.C. threw the bomb instead of Captain Boomerang; who is known for THROWING stuff. You could argue that K.C. is much stronger and his known for grabbing, throwing and ripping people but still. Even HISHE did it. Also, please do Lego Batman movie please. I just saw it and already saw a few sins.
Lorna Maclin
'Lorna Maclin' 4 days ago
so thats it huh.

are we some kind of


sin squad
Jessica Williams
'Jessica Williams' 4 days ago
Please do Nerve
Mew Godamn Two
'Mew Godamn Two' 4 days ago
Suicide Squad:

95% of Harley Quinn
4% of Deadshot
0,9% of movie plot
0,1% of Joker
Inquisitor logic
'Inquisitor logic' 5 days ago
just hire deathstroke...
N Rkfkvkfkdkckkswoisj
Aren't the people from the avengers called the Chitauri, not the Kree?
Lorna Maclin
'Lorna Maclin' 5 days ago
do sausage party
LuckySpoonPlays 23
look at the time 17:46 😀😀😀
nizar dwi cahyo
'nizar dwi cahyo' 5 days ago
attaching camera to a boomerang? y u no spinning?
'Gammeli' 5 days ago
why is every female "hero" half naked ._______.
and katanas name just means "sword" creative af
XxstargazerxX Ya
'XxstargazerxX Ya' 5 days ago
But... Isn't the whole movie a sin
Shacktackle Boombaby
This is one of the few movies I've seen through out my life that I thought was flat out terrible in while watching it.
'Fr33co' 5 days ago
PANDA PANDA PANDA, actually i love the colors on this movie.
Stephen Durden
'Stephen Durden' 5 days ago
im not sure about in america, cuz im aware you guys have like zero restrictions on the shite you pump into your 'food' but in europe mcdonalds has to tell you where the meat came from..
Tom David Harry Jones
this is my fave movie
Random Person scrolling through the comments
Buckle up, this is gonna be a long one.
Darnell Douglas
'Darnell Douglas' 6 days ago
saw this in theaters man..... talk about bad, for the life of me couldnt understand why they orginally summoned the suicide squad to begin with
Nemo 2003
'Nemo 2003' 6 days ago
You know your movie is terrible when fans like me find it worse than Batman v Superman, which I also didn't like.
Dan Zalisnock
'Dan Zalisnock' 6 days ago
I just finished watching this movie and found it cool in a cinematic way but totally lame in a realistic way as far as character standpoints go. but I think the reason they talk so fast in these movie sins is to throw in a bunch of extra trash. like nobody that isn't a criminal can do what dead shot does. NO SHIT, it's a fantasy movie and his spectacular sharp shooting despite being a regular human is what makes him so cool. movie sins is ok sometimes, but mostly they fuckin suck. I came up with about 30 LEGIT movie sins in my head during the movie without any trash or filler sins. Maybe I'll start my own channel cuz this one sucks.
J Krolak
'J Krolak' 6 days ago
May have to deduct one sin, as June Moone was the actual name given by DC comics and not the move. Not enough to save the rating, but it needs all the help it can get.
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