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Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 2 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 2 months ago

4, 940, 141 views

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Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its sins.

Thursday: Sins for a recent sequel that definitely didn't need to be made.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Famous Aiden
'Famous Aiden' 6 hours ago
Famous Aiden
'Famous Aiden' 6 hours ago
Slipnote is my cousin Adam beach
'pulle88' 8 hours ago
triggered over is women being turned into crap !
Evitt Orchard
'Evitt Orchard' 11 hours ago
11:45 the Avengers fought the Chitauri not the Kree lol.
Ayden Walker
'Ayden Walker' 13 hours ago
Do narnia
'LeinadTM' 15 hours ago
"The Kree from Avengers"

B. Kuiper
'B. Kuiper' 17 hours ago
I can't believe I've been watching this for 20 minute.
Keilani Smallwood
Seriously 😒
Joáo Cuitiño Araya
Do the Suicide Squad extended edition!
'BLVCK GXD' 1 day ago
I cant be the only one who thought Suicide Squad was an entertaining movie. Yea its wasnt a good movie by all means, but it was fun to watch.
El Gadafi
'El Gadafi' 1 day ago
The movie is se bead. I stop watching this wideo
Fahad Fikree
'Fahad Fikree' 1 day ago
"This movie's a series of helicopter crashes and people eating large pieces of meat."
Zach Snyder's current work in a nutshell.
Cross Entertainment
Everyone talks about how useless Katana was (which she kinda was), but she was no more useless than Captain Boomerang. If you re-watch all of his scenes, all he really did was get Slipknot killed and that's about it.
Aaron H.
'Aaron H.' 2 days ago
And yet despite all this, I still find the film enjoyable. Is that a sin?
Roderick Pollock
'Roderick Pollock' 2 days ago
So you have Katana (Japanese), and Captain Boomerang (Aussie). Does that mean if they add a chinese bloke they'll just name him nunchucks man?
Leila Winterlocks
'Leila Winterlocks' 2 days ago
I really like this movie. But who gives a f*ck, sin this sh*t already. Everything has sins.
Brady Davis
'Brady Davis' 2 days ago
Honestly, 20 mins for this is too long, but since I hated the movie anyways I liked this on principle. Still haven't met a single person who can justify this piece of shit to even be a film.
Miodrag Stojiljkovic
Listen guys, important announcement ! If you're doing "movie sins" pls don't put a sin where there isn't any. You just put 20 sins cuz they're eating the steak the wrong way... COME ON.. !
Alice Yee
'Alice Yee' 2 days ago
Hey be grateful for people's work they work so hard on this stop complaining about people's hard work you think you can do a better movie? Your channel should not have been on u tube hope u appreciate something one day and stop being an asshole
'CobaltFilms' 2 days ago
I like batman

He's pretty cool
Amy Spencer
'Amy Spencer' 2 days ago
i am groot
Jo H. Nathan
'Jo H. Nathan' 2 days ago
Between 11:45 and 11:50 on the timer, you made reference to the "bubble monsters" ad being comparable to Marvel's Kree from The Avengers. As a nitpicky bastard myself, I feel obligated to inform you that the Kree are much more organized, and I believe you really mean the Chitari, from the first Avengers movie.
I guess all that to say... DING!
Elite Psychotic
'Elite Psychotic' 2 days ago
for the 23rd sin I'm pretty sure joker did that cuz he already knew Batman would save her so he was leaving her but for prison not death. He can always bust her out
durr hurr
'durr hurr' 2 days ago
Cinemasins considers a female antagonist getting punched mysoginistic.

Olena Lanska
'Olena Lanska' 2 days ago
:( I saw the movie the guy with fire died :( why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?? R.i.p random fire guy :( 🔥
Lauren Bradley
'Lauren Bradley' 2 days ago
you know, I don't think this guy likes movies very much in general.
'Jackolyte' 3 days ago
I had just noticed one of the weapons that deadshot is an expert with is a potato cannon
Hookah Boy
'Hookah Boy' 3 days ago
lmao wiki says critics praised jared leto's joker and margot robbie's harleyquinn... joker was on screen for like 2 minutes, and harley quinn was the most obvious and 2-dimensional character ever...
Selena Wong
'Selena Wong' 3 days ago
I'm having a really bad day can I get 20 likes?
Sean Lawson
'Sean Lawson' 3 days ago
Shouldn't the boomerang camera be spinning?
Baylith katan
'Baylith katan' 3 days ago
I honestly enjoyed this movie.
Thauã Aguirre
'Thauã Aguirre' 3 days ago
I go to a local small theater (because I can go there by walking) were films premiere a few weeks late, I went in with everyone already talking about how bad it was. And boy, were they right. It was the very final day of screening and the room was full. Damn trailer fooled us all.
Though, I've heard a lot about how producers supposedly ruined this movie. There's that tale that they gave it to several companies and the one who got the screening was a trailer house that never cut a full lenght movie.
But the premise is already silly.
If they had bad guys going after normal people targeted by the US government then eventually hit a powerfull being, that may have worked. You know, as per the original suicide squad comic... But they just HAD to tie it in with the current WB-DC movie universe. Because moviemakers do it now, for some reason.
'drewpamon' 3 days ago
I do not think ex machina means what he thinks it means.
'TortoRacoon' 4 days ago
The Mortal Kombat charecter is Kitana :P
'aztecr7' 4 days ago
while watching this I really hate this movie even more.
mario sonicbros
'mario sonicbros' 4 days ago
I like the comment section is so funny and random
Dr. K Ray
'Dr. K Ray' 4 days ago
It was an ok movie. I'm just wondering if any of the remaining Suicide Squad members will pop up in the DCEU.
David Hill
'David Hill' 4 days ago
Everything that is wrong with Suicide Squad , 1. the entire script .
'zecurox' 4 days ago
marvel > DC
Tiffany Lane
'Tiffany Lane' 4 days ago
I feel like I'm the only one who actually enjoyed this movie lol
Wako Tako
'Wako Tako' 4 days ago
There is a typo in the title, it should be Everything IS Wrong with Suicide Squa
'RandomMindz' 4 days ago
I seriously wonder how Guardians of the Galaxy gets a pass but this does not

Marvel Fanboys bountiful
Ian Linn
'Ian Linn' 4 days ago
Oh no! Jim Hopper's working for the government!
Lewis Williams
'Lewis Williams' 4 days ago
it pains me to say this, especially since i want DC to one day outshine marvel....but suicide squad is one of the worse super hero movies ive ever seen. weird how such a high profile cast and director could make complete trash.
Hermione Granger
'Hermione Granger' 4 days ago
Well.. at least we have marvel universe .
"'NO'...The End." -Cinema Sins Guy, 2017
'Andrew-V/Ellnats' 5 days ago
one more sin, this is kinda based on the New 52 Universe, INSTANT FAIL RIGHT THERE!!!
Ave Satanas Luciferian
No pointing out Watchmen logo?
Ave Satanas Luciferian
Are you really questioning how THE JOKER is able to do any of this shit?
'ThatKidWitTheAfro' 5 days ago
This movie embodies everything wrong with how D.C. Has gone about doing these movies. Marvel isn't perfect with their films but they've found a formula that works n they've evolved to be more emotionally in touch. N I wanted this n bvs to be good but....well we already know. Although BvS wasn't a complete waste. The third act was the only stinker.
Don Birkinshaw
'Don Birkinshaw' 5 days ago
i think its bullshit that out of all the comic book baste movies that came out in 2016 that suisced squad is the one that won civil war and deadpool was infinity times better then this and they didn't get mentioned or nominated but this shit did deadpool was fresh and unique and civil war had great performances from robert downy jr and Chris evens while suicide squad which is basically a poor mans guardians of the galaxy won one anyone else think thats bullshit or just me
Otso Oras
'Otso Oras' 5 days ago
Is he depressed? Is the narrator OK?!
Colin Hill
'Colin Hill' 5 days ago
1000 sins for the final 20 minutes...
Raymond Wiggins
'Raymond Wiggins' 5 days ago
They don't introduce slip not in the movie
Trianna Shope
'Trianna Shope' 5 days ago
you forgot that this movie was a giant game of capture the flag
ella hitchman
'ella hitchman' 5 days ago
Is it bad that I like this movie?
And my dad REALLY likes this movie?
Lydia Small
'Lydia Small' 6 days ago
We all know how robin died and we all know witch robin so the movie might just be a recap
Ella Green
'Ella Green' 6 days ago
Harley kept her phone in a bra 😏
'ExtremeMusic' 6 days ago
I've got a potential sin. After Joker rescues Harley, and the helicopter gets hit, Harley falls out. Why in the hell doesn't Joker jump after her? There is still enough of the building for him to do that! I mean...he's standing there yelling in anger, when he can just JUMP THE FUCK OUT OF THE BURNING HELICOPTER!
'lazerbeam134' 6 days ago
The Kree weren't in the Avengers. The Chitauri were in the Avengers
Bryan Rodriguez
'Bryan Rodriguez' 6 days ago
I think captain bomerang has a samsung note 7
'xA1_9Zx' 6 days ago
fuckin' took you long enough.
badgerboi games
'badgerboi games' 6 days ago
slipknot can climb anything? that is his power? this movie really brings out the devil in i.

like if you get it
Sunset Rose
'Sunset Rose' 6 days ago
To speed things up he should of done a 1 second video of him saying, "Everything".
John Bluestein
'John Bluestein' 6 days ago
you missed the part when joker takes off the mask at the end and you can see a burn on his face and then when harley quinn hugs him there's no burn
Zachary Baker
'Zachary Baker' 6 days ago
In Deadshots intro it sais he is lethal with a potato cannon
Melanie Dun Joseph
Clickbait. its 21 mins or less
Rob Mick
'Rob Mick' 6 days ago
I only clicked on this video just to hear "roll credits".
Jack Vincent
'Jack Vincent' 7 days ago
Could've stopped with 'Everything' 😂
'Astrithor' 1 week ago
I know it's a MAJOR throwback, but could you do 13 Ghosts? That movie was so hilarious without meaning to be.
'It's Me' 1 week ago
am I the only one who actually loved the movie?
'Sullyvan' 1 week ago
1:33 potato gun lmao
MARK Williams
'MARK Williams' 1 week ago
It's pretty obvious Harley didn't move because she didn't want to risk having all of them have their heads explode.
By trying to help, she might've hurt them.
Pretty obvious.
Michael Pang
'Michael Pang' 1 week ago
extended cut still sucks
ilay mishaly
'ilay mishaly' 1 week ago
this movie was a big mistake...
Brooklynn Daniels
'Brooklynn Daniels' 1 week ago
You know what kills me when he does movies with books he does a sin to names,action,ect. And that is not fare to the movie when it was the book/comic
'Outsyder216' 1 week ago
The biggest issue I had with Suicide Squad is the fact that they served absolutely no purpose. Amanda is having them save the world from a problem SHE caused.
ryan barker
'ryan barker' 1 week ago
i just go done watching a 36 minute video on how bad the editing for this movie was. cinemasins could have added another 157 legitimate sins onto this if they wanted.
luiz fernando
'luiz fernando' 1 week ago
RSTJHÓAIEJH [AERJTÍUAH´iu4h tpuaehfgúiofhnuehg ´[ou\
AT QueenOfDorks
'AT QueenOfDorks' 1 week ago
can you do fantastic beasts and where to find them????!!!!!!
Angel L
'Angel L' 1 week ago
Now this is a video Nathan Zed can enjoy 😊
Daleannie Leavitt
'Daleannie Leavitt' 1 week ago
13:02 and already 100 sins.........i used to have hope
Josip Mršić
'Josip Mršić' 1 week ago
and you get survived helicopter crash and you
'SwenglishGamer' 1 week ago
More like "Everything IS wrong with Suicide Squad"
'DROSO J' 1 week ago
Victor Trevino
'Victor Trevino' 1 week ago
That scene where Amanda kills the other agents always confused me. 30 sins! [DING]
Corin Raymond
'Corin Raymond' 1 week ago
I actually liked this movie
Kaitlyn Bennett
'Kaitlyn Bennett' 1 week ago
I'm not sure how canonical it is now, but Harley originally didn't have a natural Brooklyn accent. It's something she did in order to be Joker's "ditz". Some times she even does away with it if she's away from him long enough
Kwaku Adjei
'Kwaku Adjei' 1 week ago
And at 16:49, why is the camera not spinning uncontrollably?
'DreamCharmer' 1 week ago
I want to go to the museum of modern bullsh*t....
Jeremiah Anderson
'Jeremiah Anderson' 1 week ago
Kree were not in Avengers
'Epodmusic17' 1 week ago
This is why Assault on Arkham was so much better
'Sylveon' 1 week ago
Honestly didn't even know Slipknot's name until it was said in this video
Vhan Chua
'Vhan Chua' 1 week ago
16:49 Exactly my thoughts! Lol.
Harry Potter
'Harry Potter' 1 week ago
I ❤️ Harly quinn
Rodrigo de Souza
'Rodrigo de Souza' 1 week ago
Just learned this week that most life savers knock out drowning people before rescuing them so they wouldn't drown their rescuers.
'Master7Zer0' 1 week ago
what does he mean every time he says ex machina?
i Edge
'i Edge' 1 week ago
Why did this movie win an award. This movie, this fucking movie, won one of the hardest to win awards.
The Chairsofter
'The Chairsofter' 1 week ago
You mentioned Kree in Avengers, THAT'S A SINNING.
The Kree are the blue people from Guardians of the Galaxy, the Chitauri were the invaders in the Avengers movie.
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