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BBC Breakfast - 19/11/15 (Quick Change of Presenter) -
Published: 1 year ago By: OscarPlymouth

By: OscarPlymouthPublished: 1 year ago

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These are 'highlights' of the rapid replacement (owing to illness) of usual presenter Charlie Stayt during the first half-hour of the BBC's Breakfast programme on 19 November 2015.

Charlie became ill and left the studio, leaving his co-presenter (Louise Minchin) to introduce the next report alone.

After the regional opts, she had been joined by Sally Nugent, who was the Sports Reporter on that day, but regularly stands in when the main presenters are absent or reporting from a live location.

BBC Sport is based at the same location in Salford, so presumably they found someone else to fill Sally's sport role for the rest of the programme.

Normally, the more senior presenter sits on the left (as Louise has done), but this time they didn't bother to swap them round.

All copyrights belong to the BBC. This short compilation is for fan purposes only.

dave pamell
'dave pamell' 2 weeks ago
spunk all over her face and tits
Gockle of Geer
'Gockle of Geer' 3 weeks ago
He couldn't contain himself any longer and had to run off to throw one over his thumb after looking at Louise's lovely stockings all morning !
'monsieur62' 6 months ago
I think he just couldn't take any more sitting next to the goddess Louise, she's so sexy I don't blame him.
The Jamie Waffle
'The Jamie Waffle' 1 year ago
But this has happened before on Good Morning Britain with ITV Newsreader Kate Garraway swapping for with Louise James due to a sore throat in her report.
The Jamie Waffle
'The Jamie Waffle' 1 year ago
Charlie sounds like he's taking a sickie
'dlamiss' 1 year ago
quite ironic 19-11 was the day I had a stroke....
alan frazer
'alan frazer' 1 year ago
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