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10 More Amazing Science Stunts (3) -
Published: 4 years ago By: Quirkology

By: QuirkologyPublished: 4 years ago

41, 409, 964 views

123, 978 Likes   9, 772 Dislikes

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'Sosa' 2 days ago
Im at the fucking strip club watching this
Jamie .n
'Jamie .n' 5 days ago
'Thor' 1 week ago
Upendra up
'Upendra up' 4 weeks ago
Narendra Choudhary
'Narendra Choudhary' 4 weeks ago
very nice
Deepa Jain
'Deepa Jain' 4 weeks ago
Dead Meme
'Dead Meme' 1 month ago
3:07 just listen
'SABRINA CAHILL' 1 month ago
Awesome stunts!!😀
'NICOTINE Xx' 1 month ago
The girl in the add before this is sexy
Seden Agar
'Seden Agar' 1 month ago
who is watching this in 2017
PandaGamingYT xD
'PandaGamingYT xD' 2 months ago
2017 anyone? 😂
a. banks.
'a. banks.' 2 months ago
Quirky... Intelligent... Fun Ideas!
Jackson Jackson
'Jackson Jackson' 2 months ago
don't ask rent for movies
Top Hat Productions
'Top Hat Productions' 2 months ago
Top Hat Productions
'Top Hat Productions' 2 months ago
Dacus Hale II
'Dacus Hale II' 2 months ago
'Person5892' 2 months ago
I remember binge watching his videos like 4-3 years ago
Suresh Sapan
'Suresh Sapan' 2 months ago
I love SCIENCE and your channel is about science I love your channel I have subscribed tooo . Plz upload more and more videos ........

'KoalaQuakeGaming' 2 months ago
This is bets
IzDaBait B
'IzDaBait B' 2 months ago
Quirkology: The only youtuber who makes popular videos in 480p

love them anyway subbed

come on. 40+ million views
'FuriousDaniel' 2 months ago
Quirkology is kipkay exposed!
Just DeadPool
'Just DeadPool' 2 months ago
My Type
'My Type' 2 months ago
I 💓 your videos
Palatino Pettigrew
'Palatino Pettigrew' 3 months ago
For the one where you have to pick up the coin without getting your fingers wet, couldn't you just suck it up with a straw?
Mayeth Silvia
'Mayeth Silvia' 3 months ago
'wednesday1031' 3 months ago
is this davehax???
Tristan Salvo
'Tristan Salvo' 3 months ago
Ron Franklin
'Ron Franklin' 3 months ago
tofi seiuli
'tofi seiuli' 3 months ago
This helped
Howto Paperairplane
'Howto Paperairplane' 3 months ago
1:29 I thought these were science not bets
'iOSKrissyG' 3 months ago
'FrostMonolith' 3 months ago
0:37 I just realised, on all of his videos, he's not dubbing the talks in post-processing. It's directly from his video!
'XxMLG-DABxX LOL' 3 months ago
the sausage one made me laugh so hard
'SELAHADDİN GÜNAY' 3 months ago
Ayan khan
'Ayan khan' 3 months ago
you are amazing.
'Perfect_Poop' 3 months ago
1:54 Dab spotted
'AKASH SAO' 3 months ago
'NikkiRandomix' 3 months ago
see the finger sausage one doesn't work for me because my eyes are so messeed up that obscuring my view by a small amount makes me see double vision...??
Gallading Russellator
u said some of these are bets yet look at the title...
Mark S. Roberts
'Mark S. Roberts' 3 months ago
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GD Plasmodius
'GD Plasmodius' 3 months ago
i discovered the one on 1:00 when i was 4 years old.... i continue to do it to this day lol
karam boubou
'karam boubou' 3 months ago
i can easily take a coin from a plate of water without the glass and cork with matches
many solutions:
1-drink the water and take the coin
2-tell someone else to take it
3-put something between water and my hand
4-spill water on the table
5-use a magnet (not for all coins)
6-use a piece of paper to take the coin
'NattGamerne' 3 months ago
I wish u making a video
Faraz Anjum
'Faraz Anjum' 3 months ago
how can I ask from my friends. my all friends watch these videos
Theron K. Strother
'Theron K. Strother' 3 months ago
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Lisa Cano
'Lisa Cano' 3 months ago
all this gay guy does is lie
jace 512
'jace 512' 3 months ago
the door trick doesn't want to work
'NoodleCakeGaming' 3 months ago
this video nearly has more subs than pewdiepie
Hussain Ansari
'Hussain Ansari' 3 months ago
'Eugy7' 4 months ago
the way he says "vase" XD
J District
'J District' 4 months ago
Grimalackt and Pr Gimtama
happy 4th birthday video!
'LazerKiller' 4 months ago
Tarka Gamer
'Tarka Gamer' 4 months ago
just came here to look at the views amount
Jon34591 Productions
'Jon34591 Productions' 4 months ago
i subscribe
Jon34591 Productions
'Jon34591 Productions' 4 months ago
4 mins soooo talented
'GhjklasGaing' 4 months ago
None of these worked.....

Because I have no friends to do these on
selvam lakshmi
'selvam lakshmi' 4 months ago
Darkhero 728
'Darkhero 728' 4 months ago
3:40 am I feeling sort of a Davehax in there
natasha niles
'natasha niles' 4 months ago
Leave a sub to jordan1234658 and like plz
rawezh goran
'rawezh goran' 4 months ago
rawezh goran
'rawezh goran' 4 months ago
play radio
mostafa akram
'mostafa akram' 4 months ago
i tried the susage thing and i feel stupid
DT the best
'DT the best' 5 months ago
Waoh ... magic 😍
Ashish Panchal
'Ashish Panchal' 5 months ago
Na hoy
Desert Lizard
'Desert Lizard' 5 months ago
I tried the balloon one and it splashed all over the place :(
Farhan FH
'Farhan FH' 5 months ago
explain too fast.. please slowly and explain also with visual In order to make the foreigner can understand your speach. thankyu
Glitzy Gaming
'Glitzy Gaming' 5 months ago
there is no vase one?
Pokémon Is life
'Pokémon Is life' 5 months ago
Why is everyone hating?😭😭
John Hussar
'John Hussar' 5 months ago
John Hussar
'John Hussar' 5 months ago
John Hussar
'John Hussar' 5 months ago
Lemonade is nice
'Lemonade is nice' 5 months ago
40 million views WTF??
M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë
How does the balloon one work
mj hp
'mj hp' 5 months ago
tried pushing my arm against the wall... funny
Nahid majumdar
'Nahid majumdar' 5 months ago
Hitesh Kumar
'Hitesh Kumar' 5 months ago
Gary Mcpheron
'Gary Mcpheron' 5 months ago
دينا كمال
'دينا كمال' 5 months ago
i lil
Pranshu Shrivastav
'Pranshu Shrivastav' 5 months ago
I liked
Maria Garcia
'Maria Garcia' 5 months ago
I dare you to dab on a video
Lindsay McLain
'Lindsay McLain' 5 months ago
That door one does not work at all
San Juan 78589
'San Juan 78589' 5 months ago
simon Ke si
John Hussar
'John Hussar' 5 months ago
I love it
HT Videos
'HT Videos' 5 months ago
your subtitle is disgusting
'NIKS TV' 5 months ago
Anna r
'Anna r' 5 months ago
see ya in a month...i think....
The MineBloxerGirl
'The MineBloxerGirl' 6 months ago
I tried the doorway one and now my arm can't stop rising
Sarita Bhadauria
'Sarita Bhadauria' 6 months ago
what the time at 4 there is my tution
'Rekamon' 6 months ago
Hey Quirkology, get a life
Future Gamer 2695
'Future Gamer 2695' 6 months ago
nice magic dude
Moxiie WasHere
'Moxiie WasHere' 6 months ago
this small sossage trick os my fave dude!! good stuff! 😂👍
Vinay Srivastava
'Vinay Srivastava' 6 months ago
at night
Vinay Srivastava
'Vinay Srivastava' 6 months ago
i have my exam tmrw and i am watching this at 12:30
'Miasukus' 6 months ago
Awesome Video,I have funny videos in my youtube Channel by name Miasukus
Funny video
'Funny video' 6 months ago
'Wirelike' 6 months ago
Why does this have 40 mil views ?
Sethie Playz
'Sethie Playz' 6 months ago
just climb through the post card already plz
'BigBonarBoy69' 6 months ago
I can't do anything of these I don't have any friends
Asyraf Cboy
'Asyraf Cboy' 6 months ago
the 1st one is easy. simply charge up the straw buy rubbing it with sulk material like your clothes then magic happens.
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