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Dan + Shay - From The Ground Up (Official Music Video) -
Published: 11 months ago By: DanAndShay

By: DanAndShayPublished: 11 months ago

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Selyy Garibaldii
'Selyy Garibaldii' 19 hours ago
fro worst or for better, through the good and bad baby... I love you robert cooper.
#4 yrs and counting
r daughter 4 yrs old and elijah jordan whos gona b born in june 22..,
love my family
bubbles life
'bubbles life' 1 day ago
this was my aunts wedding song
Adrianna Stroup
'Adrianna Stroup' 1 day ago
This is definetly my #1 fav song in country music rn. Me n my bf's song and future wedding song! I love Dan+Shay!!:)<3
'LEAH and KAYLA' 2 days ago
love this song😇💕
'EAGLE_ADITYA' 3 days ago
Can I cry while listening to this song? :(
Josie Willavize
'Josie Willavize' 3 days ago
My song for my best friend 👫
Jasmine Bowling
'Jasmine Bowling' 3 days ago
I'm 13 y/o and I'm wanting this to be my wedding song❤️
Lechacha Maro
'Lechacha Maro' 3 days ago
God blessing u my bro
'nusey25' 4 days ago
I heard this for the first time this past week while getting my hair done in Vegas and ironically when I came back up to the hotel room my husband was listening to the same song thinking of me. Our love cant be beat, we are def soul mates
'nusey25' 4 days ago
Triceros Gaming
'Triceros Gaming' 4 days ago
Whoever uploaded this video, thank you so much. This video is so sad it makes me want to cry because it was uploaded on the day my grandpa passed away. February 5, 2016
Triceros Gaming
'Triceros Gaming' 4 days ago
This video was uploaded when my grandpa passed away.😰
Cheryl Larson
'Cheryl Larson' 4 days ago
I understand, I tear up too when this song is played. My father dedicated it to mom when they were approaching their 61 years together but he passed march 26th 2016. They were married 60 years and 5 mo's. They only had one child, me and then I gave them to granddaughters. This song by Dan + Shay will always be with me.
Jennifer Britt
'Jennifer Britt' 5 days ago
I love this song
Dawn Enders
'Dawn Enders' 5 days ago
I got married to this song in July 2016. we can up to the aisle while it was playing and clasped hands at the first " FROM THE
GROUND UP" and walked the rest of the way up together with our two beautiful daughters leading the way. Thank you DAN AND SHAY
Tammy England
'Tammy England' 6 days ago
I 💗 this song.
Kaitlyn Schieffler
Love this song💜💜💓💓
Amber Foster
'Amber Foster' 6 days ago
Love this song it's my fav song ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Kasian Le
'Kasian Le' 6 days ago
like the song but how is this country? lol
Lisa Fields
'Lisa Fields' 7 days ago
This most definitely will be my wedding song!
Destiny Stout
'Destiny Stout' 7 days ago
Dan and Shay me and my mom and my whole family love you guys they picked your guyses song from the ground up for their wedding song we really love you
Michelle Smith
'Michelle Smith' 7 days ago
One of the best songs of 2016 and probably forever.
El Taco
'El Taco' 1 week ago
hay i didnt cry listing to this song im a grown as man no way i started balling in the end of the video wutchu talking about im turning off this laptop now
tammy hayes
'tammy hayes' 1 week ago
I love this song
Stephanie Schmidt
'Stephanie Schmidt' 1 week ago
love it
Megan Gill
'Megan Gill' 1 week ago
This is going to be my wedding song
Cassie Smith
'Cassie Smith' 1 week ago
Romantic song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Renae A.
'Renae A.' 1 week ago
This song is so beautiful! I love you guys. :)
Jelzy Lingzxc
'Jelzy Lingzxc' 1 week ago
play this sa kasal ko
Lloyd Junker
'Lloyd Junker' 1 week ago
Haylie 59
'Haylie 59' 1 week ago
I'm only 15 and completely single, but I know that this song HAS to be played at my future wedding. I don't care if my husband hates it. He can get over it. I love it
iv_b34st_- Venomous Kings
my girlfriend died I miss her but we'll meet each other in clouds and the sky
Madison Keil
'Madison Keil' 2 weeks ago
My family love's you Dan and Shay and do too I would love to see you in Concret
Arthur pauley
'Arthur pauley' 2 weeks ago
great song
Sherry Hugie
'Sherry Hugie' 2 weeks ago
love this song Love Dan and Shay love everything about this song.
L Coters
'L Coters' 2 weeks ago
I'd like to dedicate this to my fish Butterbubbles..a quarter inch of glass and fifty gallons of water separate us now but i feel like we''re closer than ever before love you fishy..
Paula Campbell
'Paula Campbell' 2 weeks ago
Love this it reminds me of my grandparents they were married over 65 yrs up and my Grammie built his own house
Tate Crystal
'Tate Crystal' 2 weeks ago
I love this song because it was the first song I danced to with the girl I love
Sandee Breau
'Sandee Breau' 2 weeks ago
Beautiful song - I came across this song on FB on someone's profile page - I can't stop listening to it now !!!!
Maya Nicole
'Maya Nicole' 2 weeks ago
;O ;D
baading J
'baading J' 2 weeks ago
I hate sentimental shit
Jamario Allen
'Jamario Allen' 2 weeks ago
love their music so different
ashley wallace
'ashley wallace' 2 weeks ago
every time I hear this song I want to cry, it's amazing awesome song!!♡♡
Susie Rains
'Susie Rains' 2 weeks ago
At my daughters wedding I ask the DJ to play this song at some point during the evening. He played it as my son was escorting me to my seat. Needless to say, this momma cried. Such a beautiful song.
djrainacorn23 lol
'djrainacorn23 lol' 2 weeks ago
i like this song
Andrea Jones
'Andrea Jones' 2 weeks ago
I walked out of my wedding to this song with my husband!! 10-21-16
taina feliciano
'taina feliciano' 2 weeks ago
Chris Graham
'Chris Graham' 2 weeks ago
It makes me feel peaceful and hopeful. Lyrics I've sent to my kids to live by.
austin williamson
'austin williamson' 2 weeks ago
Katalin Orcsik
'Katalin Orcsik' 2 weeks ago
here because of noah schnacky :)
Stephanie M
'Stephanie M' 3 weeks ago
tatiana stephens
'tatiana stephens' 3 weeks ago
love this song!
Shyla Williams
'Shyla Williams' 3 weeks ago
this is amazing song
olivia powers
'olivia powers' 3 weeks ago
from the ground up,im yours,any sam hunt song,any dan+shay song,and blake shelton song and many other country songs (and song artists) are my fave :3
Mazza Cristiano
'Mazza Cristiano' 3 weeks ago
This is why COUNTRY MUSIC IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!
Dan & Shay,
Sam Hunt,
Rascal Flatts,
Carrie Underwood,
Martina McBride,
Camryn Philips
'Camryn Philips' 3 weeks ago
angela prince
'angela prince' 3 weeks ago
I think that is a good song. My daughter loves it.🙋
Forever Young
'Forever Young' 3 weeks ago
i love this song i love dan and shay
Matthew Parton
'Matthew Parton' 3 weeks ago
this is Dianna and matthew parton we love your music
Michele Knickerbocker
this is best song ever
Jesse Oswald
'Jesse Oswald' 3 weeks ago
"and I'll be the man your dad hoped that I'd be". If a guy said this to me, and really, truly, meant it, that would mean the world to me.
Jas Smith
'Jas Smith' 3 weeks ago
at 2:48 when he hits that note omg
Montanna Knight
'Montanna Knight' 3 weeks ago
this is litterally my boyfriends song. when he texts me this is the song that pops up ive known him a year and a half and he has never gone any where and finally november 4th 2016 we made it official . 💚
Pam F
'Pam F' 3 weeks ago
I love u Dan and shay
kittycat03 1407
'kittycat03 1407' 3 weeks ago
I love your song
Alexandria Forest
'Alexandria Forest' 3 weeks ago
I love you guys please come to the Bahamas
Emma Kribs
'Emma Kribs' 3 weeks ago
Love this song
sierra essick
'sierra essick' 3 weeks ago
this is my all time favorite song
Patty Thompson
'Patty Thompson' 3 weeks ago
mckayla winfree
'mckayla winfree' 3 weeks ago
Love it
Mickey Kidd
'Mickey Kidd' 3 weeks ago
Tina Stephens loves it she sings it a lote
Joao Maximiliano
'Joao Maximiliano' 3 weeks ago
Sylvia Olson
'Sylvia Olson' 3 weeks ago
my daughters name Shay
One of my favorite songs I cry everytime!!!
alice Merveille
'alice Merveille' 3 weeks ago
feel me , can't explain because all of me never be like that
Reed Briggs
'Reed Briggs' 3 weeks ago
long as a few years
Reed Briggs
'Reed Briggs' 3 weeks ago
long as a few years
Steph Theis
'Steph Theis' 4 weeks ago
Thank you so much for this song! it's mine and my boyfriend Chris song!!!
Jamie Bullock
'Jamie Bullock' 4 weeks ago
from your mom up
Valerie Sullivan
'Valerie Sullivan' 4 weeks ago
who eles wants this song played at their wedding? I just love it. made my mom tear up too😘
crystal bray
'crystal bray' 4 weeks ago
The best song in a long I have watch the video 34 times today
Christopher Salas
'Christopher Salas' 4 weeks ago
Dan + Shay can y'all pls come to Fort Worth so I can propose to my fiancé
Stephanie S
'Stephanie S' 4 weeks ago
Love this song! Nothing to not like. Great message.
Alexandria Dawn
'Alexandria Dawn' 4 weeks ago
Omg I love this song so much
Zacherie Bourgeois
'Zacherie Bourgeois' 4 weeks ago
I love country same with my mom
Laura Quiroz
'Laura Quiroz' 4 weeks ago
beautiful song! 💏👪👰💖🏡
love my husband and baby girl. we built our love from the ground up.😊😙
'Lifeisajourneyy' 4 weeks ago
getting married January 7th and this will be the song the wedding party walk in to:)
Alexis Caddell
'Alexis Caddell' 4 weeks ago
i could listen to this song all day its such a beautiful song
Jackie Wren
'Jackie Wren' 4 weeks ago
I'm so confused???? I've only heard this on the radio and I SWEAR it was Hunter Hayes who sang this.
abbi ladon
'abbi ladon' 4 weeks ago
this reminds me of my dad I cry to this song he was dead when i was 3 love u dAd
Allie Cox
'Allie Cox' 4 weeks ago
This will be the song that plays when we light our unity candle at our wedding and also the ending will be for our exit of the ceremony.
alexis marie
'alexis marie' 1 month ago
I'm going to sing this song at my mom's wedding 😍😍😍😍😍😍
jayme carter
'jayme carter' 1 month ago
L' '. Xww.b LLLv
Luis Lozano
'Luis Lozano' 1 month ago
christian chaban I love it so much
Jesse Geddes
'Jesse Geddes' 1 month ago
this song reminds me of my beloved wife Sara nd I found myself dancing to it 😢😢😢
Sam Ehia
'Sam Ehia' 1 month ago
Julie Cote
'Julie Cote' 1 month ago
my favorite country band
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