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Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul Get the Crowd Going With "Bailando" - America's Got Talent 2014 -
Published: 3 years ago By: America's Got Talent

By: America's Got TalentPublished: 3 years ago

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38, 479 Likes   1, 311 Dislikes

Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul put on a show-stopping performance when they appear on the America's Got Talent stage to sing ʺBailando.ʺ
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As part of NBC's summer shows in 2015, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.

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With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize.

Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul Get the Crowd Going With "Bailando" - America's Got Talent 2014

America's Got Talent

Celestial Pixie
'Celestial Pixie' 9 hours ago
Enrique 😍😍 why so handsome 😍😍😍😍
Khan Aatif
'Khan Aatif' 1 day ago
he was so cute then justin
Aldenora Liradete
'Aldenora Liradete' 3 days ago
love love ♡
Garota Girl
'Garota Girl' 4 days ago
em espanhol e sem dúvida muito melhor...
Josephine Mlay
'Josephine Mlay' 4 days ago
I love these song when your in dance floor ooh my God
'u2ez4me' 4 days ago
Dude wtf is he looking at the whole time he is singing
Dip Y2j
'Dip Y2j' 4 days ago
Enrique Iglesias is so smart :O
Geri Grasso
'Geri Grasso' 5 days ago
Yahir Espino
'Yahir Espino' 5 days ago
3:52 dem two haters not waving there hands
Siva Dhurjati
'Siva Dhurjati' 5 days ago
hats off to enrique voice
shashank rajput
'shashank rajput' 5 days ago
dont know any meaning but i sing it everywhere
Uriel Angela
'Uriel Angela' 5 days ago
He should've sang the spanish version
Pau YT
'Pau YT' 6 days ago
who's the Guitarist Guy..?
Daniel Stefan
'Daniel Stefan' 6 days ago
Hey look, it's that dude Eminem murdered.
Farqan Awan
'Farqan Awan' 6 days ago
anish nadal
'anish nadal' 6 days ago
Sean Paul sounds good
Hans Quintanilla
'Hans Quintanilla' 7 days ago
Rej Talagtag
'Rej Talagtag' 7 days ago
This is so much hotter in Spanish.
Nour El-aby
'Nour El-aby' 7 days ago
Can't believe that he's 41 years old
sid 49
'sid 49' 7 days ago
my fav song 😍😍
Alan Paul
'Alan Paul' 7 days ago
mind blowing this is rocking Enrique Iglesias I am u r biggest fan
Sarah Gutierrez
'Sarah Gutierrez' 7 days ago
Why does he keep looking up?
Mario Vazquez
'Mario Vazquez' 1 week ago
eres un gran cantante
'darkmike3232' 1 week ago
3:52 The one white lady that wishes she was in on the music.
Gaganveer Singh
'Gaganveer Singh' 1 week ago
nice song
rayoloco lopez Vz
'rayoloco lopez Vz' 1 week ago
Manolo Deleon Gonzalez
Am spanish yes
'maxbass' 2 weeks ago
Terrible lip syncing. Such a great song ruined by bad lip syncing. If you are going to have a live act, have them sing "live"
'ChickenGamer' 2 weeks ago
Sean Paul and that singer in the hat weren't lip syncing but Enrique Iglesias was singing with audio behind his voice
Yahir Espino
'Yahir Espino' 2 weeks ago
any translation because I have no idea what That dude that started the song said
Abhinav Bhatt
'Abhinav Bhatt' 2 weeks ago
Who agrees both English and Spanish versions are good?
Priscilla Nieto
'Priscilla Nieto' 2 weeks ago
Will never be as good as the Spanish version but this song is so good regardless!
Subhrajyoti Sen
'Subhrajyoti Sen' 2 weeks ago
OMG what a voice Enrique has..!!!
Amin Essam
'Amin Essam' 2 weeks ago
enrique is so bad on live
Fochi Perezu
'Fochi Perezu' 2 weeks ago
Enrique is a Snack 🌭👅
Anggadipa Syahputra
'Anggadipa Syahputra' 2 weeks ago
sean'a paul
Mega Pilo
'Mega Pilo' 2 weeks ago
super sexy hot man !
Caroline Matitu
'Caroline Matitu' 2 weeks ago
one time i try to sing it but i can't!!!! but there soooooooo cooool awsomee
Chris Hull
'Chris Hull' 2 weeks ago
How is Enrique Iglesias so cute and have lushes eye lashes like really
'Giggidygiggidy12' 2 weeks ago
A lot of people don't know Enrique cannot actually sing to save his life. I believe he was actually told early in his career that he would have to make major changes to his style of music to have a chance. Whatever he did it worked, still has catchy tunes but he's not a vocalist, more so a performer or a magician
jennifer claessen
'jennifer claessen' 3 weeks ago
When you're Hispanic and only know the Spanish version....
Gwen Manila
'Gwen Manila' 3 weeks ago
Oh God please come back to Philippines I love your songs.
Ibraheem Esam
'Ibraheem Esam' 3 weeks ago
Sings cringes and turns to the right.
Kitanna Roow
'Kitanna Roow' 3 weeks ago
enrique is singing spanglish
'Mohd_abbas' 3 weeks ago
I don't speak Spanish but the Spanish version better for sure
Kajal kaju
'Kajal kaju' 3 weeks ago
contigo the live contigo the dance contigo that I hv..
Nn Karthik
'Nn Karthik' 3 weeks ago
does this guy ever age!!
'andej' 3 weeks ago
I normally listen to the Spanish version but the English version is still good.
Asma Ibrahim
'Asma Ibrahim' 3 weeks ago
Asma Ibrahim
'Asma Ibrahim' 3 weeks ago
Sarah G
'Sarah G' 3 weeks ago
Don't understand what sean pauls saying half the time but it sounds good😁😁
Legendary Quotes
'Legendary Quotes' 3 weeks ago
2 types of language
1: English language
2.Sean Paul language
kyaw min
'kyaw min' 3 weeks ago
I like it....😎😎
Mubashir Musthafa
'Mubashir Musthafa' 4 weeks ago
Enrique You are amazing... ❤❤❤❤ love from India...
Biki Das
'Biki Das' 4 weeks ago
Jericho Zambrano
'Jericho Zambrano' 4 weeks ago
the pride of phillipines..enrique iglesias...vamos bravo el tucuyo filipinas
Degyptika Padmanebiriau Rai
He's not aging 😍
'iMacsMusic' 4 weeks ago
The Spanish version is so much better. Good performance though.
Harry Potter fan
'Harry Potter fan' 1 month ago
Is he really gay
Pussy Thrasher
'Pussy Thrasher' 1 month ago
I think it's sad half this people are Donald Trump Supporters ..
Lucky Seven
'Lucky Seven' 1 month ago
To me spanish is harder to learn than English but the Spanish version is easier to sing.
Aisyah Sofia
'Aisyah Sofia' 1 month ago
Enrique is charismatic af I can't stop looking at him!!!
akram malik
'akram malik' 1 month ago
Enrique superbbb
Syafiq Apiq
'Syafiq Apiq' 1 month ago
i like this song
#From Malaysian
'23' 1 month ago
why the hell did he sing in english?
isaac Bringas
'isaac Bringas' 1 month ago
Johandre Pars Sinaga
Mayah B
'Mayah B' 1 month ago
same as ThatTaejinMomentAtMama2016
Dora Delarca
'Dora Delarca' 1 month ago
Does anyone else love how enrique greeted all of the judges?
my channel
'my channel' 1 month ago
nice song
Georgie Lobo
'Georgie Lobo' 1 month ago
Why do people have issues with lip sync? It really doesn't matter as long as the crowd is enjoying it and music is good and makes people happy. To all the frustrated folks if you don't like it change your choice of listening music.
'OpenSeal' 1 month ago
He should sing in spanish then the crowd go wild for sure!
Masafi Masafi
'Masafi Masafi' 2 months ago
I have group for learn English this is my number whatsapp 00966552179789
ollieF yung
'ollieF yung' 2 months ago
omg he's so hot 🔥
Mcxarie Monasimban
'Mcxarie Monasimban' 2 months ago
then donald trump came..
Ever Croa
'Ever Croa' 2 months ago
i like you 😚😚😚😍😍
Sofia R.
'Sofia R.' 2 months ago
Please, he's not playbacking. Just listen and compare to the original.. it doesnt sound the same. You are incredible Enrique I love u
Red Fox
'Red Fox' 2 months ago
Lip sync ??
Marta Staniec
'Marta Staniec' 2 months ago
no to bylo fajnie ftedy
shwkut khan
'shwkut khan' 2 months ago
Love Enrique
he is my favourite ever
awesome guy
Gayesha Sathsarani
'Gayesha Sathsarani' 2 months ago
OMG He looks so young...😍😍
maubere oan
'maubere oan' 2 months ago
i like this song
Mithun Madhu
'Mithun Madhu' 2 months ago
he is majic
Kareem Alluhaidan
'Kareem Alluhaidan' 2 months ago
Yea it's better
cee mars
'cee mars' 2 months ago
i like the Spanish version 😍
Tatsiana K.
'Tatsiana K.' 2 months ago
Sean Paul best singer
Fatemeh Nader
'Fatemeh Nader' 2 months ago
I love Enrique his songs are AMAZING
Jessica Tomas Orozco
'Jessica Tomas Orozco' 2 months ago
The spanish version for the win
Fran Zes
'Fran Zes' 2 months ago
sean paul is epic
'Josh' 2 months ago
Everyting was live and real expect Enrique who looked and sounded fake.
Szalamandra Santiago
'Szalamandra Santiago' 2 months ago
the boss
'the boss' 2 months ago
bhaag saale
Nova The Hedgehog
'Nova The Hedgehog' 2 months ago
prefiero la versión en español w
pero esta no esta tan mal :3
elif Condrillon
'elif Condrillon' 2 months ago
I love you Enrique
Juan diego roldan lorente
But Enrique cant sing. Its all autotune
Ema Ljaško
'Ema Ljaško' 2 months ago
Miss Sophia
'Miss Sophia' 2 months ago
il est clairement en playback mais peu importe il est magnifique ❤
Kevin Kyo Nightwolf
'Kevin Kyo Nightwolf' 2 months ago
they both sounds exactily the way they do on the records .... its amazing... not many singers are this good live
Music Loud
'Music Loud' 2 months ago
Latino men & latino music that what i'm living for
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