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Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul Get the Crowd Going With "Bailando" - America's Got Talent 2014 -
Published: 2 years ago By: America's Got Talent

By: America's Got TalentPublished: 2 years ago

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Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul put on a show-stopping performance when they appear on the America's Got Talent stage to sing ʺBailando.ʺ
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As part of NBC's summer shows in 2015, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.

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With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize.

Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul Get the Crowd Going With "Bailando" - America's Got Talent 2014

America's Got Talent

Music Loud
'Music Loud' 1 day ago
Latino men & latino music that what i'm living for
juma mohamed
'juma mohamed' 1 day ago
wow his voice is amazing
one of my favourite artists
Laura Bosch
'Laura Bosch' 2 days ago
Dejar de decir que es latino, ha nacido en Madrid, capital de España. Así que si amigos, somos españoles, no latinos.
Joel Moses
'Joel Moses' 3 days ago
i love it
Trisha Mohammed
'Trisha Mohammed' 3 days ago
why enrique is so hot 😍😍😍
Muse rikimaru
'Muse rikimaru' 3 days ago
that is the worst lipsync i ever watched,i dont about the others but enrique is just so bad
Gabi Bonardi
'Gabi Bonardi' 4 days ago
I like the Spanish version waaaay much
'멋쟁이' 6 days ago
oh he has good body
Nishant Srivastava
Enrique sir u r my god and u can't be comparable anyone in the world and one of the finest singer I have listened ever been true legend
Leir Raz
'Leir Raz' 6 days ago
Watch what is on, and move your ars.
Mayurkant Bajiraokar
Rokib Arm
'Rokib Arm' 6 days ago
koushik dey
'koushik dey' 1 week ago
love u enrique
Louis Chakramakal
'Louis Chakramakal' 1 week ago
baaby girl baaby girl lol
Jesus Lopez
'Jesus Lopez' 1 week ago
Enrique Iglesias is Legend
IGhoz Gaming
'IGhoz Gaming' 1 week ago
okay.. he sang live, but you can obviously tell the song was ALSO on the background... idk if he didn't know the lyrics very good or sum but he did sang live but the song was also playing in the background

so it's not 100 percent live or 100 percent lip sync
Iglesias is definitely lipsinging but I am not sure if these two men also
Manisha Mohapatra
'Manisha Mohapatra' 1 week ago
cool song👑👑👑👑👑👑
'Zomrinom' 1 week ago
where is the deep voiced bald guy? :(
Oliver Alvarez
'Oliver Alvarez' 1 week ago
es idea mía o Enrique iglesias está con playback
keisuke bale
'keisuke bale' 1 week ago
he still looks so young at 40 wow and as always amazing voice gods must be partying in heaven after hearing his voice such a grt singer amazing
'MJ ROYAL' 1 week ago
ahh..enrique😍😍😍you never age..
Sarah 123
'Sarah 123' 2 weeks ago
why cnt he be my boyfriend. why he is so hot
Shiro wow Anne
'Shiro wow Anne' 2 weeks ago
only God knows how I love this song
'spidirr1' 2 weeks ago
This song in Spanish in so much better than in English... yo quiero estar contigo, vivir contigo, bailar contigo, tener contigo una noche locaaa!!
Khaizer Khan
'Khaizer Khan' 2 weeks ago
one of best song 😍😍😘😘
Khaizer Khan
'Khaizer Khan' 2 weeks ago
he is the best
Hamza Khan
'Hamza Khan' 2 weeks ago
what was name of 3rd singer??
Beer Goldbell
'Beer Goldbell' 2 weeks ago
im a 100% straight man but i think enrique looks realy hot -0-
Hamza Khan
'Hamza Khan' 2 weeks ago
enrique doesnot look of 40+
'GAME4WAR' 2 weeks ago
Ugh English version
Eyes Up Sports
'Eyes Up Sports' 2 weeks ago
Even MJ Lip Synced. But I have no opinion. I love this song
Dora L
'Dora L' 2 weeks ago
Muhammad Shahzad
'Muhammad Shahzad' 2 weeks ago
this is also gud but spanish feels more like it
Fools Mandem
'Fools Mandem' 2 weeks ago
très class je vous admire
Gil x FIYM
'Gil x FIYM' 3 weeks ago
Go guddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gil x FIYM
'Gil x FIYM' 3 weeks ago
Sean Paul my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denise Contreras
'Denise Contreras' 3 weeks ago
His eyelashes are goals👌
Alejandro Cava Martínez
why all the latinos sing with sunglasses?
Faiz Baloch
'Faiz Baloch' 3 weeks ago
i love him great singer
labud labudica
'labud labudica' 3 weeks ago
Bob Jones
'Bob Jones' 3 weeks ago
2:13 does anyone else see the girl trying to hit one of the balloon things in the crowd and fails 😂
saiham salman
'saiham salman' 4 weeks ago
0:47 Erique is so shocked he saw an unknown creature.
Fatima Khan
'Fatima Khan' 4 weeks ago
My insides are melting he's so hot and when he says " girl I like the way you move, girl show me what you do " I just die inside 😍😭
Emily V
'Emily V' 4 weeks ago
No offense, but I like it more in spanish.
'DjFotech' 4 weeks ago
sean paul has been on fire lately
Dÿñämîtë Fœrèvër
Watch the Spanish version I like it more
kumar akash
'kumar akash' 4 weeks ago
this man never gets old
sweetie stylish girl
sexist man ever
'ZAKI SHAIKH' 1 month ago
he does not need autotune
Ashish Nanta
'Ashish Nanta' 1 month ago
mahdi rz
'mahdi rz' 1 month ago
chofli wahda
abdelhahmaid hanodga
Big brains
'Big brains' 1 month ago
Wilmelita Pasilong
'Wilmelita Pasilong' 1 month ago
im always dance this song in a radisson disco
Stiles Kuchiki
'Stiles Kuchiki' 1 month ago
Melanie Merkel
'Melanie Merkel' 1 month ago
enrique great
Esther Burgos-Rios
'Esther Burgos-Rios' 1 month ago
Sean Paul love you u don't lip sing
Rochelle Jamili Esperanza
adsiz adsiz
'adsiz adsiz' 1 month ago
Atif Ali
'Atif Ali' 1 month ago
He is a next king of pop
Matthew Facey
'Matthew Facey' 1 month ago
Yeah man Sean Paul big up your self bredda
EyesOfTheLion 11
'EyesOfTheLion 11' 1 month ago
I don't know..I feel like Enrique is Lipsynching
Fernando Silva
'Fernando Silva' 1 month ago
armani love prada
'armani love prada' 2 months ago
i have crush on Enrique since i was 20 now im 35... 15 years Enrique and still love you more
RiShU MiShRa
'RiShU MiShRa' 2 months ago
love this sonG!!
Khairul Khaiza
'Khairul Khaiza' 2 months ago
nice song,i 👍 😊
preeti jatav
'preeti jatav' 2 months ago
luvvvvvvvvvvvvv yu enrique luv yu luv yu alotttttttttttttttt
Chika Idris
'Chika Idris' 2 months ago
mungkin ada yg sama gantengnya...atau lebih tampan dari Enrique Iglesias...tapi kalo SEXY dan betapa HOT nya dia......TUHAAAAN........tak ada yang menyamai apalagi melebihi.....i mean come on....LOOK AT HIM........Dancing and singing make us every lady on the earth SHAKING..😆😅😆😅😆😅😍😍😍😍😲😲😲💖
Mayur Raj
'Mayur Raj' 2 months ago
love u Enrique
Cami Berthet
'Cami Berthet' 2 months ago
entre este y ricky martin me vuelvo loca jajajajaj
Harish kuncham
'Harish kuncham' 2 months ago
subscribed to America got talent cause of you guyzzzz
OfficialVanilla B
'OfficialVanilla B' 2 months ago
'N3XT TR!N!' 2 months ago
he was watchin the lyrics
khieu vicheanon
'khieu vicheanon' 2 months ago
Mostly here are
99%-Enrique is so hot
1% - Beautiful Song
Muhammad Razzaq
'Muhammad Razzaq' 2 months ago
oh my goodness
he has this irresistible charm
can't take my eyes off him
Medrea Dumitru
'Medrea Dumitru' 2 months ago
...asa tata asa fiu .
Nipe Nikupe
'Nipe Nikupe' 2 months ago
I realy like men with tiny, thin lips ....Mob love Enrique
Demir khavari
'Demir khavari' 2 months ago
Wilmelita Pasilong
'Wilmelita Pasilong' 2 months ago
wow...this i heard inside the disco
paresh ranjane
'paresh ranjane' 2 months ago
i love this song
Man Boogey
'Man Boogey' 2 months ago
English version =shitty Real Spanish is the ߀$T
James Mira
'James Mira' 2 months ago
Omfg if I was there I would be hella damcing and idgaf who is watching me! I love this song! If this plays whne I am in mexico at a club or party I am going to freaking lose it!!! XD
Elly Cimoet
'Elly Cimoet' 2 months ago
goyangan bang sean mantabbb
asyekkk asyekkk serrr serrrr 😄😄😄
Egit Bicici
'Egit Bicici' 2 months ago
enrgi Mustafa porfilin resmini deyistir Evet
'UFC UFC' 2 months ago
Deopaul Madanlall
'Deopaul Madanlall' 2 months ago
love this song so so much
iztok polegek
'iztok polegek' 2 months ago
Micah Fox
'Micah Fox' 2 months ago
One of the hottest man alive!💕
03472770078 asimkhan321
nice song
Rima Vega
'Rima Vega' 2 months ago
I like this people I listen to them every day
Drarni Lyes
'Drarni Lyes' 3 months ago
Hamid Habibi
'Hamid Habibi' 3 months ago
Nice music
Machun Golmei
'Machun Golmei' 3 months ago
ufffff love u
arzum collins
'arzum collins' 3 months ago
00:52 😭 omg... he is so cute and Hot same time 😍I Love u Hero
Nora Desomimba
'Nora Desomimba' 3 months ago
Magash..I Love you Enrique!.love this song..
aditya valiv
'aditya valiv' 3 months ago
why was Enrique looking up as he started singing?somebody know the reason
ni na
'ni na' 3 months ago
so ridiculous do it in eng
'soilofk' 3 months ago
the Spanish version is the best
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