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Timeflies - Once In a While (Small Clubs, Big Stories Presented by Chevy Small Cars) -
Published: 6 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 6 months ago

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Timeflies returns to Arlene's Grocery in New York City to share more about their journey as artistst in this small venue they once played.

'christine 's Cover' 4 weeks ago
my fav song
Louis Kazor
'Louis Kazor' 4 months ago
This is fucking talent that my ears came.
Ballistic Swami
'Ballistic Swami' 5 months ago
How is this not Freaking Fab! Overlook the real talent world! Once in a while listen to real music.
Touqeer Bhatti
'Touqeer Bhatti' 5 months ago
So much better than the original
Nathalie Orinion
'Nathalie Orinion' 5 months ago
This is what you call a talent and a gift😊
Jessica Hernandez
'Jessica Hernandez' 5 months ago
why when ur so in love u can get that special person out of ur MINE not even for a second....
Maria lucky13Me
'Maria lucky13Me' 6 months ago
'pbcman1' 6 months ago
reminds me of Jason mraz
Gui Gameplays
'Gui Gameplays' 6 months ago
jacqueline geutselaar
good singing
Caroline Cairns
'Caroline Cairns' 6 months ago
Once in awhile sound good
gf hf
'gf hf' 6 months ago
jy gg
'jy gg' 6 months ago
sf fsf
'sf fsf' 6 months ago
geg gdg
'geg gdg' 6 months ago
gfsh gsg
'gfsh gsg' 6 months ago
Jeremy Colins
'Jeremy Colins' 6 months ago
oh my God, this voice amazing
Dwi Septyanto
'Dwi Septyanto' 6 months ago
love this version 😍
Jatin Kumar
'Jatin Kumar' 6 months ago
Joel Hernández González
Even better than the original.
Love it
Pikachu Boludoo
'Pikachu Boludoo' 6 months ago
Critical Point
'Critical Point' 6 months ago
Timeflies on Vevo, Yeah!!!!
Ruth Quadros
'Ruth Quadros' 6 months ago
When the beat picks up this is so amazing
Ailina Kharsyntiew
'Ailina Kharsyntiew' 6 months ago
nice voice kep clb. n vry great song
'dallas' 6 months ago
Zuera Totalit
'Zuera Totalit' 6 months ago
Alan Philip
'Alan Philip' 6 months ago
Tasmima Meem
'Tasmima Meem' 6 months ago
Edlane Naniinha
'Edlane Naniinha' 6 months ago
que voz lindaaa
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