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Best WorldStarHipHop (WSHH) Hood Vines Compilation 2016 -
Published: 4 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 4 months ago

264, 664 views

2, 868 Likes   210 Dislikes

Brand new weekly theme compilation featuring the best WSHH Hood Vines of 2016.

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jack hiley
'jack hiley' 3 weeks ago
0:32 whats the song
Xan Bar
'Xan Bar' 3 months ago
Pokemon fans were so triggered at how shit these pokemon vines are lol
pumpkin spice bleach
'pumpkin spice bleach' 3 months ago
Yair Zambrano
'Yair Zambrano' 4 months ago
0:25 funniest one
Zoey Martinez
'Zoey Martinez' 4 months ago
Ebony Murray
'Ebony Murray' 4 months ago
Anthony Romero
'Anthony Romero' 4 months ago
damn at 5:04 that white girl got fucked up
Roman Coronado
'Roman Coronado' 4 months ago
The chienes on is funny
Benny Siegel
'Benny Siegel' 4 months ago
The gayest I've ever seen in my life
'LiyahLitty11' 4 months ago
3:39 is not funny.. Is horrible
Junior Ramos
'Junior Ramos' 4 months ago
At 9:52 that part was so funny
Sonita Hamidovic
'Sonita Hamidovic' 4 months ago
girls fight
le coon
'le coon' 4 months ago
the boy at 0:28 made me cry with laughter
Joel Medrano
'Joel Medrano' 4 months ago
king Bach face when he falls
Wyctør Zachar
'Wyctør Zachar' 4 months ago
Know song at 4:33
Lucas Vinicius
'Lucas Vinicius' 4 months ago
the name of the song at 10:05
Oliver Burch
'Oliver Burch' 4 months ago
women are dicks
#RedShadowSquad PorkyJ456 Yhzis
whats the original from 0:11
michal olchawski
'michal olchawski' 4 months ago
bitches fighting XDD
Nene Lee
'Nene Lee' 4 months ago
I don't like this one cause of @3:38....
Cool Craftee
'Cool Craftee' 4 months ago
that little girl do at 403
'MyChemcalDisco!' 4 months ago
havent been in youtube in a while
William Roesler
'William Roesler' 4 months ago
The last vine is the best
Kool-aid Boy FFA
'Kool-aid Boy FFA' 4 months ago
the last one ahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahhaahahaahahahahahahahaha
gamer wars gaming
'gamer wars gaming' 4 months ago
Matthew Barrett
'Matthew Barrett' 4 months ago
5:43 , 7:31 , 8:08 , 9:33 , have the wrong audio
'boibeast' 4 months ago
omg this vid is so funny
rafael ortiz jr
'rafael ortiz jr' 4 months ago
Why 4:52
trick shot
'trick shot' 4 months ago
4:48 whats that song?
'Shortyy' 4 months ago
'Mike' 4 months ago
hunger game is just normal hood days. right
William Rushmere
'William Rushmere' 4 months ago
good completion but they meet up the audio
Guns N Roses
'Guns N Roses' 4 months ago
this dude at 8:57 pissed himself lmao
samarah clark
'samarah clark' 4 months ago
wtf is wrong with humanity? i can't believe that woman hit an old lady 😕
grim reaper
'grim reaper' 4 months ago
Banana Nation
'Banana Nation' 4 months ago
Wtf is up with the audio??
Michal Menkarski
'Michal Menkarski' 4 months ago
song 2:44 ?
Ariana Encinas
'Ariana Encinas' 4 months ago
Who saw Jacob sartorius?
Reginald Harris
'Reginald Harris' 4 months ago
5:00 whole life flashed before her eyes
xXDarkmasterXx K
'xXDarkmasterXx K' 4 months ago
'fisher02554' 4 months ago
When all you do is steal content but you can't even do that very well...
Noura Oweda
'Noura Oweda' 4 months ago
The no shirt and no shoes guys 😂😂😂😂
'estebanerrisuriz55' 4 months ago
at 8:45 why did it repeat?
'Aaliyah's Corner!' 4 months ago
7:37 #Triggered I can't stop LUAGHING
Irving El Chino
'Irving El Chino' 4 months ago
song 1:56
'Kobesantanna' 4 months ago
The crossing gated look like my brother
christians comody
'christians comody' 4 months ago
who else is down here looking for comments on the audio
Carlos Benito
'Carlos Benito' 4 months ago
equis de
the pinkster
'the pinkster' 4 months ago
the audio is sorta of but it's a nice vine
Andre hewitt
'Andre hewitt' 4 months ago
name ofn1st song
Andrea Vallejo
'Andrea Vallejo' 4 months ago
Fuck the girl that hit the old lady🖕🏼
Mary Loves all
'Mary Loves all' 4 months ago
Everyone reading comment answer me this why do u have to clean your room/bed when u are just gonna mess it up again???
'PaiMei' 4 months ago
00:25 name plssss
me me big boy
'me me big boy' 4 months ago
0:38 lmao 😂
Aaron Culpepper
'Aaron Culpepper' 4 months ago
ok now fucking 8:07
Aaron Culpepper
'Aaron Culpepper' 4 months ago
ok first it was 5:42 now 7:30
Turner Gallo
'Turner Gallo' 4 months ago
This is all true bout the hood
Abdou M.A.S
'Abdou M.A.S' 4 months ago
plz song 1.56
Frank Ocean #GiveMeMYGrammy #RONDONUMBA9
This ain't hood vines wtf is this shit
Cordes Mona
'Cordes Mona' 4 months ago
Song 10:08
jake Lane
'jake Lane' 4 months ago
hi everyone hope u have a great xmas or just a good new year ( if u don't celebrate )
Jace Ramirez
'Jace Ramirez' 4 months ago
Anton Brink
'Anton Brink' 4 months ago
I'm gonna miss vines! :'(
kentozay-kun :v
'kentozay-kun :v' 4 months ago
song? 4:48
Thawan Silva
'Thawan Silva' 4 months ago
wath song 4:49 plis?
บันเทิง Chanel
'CoolBreezee' 4 months ago
Audio is fucked up on some of them
Katie Coulter Wilcox
'Katie Coulter Wilcox' 4 months ago
when the girls were fighting on the bus, did the old lady die?
Killian Pressler
'Killian Pressler' 4 months ago
Roses are red, harambe was shot , I'm rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop
Stryke Nation
'Stryke Nation' 4 months ago
why the hell is jacob sartorius a lifeguard 5:57
Stryke Nation
'Stryke Nation' 4 months ago
5:25 all because he got 19 chicken nuggets instead of 20
I don't blame him though
Michael nation
'Michael nation' 4 months ago
4:50 that was lit
Nicholas Hasledalen
'Nicholas Hasledalen' 4 months ago
why wont the person uploading on this channel accept that vines dead and this channel is dying
Jada Smith
'Jada Smith' 4 months ago
the terrio one was messed up my lil brother nickname is terrio
Francisco Nassauer
'Francisco Nassauer' 4 months ago
10:17 music?
Roberto carlos
'Roberto carlos' 4 months ago
If you really watched all the weekly vine comp. From worldstar,you'll know these vines are pulled from these comps. Thats why its called like this
Uzziel Castillo
'Uzziel Castillo' 4 months ago
World Star Hip Hop in the tittle and the first thing I see is a white kid doing the whip smh.
there was so many audio problems... also reused some vines for revenue.. this should of died with vine
Markipony Princess
'Markipony Princess' 4 months ago
this one was sooo shity
So Savage
'So Savage' 4 months ago
Why does it say worldstarhiphop in the title
'What's Trending' 4 months ago
My last one was funnier that this 😒
Scumyscumbag x
'Scumyscumbag x' 4 months ago
when vine is dead so you got to take vines from wshh so your channel doesn't die
ray pw
'ray pw' 4 months ago
at 3:40 not funny its rat
Mystery Wizard
'Mystery Wizard' 4 months ago
Liane got knocks the fuck out
'JEDENZET' 4 months ago
That grandma just died.
Funniest Vines
'Funniest Vines' 4 months ago
Everyone saying Vine is dead smh Vines are still hella funny
Robert DuBois
'Robert DuBois' 4 months ago
It's not a true WSHH comp unless there is twerking at the end lmao
Lucky Bastard92
'Lucky Bastard92' 4 months ago
3:58 Does anybody knows dat song
Sweet Walls
'Sweet Walls' 4 months ago
The Best Vines: WSHH Hood Comp.

First vine is a White Kid hitting the whip. SMH.
motor head
'motor head' 4 months ago
8:05 is that asap rocky
Tamarri Fine
'Tamarri Fine' 4 months ago
5:55 Jacob Sartorious....
KFC Gravy
'KFC Gravy' 4 months ago
of course they fucked up the audio....
'daranus' 4 months ago
so why you putting those violence stupid shit in between the cool stuff? wtf.
demian chavez
'demian chavez' 4 months ago
The fucking grandma 😂😂 dramatic af
Ramazan Ekinci
'Ramazan Ekinci' 4 months ago
Eddy G07
'Eddy G07' 4 months ago
Pika chu
'Pika chu' 4 months ago
Mk1401 Gamer
'Mk1401 Gamer' 4 months ago
The Song by The Peter pan
Freezy Gamer
'Freezy Gamer' 4 months ago
they put vines into different vines
Teese 1999
'Teese 1999' 4 months ago
song 1:56?
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