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Will It Break? -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 weeks ago

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Sometimes it's just fun to break stuff.

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Smart phone with incoming call on display falling in water with splash on white
addamStock/Getty Images
Falling smartphone
Pavel_dp/Getty Images

Made by BFMP

Matteo Gianni
'Matteo Gianni' 12 hours ago
Do BlackviewBV600!
Dismital Griminoc
'Dismital Griminoc' 18 hours ago
Well can't beat the legendary Nokia in smack test 😂😂
Mirko Meschis
'Mirko Meschis' 2 days ago
What is the name of the black girl? What is your Facebook or Instagram?
jonathan rosa
'jonathan rosa' 2 days ago
Thank god they didn't use the Nokia 3310 because if they threw the phone on the ground the whole planet would blow up.
'Rayzr' 2 days ago
'Sean' 2 days ago
This video looks homemade for some reason
'Sean' 2 days ago
Why did they have to use toilet water?
Filip Protic
'Filip Protic' 4 days ago
i think nokia would survive all of that without the screen cracking
Newland Vu
'Newland Vu' 4 days ago
poor phone 😔
Claudia Taylor
'Claudia Taylor' 4 days ago
I love her
Kelani Allen
'Kelani Allen' 4 days ago
why do i think Steven is attractive
Taylor Hunsaker
'Taylor Hunsaker' 4 days ago
You can drown any phone, doesn't mean it'll still work
Taylor Hunsaker
'Taylor Hunsaker' 4 days ago
I feel like she should've tested if it still worked as well lol. Like okay you drowned it but does it still work or not
Carlos Esparza
'Carlos Esparza' 5 days ago
Shouldve got a nokia
'edleedavis' 5 days ago
this video was a complete waste of bandwidth...
Kai Young (Kai the moon prince)
I found this video extremely satisfying
criticworlds buddy
Bro... Thats why we have Nokia
ғl Ð
'ғl Ð'тll' 5 days ago
AN INDESTRUCTIBLE PHONE?!?!? HAH, everyone knows that you can't beat a nokia 3310
Samuel Clemens
'Samuel Clemens' 6 days ago
Video over at 1 minuet. Trump is right, you guys are failing.
'delatoba' 6 days ago
A Nokia!!!
Tokotoko Bunni
'Tokotoko Bunni' 6 days ago
I like Steven.
Keen Lai (keenlai1117)
Nokia 3310 is stronger
Jackie Chaberka
'Jackie Chaberka' 6 days ago
I ran over my phone and it did not smash at all (iPhone6)
Sarah Pita
'Sarah Pita' 1 week ago
burnt phone??
Teddy Rose Productions
stop phone abuse
Carlos Gallardo
'Carlos Gallardo' 1 week ago
why did it have to be a toilet bowl? why not any other kind of water?
A Buzzfeed Feminist
As you can see in the background a man spreading feminist
Sander Lauris
'Sander Lauris' 1 week ago
What fucking Selorm. xdxdxdxd hahahaaha
Howard Hammond
'Howard Hammond' 1 week ago
Use a Nokia
TheWaffle Ninja
'TheWaffle Ninja' 1 week ago
Use a Nokia
Jayne Kyra
'Jayne Kyra' 1 week ago
Or you could take care of your things like a fucking adult, idiot.
Candy Land
'Candy Land' 1 week ago
2:15 phone R.I.P
'X' 1 week ago
just buy an otter box
'TeenDream888' 1 week ago
the drop test wasn't effective because it doesn't cover you deliberately throwing it to the ground in an attempt to break it. but i had a feeling this would just be a filler video, so i paused it after that moment, chilled in the comment section, and then left my own opinion.
Alyssa Gonzalez
'Alyssa Gonzalez' 1 week ago
I like how Buzzfeed made sure we knew the guy was a Props Expert, so we weren't questioning if he was a murderer.
Jeremy Chua
'Jeremy Chua' 1 week ago
Should of try the Nokia 3310 it can survive a flamethrower
Lesbian Ships
'Lesbian Ships' 1 week ago
Emily is hot
My Animal Family
'My Animal Family' 1 week ago
Before I watch the video...

Yes it already broke

If you don't know what I'm talking about , check what all of the youtubers are mad about. YouTube is broken
L. Jimerson
'L. Jimerson' 1 week ago
1:52 Nobody's going to question why the guy just has a sledgehammer just lying around?
'Siddals' 1 week ago
dropped my Samsung millions.The case helps
Narnian Witch Tribute223
You know a Nokia would of passed all those tests lol XD
'IamTimEre' 1 week ago
Moto x /z Force
'SavageKhalil' 1 week ago
out of all the water in the world, you used a toilet. was there no sink?
Media Sav
'Media Sav' 1 week ago
Nokia 3310
la manal
'la manal' 1 week ago
why did they throw the phone in the toilet, i mean they could have just put it in a bowl of water or smtg
100% Gaming \ King Goldy
The Next TechRax
Max// Aashla
'Max// Aashla' 1 week ago
I have never broke a phone
'SeigeGaming' 1 week ago
Just get a Nokia 3310 that phone is a fucking tank
Eqileus - Pokemon and More
0:27 1 2 3 3?
Esmeralda herrera
'Esmeralda herrera' 1 week ago
you know these people can just test out the phone with what happens to them actually instead of making it happen y'know you'd get way better results
Rikeyah Ferguson
'Rikeyah Ferguson' 1 week ago
do a nokia
Ben Travaglini
'Ben Travaglini' 1 week ago
1, 2, 3, 3 ?
reyanne morgan
'reyanne morgan' 1 week ago
We need to see more Emily
Huda Hud
'Huda Hud' 1 week ago
Rip phone Jan 3-Jan 3 2017
Tiffany Rodriguez
'Tiffany Rodriguez' 1 week ago
Isn't Selorm also in Teens (or Adults) react? Hey girl!
Karsyn King
'Karsyn King' 1 week ago
Will It Break? Sounds like something that would happen on Good Mythical Morning
'Megadriver' 1 week ago
Throw a Nokia 3310 at a Volvo 240 and break the universe! XD
Adrian yamato
'Adrian yamato' 1 week ago
"Is my video over"💀💀
'Levi' 1 week ago
A good phone is called a "Nokia 3310"
Its unbreakable...
Cheesy Whiskers
'Cheesy Whiskers' 1 week ago
This is sad XD
Firas Odeh
'Firas Odeh' 1 week ago
Drops Nokia 3310 ground breaks
James Swart
'James Swart' 1 week ago
Just get a Nokia
Dara Shei Ganancial

Salorm digested a phone 😱😱😱
Pointless video
Antonio Presents
'Antonio Presents' 1 week ago
I found one of them on the curb and it is so e z to break
Hailey McKnight12
'Hailey McKnight12' 1 week ago
My dad has the same phone his company supplied it
Mrluckysnipes 22
'Mrluckysnipes 22' 1 week ago
He best phone is the Nokia
iiNessax Lovesii
'iiNessax Lovesii' 1 week ago
I have dropped my phone, drowned my phone in water and bleach, I have lost my phone which somehow turned up to be cracked. I don't even know. Now I'm super careful with my iPhone 6s and iPad.
john doe
'john doe' 1 week ago
Just get a old Nokia!
Pennie Lome
'Pennie Lome' 1 week ago
Did anyone else notice that they did 1 2 3 3 on the list?
WytyjeeZs Official
Nokia 3310?
Cubic Radiation
'Cubic Radiation' 2 weeks ago
I mean, no phone is technically INDESTRUCTIBLE if you throw it into the black hole in space, but for daily use, you can technically take good care of it. Cracking a phone and dropping a phone into water are the most common things, but people rarely drive over phones because it's either in your hand, bag, or pocket. And who smashes phones for a living besides TechRax? Just get a Nokia lol
'LordTewweth' 2 weeks ago
One word.. Nokia
Isabella Swordburg
'Isabella Swordburg' 2 weeks ago
but.... who'd sledgehammer a phone?
'Ana101' 2 weeks ago
buzzed should really stop posting videos for the hell of it
Spicey Rice
'Spicey Rice' 2 weeks ago
Oh my god there was toilet water in a toilet bowl
Marsel Bambico
'Marsel Bambico' 2 weeks ago
Bruh Nokia 3310 Is Better
Aboodi King
'Aboodi King' 2 weeks ago
i love this types of videos
Lily Pad
'Lily Pad' 2 weeks ago
they were supposed to drop it not throw it
LizzieCookie 5
'LizzieCookie 5' 2 weeks ago
They should've used a my old Nokia😂
1st harmony
'1st harmony' 2 weeks ago
they like this is fun!! try your phone now ... and there you have it
'ivan_monte_c' 2 weeks ago
should've used a nokia 3310
Lolly lummi
'Lolly lummi' 2 weeks ago
"will it break?"
me: yes.
'Pxycho' 2 weeks ago
Is this quality YouTube content? I cant tell
Jerrymee Gamduton (JujuDae)
Make this a series!
namjoons nostrils
'namjoons nostrils' 2 weeks ago
Beastmode Gaming
'Beastmode Gaming' 2 weeks ago
use the Nokia brick
'Jazmin' 2 weeks ago
This was made in the wrong order
Aperture the Wolf
'Aperture the Wolf' 2 weeks ago
Should have got Nokia 3310
Buzzfeed employees are kind of weak
VidEffects HD
'VidEffects HD' 2 weeks ago
Is this real?
olive _
'olive _' 2 weeks ago
I love this girl
Landon “LPMtech” McCoy
Goat McGoatlin
'Goat McGoatlin' 2 weeks ago
Oh how I hate when I forget my phone underneath my car and drive over it. Or when I beat the hell out of it with a hammer
Christine Nguyen
'Christine Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
[ Insert Nokia joke ]
Red Diamond
'Red Diamond' 2 weeks ago
0:27 1) Crack phone 2)Drown phone 3) run over phone Then another 3)??
marie R
'marie R' 2 weeks ago
Lol girl I Dont think that's a 'hi-tech' phone
'Seven' 2 weeks ago
What a useless video, they could've done this with a brick... they never even tried if the phone was still working so what's the point?
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