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Anti-Theft Device Keeps Shopping Carts on the Job -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Shopping cart wheels are made from the same material as roller coaster wheels. Every cart must be tough enough to haul groceries for a decade. At a cost of $100 each, shop owners are keen to keep these rugged buggies on the job. Meet the hidden device that helps keep them out of the hands of thieves and close to home.

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Moo Moo Puppy
'Moo Moo Puppy' 3 weeks ago
I didn't think those locking worked until i tied to push it past the stores boundary in the front . I couldn't even budge it an inch.
Chrispy J.
'Chrispy J.' 3 months ago
I never knew that shopping carts could be dramatic
james hardwood
'james hardwood' 4 months ago
And my grandma needs to carry heavy groceries instead of heaving a cart and pushing it home and bringing them back its like that stupid school punishment "all right who did that who did that if nobody is gonna say anything everybody is staying here till i know who that did" like bitch i have recess
Edward Elric
'Edward Elric' 5 months ago
it is the front wheels that lock up and the front wheels turn so just do a wheele
'volikoto' 5 months ago
And then the wheels get stuck up by the hair instead.
'Tophie' 6 months ago
They put way too much effort into making shopping carts sound cool here.

Benj Panganiban
'Benj Panganiban' 6 months ago
Casper Steenhuisen
'Casper Steenhuisen' 6 months ago
all that engineering just to throw in in some river
Flame Gauge
'Flame Gauge' 6 months ago
"effortless steering" XD
SaNe Crimes
'SaNe Crimes' 6 months ago
nasty this dude just stuck his fruit and vegetables in the cart no bags so gross
'Z-Army' 6 months ago
it's funny because you try to steal it and it'll just skid to the left and ur just like well I'll just replace the wheel
Jeremiah Sol
'Jeremiah Sol' 6 months ago
just do a wheelie
Lauri Elsilä
'Lauri Elsilä' 6 months ago
Holy shit you make even shopping carts look epic
Ricardo Montes
'Ricardo Montes' 6 months ago
who the fuck puts lettuce like that in a shopping cart
Gabz Media
'Gabz Media' 6 months ago
1:13 I also buy fruits one at a time and just put them into the basket even without a plastic bag.
nunya biznez
'nunya biznez' 7 months ago
poor bubbles will no longer be able to feed his kitties. =(
The Tophat Pigeon
'The Tophat Pigeon' 7 months ago
Went overboard on this one
'YamiPoyo' 7 months ago
Kartlock uses a magnetic cart locking system needs no batteries no motors.
'ZombieSlayer103' 7 months ago
this made me hard
'Benzintrinker' 7 months ago
i wanna test if the bumper can survive 30 mph
Minirex 2
'Minirex 2' 7 months ago
the fact that these need to be put in place just shows how messed up this world is
Valueless Dollar
'Valueless Dollar' 7 months ago
Until I wheelie it.
'Andrew' 7 months ago
Lol what a waste of money and time. Locking up one wheel ain't gonna stop anyone from stealing it.
Ranger _
'Ranger _' 7 months ago
"stop thieves in their tracks" while it's only on one fucking wheel when you can just lift the front two up so you can hurry up and wheelie that bitch home.
shocking videos
'shocking videos' 7 months ago
change wheels
Daniel Voloshko
'Daniel Voloshko' 7 months ago
again on this side of YouTube
Andrew Hampton JR
'Andrew Hampton JR' 7 months ago
Without Government , who would Makes Shpping carts Stay put?
Thomas Fjeseth
'Thomas Fjeseth' 7 months ago
such a fucking dumb lie, its bs, and carts cost 20$/each if you order 100 of them
John Ball
'John Ball' 7 months ago
But how will bubbles get his carts.
The Labradoodler
'The Labradoodler' 7 months ago
nigga its a basket on wheels wtf
C. Watchorn
'C. Watchorn' 7 months ago
He makes shopping carts sound so badass... also... who in the fuck puts unbagged vegetables in a shopping cart???
'Mitchell' 7 months ago
So... this doesn't actually "keep" the cart on the job. It just makes the thing useless. I'd assume they would've installed a way to reverse it?Anyways, a GPS locater would be MUCH better at this. Then, they could actually TRACK DOWN the cart and get it back.
'REPPE RAMPEN' 7 months ago
"heavy groseries"
Donald Trump Hate Club
too ebic
Team Downfall
'Team Downfall' 7 months ago
Okay so you would pick it up an inch on the front?
'1vs1?' 7 months ago
before the cable hits just lift up this cart. Job done.
'Timetaken157' 7 months ago
Just fucking push it harder, it will slide...
el lagarto
'el lagarto' 7 months ago
what is they just lift the wheel and replace it when they get home, its really not genius
'fatherguidosardichi' 7 months ago
Who the fuck puts unbagged vegetables in a shopping cart?
'It'sDatboi' 7 months ago
cant you just rear wheel it then, like boi.
'Trey' 7 months ago
you could just two wheel it or lift it up or something like that
'TheEreder' 8 months ago
well they aren t like this in eu.... (still have mine from monoprix used to unload my car full of groceries from the garage to the 6th floor, i even put my name on it so that the other resident can use it)
'jomankyewtewb' 10 months ago
Oklahoma invention!
Mr.Someone \Tom/
'Mr.Someone \Tom/' 10 months ago
Well that contraption worked! I mean it's not like there is a trolley in a nearby stream oh no
'HybridEdits' 10 months ago
And they still can't make the wheels half decent to where they don't turn in on each other and drag the floor.
TheCoolOnesFirst 101
'TheCoolOnesFirst 101' 10 months ago
We always go to the groceries then the wheels are jammed by hair?!
'Epicgamer546' 10 months ago
Just do a wheelie and lift in over the wire when it stops
'vidgamenate' 10 months ago
Now don't get any ideas, but people can lift them off the lot you know.
'-UrbanOzzy-' 10 months ago
I couldn't stop laughing at the video idky! :)
'Wiket' 10 months ago
Who the fuck steals a shopping cart?
Marin Bursac
'Marin Bursac' 11 months ago
But you can lift it up and carry it
Dan Coulson
'Dan Coulson' 11 months ago
I don't know why, but all of the shopping carts in the UK have four spinning caster wheels. Stupid. The thing is sliding all over the place.
I was on holiday in Florida an was surprised the rear wheels are only forward facing. Makes a much more sensible idea.
HTP Gaming YT
'HTP Gaming YT' 11 months ago
You can just lift the shopping cart and carry it away XD
Daniil Isakov
'Daniil Isakov' 11 months ago
All that and my Walmart cart still messed up
Aidan Muir
'Aidan Muir' 11 months ago
people can just carry the cart instead of rolling it when it passes the perimeter.
Purple Perplexing Pineapples
My dad took one once... that didn't happen though. Probably because its Walmart.
blawk shadow
'blawk shadow' 11 months ago
What if you have arms and can lift it?checkmate
Noob Nooby
'Noob Nooby' 11 months ago
They make it sound like a car comercial
'URSkrub' 11 months ago
Tell us how a air soft gun works, he's going to treat it like a secret military nazi weapon.
Sherlock Bones
'Sherlock Bones' 11 months ago
Common sense solution: just push the cart on your merry way, shopping cart wheels dont have that much grip on pavement.
'megalomania345' 11 months ago
finally a hobo secure shopping cart
'Redda' 11 months ago
Solution for shopping cart thiefs: Simply keep the cart's front wheels in the air around the perimeter of the shop.
Artūrs Savickis
'Artūrs Savickis' 11 months ago
So, basically there is 75$ worth of state-of-the-art electronic wheel lock mechanism just to prevent theft of 25$ worth of cart? Makes sense...
Saul Goodman
'Saul Goodman' 11 months ago
How in the fuck am I gonna pay for cat food if I can't haul carts
'MrKomi' 12 months ago
or then they gould just lift up the cart and walk away
'jtech0' 12 months ago
Never seen a cart like that. I know there are some places that do something sort of like this, but it is on the handle To get a cart you put in a quarter, and it don't eject until you take the cart back to the storage area connect it to the rest then it ejects the quarter. I think that though is more or less so they don't pay people to go get the carts, etc. and I guess if you're lazy then someone else does or maybe store person does and gets your quarter.

This thing with the wheel lock sounds cool, but i'd hate to replace all those batteries, if it had an induction charging base then maybe i could see it. Or maybe they have some long life lithium type battery.
Ian Brown
'Ian Brown' 12 months ago
Somebody better tell Bubbles...
'Donatellangelo' 12 months ago
I'm thinking about using an RTL-SDR to capture the lock/unlock signals. You probably know where this is going. ;)
SandboxingZombiez z
'SandboxingZombiez z' 12 months ago
Why not lift the cart? Or are you too weak to hold up that lightweight basket?
'JosephoIsReal' 12 months ago
Why not just lift the cart -_-
Jake Schwepker
'Jake Schwepker' 12 months ago
i have a target cart at my house
Der Wurst
'Der Wurst' 1 year ago
It's cool that they gave Bubbles an episode on here.
'NinjaOnANinja' 1 year ago
I was two wheeling these things when I was 6.
t dub
't dub' 1 year ago
His dirty ass actually put veggies directly in the cart, not in bags first.
Elites Engineering
I work for a major grocery store, we don't have cool carts like this :-(
Bombgirl 23
'Bombgirl 23' 1 year ago
0:35 how to make a shopping cart badass
meek miLL
'meek miLL' 1 year ago
Lol just lift the two front wheels
Hybrid Chimera
'Hybrid Chimera' 1 year ago
trailer park boys anyone?
Alan Holtsinger
'Alan Holtsinger' 1 year ago
"oh no. the front wheel isn't working" "how will i ever steal this cart?" haha. just pop a wheelie and keep on cruising.
'HatchetHaro' 1 year ago
first of all, why are the rear wheels on most shopping carts in the US fixed? in hong kong, all the wheels on the shopping carts are able to turn 360 degrees, which make navigating aisles so much easier. srsly US shopping carts get yo shit together.
secondly, this "anti-theft" device isn't even remotely anti-theft; thieves can easily just two-wheel the cart.
Joe Hanson
'Joe Hanson' 1 year ago
Pick part of it up over the locked wheel and replace the wheel when you get home? I used carts with one useless wheel that didn't turn before, only slowed me down slightly. And by shop perimeter, do they mean the edge of the paring lot? The cart would already be in the truck by then.
Ryan R.
'Ryan R.' 1 year ago
At 0:17 , he has on nike air max shoes
Doctor Savage
'Doctor Savage' 1 year ago
he's putting fresh produce in the shopping cart
Kenneth Jones
'Kenneth Jones' 1 year ago
Our local shopping carts are not that high tech. Sorry rosay.
Cire McMighty
'Cire McMighty' 1 year ago
This is going to piss off homeless people
Random Guy Making Songs
This video makes shopping carts look like military tanks.
Al Zan
'Al Zan' 1 year ago
ill never go shopping the same any more
Shaquille Davis
'Shaquille Davis' 1 year ago
give the graphics guy a cookie
Los Ojos De HotSpanish
A shopping cart isn' even that heavy, so could they just pick it up and put it on the back of a truck, and steal it any ways
'JustBasic' 1 year ago
'SpinesGames' 1 year ago
That'd be great, if I ever find a shopping cart where both front wheels touch the ground
ahmad hazim
'ahmad hazim' 1 year ago
Ryan Chui
'Ryan Chui' 1 year ago
its always fun to know how machines work, good job to whoever made this video.
Ромашка 1941
They brake often enough with just a bearing and a rubber wheel. Can you imagine the horror that will insue when this couple hundred dollar contraption will break / run out of batteries / accidentally activate. I think I'd rather just buy another shopping cart.
Motor rider
'Motor rider' 1 year ago
Just put it in a pickup truck
Exiled ExDeath
'Exiled ExDeath' 1 year ago
So what's up with that dangly cord at the front of the cart?
Kompjuter Fantom
'Kompjuter Fantom' 1 year ago
ever heard of lifting the cart with 2 people?
'ProGamer1515' 1 year ago
It may be vastly over explained, but those 3D breakaways are fascinating! Do you guys use manufacturer provided CAD files to make them?
Mr massive cock Ballsack
Just lift it over the underground wire
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