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Iran Military Drone in Action | Top Iranian Weapons 2017 HD -
Published: 3 months ago By: ARMYTV

By: ARMYTVPublished: 3 months ago

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Iran Military Drone in Action | Top Iranian Weapons 2017 HD
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Adi Adiani
'Adi Adiani' 3 days ago
We wait and hope for just one United Shits-Navy mistake-shit-eating . They will be eliminated and vanished from earth face without a trace lmfao
saber ebr
'saber ebr' 6 days ago
one part of this movie was RECOVERED from RQ-170. WHICH brought down by iranians. shows inside of US military base in afghanistan
Kourosh A
'Kourosh A' 2 months ago
Rajaa Chowdhury
'Rajaa Chowdhury' 2 months ago
WOW!!! Iran has a drone that is similar to the jet powered weaponized Avenger? I must say, I am impressed. Wish could master that technology. I guess India should look into partnering with Iran in these projects for mutual benefits and we are freiendly nation of each other. Love from India.
Jnnn817 Jnnn817
'Jnnn817 Jnnn817' 2 months ago
Iran is known to have the some of the best scientists and engineers in the world,and this the outcome
Robert kubrick
'Robert kubrick' 2 months ago
Hillarious. Lots of US footage. I especially liked the Gyranian B2 bomber. LOL
saeed kasaee
'saeed kasaee' 2 months ago
Long Live Iran
'RandomVariable' 3 months ago
Is that why all the U.S. aircraft carriers are in port?
حسين داوود
'حسين داوود' 3 months ago
long long live Islamic republic of Iran
Steve Mohammed
'Steve Mohammed' 3 months ago
I trust Bibbi Nathanue doeas not make that mistake and venture into Iran.
nadeem hussain
'nadeem hussain' 3 months ago
wow Great
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