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The Ultimate Viral Challenge Competition -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 weeks ago

342, 355 views

6, 959 Likes   661 Dislikes

"I have garden vegetable, but it looks like throw up."

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meyi fun
'meyi fun' 1 day ago
did they donate
Chloe Savage
'Chloe Savage' 4 days ago
Isn't Kelsey kristens sister?
CosmicJosh Gaming
'CosmicJosh Gaming' 5 days ago
Kelsey is h0t
'AnjaBlake' 7 days ago
this kelsey is so annoying i hate her
Jackson Tide
'Jackson Tide' 7 days ago
Buzzfeed fake news!!!!!!!!!
'FrigidTV' 1 week ago
New Kelsey can never replace old Kelsey.
Fahad Baig
'Fahad Baig' 1 week ago
Ambers personality seems so awesome.
Katie Cherrell
'Katie Cherrell' 1 week ago
I would like to know where amber got her jumper from pleaseeee 😍
Lainey Lou
'Lainey Lou' 1 week ago
I freaking love survivor.
Jr Correa
'Jr Correa' 1 week ago
Do Dance Challenges
'Eshia' 2 weeks ago
kelsey looks like a female grant gustin
Emma le
'Emma le' 2 weeks ago
how r they supposed to know which was the good and bad jelly bean in order to get exactly one gud and one bad one on each plate?
Meghna George
'Meghna George' 2 weeks ago
Is Kelsey Kristin's younger sibling?
Daisyah W
'Daisyah W' 2 weeks ago
who are these people? where tf is the buzzfeed employees that I know
Miss Kitty
'Miss Kitty' 2 weeks ago
All these people either sound or look like one of the main buzzfeed people
Karum Othman
'Karum Othman' 2 weeks ago
That small girl can fit a lot in her mouth;)
Jas Cas
'Jas Cas' 2 weeks ago
Am I the only one that doesn't dig these interns?
'lunaevercast' 2 weeks ago
chubby bunny is dangerous people have literally died doing it
ItsJust YourGirl
'ItsJust YourGirl' 2 weeks ago
When u thought u knew everyone on buzz feeds
Annabel Teegots
'Annabel Teegots' 2 weeks ago
Hi scared!, I'm dad!
'Emerson' 2 weeks ago
...ive never seen these twats before
'heyythatsall' 2 weeks ago
can JK slay this all? 😂😂
Nah Random
'Nah Random' 2 weeks ago
Omg she has the same name with Amber from f(x) 😁
Gaby Gandin
'Gaby Gandin' 2 weeks ago
Kelsey reminds me of if Kristin and the other Kelsey were one person.
Samaria Pickenpack
'Samaria Pickenpack' 2 weeks ago
Wasnt no damn ice in that bucket
alias ling ling
'alias ling ling' 2 weeks ago
@0:24 "my name is Jeff" 😂😂😂 22 jump street
Emily Frey
'Emily Frey' 2 weeks ago
Not trying to hate, but the when the girl in the sweater ate the pepper she looked like her face was melting.😂
'Lauran' 2 weeks ago
Why is there a new buzzfeed team 😫😫😫
'Moochelle' 2 weeks ago
Loser should've done the spicy chicken challenge
Elysabeth Mantha
'Elysabeth Mantha' 2 weeks ago
The background with the brick wall makes me think of watermelon
Kayla Lopez
'Kayla Lopez' 2 weeks ago
they should do more challenges like this
Dame Melusine
'Dame Melusine' 2 weeks ago
You do the ice bucket challenge and don't even mention ALS?
Yup. Lol
'Yup. Lol' 2 weeks ago
Love this video lol
Louise Moore
'Louise Moore' 2 weeks ago
super into kelsey
Dio Brando
'Dio Brando' 2 weeks ago
oh my god she has a lot of fucking mouth room
Donut Tell Me What To Do
you can tell this video was recorded by newbies because the production of where they set the cameras and what not were pretty weak. Editing was decent and the finalist were actually pretty entertaining and not annoying. They have potential.
'pinks0da' 2 weeks ago
How are they running to the next challenge if the table is in the same spot every time?
Sara R
'Sara R' 2 weeks ago
Yay ice bucket! The funds raised by the ice bucket challenge helped ALS research so much!
'hhe' 2 weeks ago
CRIIINGE challenges
Episode Stories
'Episode Stories' 2 weeks ago
Well done amber !!!
'Kasia' 2 weeks ago
The wall and grass looks like watermelon
JU!CY stuff
'JU!CY stuff' 2 weeks ago
AngieandFranny 1614
'AngieandFranny 1614' 2 weeks ago
Reminds me of nigahiga
Colleens Sneeze
'Colleens Sneeze' 2 weeks ago
Amber looks like ma petite from AHS
Sunflower Marshmellow
Are these all the interns ??
'_MintyFreshh' 2 weeks ago
5 challenges and 4 of them weren't even relevant anymore.
'Abyss' 2 weeks ago
Elyscehastie Hastie
'Elyscehastie Hastie' 2 weeks ago
But she lost because she chose to lost
Clara 221092
'Clara 221092' 2 weeks ago
waiting for buzzfeed unsolved, people
sakib sadman
'sakib sadman' 2 weeks ago
Can I get 5 likes??? It was my birthday today😊😊
Marie-Lynn Issa
'Marie-Lynn Issa' 2 weeks ago
Julia Duong
'Julia Duong' 2 weeks ago
'blumountaindew' 2 weeks ago
So cringey 😳
Jason Delacruz
'Jason Delacruz' 2 weeks ago
whats amber instagram??? i really wanna follow her
Purple Unicorn
'Purple Unicorn' 2 weeks ago
good but can't beat the one Rhett and link did... gmm fans where u at?
Angel Rivera
'Angel Rivera' 2 weeks ago
Elena Reiter-Italiano
Kelsey is a lot like kristin
Angel Cruz
'Angel Cruz' 2 weeks ago
3:18 sensational 😂😭
'don't kidnap me' 2 weeks ago
buzzfeed is becoming cancer.
'msvideos234' 2 weeks ago
The Kelseys lookalike
'gabe' 2 weeks ago
is this buzzfeeds backup team or smth
Zayce Stark
'Zayce Stark' 2 weeks ago
Why doesn't this get more dislikes?
'Theladyoftheday' 2 weeks ago
I thought there was supposed to be ice involved in the ICE bucket challenge.
Ethan LAPOINTE price
Come on we all must of laughed when we say the guy's name was "Jeff" I was like "Me Names Jeff"
Niek Mulder
'Niek Mulder' 2 weeks ago
exchange purple peel consciousness slap attitude daily
raya perez-selsky
'raya perez-selsky' 2 weeks ago
these people are annoying can we have kevin
danny santos
'danny santos' 2 weeks ago
Lucy N
'Lucy N' 2 weeks ago
I know this isn't an original comment but they really have nothing to do it's like a low budget YouTube rewind
Mariel Amador
'Mariel Amador' 2 weeks ago
dis.i lyke dis.
Kami Goines
'Kami Goines' 2 weeks ago
omfg literally like 50% of the comments are "who are these new people" or "I hate these new people" fucking deal with it and welcome the future gen. of Buzzfeed employees
Wilson M
'Wilson M' 2 weeks ago
$10 viral challenge vs $10,000,000,000 viral challenge
Phoenix Welling-Noble
the grass and the wall at start looks like watermelon
Emily Miller
'Emily Miller' 2 weeks ago
cough YouTube Challenge Challenge cough
Gabriele Roque
'Gabriele Roque' 2 weeks ago
apparently if your name is Kelsey and you work at Buzzfeed, you are a hot blonde 😍
'lsghPS' 2 weeks ago
The blonde tries too hard
Christofer Agurto
'Christofer Agurto' 2 weeks ago
add me on roblox lolpopgogidkidk123 is my name
Christofer Agurto
'Christofer Agurto' 2 weeks ago
'airwrecka' 2 weeks ago
Mark Abeja
'Mark Abeja' 2 weeks ago
Condom challenge ?lol
Alaya Gaston
'Alaya Gaston' 2 weeks ago
jeff is so sexy omg
Jennifer Morales
'Jennifer Morales' 2 weeks ago
I miss the old buzzfeed :(
YaBoiSans Gaming
'YaBoiSans Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Andrew Vo
'Andrew Vo' 2 weeks ago
"Since we can't come up with anything viral, lets just do everything that has been viral"
Trinity Baker
'Trinity Baker' 2 weeks ago
this is gay
Will Davis
'Will Davis' 2 weeks ago
Ryan Higa did it better
Jack Hettrick
'Jack Hettrick' 2 weeks ago
This seems kinda like the nigahiga video
'MandyZinaida410' 2 weeks ago
I wanna be Kelsey's best friend!!!
'Akridge' 2 weeks ago
this was a mess honestly
'willisthechosenone' 2 weeks ago
Bottle was too full.
Jocelyn Ceballos
'Jocelyn Ceballos' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else think amber looks like Isabella from the Lizzie McGuire movie???
Annika Rains
'Annika Rains' 2 weeks ago
Kelsey kind of looks and sounds like Kristen
Bertha Lovejoy
'Bertha Lovejoy' 2 weeks ago
the asian girl has a crush on that guy
Feed Me
'Feed Me' 2 weeks ago
0:02 I reckon she has a shaved clamshell.
da fish king
'da fish king' 2 weeks ago
100 layers of Kyle cinnamon set on fire
Ace McCool
'Ace McCool' 2 weeks ago
Wondered if any men worked at buzzfeed. The answer is still no.
Sam S
'Sam S' 2 weeks ago
oh, there are WAY more viral challenges than that ;)
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