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Dan + Shay - 19 You + Me (Official Music Video) -
Published: 3 years ago By: DanAndShay

By: DanAndShayPublished: 3 years ago

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Merida Brave
'Merida Brave' 12 hours ago
I miss this song so much.
The Blazes
'The Blazes' 1 day ago
All ur music is so emotional this is me and my girlfriends song
Gängsta RÄP collection
Jamie Meyer
'Jamie Meyer' 3 days ago
I'm inlove with this song
'TheLegand27' 5 days ago
I had a summer like this. came to an abrupt end :(
Jackie Soriano
'Jackie Soriano' 5 days ago
I loved it
Andrew Berg
'Andrew Berg' 1 week ago
This is one of the WORST yet BEST feeling a human could experience...
Lacy Hoffman
'Lacy Hoffman' 1 week ago
I want this to happen to me. only if this ever happened.
'MELODY Yam' 2 weeks ago
I want this as my summer lol
country boy 4 life yee-yee
mine was something like this she was California beautiful but she also BROKE THE FUCK UP WITH ME
Fafajohn Benedicto
'Fafajohn Benedicto' 4 weeks ago
nice aong ilove it
Rafael Flores Rezena
Linda música!!!
Anika J
'Anika J' 1 month ago
Whats the thing she was looking through at the beginning of the music video?
'potaku1' 1 month ago
ahh i've been looking for this kind of music ♡ eargasm.
Chelsea Marie Damron
Anybody can have a summer like this, but only if you make it like this.
'OogaChakka' 1 month ago
Trav and Colt brought me here
Robertino Ceccherini
I like this song!
Hunter Fox
'Hunter Fox' 1 month ago
She should've stayed
Eric Kelley
'Eric Kelley' 1 month ago
I met my beautiful wife at 19 during the summer and then I heard this song it's so pretty
Victoria Sanders
'Victoria Sanders' 1 month ago
The funny thing about the beach where this as filmed is the closest beach to where I lie and I've went there so many times
Michelle Williams
'Michelle Williams' 1 month ago
this video made me cry.
Stephanie Nelson
'Stephanie Nelson' 2 months ago
I love it
Grayson Fish
'Grayson Fish' 2 months ago
Is that the girl from Haven the TV show?
Katelyn Brown
'Katelyn Brown' 2 months ago
So that guy is pretty cute and all, and I get that the girl may be from California, but why are you going to reference a SC beach w/o saying she's Carolina beautiful??
Sara Gonçalves
'Sara Gonçalves' 2 months ago
Acho que meu coração voltou kkkkk 💓
Maggie Polk
'Maggie Polk' 2 months ago
this is my future summer with my boyfriend
Mechelle Carroll
'Mechelle Carroll' 2 months ago
still love thisnsong. 2.24.17
Arianna Macarido
'Arianna Macarido' 2 months ago
Stephanie Hoover
'Stephanie Hoover' 3 months ago
I ❤ this song!
The Motel
'The Motel' 3 months ago
Great song guys!!! Support from Italy!!!
'MELODY Yam' 3 months ago
Need summer to be like this. Sorry I'm Asian lol
Intense Pein
'Intense Pein' 3 months ago
Damn the girl in this video is like an angel
Lydia Tindle
'Lydia Tindle' 3 months ago
this is my 2 fav song the first one is Can't Say No 😁😘❤ i really wanna see you guys😭😭😭
Jhillian Mariano
'Jhillian Mariano' 3 months ago
ohmygad his voice tho , im lovin it
Rohan Denver Lancaster
This is so so amazing 🙌🏻
Consumer FCRC
'Consumer FCRC' 3 months ago
I met luck when I was 19 and he was 20
DunEsteves 212
'DunEsteves 212' 3 months ago
Feelin' it. Great Song!
Christian Paul
'Christian Paul' 3 months ago
I'm starting falling in love on your songs.
jalal kazemi
'jalal kazemi' 3 months ago
Victoria Stroud
'Victoria Stroud' 3 months ago
The girl totally looks like Kristen bell.
Grace Bird
'Grace Bird' 3 months ago
wow. Y'all are spectacular...
Isabella Closurdo
'Isabella Closurdo' 3 months ago
i love you guys so much love the new album
Avenged Rider
'Avenged Rider' 3 months ago
this song was the song me and my girlfriend listened to on our first date
Adrianna Stroup
'Adrianna Stroup' 3 months ago
Really want to go see them in concert. They have awesome music! Especially their song Lately! Their voices are amazing together!
MyYoutube Channel
'MyYoutube Channel' 3 months ago
So sad
milky way
'milky way' 3 months ago
love you dan shay
maddielovezgalexy 19
'maddielovezgalexy 19' 3 months ago
I love this song
eddie johnson
'eddie johnson' 4 months ago
Just hearing this one song instantly made me a fan of there music and I really love ever song that they have made
Lori Skillman
'Lori Skillman' 4 months ago
Perfect video to go with an amazing song! Love you guys!
Nommel Isanar Amolat
'Nommel Isanar Amolat' 4 months ago
Name of the girl? She is overwhelmingly exquisite. I might get anxious if i will not know her name :D
Joseph Osgood
'Joseph Osgood' 4 months ago
I had no idea this song was made is myrtle beach that's pretty cool to say I live and work in myrtle beach
'HotFuzz' 4 months ago
Well shame on you Dan and Shay I don't have blonde hair so I can't relate >:(
Freddie Costilla
'Freddie Costilla' 4 months ago
Cheyanna Miller
'Cheyanna Miller' 4 months ago
The brother who plays the guitar is the cutest
Ruth Sanz
'Ruth Sanz' 4 months ago
Luke Summers
'Luke Summers' 5 months ago
bruh California is one of my favorites though I'm in Texas but it says summer with a beautiful girl
Eva Njuguna
'Eva Njuguna' 5 months ago
I keep coming back, the visions of being California beautiful can't keep me away. Such a lovely song
Anna Edmondson
'Anna Edmondson' 5 months ago
My fave song😊
Baylee Adair
'Baylee Adair' 5 months ago
Their so good I absolutely ❤ them! Plus their cute!
Nikki Virts
'Nikki Virts' 5 months ago
I love this song so much.❤️😻🌹🌺😂😂🔷❣❣❣❣💓💓💓💘💘💘💝💝💗💗💗💕💕💕💜💜💚💚💚 it has the most beautiful and amazing girl if any one else likes it please reply back my name is Ariel green and i am 11yearsold.
joe white
'joe white' 5 months ago
When you actually live at the beach lol
Ryan Yates
'Ryan Yates' 6 months ago
Great song. Myrtle beach is awesome too
Avery Frank
'Avery Frank' 6 months ago
i go to myrtle beach every summer xD this is cool to watch and be like aye ive been there
Kaylea Bryan
'Kaylea Bryan' 6 months ago
Love u guys so much I love to ground up and this song ❤️
'kolby' 6 months ago
Seriously an amazing song. With amazing singers who also happen to be amazingly attractive 😫😍( dan got me fucked up)
Maxwell Yerger
'Maxwell Yerger' 6 months ago
What is that thing she is looking through
'TheyCallMeKhaos' 6 months ago
You're the California beautiful 💕
'SirRadek1' 6 months ago
October 2016 - this video is still gay.
James Ellis
'James Ellis' 6 months ago
I just saw Dan and shay, cassadee pope and Chris young concert
'gentleben10' 6 months ago
Those guys wanna bang each other.
Will G
'Will G' 7 months ago
that girl😍
kimberly roten
'kimberly roten' 7 months ago
that candy store is to die for i loved it
Greg Hugie
'Greg Hugie' 7 months ago
I love this song 😀😎
Jasmine D
'Jasmine D' 7 months ago
is it just me or does it really look like the guy in the video with the girl actually might like/love her because it looks real as hell to me.
Kerolainy ribeiro
'Kerolainy ribeiro' 7 months ago
" o garoto do cachecol vermelho "
Leah Marchand
'Leah Marchand' 7 months ago
Hacked again by your bf! Nearly 2 years ago i met the woman of my dreams and she makes me feel great. We kissed for the first time to this song and it makes me feel great to listen it. She is my life, I love you Leah so much. -love Noah
'E. RL' 7 months ago
This has been my favorite song since 2014!! I love Dan + Shay
Corey Peters
'Corey Peters' 8 months ago
i love them
brandon thonpson
'brandon thonpson' 8 months ago
this is Alaina Thompson i love love you guys and i love your song you guys have good lyices
kashish mamgain
'kashish mamgain' 8 months ago
best song ever..
Kasie Ward
'Kasie Ward' 8 months ago
I used to go to Mrytle Beach every year cuz my mom lives up there. It is beautiful but it's not all tht in my opinion.
Gabriel Borges
'Gabriel Borges' 8 months ago
bealtfull girl
Butterfly Sinclair
'Butterfly Sinclair' 8 months ago
My dad dedicated this to my mom. 💞my parents are goals lmao.
'Ali' 8 months ago
this is one of my favorite songs!!!!!
Aj Tiscareno
'Aj Tiscareno' 8 months ago
These guys are definitely country.
Jenna Olson
'Jenna Olson' 8 months ago
You can hear summer in this song
Hannah Owens
'Hannah Owens' 8 months ago
I saw them in concert!!
Allie Anderson
'Allie Anderson' 9 months ago
love this song forever Dan and shay
Monique Sanhueza
'Monique Sanhueza' 9 months ago
this was played at my Best Friends wedding. i fell in love with this song. it was a perfect song for them they met and got married in Myrtle Beach.
Alexus Taylor
'Alexus Taylor' 9 months ago
my favorite song i love u Dan and shay
Hayii Minya
'Hayii Minya' 9 months ago
i miss listening to this
Pelcat kévin
'Pelcat kévin' 9 months ago
clip and song to top
keivan hamidi
'keivan hamidi' 9 months ago
perdu sur youtube
Leonard Knies
'Leonard Knies' 9 months ago
These douchebags are not country lol
Beth Dawn Boyd
'Beth Dawn Boyd' 9 months ago
i love this song, its really fits everything in my life.
Gracie Rich
'Gracie Rich' 9 months ago
Trevor Lawrence
'Trevor Lawrence' 9 months ago
These folks should get out of country music....Oh wait, they never were in country music! haha!
Lisa Henke
'Lisa Henke' 9 months ago
which one is Dan and which one is Shay
'SpideyBalls' 9 months ago
100,000 SUBSCRIBER!!
sheila saunders
'sheila saunders' 10 months ago
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