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Baywatch Official Trailer #2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron Comedy Movie HD -
Published: 1 week ago By: Zero Media

By: Zero MediaPublished: 1 week ago

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Baywatch Trailer 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron Comedy Movie HD [Official Trailer]

Nazri Buang
'Nazri Buang' 10 hours ago
I heard that Zac Efron is Dwayne Johnson's baby.
SEO Expert London
Awesome Movie.
edward enderman
'edward enderman' 1 day ago
Looks like Baywatch is getting the Dukes of Hazzard treatment
cool boy tier an murray newer channel
The_h 9481
'The_h 9481' 3 days ago
Zac Efron needs a new manager cause all his movies are sort of the same in a way or his acting is the same or his roles are always similar to previous movies idk but somethings wrong here
adi hadam
'adi hadam' 3 days ago
Kid Marley
'Kid Marley' 3 days ago
i hope they share lotions with the pop corns at the cinema
Bailey Gray
'Bailey Gray' 3 days ago
Another movie for mindless morons.
Sonstar43 YTuber
'Sonstar43 YTuber' 3 days ago
Very Funny!!! Lol!!! Love Dwayne! He is a great actor!!
Shruti Patnaik
'Shruti Patnaik' 4 days ago
Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron ...... I am in love with them all over again !
'rustinpeace1992' 4 days ago
When Baywatch gets a remake you know Hollywood is out ideas
Ruth Quinn
'Ruth Quinn' 4 days ago
Watching this for Alexandra <3
Anand Rai
'Anand Rai' 4 days ago
This looks entertaining af, Motherfuckher.
Alex Velazquez
'Alex Velazquez' 4 days ago
Name song: Delirious Boneless - steve aoki chris lake tujamo ft kid
Manuel Rodriguez
'Manuel Rodriguez' 4 days ago
sebastian pozo loor
name song ?
Edrees Edrees
'Edrees Edrees' 4 days ago
0:5 zic is dead ?
Vishal Thore
'Vishal Thore' 5 days ago
which song at 1.12
Raghu Ram
'Raghu Ram' 5 days ago
'YouMadBro???' 5 days ago
Low budget fast and furious 7
Ioannis Morakis
'Ioannis Morakis' 5 days ago
this look like a parody of the original Baywatch show
luis aguilar
'luis aguilar' 6 days ago
This movie needs more boobs
Walter Wolf
'Walter Wolf' 6 days ago
'DatDus' 6 days ago
what is the song?
Joe Puthenveetil
'Joe Puthenveetil' 6 days ago
I just came to see chicks !! There was Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron in it ???
HowlingHyena 14
'HowlingHyena 14' 6 days ago
WHAT THE HECK! How do they get a rated R Baywatch movie out of a PG-PG13 show.
'VAMSI ACHARYA' 6 days ago
Why don't you guys start making some workout videos ?? Or maybe some porn ?? ...coz the movie's BullShit !!
Oskar Schmidt
'Oskar Schmidt' 6 days ago
Pipe intellectual privilege yygngh power first exposure blue level saving
Tudor Patraşcu
'Tudor Patraşcu' 6 days ago
The blonde chick may not be as good as Pamela Anderson,but she looks fine as hell
Tony Mann
'Tony Mann' 7 days ago
priyanka is so damn hot
'Mr.India' 7 days ago
History will repeat itself.
मैं भी मिशन इम्पॉसिबल में अनिल कपूर को देखने गया था।
Fix Track
'Fix Track' 7 days ago
If it had nice looking babes it would have been called Babeswatch.
If those babes had nice boobs its sequel would have been named BoobsWatch.
Tarun Taruwal
'Tarun Taruwal' 7 days ago
can someone please tell me what song is in this trailer
Lim Thierry
'Lim Thierry' 7 days ago
anyone knows the title of the music when the scene is at the dance floor?
'EXILE' 7 days ago
Anybody what song remix that is?
't2z100' 7 days ago
james evans
'james evans' 7 days ago
21 jump street?
'koteswar009' 7 days ago
Just came to see bit more of hot Priyanka Chopra than in the first trailer.
ankita hansda
'ankita hansda' 7 days ago
The song played in d video...can nebdy tel me d name f it??
Arno Sinclair
'Arno Sinclair' 7 days ago
it's just Maui messing around! you're welcome!
'thejanusproject32' 7 days ago
I'm in
Shanella Akhtar
'Shanella Akhtar' 7 days ago
Alexandra looks great in thisb
Shafik Rahman
'Shafik Rahman' 7 days ago
we need more Alexandra come on
'SnapYou' 7 days ago
Snap Video Full Hd -> YouTube
Lydia Ghraibia
'Lydia Ghraibia' 7 days ago
i love you zac efron
i love him so match
Apoorva Kogu
'Apoorva Kogu' 7 days ago
Name of the song?
Russell Dmello
'Russell Dmello' 7 days ago
Song Name anyone?
Shan Tv
'Shan Tv' 7 days ago
where's my nigger navy at...?
Jery p John
'Jery p John' 7 days ago
Whats the song!
Deathstroke 411
'Deathstroke 411' 7 days ago
damn it! This is gonna be adult in India!
Rajeev Shah
'Rajeev Shah' 1 week ago
can some one tell me the fuking background music track?
Cornelius Andhy Prasetya
I want to go to the beach.
Egbert Nobacon
'Egbert Nobacon' 1 week ago
It's good that wwe script writers have been given a movie
Shaun Giovanii
'Shaun Giovanii' 1 week ago
nobody from india has ever done anything bad to me while lost 90,000 dollar job becuase pacifc islanders. rock knows my ex boss what was he doing in connectit except suck up to owner europa sports
Shaun Giovanii
'Shaun Giovanii' 1 week ago
i thaught u were supposed to root for the good guys and against bad guys, rock most overratd hate hawains samons lost 90,000 hate race crimes. zach efforn nerd geek. while chopra wow im rooting for her
Nichol Simpson
'Nichol Simpson' 1 week ago
Tony LeeIm
'Tony LeeIm' 1 week ago
Ugh, fucking love Alexandra Daddario.
Jordan March
'Jordan March' 1 week ago
abigail sullivan
'abigail sullivan' 1 week ago
one It's actually grotesque !partnership .
'J_MD' 1 week ago
What is this
Zaxos els
'Zaxos els' 1 week ago
Idiot this baywatch
Joe barre
'Joe barre' 1 week ago
wahouu !! film réservé aux adolescentes en quêtes de ce qu'elle n'auront jamais...
Gustavo Carbajal
'Gustavo Carbajal' 1 week ago
I see this movie really going somewhere.....Straight to DVD😖👎🏼
Maya ooo
'Maya ooo' 1 week ago
What is that song called that starts at 0:25?
Caesario Tanumihardja
i can sense cinemasins and nitpicky movie reviewers having ejaculation rn
Amritpal Singh
'Amritpal Singh' 1 week ago
What's the name of the song in this trailer?
Saurabh Boaz
'Saurabh Boaz' 1 week ago
what is the song in the background ?
Mitch Morgan
'Mitch Morgan' 1 week ago
21 Baywatch Street
'AkVids' 1 week ago
the rock is giving that girl a samoan drop in the water wow!
Lilly Goq
'Lilly Goq' 1 week ago
i just rewinded and replayed a million times for pcs part :D :D D:
T. Scott
'T. Scott' 1 week ago
When you're tired of being the High School Musical bitch and The Rock lends you some steroids
Faith Randon
'Faith Randon' 1 week ago
No, still not watching it.
'frdrcklim' 1 week ago
I thought they were gonna at least redo the themesong.
Sahana Sadanand (Sal)
People will get sick of this but here's it again : Here for my Indian girl Priyanka Chopra baby!!
Rahul Loves
selfie kroos
'selfie kroos' 1 week ago
They used the same music for war dogs trailer
Rohan Beg
'Rohan Beg' 1 week ago
01:43 I swear to God. I thought he was going to break the Fourth Wall. Would've been worth it. Would've made more sense than the rest of the trailer.
MinecraftTeen 123
'MinecraftTeen 123' 1 week ago
I wanna see this
'batoor87' 1 week ago
Joey Tribbiani would be proud.
Ashikur Rahman
'Ashikur Rahman' 1 week ago
priyanka laylay
Bilal Green
'Bilal Green' 1 week ago
The rock has a sidekick now, and his orange !
Anwesha Dash
'Anwesha Dash' 1 week ago
zac effron is Indian Saif Ali Khan
Kaiser Souza
'Kaiser Souza' 1 week ago
Priyanka Chopra sucks
she ducked in Bollywood and she sucks here
Marito Adiwijaya
'Marito Adiwijaya' 1 week ago
no jimi Jamison intro?
joni kejani
'joni kejani' 1 week ago
Zac Efron's face looks like a 50 year old man
Mark Froman
'Mark Froman' 1 week ago
Taking heavy nods from the 21 Jump Street movie.
The NOTSA Squad
'The NOTSA Squad' 1 week ago
I think this is going to be like what happened with 21 jump street and I ain't complaining
Daulet sai
'Daulet sai' 1 week ago
La! la la la la!
Huzaifa Hussain
'Huzaifa Hussain' 1 week ago
anybody please tell the background song name?
aryan sharma
'aryan sharma' 1 week ago
what's the name of the song
aryan sharma
'aryan sharma' 1 week ago
what's the name of the song
Kartik Bhardwaj
'Kartik Bhardwaj' 1 week ago
Finally priyanka got to be there more than once in the trailer 2 😂😂
nadz yea
'nadz yea' 1 week ago
21 baywatch street :-)
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