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10 Things That Will Happen If The Internet Collapsed! -
Published: 2 months ago By: TheRichest

By: TheRichestPublished: 2 months ago

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top 10 shocking things that would occur if the internet went offline around the world
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Focus Cell
'Focus Cell' 2 days ago
hey God now every sing not you sorry
you don't now the future
let the future happend stop pleas
Cathy Dayon
'Cathy Dayon' 2 days ago
If the Internet Collapsed we will go to Minecraft and build whatever we want and eat,live a simple life
The Slump Prince
'The Slump Prince' 3 days ago
😂😂😂 Right when I said no more porn, it popped up 😂😂
Tamarus Gray gaming
I got data!!!
Dead Beast
'Dead Beast' 6 days ago
I would survive by going into the wilderness and living their
Karen Champion
'Karen Champion' 6 days ago
we can
Lisa Espinoza
'Lisa Espinoza' 1 week ago
My computer broke.
But I can live without it.
Lily Plays
'Lily Plays' 1 week ago
the good part about no internet?

No Internet=No School :)
'Lyn97' 1 week ago
...wait...i have friends out of my country....😱😱😱 i cant connect with them
Amanda singh
'Amanda singh' 1 week ago
I couldnt even survive 1 minutes without the internet...
Yaboi Jay
'Yaboi Jay' 1 week ago
Daesung my boi
'Daesung my boi' 1 week ago
if we lose the Internet I'm going to end my life
'SerisStuff' 1 week ago
if the internet died then...

we could finally see the aliens in area 51
xRGx Night
'xRGx Night' 1 week ago
this world started without the internet so I don't see how we can't live without ir
Nick LaFoe
'Nick LaFoe' 2 weeks ago
hell yeah I could live life with no Internet then laugh at those who would pretty much die(figuratively). honestly I say shut it down the Internet made us lose our morality our honor and our self reliance plus it would turn 2 generations of pussies into actual people
'Skull_Krusher202' 2 weeks ago
DevL Tryout
'DevL Tryout' 2 weeks ago
If it died you tubers and gaming won't exist
'SwiftyJadogMC' 2 weeks ago
0:40 they forgot Africa... oh god...
Brian Levitow
'Brian Levitow' 2 weeks ago
1. People would die. including me
Keegan Kuhn
'Keegan Kuhn' 2 weeks ago
Why would the Internet collapse?
DJ Tile Turnip
'DJ Tile Turnip' 2 weeks ago
2:06 Typo on 2nd line.
Sheldwardo34 Gamer
'Sheldwardo34 Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Basically the internet collapse will cause the end of the world
aakarshh u r
'aakarshh u r' 2 weeks ago
KingBackss Kws
'KingBackss Kws' 2 weeks ago
WI-FI would rise.
'Batmanman01' 2 weeks ago
once someone has wi-fi, THEY CAN'T GO BACK, OK!
Maddie Skye
'Maddie Skye' 2 weeks ago
The internet isn't even an object it's a thing we can't see but rely so heavily on
'Thven' 2 weeks ago
I can't sub without internet
GamerTaserz GT
'GamerTaserz GT' 2 weeks ago
If the Internet doesn't exist, why our houses have windows?
MSKTyler- Gameplay And More
3:08 god dammit
Carryon Girl
'Carryon Girl' 2 weeks ago
Wow. I guess you could say now that we have it, there's no turning back
Nekoette YT
'Nekoette YT' 2 weeks ago
Corny Emilio
'Corny Emilio' 2 weeks ago
If the internet collapsed I would always be bored
Robb Kobain
'Robb Kobain' 2 weeks ago
I hope all that shit happens if it does its gonna be badass
KingTM Nebulous
'KingTM Nebulous' 2 weeks ago
3:09 shit, I've never got that scared in my whole life.... ;_;
Steve Coy
'Steve Coy' 2 weeks ago
'KerezyMaiiKawaii' 2 weeks ago
You forgot that I would kill myself
jonathan valencia
'jonathan valencia' 2 weeks ago
10 things that would.happend number 10: I would be crying number 9: no more richest number 8: alduts are fine number 7: online games wouldn't be her
'FyreOnix' 2 weeks ago
2:06 missed a space
CJ Borres
'CJ Borres' 2 weeks ago
by the way do you realise if the internet crash it well make people poor? example Call center.Tycooners.vloggers etc
Justin Rickner
'Justin Rickner' 2 weeks ago
I was raised in the country, I know how to grow and hunt my own food for survival..
'metalsoda' 2 weeks ago
The world survived before the Internet was invented, so we just do what we did before. Problem solved!
Homie Doge
'Homie Doge' 2 weeks ago
"No more porn" lmfao
'Ilovevlogging' 2 weeks ago
The internet was made in 1991
'Ilovevlogging' 2 weeks ago
'Zack' 2 weeks ago
I don't get why you'd show a Tesco van if you don't live in the U.K.
N.W.A Diablo
'N.W.A Diablo' 2 weeks ago
if internet dies i dies
'aidgam1' 2 weeks ago
If the internet collaspsed I would collapse
River Reaper
'River Reaper' 2 weeks ago
I am more or less a walking book. I do not need the internet to be smart. I know a lot of things about the presidents & I am only a child. :I
Big Poppa
'Big Poppa' 2 weeks ago
no more pornhub
c parry
'c parry' 2 weeks ago
No More Porn , because pre internet there was no porno available to anyone .
Baking Craft
'Baking Craft' 2 weeks ago
Without the internet isn't so bad... I mean, HOW DO YOU THINK THE STONE AGE SURVIVED?! They had no internet, it still was easy for them to survive... And then why can't us, humans, that's more smart than stone age, survive without internet?
Gamer 2016
'Gamer 2016' 2 weeks ago
I do belive i can suvive without internet
سعاد ⵙⵓⴰⴷ Souad Muslima
Peace be upon you & us, i don't think the world will be in chaos if the internet went down, it would create panic but it will be restored to what it was before, i remember life before cellphones and internet, we managed to live well and i believe we will by the will of Allah.
Yumi Yar
'Yumi Yar' 2 weeks ago
zombie apocalypses shall start
Strawberry Jelly
'Strawberry Jelly' 2 weeks ago
That T-Mobile commercial keeps bothering me 😤
Chipmunks Guy
'Chipmunks Guy' 2 weeks ago
If the internet collapsed there will be no more DANK MEMES
NeoN Grizzly
'NeoN Grizzly' 2 weeks ago
Holy shit my school wouldn't be able to look at the cameras :))))
Luis Doki
'Luis Doki' 2 weeks ago
My parents live without the Internet so I don't have any problems.
Lin Andy
'Lin Andy' 2 weeks ago
what happens if the internet collapsed?
The richest: No communication
Me: No fuckin shit
Richest: No more porn
Me: Seriously? So much shit on the internet, only mentioned porn
Learn how to make a proper fuckin list bro
Bad Boyz
'Bad Boyz' 2 weeks ago
someone needs to make a action movie about this topic
'Cyberclic' 2 weeks ago
no wonder everyone goes crazy with free wi-fi lol jk
Phaazathon the Otaku
The world would be a better place.
Irma Diaz
'Irma Diaz' 2 weeks ago
I can't survive
'EnderCreep2709' 2 weeks ago
#11: I would be dead
FootballIsLife #pogba
The biggest problem, NO ONLINE GAMES!!
Vegan Pala
'Vegan Pala' 2 weeks ago
would be great if it happened.
Sulieman Jadallah
'Sulieman Jadallah' 2 weeks ago
oh thank god no more social media
Bere shikor
'Bere shikor' 2 weeks ago
I don't think interest is that big of a deal I come from Africa and the village I was in had no interest but we had a good life actually better then now
King Gamer Ps4
'King Gamer Ps4' 2 weeks ago
no more porn fuck that I need it for masterbatation subscribe to me if this true
Lightime 100%
'Lightime 100%' 2 weeks ago
Honestly though, just saying a world-wide purge would be sick to see, except that I'd probably die too
S r
'S r' 2 weeks ago
The only good thing is that there will be no more porn
Book Lailert
'Book Lailert' 2 weeks ago
Twitter can actually work without internet. It used to use SMS.
Daniel Romero
'Daniel Romero' 2 weeks ago
anyone else get the justin bieber ad lol
- Waddle -
'- Waddle -' 3 weeks ago
If the internet collapsed I would be happy because no one would ever see this video again
Mark Myhrer
'Mark Myhrer' 3 weeks ago
I really think the people will survive with the crash of the internet. what would cause even greater catastrophic failure is if we lived in a world without power. that was explored in a brief TV series.
'JSam' 3 weeks ago
If the Internet collapse The Richest never would ask me to subscribe at the beginning of the video...
Eduardo Gamer
'Eduardo Gamer' 3 weeks ago
wtf this is shit people can survive without internet jease man
J Truth
'J Truth' 3 weeks ago
no more food is a lie there was food way before internet existed you the narrator is an idiot who told you this
'The_Last_Raposa' 3 weeks ago
if the internet went down then it would be brought back fairly quickly
Tara Spiteri
'Tara Spiteri' 3 weeks ago
it would be easy
Khi Ame
'Khi Ame' 3 weeks ago
take a sip every time u hear THE INTERNET
Rengie In Bushie
'Rengie In Bushie' 3 weeks ago
there would be no porn................OH NOOOO!!! THE HORRORRR!!!!!!!!
Joaquin Songco
'Joaquin Songco' 3 weeks ago
Martial law... NO...NOT AGAIN!
Jaiden Zuo
'Jaiden Zuo' 3 weeks ago
Only if our brains could replace computers.
'Sarah' 3 weeks ago
We've only been dependent on the internet for maybe twelve years. My family did well without it till i was ten, pretty sure we could manage it again. I mean there'd be riots for sure, but everyone would have a v-8 moment and get back to life. Not sure what I can say about your job though.
'Corvus' 3 weeks ago
Haha! Mass Chaos ha ha ha! Could b entertaining.
'Datcrazypony' 3 weeks ago
The Amish would be alright.
Gaming with GUDI
'Gaming with GUDI' 3 weeks ago
therichest fuck you how the fuck u know this and how we live eat drink before without internet
Jason Johnson
'Jason Johnson' 3 weeks ago
what do you think the ancient aztecs did dummies
KoolGamerKidFlipagramR0ast911 81726
When the internet fails

people will develop skin cancer because its their first time outside
Dylan Justin
'Dylan Justin' 3 weeks ago
lol no more porn
ThE UnKnOwN?
'ThE UnKnOwN?' 3 weeks ago
god dam the world will collapse without wifi
Pcv Valve
'Pcv Valve' 3 weeks ago
So we'd be going back to 1990? Huh not so bad .... why is it such a big deal now all of a sudden?
samuel eisenmann
'samuel eisenmann' 3 weeks ago
We would all have too adapt and survive. The Dark ages would return.
David Villicana
'David Villicana' 3 weeks ago
This channel is great and the video was amazing, but I don't think that the internet collapsing would cause the end of the world.
'kc2788x' 3 weeks ago
We can live without the internet, the fucking lazy society fucks would actually have to exercise for a fucking change, and food will still be available. It's sad how you will do anything just for views in youtube
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