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10 Things That Will Happen If The Internet Collapsed! -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: TheRichest

By: TheRichestPublished: 3 weeks ago

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top 10 shocking things that would occur if the internet went offline around the world
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'.: FINAL FROST FALL :.' 39 seconds ago
no more DotA 2 updates :(
Jose Landin
'Jose Landin' 2 hours ago
Wow I didn't know that the internet was that important. Jeez, the end of the world.
Ronald Teves
'Ronald Teves' 3 hours ago
if the internet collapses this video is a nonsense.
'85dime' 4 hours ago
here in the South, there are places that might as well not have internet. I can't speak for folks in major cities, but we get by just fine. I don't know what the big fuckin deal is.
Itsyoboi Hackbb
'Itsyoboi Hackbb' 4 hours ago
R.I.P Porn without internet
Nicole Kraft
'Nicole Kraft' 4 hours ago
the pruge would prob go on but very night
Josh Harrison
'Josh Harrison' 4 hours ago
Just a bit dramatic, don't you think?
'Shrek's Brotherhood' 4 hours ago
no more porn?!?! nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stupidity Unmasked
'Stupidity Unmasked' 5 hours ago
#11 I would die
Vishal Saha
'Vishal Saha' 6 hours ago
Most of the developed countries will collapse , developing countries will survive.😎
Dude humans are adaptive, the change will be adapted soon.😎😎
Diya Gill Official
'Diya Gill Official' 7 hours ago
Cody Thompson
'Cody Thompson' 10 hours ago
maybe 1 or 2 of these could be true
Nicole Alvarez
'Nicole Alvarez' 11 hours ago
this reminds me of the episode from south park
'odai2407' 13 hours ago
mankind has been on earth around 200,000 years while the Internet has only existed some 25 years so how in God's name did we survive the other 199,975 years???
a kitchen
'a kitchen' 14 hours ago
anyone notice at 2:05 how the Lawto isnt spaced
'photonenplayer' 15 hours ago
this seems pretty far fatched
christopher Renfroe
'christopher Renfroe' 16 hours ago
it would be difficult seeing as how much we depend on digital communication,I for one did'nt realize how much we relied on digital communication
T Orrent
'T Orrent' 1 day ago
Existing phone systems, for the most part, have not been dismantled. Getting land line service up and running again wouldn't take long. And people shared information in the 1980s on Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) before the internet entered common use. It wouldn't take long for data sharing systems to go online again.
Uncle Swagger (SwagMaster)
If the Internet crashed we could just bring back up. I don't know how long it would take tho.
GaLaXy RexHD
'GaLaXy RexHD' 1 day ago
You can make a fucking brownie in your fucking coffee cup, what the hell,
MaddenGainz 28
'MaddenGainz 28' 1 day ago
If the Internet collapsed we couldn't watch porn anymore 😭😭
Dandy Ocelot
'Dandy Ocelot' 1 day ago
If our ancestors survived we will too and I am pretty sure you will still have food! Also the internet is not the zombie apocalypse people will not kill or harm people! What actually never mind I mean WE ARE talking about people here! People will do anything....THIS LIST WAS WAAAAAAYYYY OVER EXAGGERATED
Ace spino show
'Ace spino show' 1 day ago
The stone age revolution
sysierius van gool
back to farming it is! 😁
'chukky1124' 1 day ago
im sorry to say .. but i still go to the library to get some info or read a good story its anot about the internet there... my library has an awesome corner to sit quietly no talking ... phone's are not allowed ( or any electric device etc.) Just a book you and a couch ... i can sit there for hours without uttering a word and let my fantasy create the pictures that im reading ... trust me doing that will get you off this world for a few hours and forget about everything and anyone ...
RabbitKnights / Videos, Audios und mehr
Theres a german Channel "Made my Day", which copies all of your videos one to one and has more than 2.000.000 subscribers.. Sad
'XInfamousBullet' 1 day ago
The only ones that would suffer if the internet went out are white teenage, American girls.
Oscar Zegarra
'Oscar Zegarra' 2 days ago
Noora نورة
'Noora نورة' 2 days ago
Tbh the world would be a better place with no internet
Savage Patch Man
'Savage Patch Man' 2 days ago
The Internet won't crash for at least the next few hundred or even thousands of years.
Savage Patch Man
'Savage Patch Man' 2 days ago
Lol the Richest wouldn't exist anymore if that was to ever happen.
Luna Zale
'Luna Zale' 2 days ago
I can survive the internet collapsing. Screw Wikipedia. I'm getting a reliable book.
Zion Uchiha
'Zion Uchiha' 2 days ago
Please do Ten things that would happen if the President and Vice president were assassinated!
Tom Heeren
'Tom Heeren' 2 days ago
its internet not the tellefoon
Felix Münsterer
'Felix Münsterer' 2 days ago
theres a german YouTube channel called made my day that stole this video (and many othery) and translated them to german!
'Mandibular' 2 days ago
i was born at the end of the 80's. we didn't have internet then, yet we could use atm's, go to grocery store, etc. you would use the phone or mail to order things. this video is ridiculous.
Los Lobos
'Los Lobos' 2 days ago
the rich would bring back gladiator games. fuck sports no one will able to keep score or if Dez caught it.
caesar Ramirez
'caesar Ramirez' 2 days ago
mR Andross guy
'mR Andross guy' 2 days ago
Thanks for waking me up😃🌤
'mrtazo2012' 2 days ago
this is a little far fetch. I grew up without the net. people will just have to go back to making phone calls to order store supplies and the social media stuff well some of us grew up without it and the world kept spinning.
Kirito Karaguya
'Kirito Karaguya' 2 days ago
The porn one is the worst one
Joe Cool
'Joe Cool' 2 days ago
Well, we did it before 1969 without the internet. We just have provide a backup but slow system and educate the people about it
Sam Johnson
'Sam Johnson' 3 days ago
We survived with out it for over 5 10 thousand years heck maybe even way longer than its past 2-5 it was somewhat civilized co sidering before that we were in the middle or bottom of the food chain not that we havent been and still arent, but weapons and vehicles makes us.
'E.N.D' 3 days ago
Isnt this too exaggerated?
Kenneth Evans
'Kenneth Evans' 3 days ago
call me crazy but I'm quite certain there was time where the internet didn't exist and the world functioned just fine
'JadenProductionz' 3 days ago
What if there was another stock market crash?
WargunPlayz 785
'WargunPlayz 785' 3 days ago
How do you think they survived 100 years ago
Elie Ore
'Elie Ore' 3 days ago
We'd adjust. We would just need to revert back to doing things with letters-businesses may be a whole lot smaller.
'AthenaCannon' 3 days ago
No electricity = no internet. So, no electricity is a bigger problem. Forget about no internet.
Levan Khmaladze
'Levan Khmaladze' 3 days ago
I was born and raised in world without the internet. it will be kinda cool to revisit those days;)
'DatVlogyBOII658' 3 days ago
so I can't live without the internet
'DatVlogyBOII658' 3 days ago
if the internet collapses, I would kill myself
Devyn Martin
'Devyn Martin' 3 days ago
Nooooo Thor will be no more the richest nooooooooo
Devyn Martin
'Devyn Martin' 3 days ago
And no YouTube
Idgarad Lyracant
'Idgarad Lyracant' 3 days ago
Internet must be down from what I see...
ThatOnePerson Lel
'ThatOnePerson Lel' 3 days ago
If the internet collapsed, WELCOME TO COMMUNISM! :D
'A Z' 3 days ago
if the internet went down I would die in the first minute 😐
Luis Ulloa
'Luis Ulloa' 4 days ago
Lol no more porn
Katherine Dupoise
'Katherine Dupoise' 4 days ago
Wow, it's amazing that all this would happen if the “world at our fingertips” was suddenly nonexistent. I mean, we had no Internet for thousands of years and none of this ever happened. Why would it happen now? I mean, and what WOULD cause the Internet to collapse?!
'Dooder' 4 days ago
we still have tv
Mathieu Phaneuf
'Mathieu Phaneuf' 4 days ago
I'm a web designer so nop, no more job XD
Hannah Teolis (H&MT.V.)
I go into survival when the WiFi is down. WTF if this
'Chiken' 4 days ago
Long story short if the internet is gone riots would happen the martial law would take place and lots of people would lose their jobs. Long story short if the internet is gone the world would be chaos. OUT OF EVERYTHING IF THE INTERNET IS GONE THE WORLD WOULD GO INTO CHAOS ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Humans survived long without phones internet tv and tablets and other technology and you're telling me if the internet suddenly stopped the world would end. I'm very sure this video is very inaccurate. Thank you, for listening to my rant.
'ANONY MOUS' 4 days ago
if people in the past could live without internet and still do their shit im pretty sure we could do it....its the fucking teenagers that will just start fucking complaining "oh no walking dead" "oh no fucking shows to watch" oh my boyfriend oh my girlfriend shut the fuck up
Steven Stone
'Steven Stone' 5 days ago
Communication? Radio!
Knowledge? Library, books!
Food? Grow your own, fish on your own!
Martial Law? Just go into the woods!
Money? Keep your money with you and not in banks!
Political issues? Well there have been politics for thousands of years!
Porn? Goodbye
Off grid technology.
The only apocalypse would be in fear while wild life will be watching and laughing.
Sumail Wizz
'Sumail Wizz' 5 days ago
Gamers no more online playing so sad
Jeremiah “I am groot” Brownfield
The only thing I find utterly terrifying on this list "no more porn" is the worst thing ever!!!!!!!!!!
'CHASEMARC' 5 days ago
you do know life was around BEFORE the internet, sure for a year maybe it would be bad, but people would revert to a pre-internet way of life
'PiNbALLM4ni4C' 5 days ago
'FaZe RUG' 5 days ago
Haha no more porn
Blade 78
'Blade 78' 5 days ago
If there where no internet the likleyness of getting scared would go down by a lot, and seriously the end of the world.
'SpartonOne' 5 days ago
What about 3rd world countries?
GamingWith TDG
'GamingWith TDG' 5 days ago
Oops maybe you will go our side
GamingWith TDG
'GamingWith TDG' 5 days ago
Maby now you will go outside
'Snowworm' 5 days ago
If there is no internet there will be no TheRichest
'JamyDogger' 6 days ago
2:01 Lawto.
Bungalo Bill
'Bungalo Bill' 6 days ago
Well I'm glad the narrator has such a bright and peppy attitude about complete and total anarchy, war, and destruction raining down on modern civilization.

Tune into the next episode where she reveals the joys of Anthrax and Ebola.
X Kit Msp X
'X Kit Msp X' 6 days ago
In The Middle Of This My Internet Went Out -.- You Little Monster
Sandra Estrada
'Sandra Estrada' 6 days ago
If the Internet goes down im moving to mexico where everything seems calmer and where Internet is needed less
Sandra Estrada
'Sandra Estrada' 6 days ago
it's worse than I thought wtf
'Nomachio' 6 days ago
nice to meet you, random comment scroller :)
'VanessaDeLampire' 6 days ago
wait... what about intranet? if there isn't internet, does intranet dies too?
Gary Lee Caruthers
Older people would be more valuable in a post internet world. I think if this happened 20 years from now there would be no recovery, but right now because of us old guys & gals the world may be saved.
Ivan Petrov
'Ivan Petrov' 6 days ago
Bull*hit if the internet colapses it will not be the end of the world duh humans survived so many disaster sa and if this hapens we can do it ! Look at the medival cemeteries lots of humans there have died of starvation other things
Abc Xyz
'Abc Xyz' 6 days ago
No more of your videos :(
Abc Xyz
'Abc Xyz' 6 days ago
When I was your age...
Hashtag Aidan C
'Hashtag Aidan C' 6 days ago
Wikipedia,s word for racism is vandalism very fucked up
supper depressing guy
than what would happen to the police? I atlest the police would help. that's the good thing
Danny Mejia
'Danny Mejia' 6 days ago
Jose Gil
'Jose Gil' 6 days ago
the internet dumbasses not fucken cell phone towers
Acy DelBosque
'Acy DelBosque' 6 days ago
Shit no more porn
AmazinBacon Gaming
Economic collapse


End of the world

Go on?

No more porn

Advanced Gamer Erick
so if the Internet ended
MashDash DS
'MashDash DS' 6 days ago
African lion 77
'African lion 77' 6 days ago
i think w will be fine we survive before with out internet this is bullshit
theo 7
'theo 7' 6 days ago
Mary Honour Gottschalk
i never realized how much we needed the internet
Daniel Hall
'Daniel Hall' 6 days ago
This is what happens when people that have never known life without the internet are asked to give it up. Many of the things that would suffer according to this list, were around long before the internet. The world won't fall into chaos, it would just be a temporary issue while the 30+ crowd takes back over, and teaches the kids how to deal with people face-to-face and live in the real world.
'Ajplayer222' 6 days ago
My thoughts exactly...
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