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Kiesza - Dearly Beloved -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: KieszaVEVO

By: KieszaVEVOPublished: 2 weeks ago

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When my best friend Alice passed away nearly a year and a half ago, her white electric guitar was passed along to me. In her memory and because I love her so much, I promised myself that I would not let it sit in its case collecting dust. I was going to play the hell out of it, just as she would have done. So that’s what I’m doing. Inspired by her and all of you, I am absolutely ecstatic to be able to start off this new chapter with my new song, Dearly Beloved. Download & stream it here:

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Directed by Supple Nam
Produced by Kiesza with Silverscript Productions & Ana De Diego with Tatte Films
Director of Photography - Blayre Ellestad
1st AD- Ljuba Castot
Choreographer - Supple Nam
Assistant Choreographer - Ljuba Castot
Movi Op - Matt Filice
1AC - James Hellyer
Styling - Kiesza
Hair and Make-up - Vanessa Jarman
Edited by Blayre Ellestad
Color - The Brite Lab
VFX - Skulley Effects
Grip - Kenneth Cheung
Production Design - Michaelo Maxymiw

Written by: Kiesza


I'm lost, so lost trying to find a way
To you been so long since you tempted me
So sure the way that I feel
Oh it's got to be for real

Suffocating love I need to escape
I can barely breath in this empty space
I need you to take me before I fade away

For you I will fall
For you I would lose it all
For you great or small
Dearly beloved anything that you want
Anything that you want

Dearly beloved

Been rough
So rough wondering what you want
With me
Been so tough everyday that you're gone
While I fight the way that I feel
Oh it's got to be for real

Suffocating love I need to escape
I can barely breath in this empty space
I need you to take me before I fade away

For you I will fall
For you I would lose it all
For you great or small
Dearly beloved anything that you want

Anything that you want
I will make it true
Because I'd rather drown in a sea of you
Than to drift away in the empty truth

Dearly Beloved

For you I will fall
For you I would lose it all
For you great or small
Dearly beloved anything that you want
For you
Anything that you want
For you
Dearly beloved anything that you want
Anything that you want

Music video by Kiesza performing Dearly Beloved. (C) 2016 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Anatoliy Solohub
'Anatoliy Solohub' 2 hours ago
Kiesza,so much love from Ukraine
Me Fez Mais Marinho
'Me Fez Mais Marinho' 4 hours ago
Meu Deus!!! Como eu te amo, mulher!?!?!? <3
حمودي وكذا
'حمودي وكذا' 7 hours ago
ممكن شترك
Денис Куренков
I love your voice !!!!
Carlos Norte
'Carlos Norte' 9 hours ago
'tonyeah75' 10 hours ago
fai cagare con questo sile!!!!!!! siamo nel 2017 porco dioooooo
Gissela Reyes
'Gissela Reyes' 13 hours ago
Hermosa <3
Sheridan Ray
'Sheridan Ray' 17 hours ago
Madonna vibes
Javier Orellana
'Javier Orellana' 18 hours ago
i love u
Wagner Dias
'Wagner Dias' 18 hours ago
To viciado nessa música e clipe
'djscurvy22' 18 hours ago
I thought something else was going to happen
Magdalena Mostek
'Magdalena Mostek' 1 day ago
Kingdom Hearts did it better...😔😓
maria gonzalez
'maria gonzalez' 1 day ago
Gavin Mooij
'Gavin Mooij' 1 day ago
Aah this song is so catchy, love it!
Achraf Kobiyh
'Achraf Kobiyh' 2 days ago
your best, i love you kiesza
'AJ-Mathew' 2 days ago
Amazing song. The outfit was so great. My favorite part is when she lick the guitar and then she spin. Greetings from Puerto Rico.
'DankHoodMemes' 2 days ago
I want her joggers
juan carlos martinez rincon
Es fresco y diferente lo que me hacia falta hermosa canción e interpretación llena de sentimientos , emociones y explosion
'UGH' 2 days ago
aw ♥ what a great way of remembering your friend, alice
'KAZUKI IIO' 2 days ago
What brand of clothes she wears.
Onika Colbert
'Onika Colbert' 2 days ago
finally 😍😍😍😍 Ive waited so long lol
I love you!!!
Drago Sexy Jojo
'Drago Sexy Jojo' 2 days ago
Steffanie von virag
looooove this song <3
Marc Ibañez Puche
best stylah to say dearly beloved, dearly beloved, dearly beloved.. uu dearly redheaded
Marty Despot
'Marty Despot' 2 days ago
Everyone must be proud of such a good friend. And I love this amazing song :D
mariano donadio
'mariano donadio' 2 days ago
Sounds excellent
Juan Armenta
'Juan Armenta' 3 days ago
canta excelente
Thegameingskeleton Chea
This nigga gay
Marek Szpak
'Marek Szpak' 3 days ago
ale ssiesz
Robson Wendel Garcia
Maravilhoso, gravado em 1 take, rainha neh mores
Antonio Farias
'Antonio Farias' 3 days ago
'ISMAEL COLON' 3 days ago
cool song. nice beat :)
Богдан Паламарчук
Окрім вбрання, у відео нічого не зацікавило :/
'habbogigi' 3 days ago
Muhamad Farhan
'Muhamad Farhan' 3 days ago
Wesley Damian Woolfall
keep up the Execllent Music Going love
'MultiLudax' 3 days ago
she is great :)
Алексей Толстой
Чудо- чудное, диво-дивное!!!!!!
InForm Ant
'InForm Ant' 4 days ago
I have a story I'm sure you will appreciate Kieza. In elementary school, i had a boyfriend, but he didnt know it. He and his brother and their best friends started a band and played all sorts of 60's classics. And lots of Beatles stuff. This was back in the late sixties, early seventies. They were real good too. They even played for our school crowd during the summers where there was daycare back then, all day.
Anyway, my bf had this cool, classic acoustic guitar he played. Summers were the best back then.
What is not such good memories are the times when he and/ or his brother would come back on monday and have some sort of injury from the weekend. Very accident-prone boys.
We were all only about 12 years old. One monday, he and his brother did not show up at the daycare center. News was he and his bro were killed in a dunebuggy accident that wknd. All i recall that day is crying my heart out. The next week, our daycare teacher took all of us kids to their funeral; we were all very close, even our teacher. She had a pool and sometimes she'd let the class come over and swim. She was the best ever. May she too rest in peace.
Fast forward, about 15 years ago, i went to visit her out of the blue one day as i was traveling through. Usually, I call when I'm going to visit. This time, I surprised her and she was not able to actually invite me in at that time. She barely opened the door and I understood it was a bad time for her. I said it was fine, I was only wanting to say hello as I passed through town. She said to please wait a minute, and shut the door then came back after a few minutes. Before I knew it, she opened the door fully and had his guitar in her hands. I was stunned. I had known she had it, from my visits before and our talks about him. But when she stood there with it, I knew, in my heart, she was about to bequeath it to me. And I started crying. She said simply "IT BELONGS WITH YOU AND ALWAYS HAS. Please, take it". I cradled it like a baby, put it in my car, drove home and it's been with me since. When LET IT BE comes on, I put 'him' next to the speakers.
Kiesza, you are a beautiful Soul with one of the most beautiful voices ever heard, imo. Thank you for sharing it with the world. Oh, and btw, I love your version of Take Me To Church. Take good care.
'zacho3to' 4 days ago
I thought I was going to get a great rendition of Kindon Hearts Dearly Beloved...bummer
TWD fan
'TWD fan' 4 days ago
Damn can I get some dance moves from dis gurl?!
Ernesto Gallega
'Ernesto Gallega' 4 days ago
justin se suscribio al fab and chic
Hayan Jammoul
'Hayan Jammoul' 4 days ago
Great as always
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 4 days ago
that tracksuit though
Victor Yoel Baca
'Victor Yoel Baca' 4 days ago
'MrDibism' 4 days ago
Been a while, Kiesza :)
Maria Villar
'Maria Villar' 4 days ago
Anyone here for Kingdom Hearts? 😅
Aesthetic Grunge
'Aesthetic Grunge' 4 days ago
I love this girl 💙✨
'Bryan SPANKER' 4 days ago
I don't understand why anyone would dislike this video. Kiesza has so much talent, and is really great performer. Can't wait to hear what song she has next.
eril saputra
'eril saputra' 4 days ago
Digital Distortion
Am in love with this song❤ excellent!
Ilaria Amadio
'Ilaria Amadio' 4 days ago
Io ero rimasta ad hideaway...
Summer Vibe tops this X100
justice porn
'justice porn' 4 days ago
Sora Donald Goofy
'Sora Donald Goofy' 5 days ago
I thought she was going to play Kingdom Hearts' Dearly Beloved on the guitar
'lntgraphfx' 5 days ago
omg on replay... love it :-)
Johnny Ma
'Johnny Ma' 5 days ago
I love it ! 🇨🇦
Krzysztof Kubica
'Krzysztof Kubica' 5 days ago
Олька Бац
'Олька Бац' 5 days ago
Песня класс , а клип не очень хороший.
Basile Joel
'Basile Joel' 5 days ago
trop bon
Виткор Виткор
Што б ты здох тварь только и умееш говорить беби беби беби хуй соси
Джоник Х
'Джоник Х' 5 days ago
I love red-haired !!
emma hanzec
'emma hanzec' 6 days ago
edye kawaii
'edye kawaii' 6 days ago
Christopher Franco
Honestly the first listen I was like whatever but now I love it so much!!
Whiskey Mike
'Whiskey Mike' 6 days ago
How utterly sad, powerful, and beautiful. Tears.
Sean Kelly
'Sean Kelly' 6 days ago
this is your year hunxxoox
Виктор Калинов
'mlszn' 6 days ago
THIS IS AMAZING, I can't stop playing at repeat
HildaAlondra Rosas Brito
mi pelirroja favorita 🌸🌸🌸🌸
Yeli CTM
'Yeli CTM' 7 days ago
puta :v
Maiki La Rana
'Maiki La Rana' 7 days ago
kiesza who?
'whitey9713' 7 days ago
Was hoping for a Kingdom Hearts Cover
Gabriel Sauer
'Gabriel Sauer' 1 week ago
amei essa música
Would You Kindly?
'Would You Kindly?' 1 week ago
I thought it was gonna be Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts :(
Sparkle On With Jon “Joyful Jonathan”
Amazing! Powerfully uplifting for Alice and The Glass Lake. It's hard to lose a friend or loved one. You can feel your heart and soul in this. 
Ella-rose Hayes
'Ella-rose Hayes' 1 week ago
I downt like it ❤️😂😂😂😂
Allen Rayo
'Allen Rayo' 1 week ago
Andrea Sagar
'Andrea Sagar' 1 week ago
this song is for her best friend 😭 i love this song ❤
Nella Crosiglia
'Nella Crosiglia' 1 week ago
Carlos Franquiz
'Carlos Franquiz' 1 week ago
I love those Dr. Martens boots
Visual George 18
'Visual George 18' 1 week ago
yo vine aquí por Regina alguien más? jaja
faviola 544
'faviola 544' 1 week ago
Brendon Urie
How did I get here?
José Ángel
'José Ángel' 1 week ago
? 😕
Aliss Juarez
'Aliss Juarez' 1 week ago
i seriously thought this was some old song i just never heard but then i check the date and see it was only posted 5 days ago and idk but thats great
Olivia Creates
'Olivia Creates' 1 week ago
She's so cute
'Shotokhan' 1 week ago
piecewise is catchy but in certain parts is so and so. I'd give it 6,5 but I don't know if radio will pass it!
Baltazar Zuñiga Cervantes
I hope this rythm works for her. It didn't for the Tings Tings.
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