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BAYWATCH Trailer # 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Fresh Movie Trailers

By: Fresh Movie TrailersPublished: 2 weeks ago

3, 155, 544 views

5, 398 Likes   499 Dislikes

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Movie directed by Seth Gordon
Cast : Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron
Release Date : May 19, 2017
Genre : Comedy

BAYWATCH Movie Trailer
© 2017 - Paramount Pictures

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'TheNeighbors' 4 hours ago
It's weird how he was first in high school musical
'em_fofo98' 7 hours ago
Alexandra is so HOT FUCK I'm so gay
Benjamin Daniel
'Benjamin Daniel' 9 hours ago
Lots of laughing happening
'Tashton' 17 hours ago
18+ but that don't matter, i wish..
Jacob Icard
'Jacob Icard' 19 hours ago
Alexandra omg
Richard S.
'Richard S.' 1 day ago
Damn Ale Daddario is gorgeous!
My God
Hopefully this movie bombs so Dwayne Johnson can stop making shit movies
The ByTHack
'The ByTHack' 1 day ago
I went to a beach once. There was sand and water. There were other humans on the beach. I did not talk to them because they were strangers. I told my parents "strangers shouldn't talk to me". They said I will be an astronaut one day if I get good results in school. But I didn't go to school because my GPS was still in an electronics store. I couldn't find the relevant store because I watched some clothes being cleaned, inside a device that washes dishes and cutlery. My parents are still proud of me though, I am a lucky chicken and I will lay the golden egg. Who's with me? Please don't comment, I have a fishtank but the plants haven't grown yet.
adam cindo
'adam cindo' 1 day ago
if u smeeeelllllllllll...wat the ROCK! cooking.
Roy Calabrese
'Roy Calabrese' 2 days ago
Smells like the Rock has a big hit cookin'!!
Kevin Neptun
'Kevin Neptun' 2 days ago
what is the Name oft the song from 0:25 ?
Jeremiah Nixon
'Jeremiah Nixon' 2 days ago
ya this looks like a must see
Dr Epic
'Dr Epic' 2 days ago
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many tits, like no kidding
Ashley S
'Ashley S' 2 days ago
Alexandra Daddario.
bossotron tronboss
You know it's gonna be good when The rock swears!
For some reason I see zac efron as fantastic four Johnny Storm...anybody??
Dimps 2014
'Dimps 2014' 2 days ago
He is the hottest man I have ever seen...Rock really rocks. ..😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
armani love prada
'armani love prada' 2 days ago
wtf cringe
lyrics guru
'lyrics guru' 2 days ago
Movies keep getting worse each year for example this one all I see are steroids addicts and some cheap bitches
Skata na fas
'Skata na fas' 3 days ago
How a rock can float in water?
Hamid Rahman
'Hamid Rahman' 3 days ago
Where is priyanka??
it's a very small character
max rin
'max rin' 3 days ago
"Why do your balls sound like 3 year old girls?" LMAO
Alan Napolitano
'Alan Napolitano' 3 days ago
wtf,, steroid beach please
Eshan Kumar
'Eshan Kumar' 3 days ago
Yoo Zac Efron's abs at 0:15 look wack
'fuzzylogic218' 4 days ago
Oh yeah I forgot this movie was coming out.... And I plan to continue to forget.
oO Fogman420 Oo
'oO Fogman420 Oo' 4 days ago
You can't beat David HASSELHOFF, and it's a disgrace to remake this show and fuck it alllll up.
'SfarcopoliS' 4 days ago
where's Pamela Anderson? 🙄
John Wray
'John Wray' 4 days ago
intresting. they have a baywatch movie
shabana shaikh
'shabana shaikh' 4 days ago
I just came here to watch my priyanka parts 😍
'vicious6661982' 4 days ago
I am going to pre-fap
'abc64pan' 4 days ago
If this is half as good as 21 Jump Street, I'm game.
'Plue' 4 days ago
wtf annabeth just call Percy and the others.
Ch Chand Tanha
'Ch Chand Tanha' 4 days ago
Rock Rocks
Wilhem Almodovar
'Wilhem Almodovar' 5 days ago
I haven't seen Alexandra Daddario in awhile, I'm a fan of her for some reason, glad to see her again :3
KBM 515
'KBM 515' 5 days ago
"You people? You people?!"Dead...
'Nintend0Freak' 5 days ago
What's the song?
The Blink Fanatic
'The Blink Fanatic' 5 days ago
Definitely looks fucking amazing
Brax Atikus
'Brax Atikus' 5 days ago
"you don't get to say that, you're just tan" this movie looks over the top!!! the sarcasm, the in your face jokes!! can't wait to waste some time on this
Cartoon Movies For Kids 2017
how to download this movie?
'JamieLan2011' 6 days ago
Can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I may actually like this movie. Looks fun.
Tommy Andrews
'Tommy Andrews' 6 days ago
And cue the Hoff cameo.
Kaitav Goswami
'Kaitav Goswami' 6 days ago
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James Walker
'James Walker' 6 days ago
OMG Alexandra <3
'ARIES FERNZ' 6 days ago
wowww is that PRIYANKA CHOPRA in BAYWATCH MOVIE??? 😍😍😍
'BurntToast' 6 days ago
Zac looks like he replaced his torso with wood...and then payed and old man in the woods to carve muscles into it...then spray tanned it.
Tony Danza
'Tony Danza' 6 days ago
i used to pound off to baywatch a long time ago. ive beat off to Alexandra daddario in true detectives
Stefano longdick
'Stefano longdick' 1 week ago
I feel like chopstick after watching this trailer.
रंडी चोद
Does Priyanka play a role of whore ?
I am I forgot
'I am I forgot' 1 week ago
I'm pretty sure Zac Efron can't swim he said it himself in running wild with bear Grylls so what's the point of being a lifesaver
John Hains
'John Hains' 1 week ago
When will Hollywood come up with an original idea??? Oh right....NEVER!!!
'Nia' 1 week ago
The only people hot in this movie is Dwayne (though not my type) and Priyanka even though I don't like her. Zac used to be hot but is looking weird and the face on that other girl is meh. The cast is an odd shapely mix, hope there is hotter guys.
Otto Von Skidmark
'Otto Von Skidmark' 1 week ago
This is some class-A garbage right here
'theAngryscotman' 1 week ago
I feel like someone looked at Baywatch and thought "Deadpool that shit!"
'zzodr' 1 week ago
Grab my hand!
<pulls out rock hard something else>

Bentar Wibisono
'Bentar Wibisono' 1 week ago
anyone knows the babe at 2:50? i need study material :)
Paul Sack
'Paul Sack' 1 week ago
I hope the bad guy is hasslehoff so him and the rock can have a chest-to-hairy-chest face off
'Andrew' 1 week ago
the rock gave zac efron some steroids lol.
Mohd Imtiyaz Shaikh
Song name on 2:44.please.
Anjani Enterprise
'Anjani Enterprise' 1 week ago
Dan V.Struhler
'Dan V.Struhler' 1 week ago
Belinda minuto 1:46 If you want me XDDDD esto faltaba asi como a Britney en Austin Powers-Gold remember, lindsay lohan scary movie se une Belinda con su participacion en Hollywood. Mariana o silvana O_o??? en BAYWATCH
dranel valle
'dranel valle' 1 week ago
The only reason Im watching this is because of alexandra daddario..... aaand the rock, and zach, and maybe because of Assess and titties...??
Kaushal Ali Khan Chhapra
Sexy video good
Cougar Land
'Cougar Land' 1 week ago
"There's no fking such thing as life guard pursuit!" Now that was funny. But let's face it, almost every movie in 2017 is unoriginal.
Basil & Saffron (Isabelle)
lmao "some other time"..
Dinosaurs of 2016
'Dinosaurs of 2016' 1 week ago
Dwayne Johnson is not exactly black either
Karmic Balance
'Karmic Balance' 1 week ago
Zac Efron looks like a creepy play-dough version of himself, with a spray-tan.
Morgan Powell
'Morgan Powell' 1 week ago
the rock
Willi Gomar
'Willi Gomar' 1 week ago
fake ass fire
Sergio Sanchez
'Sergio Sanchez' 1 week ago
Cuantos latinos viendo a Belinda? How many latinos saw Belinda right there?
Deepak Sone
'Deepak Sone' 1 week ago
mc prostitute
'mylosovich24' 1 week ago
i had my reservations but this actually looks funny
Pit Your Wits
'Pit Your Wits' 1 week ago
Fantastic...where is Priyanka Chopra?
Garlic Breath
'Garlic Breath' 1 week ago
Futurama, you lied! I was promised a baywatch movie shot entirely in slow motion.
Darude - Sandpls
'Darude - Sandpls' 1 week ago
Nice movie. When does the longer version come out?
Prashu Srivastava
'Prashu Srivastava' 1 week ago
Ana Rojas
'Ana Rojas' 1 week ago
Here for Alex Daddario😍
Night Bot
'Night Bot' 1 week ago
Reggie Agyare
'Reggie Agyare' 1 week ago
They stole Kevin hart's line "you go night night bitch"
'Reppin' the 215' 1 week ago
"Look at 'em run.." - Chandler Bing 1996 (F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Season 3 Episode 6 'The one with the Flashback')
'FlyingPandaTV' 1 week ago
Zac's character reminder me of Stifler.....

Sean William Scott😭😭
mary althene Piedad
dwayne is in the middle of two ocean-blue eyed people ;D
Top Gametime
'Top Gametime' 1 week ago
sabscribe my chennal please i have in a best action games videos
Raghunath “Raghu” Dhanashekar
0:50 what is the song?
Clu TheMan
'Clu TheMan' 1 week ago
Why is there always a scene where Efron gets drunk at a pool/frat party? With the Rock in this, I'll be in line.
'Charisma' 1 week ago
BayWatch? More like.. BaeWatch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'Ragnar6000' 1 week ago
in 20 years time this movie will look campy as fuck.
'NICKNAME1996TR' 1 week ago
the rock has the biggest tits in this video XD
Paul .B (BoltAxion)
Humor + Boobs = GOLD!
AiKa Lo
'AiKa Lo' 1 week ago
"You don't get to say that, you're just tan" bahahaha hilarious
Silas Finch
'Silas Finch' 1 week ago
i just noticed, dwayne johnson sounds alot like barack obama..
elimail moin
'elimail moin' 1 week ago
Bruce Doyle
'Bruce Doyle' 1 week ago
Priyanka sure is Hot...but Alexandra Daddario is why im gonna watch that.
Sandeep Kumar
'Sandeep Kumar' 1 week ago
Sandeep Kumar
'Sandeep Kumar' 1 week ago
good looking
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