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BAYWATCH Trailer # 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD -
Published: 2 months ago By: Fresh Movie Trailers

By: Fresh Movie TrailersPublished: 2 months ago

4, 958, 748 views

10, 138 Likes   866 Dislikes

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Movie directed by Seth Gordon
Cast : Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Alexandra Daddario, Zac Efron
Release Date : May 19, 2017
Genre : Comedy

BAYWATCH Movie Trailer
© 2017 - Paramount Pictures

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Ryan Tesone
'Ryan Tesone' 15 hours ago
Might watch this eventually for the hot girls. Other than that? Yeah, I'm excited to see this shit flop at the box office
'ruddinfhd' 15 hours ago
This needs Pamela Anderson else it is just Fast and Furious in the sea
Laf Track
'Laf Track' 20 hours ago
song at 0:20 ?
'Healingice' 22 hours ago
So exited
Jerome Simpson
'Jerome Simpson' 1 day ago
ur just tan lol
Miss SophieSmilie
'Miss SophieSmilie' 2 days ago
My gods Annabeth, what has happened to you?
Olivia Morris
'Olivia Morris' 2 days ago
What is this rated
Tyser Hicks
'Tyser Hicks' 2 days ago
What is the name of the song at the beginning
Jesse Bowman
'Jesse Bowman' 2 days ago
what! a baywatch movie without david hasselhoof? sacrilege!
'KooshBall' 2 days ago
I always knew Larry the Lobster was The Rock
'Flgsxrgirl' 2 days ago
Is this raided R?
Adeel Faiyaz
'Adeel Faiyaz' 2 days ago
priyanka chopra necklace between \/\/
'Troll_Guy' 3 days ago
Let's be cops ? Nope... Let's be lifeguards!
Ricky Roma
'Ricky Roma' 3 days ago
zac Efron is a total sellout. This movie is a typical hostile anti white racist movie. Zac efron is content to play a punching bag to make afro Americans feel superior. let's see Zac get pushed into pool by Multi racial giant, let's see zac efron be humiliated wearing a dress in full drag. let's watch him get sucker punched in the head by a black guy. let's watch him eat a dead man's fat deposits. let's watch him drive around in pink, in a pink scooter. let's watch a big multi racial giant call him a pussy. Lets watch a black cop disparage white people with stupid racist comments. also hostile anti white comments toward guess who? Zac Efron. The other white guy is a lumpy non threatening boob. That's just the trailer guys. This movie is clearly written to pander to non white audiences, and stupid clueless white people who will watch any movie that comes out because they are empty headed simpletons. ....I did notice a marked dearth of black women. ( which is a shame since they are well under represented in main stream movies) . This movie is designed to play into the worst aspects of our society. Total toxic garbage.
Vinay Vipin
'Vinay Vipin' 3 days ago
the best combo..
Adam Ghandour
'Adam Ghandour' 3 days ago
Wtf this is awsome
Evangelos Killer mike
I was a huge fan of the real baywatch back in my childhood,but this movie looks awful(I'm not one of those obsessed with nostalgia that insult every remake/reboot,but the rock & zac Enron are the worst actors ever & this doesn't resemble baywatch in any way,I know I could make a better script with better actors,these are facts.)
'JacPod' 3 days ago
This looks hilarious, and horrible at the same time. I'm in!!
JB Gant
'JB Gant' 3 days ago
One word, stupid!
Adamantium Scorpion
Wow. Hollywood has really, really run out of ideas.
Much Aligned
'Much Aligned' 3 days ago
Am I the only one that noticed Dwayne Johnson say "you going night night bitch" , that sounds similar to Kevin Harts stand up when he say " you gonna go night night ni***"
Daniel Pletikosić
Luis Sierra
'Luis Sierra' 3 days ago
Baywatch, Jumanji, Power Rangers.. What year is this?
jerome caughman
'jerome caughman' 3 days ago
Nicely done ✅
Midnight Rider
'Midnight Rider' 3 days ago
Lifeguards fighting crime. Yeah, believable.
Isaac P. Ramirez
'Isaac P. Ramirez' 3 days ago
How's the Rock a lifeguard!? Pretty sure he sinks when in water
Josh thegaint
'Josh thegaint' 3 days ago
that song in the first trailer I've heard it in a different trailer before I think they're using that song too much my opinion
'K J' 3 days ago
Zac efron is so fine!😍😍
Fada Darksmen
'Fada Darksmen' 4 days ago
The second trailer was better
'Droepram' 4 days ago
Finally something worth watching on TV again. I hope they keep the iconic theme song.
'Adino1' 4 days ago
Alexandra Daddario is the elite of the elite.
dk K
'dk K' 5 days ago
Borat approves
'TessarR' 5 days ago
who's missing pamela anderson?
Yelena Corrales
'Yelena Corrales' 5 days ago
when logan paul gets cut out in this movie 😭
Refugee fromStupidity
This movie is going to be hilarious.
'AerykisHere' 6 days ago
Better then diary of a wimpy kid going to have wait for fanatics beast 2
'OfficialRubytech' 7 days ago
But they're wise ...
KutProductions Inc
Check out my Baywatch movie review... be sure to like and subscribe!!!! Comments please!
Landon the awesome
Why does the rock look like he has a pointy rock in his head i swear he could stab someone with his head
Movie 3D
'Movie 3D' 1 week ago
B░a░y░w░a░t░c░h░ ░M░o░v░i░e░ ░(░2░0░1░7░)░||░H░D░|
Fresh Maker
'Fresh Maker' 1 week ago
Priyanka Chopra.. Gawwwwwdamn just the sound of her name gives me a boner
Cone Toll
'Cone Toll' 1 week ago
13:10 🔴 BAYWATCH 2017 ||FuLL Movie|| (HD)
Angel wood
'Angel wood' 1 week ago
stop hating in the comments and do something worth your time
Isabella Smith
'Isabella Smith' 2 weeks ago
Off topic but I could never be with someone like the rock me with Zac Efron yes but I'm more into "teddy bear men" 😂
Taco Cat
'Taco Cat' 2 weeks ago
Hell yeah man I'm watchin' it
Big Mouth
'Big Mouth' 2 weeks ago
Another Fucking Indian Bitch......................
Althea Mae Bernaldez
❤️ ░B░a░y░w░a░t░c░h░ ░M░o░v░i░e░ ░(░2░0░1░7░)░||░H░D░|| ❤️
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Preston Caires
'Preston Caires' 2 weeks ago
damn it its rated r
Quavo Slaps
'Quavo Slaps' 2 weeks ago
this movie is only worth watching cause dwayne Johnson's is in it💪
Ryan Neufeld
'Ryan Neufeld' 2 weeks ago
Hot hunks & sexy babes all together in one great summer blockbuster liked it as a tv show will like it even more as a big screen action adventure of a comedy HAUL ASS AND MOVE THAT FRIDGE BITCH! LMFAO
Astrophysics Black guy
I have this Biology Assignment

How long before I you know..( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Neil Weston
'Neil Weston' 2 weeks ago
Nick Jenne
'Nick Jenne' 2 weeks ago
'Angela' 2 weeks ago
Alexander daddario💗💗💗
Ethan John
'Ethan John' 2 weeks ago
FUCK that RACIST joke at the end!!! Zac Efrons character DOES Get to say "THAT" he is also vulnerable to racial nonsense the same as anyone else .....fuck that shit
'YOLOSWAG GAMING' 2 weeks ago
Alexandria Daddario😍
Taylor Corlett
'Taylor Corlett' 2 weeks ago
This looks funny. Takes the Baywatch brand and then doesn't take itself too seriously. Hey reminds me of the fun of 21 and 22 Jump Street only on the beach! Should be good.
mark adams
'mark adams' 3 weeks ago
Cause I'm Baywatch! Motherfucker!
Cybdiver Underwater
'Cybdiver Underwater' 3 weeks ago
There isn't a life guard alive that is as big as Johnson but who cares it's a movie.
'under88Me' 3 weeks ago
Seems like a very dangerous beach... I hate Zac Efron though...
Tharun Dhanaraj
'Tharun Dhanaraj' 3 weeks ago
I don't know the last time an Indian actress played a villain in a hollywood movie that movie sucked. But i dunno i am probably wrong. Also that movie that sucked was pink panther 2
Abdul Rhman Mohamed
'Abdul Rhman Mohamed' 3 weeks ago
I can not wait for it
Aamir Mohammed
'Aamir Mohammed' 3 weeks ago
This trailer just got better at 2:48
Hush Hush
'Hush Hush' 3 weeks ago
bunch of one liners...he's trying to copy Arnold?
Edward Bartley
'Edward Bartley' 3 weeks ago
Should rename it to Michael Baywatch
Happy Poop
'Happy Poop' 3 weeks ago
holyyyy alexandra dadarioooooooo
'TheElgatoloco' 3 weeks ago
'DREAM FUTURE TV' 3 weeks ago
nice trailor !! hey subscribe dream future tv for for new trailor i m about to edit i8n coming 1017
Khang Hao
'Khang Hao' 3 weeks ago
'geddoe316' 3 weeks ago
didn't realize this was rated R. i mean i get it, they are trying to go the way of 21 jumpstreet, but i'm not sure if this will get anything more than some teenage butts in seats who like the rock or hot women..or potty humor
Giulia Yasmin
'Giulia Yasmin' 3 weeks ago
isn't this like
joey's thing?
Radia(m) Discoverer
'Radia(m) Discoverer' 3 weeks ago
bwahahahaha people are saying priyanka made the trailer. she is barely there 😂😂😂
Cooking With A Little Spice
Ok I now have to watch this
Prannoy Chauhan
'Prannoy Chauhan' 4 weeks ago
the background music is awsom anyone knows the name
Meme Master 27
'Meme Master 27' 4 weeks ago
'SK' 4 weeks ago
matt is the best. Hi's rude...
'SK' 4 weeks ago
matt is the best. Hi's rude..
Sebastián Matías
'Sebastián Matías' 4 weeks ago
Brody drowns. kys
Nishan Brahmbhatt
'Nishan Brahmbhatt' 4 weeks ago
still we are missing Priyanka in trailer.
'LowlyKnight1' 4 weeks ago
dam this actually looks really good
'iProdigy' 4 weeks ago
Ass and titties 😏👌
'iProdigy' 4 weeks ago
Alexandra Daddario is perfection in every way.
'iProdigy' 4 weeks ago
I'm only going to watch it because Alexandra Daddario is in it. She's 😍
Sumanta Biswas
'Sumanta Biswas' 1 month ago
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'sgbinfinity' 1 month ago
Is this a real film or a piss take
Stoyan Stoyanov!
'Stoyan Stoyanov!' 1 month ago
wtf is this bullshit why dont you just make a porn movie....
Evan Meli
'Evan Meli' 1 month ago
What is that music at the start of the video
'boartdriller1' 1 month ago
Glad it ain't taking its self seriously otherwise probably would have been rubbish but this looks like it could be a fun movie
Nien Nunb04
'Nien Nunb04' 1 month ago
Replace Zac Efron's character's actor with Charlie Hunam.
Kan Ergenekon
'Kan Ergenekon' 1 month ago
Fon Music Song name ?
David Romo
'David Romo' 1 month ago
it has the same song as the war dogs trailer
Kieran Wrightstone
'Kieran Wrightstone' 1 month ago
This looks like fun
Kuncoro Adi
'Kuncoro Adi' 1 month ago
'27,700,401 views' 1 month ago
the rock looks like a giant erect penis.
gilbert macam
'gilbert macam' 1 month ago
Kurby Pinky
'Kurby Pinky' 1 month ago
I need to learn how to swim.
'juiuffophiguo' 1 month ago
So it's a parody of Baywatch...
salty fr35h
'salty fr35h' 1 month ago
Wow. the load of garbage that spills from this trailer is just insane. The fact that people are excited goes to show that they are fucking idiots.
Frederik Stordal
'Frederik Stordal' 1 month ago
"Fast & Batwatch - Beach Party"
Elite_Hogios08 Hogios
Song at 00:24 ?
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