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Shredding NOKIA Phones !! - The Shredder Show - Experiment At Home -
Published: 4 months ago By: Experiment at Home

By: Experiment at HomePublished: 4 months ago

3, 586, 563 views

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In this video you will see what happens when shredding old nokia phones.
Some of the models used are:
- N95
- N97
- 8210
- 3310
- 6560

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'NightcoreForLife' 2 hours ago
What is this witchcraft???
Waffle Camey
'Waffle Camey' 20 hours ago
Dear Reader, I want to thank you for reading this comment. You will have luck! If you are the video creator I want to thank you for making all these videos! :)
Roberto Carlos Mendoza Dominguez
vaia vaia con que le quitas el audio y lo sobes en "ingles" te tiraste la del partner prro
'InpuTxZ3RO' 1 day ago
1000 degree shredder vs
Jielyn Sabarez
'Jielyn Sabarez' 1 day ago
Monster Gaming PE
Luly Fernandez
'Luly Fernandez' 2 days ago
Este wey lo conosco jejej
'Nosysamen' 2 days ago
I like the sound when the phones are being destroyed
purple guy
'purple guy' 3 days ago
you fuck
Dude Anim
'Dude Anim' 4 days ago
Ah these are fake nokias.. the real would crush the shredder.
Chanul Gamalath
'Chanul Gamalath' 4 days ago
Fucking bitch. You know can sell those phones and making some good money. Can't you understand you bitch?
itzblueberry AUTTP
try the real one not the Chinese one the real one would shred the shredder
jb junior
'jb junior' 5 days ago
pas coooooool
jb junior
'jb junior' 5 days ago
non pour quoi ta fait sa les téléphone son cool tu et le plus bête de la planète pas cool du tout
Battlefild 3 PRO
'Battlefild 3 PRO' 6 days ago
у меня один вапрос зачем??
'xxfalconxx' 1 week ago
he is a dick to nokia :(
Alex Giol
'Alex Giol' 1 week ago
bigger blades,here
'Kyleaditya' 1 week ago
Shred an iPhone!
armando sandin
'armando sandin' 1 week ago
guys, this video is obviously fake. he used a lots of CGI.
Rolf Boesjes
'Rolf Boesjes' 1 week ago
next time use real a nokia and the shredder will totaly break
Rafael Martin
'Rafael Martin' 1 week ago
This is fake! Nothing can destroy a Nokia phone except God! Even if you put it in a strong acid or lava, even if you put it in the shredder, blender or something else. Even if you press it with haudraulic press!
'Shrek's Brotherhood' 2 weeks ago
Fake! Nokia phones can't be destroyed.
Ryan Ryan
'Ryan Ryan' 2 weeks ago
Fake, Fake and Fake. NOKIA PHONES cannot be shredded. This is video editing

Lili Tantman
'Lili Tantman' 2 weeks ago
1:07 hah called it!
Foxy06 TV
'Foxy06 TV' 2 weeks ago
This's impossible! The nokia is indistrutble!😂
Derpimus Maximus
'Derpimus Maximus' 2 weeks ago
This puts a stop to Nokia memes
'PORKHI 333' 3 weeks ago
rip nokia
'PORKHI 333' 3 weeks ago
rip nokia
Cathie Duval
'Cathie Duval' 3 weeks ago
i very want this machine for my compagny so where i can get this machine get contact with us at alaskan du nord on Facebook thank you for your time hope to ear from you soon
'EnergeticTuber' 3 weeks ago
satisfying but sad :'C
Radical Championship Wrestling
I really hate how he touches the shredded remains, it's annoying
Mexican_ _Panda11
'Mexican_ _Panda11' 3 weeks ago
a girl in my 3-6th period has a Nokia wtf
Gabor Zay
'Gabor Zay' 3 weeks ago
Do you can do smphing with iPhone
Ender Dail
'Ender Dail' 3 weeks ago
'swagswagify' 3 weeks ago
Graet 6 guys in Africa won't have a phone now.
'Hobhouse' 3 weeks ago
We're did you get them phones 📱
Chantal Barret
'Chantal Barret' 4 weeks ago
pourquoi tu a casé le téléfone
Amy Sims
'Amy Sims' 4 weeks ago
Hey if you're watching this sub becucuse he padded 1888888888888888888888$
brandon fortaleza
'brandon fortaleza' 4 weeks ago
why dude why
A C S Gaming
'A C S Gaming' 4 weeks ago
s 7 please hahaha
Ivan Tor
'Ivan Tor' 4 weeks ago
Bobby 29
'Bobby 29' 1 month ago
I love that plate that you have
Wesley Ellis
'Wesley Ellis' 1 month ago
Shred a Zombiegoboom head
not endrmaniac
'not endrmaniac' 1 month ago
Try shredding the nokia 3310
Hacked Tnt
'Hacked Tnt' 1 month ago
Now serving shredded Nokia with a battery acid sauce and glass meatballs

Sound Good :)
Mikhail Torralba
'Mikhail Torralba' 1 month ago
I just realized you have this in your damn home 😂 (joking in Case your that retarded to tink im serious)
Sen Yang
'Sen Yang' 1 month ago
And here we have a second version of Techrax
'Lunareii' 1 month ago
Bob the builder : I can fix that!
Me : No you cant.
CJ Snyder
'CJ Snyder' 1 month ago
Ranjit Sur
'Ranjit Sur' 1 month ago
the second was my favourite
The Devil
'The Devil' 1 month ago
Wow those phones remind me of the old days man especially n95 😂
Missing Chicken
'Missing Chicken' 1 month ago
Experiment at home, do a face reveal!! Like so he can see!
Sam Bee
'Sam Bee' 1 month ago
This is Phone abuse! Someone report him!
Patryk Kroll
'Patryk Kroll' 1 month ago
i hate you
No way!⚠
Diego Martinez
'Diego Martinez' 1 month ago
shred a water melen
Andy Ordoñez
'Andy Ordoñez' 1 month ago
you crazy
Unknown Person
'Unknown Person' 1 month ago
This guy must be rich to shred phones without hesitation.
cue dead meme
Alper K.
'Alper K.' 1 month ago
What was the Name of the Last phone that you destroy
Emin Imranov
'Emin Imranov' 1 month ago
Nokia hates you
Best Of Dubstep
'Best Of Dubstep' 1 month ago
I thought from Nokia 3310 machine will crash not phone
Best Of Dubstep
'Best Of Dubstep' 1 month ago
AWP Lighting Strike
Nokia 3310 Lighting Strike
LOL Bitgaming
'LOL Bitgaming' 1 month ago
5:08 Enjoy african robots (if they exist)😂
Ronald Porter
'Ronald Porter' 1 month ago
0:52 does that make anyone else hungry
Destroying Things
'Destroying Things' 1 month ago
that's not a real Nokia.
Turnip Kogaku
'Turnip Kogaku' 1 month ago
u know i kinda like the nokia N95, its an all time classic
'LI SIAI 李思皚' 1 month ago
ohooooooooh poor phones
אלה אברג
למה אתה אורס דברים מגניבים מאוד שאני האהבתי
You shouldn't have done that.
kindly boy
'kindly boy' 1 month ago
do those work!?
Äqypter // PxCo
'Äqypter // PxCo' 1 month ago
But... Nokia is unbreakable! ._.
Francisco Guerra Ortega
Musical Minus
'Musical Minus' 1 month ago
Obviously, the shredder was made my Nokia
Beyblade John
'Beyblade John' 2 months ago
this is a robots salad
'Razor2z' 2 months ago
i tried to burn a nokia once it just made a fire mixtape
Tm sonjakopp7006
'Tm sonjakopp7006' 2 months ago
If you try find the on swatch the phone will still work.
W.M.D.F .G
'W.M.D.F .G' 2 months ago
Nokia n95. 😥😥
Doğukan Gençay
'Doğukan Gençay' 2 months ago
Abi Ya Nasıl böyle şeyler yapıyorsunuz aq
ramadhan safari
'ramadhan safari' 2 months ago
kamu gila
Ceyhun Exedark
'Ceyhun Exedark' 2 months ago
lan kescegıne bana verseydın orosbu cocu satardım onları
Fk V
'Fk V' 2 months ago
Fake video
Dynamix Playz Gamez
'Dynamix Playz Gamez' 2 months ago
how dare you!!!! poor phones!
Kevin Martinez
'Kevin Martinez' 2 months ago
shred a tablet
Damian Rokosz
'Damian Rokosz' 2 months ago
płatki kukurydziane XD
DOOM Slayer
'DOOM Slayer' 2 months ago
when u think that a brick nokia can worth 1000$ bcs nokia didn t knew....but if u modify a lil bit of the interior...u can use that phone to multiply credit HAVE YOU DONE!
'謝詠雯' 2 months ago
Deez Nuts
'Deez Nuts' 2 months ago
the shredder stopped a bit but it survived.
'MrFluffyWafflesYT' 2 months ago
A 1000 degree shredder would be cool.
The Larsons
'The Larsons' 2 months ago
I'm not attending you but u shouldn't really do that other its a waste of money 💵
'Kathy' 2 months ago
channel 5 nudes
'channel 5 nudes' 2 months ago
Nokia be like "wow someone finally destroyed our phones...quick change them in every way possible"
channel 5 nudes
'channel 5 nudes' 2 months ago
how tf do they make these phones for it to give a shredder trouble
LoveforHawkeye 1
'LoveforHawkeye 1' 2 months ago
on a side note, anyone else suddenly hungry for chips?
Blue Bro
'Blue Bro'S' 2 months ago
cocanat shredder
ashwini dalbhanjan
'ashwini dalbhanjan' 2 months ago
frood sala
King of GORONS
'King of GORONS' 2 months ago
get shredded ,man
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