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Top 5 MOST INSANE Things Youtubers FOUND On Video! (Murder Weapon, $6000 Coin, Go Pro & More) -
Published: 3 months ago By: Top5Central

By: Top5CentralPublished: 3 months ago

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Top 5 MOST INSANE Things Youtubers FOUND On Video! (Murder Weapon, $6000 Coin, Go Pro & More)
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'DALLMYD' 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing my finds buddy! Awesome video!
Emrald Alec
'Emrald Alec' 1 hour ago
I like the first one because he protends to shot a gun
Alex Mooney
'Alex Mooney' 4 hours ago
I love mp40 won of my most favourite guns in the world why because it has history behind it and it was used in word war 1 and 2 i t.hink
Emmet Masterson
'Emmet Masterson' 6 hours ago
I subbed awesome video
Owen Cowan
'Owen Cowan' 8 hours ago
I did it I got the secret message it said secret message ( comment if you see ): #top5 . I feel so happy and tiered because it took me so long. by by
Tony Brock-Wells
'Tony Brock-Wells' 9 hours ago
I just want to enter
Luis Garrido
'Luis Garrido' 10 hours ago
Mal Pottorff
'Mal Pottorff' 10 hours ago
Finding the hand gun
Tyler Bickerstaff
'Tyler Bickerstaff' 16 hours ago
owning a gun that simply anything but a shotgun is illegal in Britan
Marek Novak
'Marek Novak' 17 hours ago
good ww2 gun find czech
Ryan banda
'Ryan banda' 20 hours ago
1 cause it's cool
Mr Jeff
'Mr Jeff' 22 hours ago
I loved the world war 2 gun
Zane Sallah
'Zane Sallah' 2 days ago
I liked the ring one the most because he returned it to those old people that had lost it for 53 years, so nice of him. I liked that one the most because the finder had the integrity to return it and how he even was able to track them down.
#weirdozzy vlogga
'#weirdozzy vlogga' 2 days ago
Go pro woz my fave
Eva rojas
'Eva rojas' 4 days ago
I like this video better than the other video s
Shawn Alexander
'Shawn Alexander' 4 days ago
saw it
Misty Clark
'Misty Clark' 4 days ago
i liked them all I love vids Like this
'A' 5 days ago
Unless property owner gives you permission to metal detect and keep the thing you find they technically belong to property owner. Takin g thins found without that is stealing. The property always belongs to somebody.
Sampson Family
'Sampson Family' 5 days ago
100 Dalles
Brendan Sullivan
'Brendan Sullivan' 6 days ago
Penny Hager
'Penny Hager' 6 days ago
Mateusz Amorim
'Mateusz Amorim' 6 days ago
my Fave spot is the gun
Jacob Peterson
'Jacob Peterson' 6 days ago
now can I get a gift card?
Paavali Nieminen
'Paavali Nieminen' 7 days ago
onko suomalaisii
Colton Abshere
'Colton Abshere' 1 week ago
Kade Kraft
'Kade Kraft' 1 week ago
Shellyn Winterale
'Shellyn Winterale' 1 week ago
Would you give me a 20 hundred dollars gift card for a dollar store
christine roles
'christine roles' 1 week ago
1 was the best
victor ventura
'victor ventura' 1 week ago
Thealmite becuase he found a handgun under the sea
PS3 Minions
'PS3 Minions' 1 week ago
the first one
PS3 Minions
'PS3 Minions' 1 week ago
the first one
'xCytrexYT' 1 week ago

Marco Martinez
'Marco Martinez' 1 week ago
my favorite one is finding the gopro
batgirl cool
'batgirl cool' 1 week ago
the one that he found a gun
Karolis Zebrauskas
'Karolis Zebrauskas' 2 weeks ago
'1bladedwaterpipe' 2 weeks ago
I have a metal detector to still trying to figure it out this one is complicated
Lukas Piala
'Lukas Piala' 2 weeks ago
i know thet was saing it was hey man thats so cool by the way im from slovak
Nick D
'Nick D' 2 weeks ago
kelly Richardson
'kelly Richardson' 2 weeks ago
Diesel Nuke
'Diesel Nuke' 2 weeks ago
i saw it
'Skycaptain10' 2 weeks ago
And 3 because he found a weapon that good of been used in a crime
'Skycaptain10' 2 weeks ago
5 because he found a weapon
Chuy Celiz
'Chuy Celiz' 2 weeks ago
Golden Nuke
'Golden Nuke' 2 weeks ago
I found the secret message at 5:30
King Killer
'King Killer' 2 weeks ago
#top5 this took me a while to find
A Random GUY!!
'A Random GUY!!' 2 weeks ago
hfdghuyt uy
Seth Beck Gaming
'Seth Beck Gaming' 2 weeks ago
I liked 5 b/c it's interesting and weird
Train Master
'Train Master' 2 weeks ago
Morgan Annis
'Morgan Annis' 2 weeks ago
5 because that's weird
Filip Kolarsky
'Filip Kolarsky' 2 weeks ago
on the second last one they were so happy because i know there language
Mark Ellis
'Mark Ellis' 2 weeks ago
A go pro and that looked like romans brothers in a video he was looking for one
guinivere Hannigan
'guinivere Hannigan' 2 weeks ago
I like number 5 also I hope I get it because I've watched you sence you had 5m
Laini Taylor
'Laini Taylor' 2 weeks ago
I Sub
Snap Human
'Snap Human' 2 weeks ago
Holzfäller extrem
'Holzfäller extrem' 2 weeks ago
wtf was that
Logan Patterson
'Logan Patterson' 2 weeks ago
'InvisibleBandit' 2 weeks ago
Giovanni Pina
'Giovanni Pina' 2 weeks ago
5 cause he found a cool gun
Yahaira Escobar
'Yahaira Escobar' 2 weeks ago
I just did
jgames YouTube
'jgames YouTube' 2 weeks ago
he finds a gun
Suicidal Melancholy
'Suicidal Melancholy' 3 weeks ago
Why don't these people wear gloves? It bothers me that they're going through dirt & dirty water with their bare hands lol
orca101 killer
'orca101 killer' 3 weeks ago
I am subscribed to the 1st one
cruz Celis
'cruz Celis' 3 weeks ago
no that was not the owner he had the cam but he was actully barowing it
Alex Rios Gaming
'Alex Rios Gaming' 3 weeks ago
I sub in all the videos so far but I never get a gift card
Keaton steinkuehler
'Keaton steinkuehler' 3 weeks ago
murder weapon
eoin kissane
'eoin kissane' 3 weeks ago
'Michaelp67YT162' 3 weeks ago
Tommy Works
'Tommy Works' 3 weeks ago
Lee Cutter
'Lee Cutter' 4 weeks ago
The first one plz i need one
Michael Perez
'Michael Perez' 4 weeks ago
pick me
Aleksi Valkonen
'Aleksi Valkonen' 4 weeks ago
Joeymac420 and VroomVroomDana also found a murder gun.
The nightingale assasin
>:( I found a quarter from 1908 and I threw it into the dirt wow that was stupid of me
'TheKrayze' 4 weeks ago
Locus HD Gaming
'Locus HD Gaming' 4 weeks ago
good luck mist for me
Ale Estrada
'Ale Estrada' 4 weeks ago
I subscribed
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