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BEST OF Game Grumps - December 2016 -
Published: 1 week ago By: GameGrumps

By: GameGrumpsPublished: 1 week ago

604, 719 views

13, 119 Likes   107 Dislikes

It's the most wonderful best of the year!
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Thanks to Drej9 for compiling these clips!

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Ashmala Nord
'Ashmala Nord' 3 hours ago
"You killed me."

Steven Bowser
'Steven Bowser' 5 hours ago
Came back after not watching for a long time. Still just penis jokes. Glad to see the quality has never changed. >.>
General Nut
'General Nut' 7 hours ago
Rock hard abs here I come...
Temmie deef (temmie9x)
9:08 lmao
ASMR replay
'ASMR replay' 12 hours ago
I love how they are doing all the end card laughs at the end of the compilation
theEvilToad {GD}
'theEvilToad {GD}' 21 hours ago
I don't want to watch Pokemon Sun playthrough, because I don't want to spoil the game for myself, but that UGGGGNNNNH moment really makes me want to watch it now :|
'TehWAAaz' 1 day ago
y'allneedtoplay ANOTHER RESIDENT EVIL. 4 please.
Lucas Dream
'Lucas Dream' 1 day ago
I like to think that when rowlet turned its head around 1:25 it was like "SHUT THE FUCK UP ARIN"
Kaptin Kirk
'Kaptin Kirk' 1 day ago
well it's super funny and hilarious, but some of the episode captions are off, Arins pichu was on 8 not 2. Sorry it's not to bash, but since I've been editing it catches my eye easily.
Alexander Cannon
'Alexander Cannon' 2 days ago
Have the grumps ever considered doing any Fire Emblem games?
Thomas Rowlands
'Thomas Rowlands' 2 days ago
not even 10 seconds and its already about the Chinese not using forks and spoons...
'Drew' 2 days ago
I wish they played for of Feel The Snow
Jade Vidal
'Jade Vidal' 2 days ago
wiki feet is real and they're all poorly screenshot images of Suzy's feet from her videos. even some of her in a bikini with full view of feet. :( It's really scary
'singingsun04' 2 days ago
'omgWoWfAx' 2 days ago
Did Arin just say "coopons"......
Zonked Axis
'Zonked Axis' 2 days ago
Anyone have any idea what that dada da dada da horn thing that Arin was doing is actually called??? I wanna find a tab for it to learn but can't find the name
Barrett Soth
'Barrett Soth' 3 days ago
Fun fact, I sang the song that they use during the paper Mario noose thing. It called Wither Must I Wander.
Brady Ward
'Brady Ward' 3 days ago
Clip 2 wasn't from Pokémon ep 2
Aegis Mashy
'Aegis Mashy' 3 days ago
12:22-12:26 They'd like your art if you put an F at the beginning.
'TheAwsomeman64' 4 days ago
What happened to paper Mario Ttyd?
John w
'John w' 4 days ago
please continue paper mario
Alexis “Alex” Carroué
2:44 - Reactions:
Grumps: "Good!" "F*** you!"
AVGN: does the f***chicken
Josh Miranda
'Josh Miranda' 4 days ago
The paper Mario episodes will come back when the sponge Bob batte for bikini bottom ones do
Sean McPhilemy
'Sean McPhilemy' 4 days ago
this is way better than november, october, september and august
'ScorchtheHawk' 5 days ago
Now we patiently wait for the Best Of 2016
moxie girl
'moxie girl' 5 days ago
even Dan can't stand whatever that noise arin was making on that last clip of dark souls.
Azrael _
'Azrael _' 5 days ago
It's kinda funny they named their Rowlet "Flug" because the word Flug (pronounced Floog) is German for flight, so they accidentally gave it a fitting name.
The Dirtiest Sloth
More Christmas Adventure pls.
Shit's funny yo.

also if you guys ever wanna jump back into Deadly Premonition, that's be fucking Neato.
Barry B. Benson
'Barry B. Benson' 5 days ago
I can't help but hear "looks like you have a baby penis" every time.
Shawn Lindsey
'Shawn Lindsey' 5 days ago
Does nobody remember their punchout playthrough?!? is Dan still stuck on the hugging guy?
'Grumpeon' 6 days ago
The best moment was Arin's girl moan voice, during Pokemon.
'Grumpeon' 6 days ago
Why do these get worse and worse? ):
Connor Brooks
'Connor Brooks' 6 days ago
+1 sub +1 like +1 view
Lucy Fur
'Lucy Fur' 6 days ago
i like chocy milk.
Catastrophic Rex
'Catastrophic Rex' 6 days ago
It was really quiet in my room and was getting quite late so as I turn around to leave my computer I see my cat death staring the video.. I don't know how long she has been like this but she won't stop
...........she is barely blinking and very still..
I think my cat is plotting to destroy my computer.
'JoJoX200' 6 days ago
"I'll build the walls first and THEN knock 'em down."

THAT's your trump card against the monsters?
Jesus Zavala
'Jesus Zavala' 6 days ago
I know its probably bad to share this though a comment feed but please at least check it out and share please Thank you very much and sorry GameGrumps love your stuff me and my family watch you videos you do amazing work. Ps Dans the best ^^.
'Levyathyn' 6 days ago
Holy shit. I need to check when Dark Souls III - 79 aired; that upvote on his Thrust but hole message might have been me...
Dakota Smith
'Dakota Smith' 6 days ago
Bring Paper Mario back! I love the series and that game was such a huge part of my childhood! DOOOOO EEEEEET
crisdude mcnuggets
I want Arin's never ending "drrrraadaaadadadada" as my ringtone
ELQ Gamer
'ELQ Gamer' 6 days ago
Pls continue paper mario TTYD! And earthbound but mostly ttyd
Mr. S
'Mr. S' 6 days ago
10:09 The WHOA scale went from 0 to 100 in 6 seconds and back to 0 in another 2
'LifeGoddessTaimat' 6 days ago
It was July and August that were added later. January is named after the Roman goddess Janus (Greek- I forgot...). I don't remember what February was named after, but March is Mars (Greek- Ares). I also forget April and May. June is named after Juno (Greek- Hera). July is Julius Caesar, and August is Caesar Augustus (AKA Octavian, Julius Caesar's nephew/foster son and successor). Before July and August were added, there were 10 months. September was 7th (septa=7), October was 8th (octo=8), November was 9th (novo=9), and December was 10th (deca=10).
unoriginal name
'unoriginal name' 7 days ago
It would be cool if they played Shantae: half-genie
Queen Serenity
'Queen Serenity' 7 days ago
Wow, that last moment was trash.
Nanomachines, Son
'Nanomachines, Son' 7 days ago
...Buntd, cake?
'leglessgaming' 7 days ago
When people ask me how gamegrumps are I reply with "good....fuck you"
Rachel Stewart
'Rachel Stewart' 7 days ago
I want more christmas adventure :(
Hickory Klabautermann
I dont understand, what does Arin says about chinese people?
cRaZy J
'cRaZy J' 7 days ago
Butt FaRt! Butt fART! sTUpid! sTUPId! You're an ASShole! ZELDa! ZELDa!
'inuspike1' 7 days ago
More Just Dan's please
Digishot Explosion
RIP old Kukui voice :(
'Wowee2012' 1 week ago
Assaulty Sandra is my new favorite thing.
Sebastian Rocha
'Sebastian Rocha' 1 week ago
Omg feel thesno lol
'ScorchtheHawk' 1 week ago
Me: alright, I didn't watch much Grumps this past month. What did I miss?

First clip: I don't understand why the Chinese don't use forks and spoons

Me: I've made a mistake this past month
ShiftyRye 27
'ShiftyRye 27' 1 week ago
36:55 Fox mains
'Solecism' 1 week ago
Anybody know what happened to episode 9 of Pokemon Sun?
Robbie T
'Robbie T' 1 week ago
Dan's laugh is the best when you're having a bad day
'Rubberman202' 1 week ago
I want a plushie/puppet for Pierre Pancake! Also, they never gave a name for that Indian Samurai French Toast! #NoMoreLovelies #SaltySamsAhoy
'Rosekiller400' 1 week ago
16:44 arins laugh there is fucking amazing x3 <3
'Schawful' 1 week ago
That Pokemon sun episode wasn't from episode two was it?
Poké Mon
'Poké Mon' 1 week ago
Best thing for a cold: Z game grumps compilation!
Max Monson
'Max Monson' 1 week ago
41:04 that fuckin snort :):)
Emma Night
'Emma Night' 1 week ago
I have my earbuds on half way volume and I can hear Arin screaming when I hold them out arms length
'InfinitChezball' 1 week ago
Question: Who do you think is funnier?
Dan or Arin?
'DemonFish' 1 week ago
Can i get a video that is just a comp of Arin wierding out dan with stuff like "my pussy aches for more pokemon" and when arin was moaning on mario maker where he was talking about making those noises while doing laundry. If anyone knows if that exists, can i get a link?
the golden gamer
'the golden gamer' 1 week ago
I feel like Brian was genuinely upsetting ross talking about how he can't go back to Australia
'plushy518' 1 week ago
Flug apparently means "flight" in German so Arin's name mess up worked out pretty well
'Christianplayz' 1 week ago
around 1:00 the pokemon looked back like what the frick
'TheSecondBeef' 1 week ago
I guess December was a slow month
'WallyWalrus' 1 week ago
FUCK YEAH 10,000th LIKE FUCK EVERYONE ELSE I"M THE BEST... sorry <-------- This pussy am I right?! XD... ;(
Kaylee Buchanan
'Kaylee Buchanan' 1 week ago
33:41 .... I'm having filthy frank flashbacks for some reason.
Andrea Rupe
'Andrea Rupe' 1 week ago
lol when arin closed the little nightmare monster thing in the house with him and they zoomed in, i almost died xD
Jaime Bas
'Jaime Bas' 1 week ago
Austin Green
'Austin Green' 1 week ago
Please for the love of all that is good and holy make a Ninja Sex Party cover of Danger Zone
'BetaNights' 1 week ago
Aww, no more looks like you have a baby penis. Lol a lot of hilarious bits this time around. Thanks for the laughs, Grumps!
I'm always strapped for time, but I always look forward to these compilations.
'Peachy' 1 week ago
your channel is dying
wasfapuk1 112
'wasfapuk1 112' 1 week ago
Whoa, Whoa, WHOA SPEAR GUY! 9:31 - 9:38
Adam C
'Adam C' 1 week ago
I was cleaning and all I hear is arin moaning coming from the other room
'Hakudan2' 1 week ago
what the hell did he say in 7:13? lol
Joe Joseph
'Joe Joseph' 1 week ago
Suck me off santa!
Aefwa Efwe
'Aefwa Efwe' 1 week ago
Time Lord kinda seems like rockin' shit !
'bigunt6861' 1 week ago
Aaron sucks at dark souls
'Liliputian07' 1 week ago
what a shit month for game grumps
michelle hancock
'michelle hancock' 1 week ago
The you killed me good gets me every time
'rareroe305' 1 week ago
Watching this while on the toilet. Just seems appropriate.
Meagan Hensley
'Meagan Hensley' 1 week ago
these are literally the highlight of my life
Justin Guidroz
'Justin Guidroz' 1 week ago
I . . . WE . . . need more Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm.
The British Maniac
I miss Kevin/Barry
The last rover
'The last rover' 1 week ago
Mind the piss stain. XD
'Keisugay' 1 week ago
poor pierre the pancake will never live up to burgie's legacy
'mewkuro12' 1 week ago
Bit of trivia. Alexander the Great fucked up the calendar. All 12 months were together. The real new year is supposed to be March cuz it is the start of spring. He basically made the beginning of the year January just to fuck with everyone pretty much. Alexander the Great was a prankster.
'rikzz0r' 1 week ago
So how rich is Ross?
And also, how the fuck?
Onkel B0B
'Onkel B0B' 1 week ago
flug is german and means flight lol.
QuietNumber 23
'QuietNumber 23' 1 week ago
9:00. Of course the disk is dirty, It has the Wand Of Gamelon on it.
Shadows Inc.
'Shadows Inc.' 1 week ago
People DO love your art Arin. They just hate your comedy.
'SirCraftAlot2000' 1 week ago
The final part was the best
Mike Fluff
'Mike Fluff' 1 week ago
That moment that Zelda had prostitution for real.
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