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Cars 3 "Lightning Strikes" Extended Look -
Published: 1 month ago By: Disney•Pixar

By: Disney•PixarPublished: 1 month ago

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It’s not over until Lightning strikes.

Disney/Pixar's Cars 3 opens in theatres June 16 in 3D.



Copyright: (C) Disney/Pixar

Corpus Yael
'Corpus Yael' 1 hour ago
Corpus Yael
'Corpus Yael' 1 hour ago
Foxythepiratefox 1987
Where's mater? :(
'DubNation' 6 hours ago
McQueens crash was so dramatic it went from day to night
HelloInternet Jumparoo
1:18 Is that 15 Car really Lightning McQueen!?
Big Daddy
Going off we know, once a racer has a big crash, aka Doc Hudson and Lightning McQueen, they retire. The way I see it, McQueen ends a different racing series and Jackson Storm enters it a few races later and they have no final race...or maybe I'm just taking this FAR too seriously...
Alan Peralta
'Alan Peralta' 1 day ago
Umm next trailer PIXAR!
'TrueRatchet' 1 day ago
I'm actually kinda scared of Cars 3. Cars has been with me since I was even too young to talk and Cars 3 just seems like the end. As much as I think Cars 3 may be a good ending to the series, the child inside me yells that it can't end here..
Octavio Malpica
'Octavio Malpica' 1 day ago
Mi infancia
Petanek Pohl
'Petanek Pohl' 1 day ago
hey where is mater,sally,ramone,flo,sherrif,sarge,filmore,luigy,guido,lizzie,mack and red where is lightning mcqueen's friends ?
Alex Larsson
'Alex Larsson' 2 days ago
Lighting McQueen is 11 years old now and still number one
'WispyGaming' 2 days ago
I was shocked when Lighting mequin crashed
'MaskedMarioGuy' 2 days ago
Show us Mater all ready!
anthony voss
'anthony voss' 2 days ago
Ka_chow lightning Mcqueen
Mason Mosolowski
'Mason Mosolowski' 2 days ago
Same thing that's happening in our solar system:
Planet 9 is a new planet discovered. Pluto gets angry and wants to be the ninth planet. Unfortunately planet nine is more popular. Pluto is going down. Pluto has to catch up.
Gamernut the game master
SillyBirdies Nature
I hope this is not the last movie. I have been living under a rock about not being interested in the cars world. I may be a girl but, I LOVE these movie series! I hope you make a TV show, but, yeah...
'VASCO TAKAMURA' 2 days ago
i hope its like cars 1
'VASCO TAKAMURA' 2 days ago
yes cars is coming back
Odi Sennin
'Odi Sennin' 3 days ago
New Era effect:

-Optimus Prime
-Spongebob: Goodbye Kraby Patty
Infernox 95
'Infernox 95' 3 days ago
if lightning was crash. why do you (pixar) include mater on the scene
At a showing of Rogue One I saw the shorter version of this...after it ended everyone started laughing for some reason.
Luis Enrique Antonio
In the place full of fire lighting had the number 15
lerochelle maker
'lerochelle maker' 3 days ago
I think this movie is awesome I can't wait for it to come out in the cinemas.
'StudentGamers' 4 days ago
Me recently because i fell down from a moving vehicle

crash playz
'crash playz' 4 days ago
woman for use 21 ecks dee
Gisbert Hakvoort
'Gisbert Hakvoort' 4 days ago
0:22 there are cars in front of McQueen
0:28 there are no cars in front of McQueen
'Jay' 4 days ago
Man you guys thought this generation had a lot of autistic kids. Wait till the ones seeing these car movies get older.
Zachary Gomito JH
'Zachary Gomito JH' 5 days ago
Cars: A film about cars, of course. My childhood.
Cars 2: Same as the first film, now with racing around the world, secret agents, and movie focusing on Mater. Childhood strikes back.
Cars 3: Again, same as the first film, now with crashes, Lightning's retirement, and training to go back to the race. Childhood's return, now with action.
Cutie Pie Blu Fish
that scream for Lightening gave me chills and goosebumps.
Alien Guy
'Alien Guy' 5 days ago
I just hope they develop Jackson Storm as a person outside of the story and not make his role only to be the antagonist of the film.
Luis Morales
'Luis Morales' 5 days ago
McQueen noooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Martin Rosas
'Martin Rosas' 5 days ago
Yusuf Kadir Tekel
'Yusuf Kadir Tekel' 5 days ago
cpcukken bitti zannedip aglamistim amk şimdi 3 u yapiyorlar ciksin aninda sinemaya gidicem
blueboy 100
'blueboy 100' 5 days ago
I'm 8 years old I'm a cars fan I watched cars1-2 and now cars 3
Neil Jones
'Neil Jones' 6 days ago
at 1:24 you realize there is no toys
Jazmin Menes Arroyo
siento que se arruinó la infancia :'-(
'Tyler8800ish' 6 days ago
thank you pixar yet for a nother cars movie im 11 though i still love cars so much but cars to was cars 2 as really bad the only part i liked was when the cars crashed that was cool i just don't like the idea of cars going around the world
anthony voss
'anthony voss' 6 days ago
Ka_chow lightning mcqueen
Mr Anonymous
'Mr Anonymous' 6 days ago
Mcqueen seems to get screwed by tyres in the main races.
'WowJustWow' 6 days ago
finally cars hitting that hard R
'WowJustWow' 6 days ago
Rocket Racer
'Rocket Racer' 6 days ago
1:13 (I'm coming for you Storm!) 😡 Let race 🏁 begin
Rocket Racer
'Rocket Racer' 6 days ago
:50 (I decide when I'm done!) 😠 that's what I like to here
Brecht van Dam
'Brecht van Dam' 6 days ago
They better go back to radiator springs
just a dream for the stars
cars 3 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗I can't wait
Fusionz Games
'Fusionz Games' 6 days ago
At the end th guy says unbelievable which means lighting might have made a better comeback than the patriots did during the super bowl
Stefany Zamorano
'Stefany Zamorano' 7 days ago
obras kn. su
Duan Sam
'Duan Sam' 7 days ago
I believe Storm is a hybrid. Listen to that noise!!
'BRCuber' 7 days ago
The real question is where is Where is wreck it ralph 2?
Scott Hines
'Scott Hines' 7 days ago
Im pretty sure we all know why storm wont win
Jeremiah Collins
'Jeremiah Collins' 1 week ago
are they starting to show this on TV now
Harpreet Kaur
'Harpreet Kaur' 1 week ago
no one else gon mention bout how mater isn't in the trailer?
Bruce Wayne
'Bruce Wayne' 1 week ago
little kids are going to be sad to see lighting
Azriel Henderson
'Azriel Henderson' 1 week ago
Damn this looks serious wheres mater and everyone else this looks like a super good movie to watch😕😕😕
Jayleen Martinez
'Jayleen Martinez' 1 week ago
It's Lit!🙏/Sad!💨
Hikaru Shindo
'Hikaru Shindo' 1 week ago
But will there be eurobeat?
Gamzeli Çikolata G.Ç.
Türkler burdamı? :D
'CNBW' 1 week ago
Anyone else wish Doc was still alive? :/
Kaya O
'Kaya O'Connor' 1 week ago
I thought this was the logan trailer....
'ShieldyBOTO' 1 week ago
Don't dare you delete people's video's of The whole clip how mcqueen crashed. ill swear otherwise ill report this.
John Byers
'John Byers' 1 week ago
I am really excited for this movie!
nateie poo
'nateie poo' 1 week ago
1:08 who is the yellow car
alonzo Mirelez tnt
i cant wait for the movie to come out
Michael Howard
'Michael Howard' 1 week ago
HAROON official
'HAROON official' 1 week ago
Lmao I'm 16 and even I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Johny1220' 1 week ago
I so can't wait for this movie cars was my childhood :D
(Favorite) FavorateGamingPeople
Who else has been watching the movie series since they were younger and is hyped for this?
Dayring Del Cid M
'Dayring Del Cid M' 1 week ago
nonono ligtin macuin crash
Dayring Del Cid M
'Dayring Del Cid M' 1 week ago
Tristen Pierce
'Tristen Pierce' 1 week ago
it's just like doc Hudson he rected
Petanek Pohl
'Petanek Pohl' 1 week ago
lightning mcqueen it's back👏👏👏👊👊👊👌👌👌✊✊✊✊👍👍👍💖💖💖💖
Adelaidi Pablo
'Adelaidi Pablo' 1 week ago
Mcqueen is not giving up
'RunDogDot' 1 week ago
No mater??!! 😭😭😭😢😢😢
james furrow
'james furrow' 1 week ago
Will Lightning⚡McQueen retire??? NO NO NO
KillerNMIller Gaming
If anyone is into the Pixar should pause right when you see the raceway at 0:59! You see the BnL raceway...So that means BnL is still in business
Fire FoxEX03
'Fire FoxEX03' 1 week ago
Yes and I think everyone's going to love it big improvement and a darker feeling and better sounds and quality
Cool Boy
'Cool Boy' 1 week ago
UPDATE: Chick Hicks will return in Cars 3
Ernesto Raya
'Ernesto Raya' 1 week ago
Ernesto Raya
'Ernesto Raya' 1 week ago
Wasn't Pixar suppose to realease a new trailer on February 10 of 207
woah i seriously did not know that this was comin out
Andre Stewart
'Andre Stewart' 1 week ago
Dwightc Spaulding
'Dwightc Spaulding' 1 week ago
I want him to die already
Aaron Weaver
'Aaron Weaver' 1 week ago
Wb mater
Cringe Master
'Cringe Master' 1 week ago
Ever since i was little, id watch the cars movie the first movie over and over and over again, and i really wanna see this badass cars movie that i will ever see in my life of 20 fucking 17 pixars, i wish you could release it now.
Утка Кря
'Утка Кря' 1 week ago
its like bf 1 trailer)
ChrisLycan 1337
'ChrisLycan 1337' 1 week ago
This will make Cars 2 dissappear. Cars 1 and 3 will be always remembered...
Mr. Miniguy
'Mr. Miniguy' 1 week ago
im guessing storm is the antagonist.
'JustGamingAllDay' 1 week ago
Time to upgrade my PC
Fc barcelona Fan
'Fc barcelona Fan' 1 week ago
Jaden Von Bat
'Jaden Von Bat' 1 week ago
Is it me, or are you guys trying to convey that every third movie in your franchises will be where things get...A little real?
Infinity crew
'Infinity crew' 1 week ago
so um I guess their mixing adult movies with kid movies because that bad of a car crash is usually for adults but anyway I'm really excited for it 😉
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