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Yo Gotti - 81 -
Published: 2 months ago By: yogottiVEVO

By: yogottiVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

10, 429, 821 views

105, 206 Likes   4, 988 Dislikes

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Peter Griffin
'Peter Griffin' 3 hours ago
Mike Locke
'Mike Locke' 6 hours ago
Dominique Donaldson
'Dominique Donaldson' 7 hours ago
but everyone sleeping on this new rappers who haven't made it yet fr because ohio rappers would killed this beat because these mud made nigga from Toledo Ohio are better then all these booty ass new rappers
Dominique Donaldson
'Dominique Donaldson' 8 hours ago
this bitch go hard asf
#Lil Truth
'#Lil Truth' 14 hours ago
I wanna get my channel back popping with good views from people that's gonna be honest with me and not hate just to hate | let me get some constructive criticism n not hatred on my channel 😄 'don't hate, just appreciate'
John Cooks
'John Cooks' 15 hours ago
I never seen Gotti in "All Black"...
'†ANGÉ|†' 17 hours ago
Remember choose'm "kurfully".
to legit to quit
'to legit to quit' 20 hours ago
Quess what? Money and murder go together like gin and juice! Yo gotti king shit.
Adam Routte
'Adam Routte' 21 hours ago
damn draymond green got bars
justin edwards
'justin edwards' 21 hours ago
dolph still have that fire they mad cause he wouldn't sign to his label
Lity Quinn
'Lity Quinn' 1 day ago
❤81👍thanks I needed this one 😎
Evan Terry
'Evan Terry' 2 days ago
Leon Muse
'Leon Muse' 2 days ago
10 Toes
Gucci Cone
'Gucci Cone' 2 days ago
hoe gotti you a bitchass fuck nigga. quit wit the games or young dolph will fuck u up
Justin Williams
'Justin Williams' 2 days ago
an iz dat 81
Honda Lover
'Honda Lover' 2 days ago
Ain't expect this from hoe gotti
Tieshia Jackson
'Tieshia Jackson' 2 days ago
* Gotti got hits in his vault cuz dude stay puttin out 🔥 Wit 'his slick ass SWAG💯✔💯*
Anitta Finley
'Anitta Finley' 2 days ago
lil fish better not come to NC with that fuck yo gotti. 1 million a year 4 his hitter. Pay me 9 hundred thousand. I need a job.
Sharmilan Balachandran
five and 1 is one
Anitta Finley
'Anitta Finley' 2 days ago
Shit real get it. If not youll 🐌 slow
Anitta Finley
'Anitta Finley' 2 days ago
gotti say i pay 1 million a year fa my shooter well that nigga working hint hint fish
Ari Fahrari
'Ari Fahrari' 2 days ago
that " ohhh " remember me everytime on that nelly feat. kelly rowland song 🤘
'dewaynej22099' 2 days ago
Gucci Shoulda been in this 😑😑😑
'JayLeezy' 2 days ago
on repeat 💯
King Mccorkle
'King Mccorkle' 2 days ago
whats the album called?
'JayLeezy' 2 days ago
shout out to my favorite NFL receiver of all time Terrell Owen's #81
Akira Michele
'Akira Michele' 3 days ago
Michael Shields
'Michael Shields' 3 days ago
old gotti better imo
Blakk Brook
'Blakk Brook' 3 days ago
Guess that 6 came in handy huh 😂 💯shots
Susie Lockhart
'Susie Lockhart' 3 days ago
pac n biggie reborn tho
Johnny Davis
'Johnny Davis' 3 days ago
this nigga is the business i fuk wit this nigga i just came off doin 10 flat. n his music got me through it
Jae KiDd
'Jae KiDd' 3 days ago
Fuck around with gotti you better have a bullet proof truck like young dolph Gotti a 5 star general
'BLAZE ™' 3 days ago
81 points by Kobe nigga.
Daniel Gibson
'Daniel Gibson' 3 days ago
Дороги Семск
Cool!!! I Know!!!

I live in nuclear test site)))//
Mark George
'Mark George' 3 days ago
young dolph looking for you
DreDay #NWA
'DreDay #NWA' 3 days ago
Illuminaties Pizza
Soon rap will die just like classic rock in the 70s-80s died. Imagine what kind of music there will be in 2075. But rap is pretty dope people from the future will be like damn those kids from the early 2000s were ballin
Ashley Bush
'Ashley Bush' 4 days ago
b brady
'b brady' 4 days ago
I love Dolph but that shit was real when he said "hate got the city divided, bring it together I tried it"
Spade Gucci
'Spade Gucci' 4 days ago
been a gotti fan since blackout squad! when gotta was GD crazy! let me get a thumbs up if you know what im talking about #realgottifans
Mike Powell
'Mike Powell' 4 days ago
🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥
🔥 🔥 🔥
🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥
'XxDGKMODZZxX' 4 days ago
1 of the realest niggas out here
calvin jordan
'calvin jordan' 4 days ago
Young dolph da realist
antonio white
'antonio white' 4 days ago
damm wish I could get signed by a boss like this
Trask Morgan
'Trask Morgan' 4 days ago
best song yo GOTTI ever made 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
'PAUL REYES' 4 days ago
still go hard
Antz Martinez
'Antz Martinez' 5 days ago
"He Got Da City Divided Bring Em Together I Try'd It" - Dolph Diss?
Kaseem King
'Kaseem King' 5 days ago
devid toledo
'devid toledo' 5 days ago
D Millz
'D Millz' 5 days ago
hey guys I'm a Rapper with a solo flow like yo Gotti himself if you got time please listen on my page called set it off 1996
Reynel Gil
'Reynel Gil' 5 days ago
Deontae Holloway
'Deontae Holloway' 5 days ago
Wasting time diggin that ground not given in lol video and song hard though
Rok Kozel
'Rok Kozel' 5 days ago
that beat is straight fire :D
Sosa Mblockk
'Sosa Mblockk' 5 days ago
yo gotti the only one that not from Chicago that kkilling shit
donald koerber
'donald koerber' 5 days ago
tooooo fire....
Yakov Medongsack
'Yakov Medongsack' 5 days ago
How many other music videos and styles were copied to make this video?...... Make that shit look easy
Brotherman From The 5th Floor
Say they miss the old Gotti, old Jeezy, old Boosie, that was real rap🔥🔥🔥
Jay Tee
'Jay Tee' 6 days ago
I was born in 1981 salute
Van Og
'Van Og' 6 days ago
Michael H
'Michael H' 6 days ago
Jordan Gallant
'Jordan Gallant' 6 days ago
Dope fu*ken song. It represents everything to do with gotti ,cmg and his success. He couldn't up put this together any better then he did.
Miguel K1NG
'Miguel K1NG' 6 days ago
Que lamentable eres, tapando el logo de Roll Royce.
'AM2CALM 424' 6 days ago
Yo Gotti is fucking firrreee
'TheAnimehood' 6 days ago
This is my favorite record 🔥🔥
barcode media
'barcode media' 6 days ago
with Jimmy fallon and meghan trainor
'dayellbeatz' 6 days ago
Hooot !
Come check some beats on my channel!
Daniel Odister
'Daniel Odister' 6 days ago
I miss that old yo gotti that gotti who made that touchdown song 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💩
ricky stouffer
'ricky stouffer' 6 days ago
yo gotti the truth<<<
Y.K. The Pilot
'Y.K. The Pilot' 7 days ago
check my videos out!!
Solomon Butler
'Solomon Butler' 7 days ago
if you listen closely he said 9×9 is 81 I'm a 80s baby born in 91 smh
Adin Perkins
'Adin Perkins' 7 days ago
im just a carmelo anthony bandwagon
Khalil Sanders
'Khalil Sanders' 7 days ago
Andre Reis
'Andre Reis' 7 days ago
gotty gotty goin hard
Frd E
'Frd E' 7 days ago
Gucci probably be the first real trap billionaire
Swag Cornwell
'Swag Cornwell' 1 week ago
this sounds OK not his best work
'mike' 1 week ago
next level  savage beat
Hey Lovely
'Hey Lovely' 1 week ago
C&C Army -Casey
'C&C Army -Casey' 1 week ago
Those beats drop more than my grade
Marlon Wilson
'Marlon Wilson' 1 week ago
choctaw remember with it do
Niccolò Alfonsi
'Niccolò Alfonsi' 1 week ago
Robb James
'Robb James' 1 week ago
im trying to imagine how the song sounds without the beat
Rian Weston-Dodds
'Rian Weston-Dodds' 1 week ago
I think yo gotti is trying to hard due to the pressure that he mentioned after blowing up. He just needs to be himself. This seems almost too mainstream.
Calvent Green
'Calvent Green' 1 week ago
Sorry but dolph ain't fucking with gotti money or rap wise I like both but gotti my favorite 💯
'PRO-SELF- OFFENSE' 1 week ago
9×9 is 8+1+1
Bengotti I like CMG
Nyge B.
'Nyge B.' 1 week ago
this nigga gotti out there where they took sweet on four brothers!!
'DaveStyleLP' 1 week ago
This is not my music :/ But i like the instrumental :) Can some one tell me the name or a link to download :D
JJ Son
'JJ Son' 1 week ago
Oh shit we got a nigga who can do math. We gotta put em down!
Richard Hixen
'Richard Hixen' 1 week ago
a valdesta
Jr Viches
'Jr Viches' 1 week ago
Yo Gotti - 81
Teon Metts
'Teon Metts' 1 week ago
Make that shit look easy how it's DUN
Marc Armenta
'Marc Armenta' 1 week ago
Im a 80's baby!
Barney Stn
'Barney Stn' 1 week ago
the fuck is provation??????????? shit is lit tho!
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