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10 Interesting Facts Science Can't Explain -
Published: 4 months ago By: TheRichest

By: TheRichestPublished: 4 months ago

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10 common facts that are still a mystery to science
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Richard G Buchanan Jr
Nice photoshop
'hmpz36911' 4 days ago
I heard that hiccups are a residual effect of our very distant ancestors having gills.
'TLMYC' 2 weeks ago
Sexual orientation is chemical. We all have the biological reaction to get aroused when we see the opposite gender, it's just some people have various chemicals in our diets and our mother's diets, that set the brain up to find certain genders more attractive than others. Oestrogen and Testosterone also play a role, but it's not as significant.
Spencer Ogonda
'Spencer Ogonda' 4 weeks ago
Science cant explain why i commented here........
Waffle Mona 21
'Waffle Mona 21' 1 month ago
I wasn't born with blue eyes:/
jaston chron
'jaston chron' 1 month ago
is there anyway i can get a refund for the 5 minutes of my life i just wasted?
aj carty
'aj carty' 1 month ago
I have a nut allergy
'MQ' 1 month ago
for the last one let me tell you...

Private pyle shot me
'Private pyle shot me' 2 months ago
most of these arent right and or gay this is bullshit
Brianna_Queen_of_Hell Burtcher
I have blue eyes
Rocio Garcia
'Rocio Garcia' 2 months ago
i have finth this vdomm i. im kid
'Mystic-P' 2 months ago
Dude I only have hiccups maybe 1-2 months but when I do get them, it's really bad lol
Larry Goffigan
'Larry Goffigan' 2 months ago
No mysteries at all, it is called being human>
xXSavage ModsXx
'xXSavage ModsXx' 3 months ago
i did
Nelsa Feaster
'Nelsa Feaster' 3 months ago
I was born with dark brown eyes they were never at any point in my life blue
T Mursee
'T Mursee' 3 months ago
I get hiccups every single time I eat French fries
'TheLumberCraft' 3 months ago
.... people are just being fed to many chemicals that are confusing their bodies.
The Very Truly Great Genius Guy With Glasses
Many creatures/ plants have more genes than humans
marissa louise
'marissa louise' 3 months ago
Lmao I was nrver born with blue eyes
Willow Ryder
'Willow Ryder' 3 months ago
Nick Sacks
'Nick Sacks' 3 months ago
Another fun fact:those are not the only way to get hiccups. Another way is to laugh alot
Nicole Rushe
'Nicole Rushe' 3 months ago
Not all babies are born with brown eyes. My first, pale skin and blonde hair, was born with grey, which could be a variation of the blue. His eyes are now golden brown. My second, dark skin and hair (part native american) was born with blue eyes and they have stayed bluish. My last, who is still somewhat dark with dark hair, was born with dark brown eyes, now hazel.
# 9
'# 9' 3 months ago
the cover on the video is so adorable! he looks so innocent!
M Ray
'M Ray' 3 months ago
I'm kinda scared to eat my tomatos now.
M Ray
'M Ray' 3 months ago
Racing Cartel
'Racing Cartel' 3 months ago
Katie Freedom
'Katie Freedom' 3 months ago
notasgood XD omg so funny
Katie Freedom
'Katie Freedom' 3 months ago
if science can't explain it then it's not a fact
Chibi Rainbow
'Chibi Rainbow' 3 months ago
Cats purr when they are sad to cheer themselves up as well.
Random comment that you
What goes on in dog's heads? I want to know sooooo bad! I mean they don't think "Ooh,bacon,bacon and more bacon" Because they don't speak English. I NEED TO KNOW
zay zay
'zay zay' 3 months ago
so i used to have blue eyes
JoshMC Studios!
'JoshMC Studios!' 3 months ago
Who saw thelegend27 ad before this video
Maleah Wonsia
'Maleah Wonsia' 3 months ago
Yep just strolling down the comment section
xxxX katana_less Xxxx !
and i was born with purple eyes! (for real)
Marryam Momo
'Marryam Momo' 3 months ago
but i was born with green eye
'ascott2002' 3 months ago
Says scientists have no idea why we have hiccups

Explains why we have hiccups
Martin Huber
'Martin Huber' 3 months ago
lol im sure some inhuman murder monster will show mercy if we cry. no
'Seven09' 3 months ago
What is the name of the music?
Galaxy Gamer
'Galaxy Gamer' 3 months ago
Fun fact... my friend is allergic to nuts XD I didn't really expect the nut allergy to be on the list XD
Randolph Mckay
'Randolph Mckay' 3 months ago
Lame vid.
lailak adam
'lailak adam' 3 months ago
That tell us the scientists do not know anything
Chelleigh Lee
'Chelleigh Lee' 3 months ago
If/when scientists ever do find that there's a biological "gay gene", I'm sure not long after there'll be a new type of surgery to "correct the mutation" and it'll be advertised as the cure for homosexuality.. smh
Sam the Kitty
'Sam the Kitty' 3 months ago
I don't care about the bible and I don't even go to church
Warrior Cats fan
'Warrior Cats fan' 3 months ago
rice also has more genes than humans
Era Sh
'Era Sh' 3 months ago
When i was born my ryes were dark brown not blue
Ayano Aishi
'Ayano Aishi' 3 months ago
I always read the title how the richest narrator speaks.
Bryant Ward
'Bryant Ward' 3 months ago
The reason for hiccups: means something is stuck in the food passage, to stop hiccups bend over and drink a cup of water with the lip of the cup in the roof of the mouth
WolfMysticChris X
'WolfMysticChris X' 3 months ago
These things may baffle scientists, but there ain't nothing my math teacher doesn't know
Aaliyah The Kawaii Elephant
1:47 hiccups 😐🙃 I have the hiccups when she said hiccups 😐👀😂
Jordi Peters
'Jordi Peters' 3 months ago
tribe officially explain camp lawn observer information.
Rachel Scott
'Rachel Scott' 3 months ago
I disagree with that humans do not have magnetoception. I think some humans do.
Ryan Singleton
'Ryan Singleton' 3 months ago
loose about hypothesis submit package officer provider subject
Lucy _galaxy
'Lucy _galaxy' 3 months ago
I get hiccups about 4 times a day not every day but when it's do it's not just once
Kenneth Shiro
'Kenneth Shiro' 3 months ago
Blue eyes = fell into lifestream. Mystery solved.
Robert Lösch
'Robert Lösch' 3 months ago
Afro babys do not have blue eyes, omg. Only european babys have always blue eyes. bullshit video..
huey ling chan
'huey ling chan' 3 months ago
The nuts allergy seems not likely to be found in Asia countries.
Ello Oku
'Ello Oku' 3 months ago
How to stop hiccups is to drink warm water.
João Lucas Nipon
'João Lucas Nipon' 3 months ago
Reason for peanut allergies: Bunch of bitch-ass, weak-ass kids
'michael' 3 months ago
we smile because animals show their teeth to us. lol. Really... Dumbasses.
Jakson Haley
'Jakson Haley' 3 months ago
Actually, Magnetoception is due to a part of the animal's brain that humans dont have. Its called the magnetoceptionioisntiorealio cortex.
'SpeedOfNick' 3 months ago
I don't believe in evolution
Shattered Sound
'Shattered Sound' 3 months ago
I was told that hiccups were just spasms in your diaphragm
Galaxy Unicorn
'Galaxy Unicorn' 3 months ago
I'm allergic to milk and gluten

Carmen Saqr
'Carmen Saqr' 3 months ago
I didn't have blue eyes when I was young I had violet eyes.!!!!!
Bryce Michels
'Bryce Michels' 3 months ago
Why cats purr isn't a mystery at all. Cats do purr when they are happy, but also when they are in pain, when those they love are in pain, and when they are anxious. The purring relaxes them, and is extremely therapeutic to both the cat, and humans, and it promotes physical healing as well. How that part works, no one knows, but the "why" part isn't a hard answer, for it's simply a coping mechanism. It's used to reduce anxiety, heal wounds, and express contentment.
Jesse Reiter
'Jesse Reiter' 3 months ago
homosexuality comes into existence when God decides those two should not procreate !!!
Xx_KillerMeme _xX
'Xx_KillerMeme _xX' 3 months ago
I subscribed :)
The Cube Tubers
'The Cube Tubers' 3 months ago
Tomatoes are just food
'BŁÅĶĶ PÏŁŁ' 3 months ago
when u show the beginning of man stop showing the cave man not all of use can from the the cave done of us was here before the cave....
Anti Social
'Anti Social' 3 months ago
Maybe animals can sense magnetic fields so some animals, birds for example, can find the North & South easier. It's for direction. Of course, this is just some theory of mine.
'Twils' 3 months ago
Hiccups is a thing we do because of a mechanism that existed millions and millions of years ago. It was the mechanism to change the way of getting oxygen through our ancestors their gills or lungs
Amanijo Diy
'Amanijo Diy' 3 months ago
I get the hiccups EVERYTIME i eat
'renata' 3 months ago
will there be another 30 fact video. i miss them they are sooo fun
Jenny Tokumei
'Jenny Tokumei' 3 months ago
TheRichest, you said "a theory that animals have magnetic bars in their DNA cells"... do you have any dressing to go with that word salad? Stop making videos about science until you get someone who actually knows what the hell they're talking about.

That's not the only problem I have with the video, it's just the point at which I stopped watching it and wrote this comment, only to move on to some other video made by people who aren't half as retarded.
Kevin Smith
'Kevin Smith' 3 months ago
Oscar Laurent
'Oscar Laurent' 3 months ago
Manage discourse change fifth emission line career platform remain.
'HOOD RAT' 3 months ago
What! All babies have blue eyes ?
'Gozefart' 3 months ago
you should make a video about vegetables now and 10.000 years ago ..Did u know carrots weren't always orange
GorkhaliWarrior - Clash Royale & more
hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!
Jac Lanle
'Jac Lanle' 3 months ago
They have explained hiccups it's from when we were on all fours and we choked we hiccuped to move the food again we still haven't forgot how to
'KellySmith555' 3 months ago
"Human babies all have blue eyes when they are born"
THE FUCK THEY DO NOT! Not all babies are white you know....
pizzasum s
'pizzasum s' 4 months ago
Who smiled when she said smiling
Defalt Condition
'Defalt Condition' 4 months ago
Surprised they didn't include forces of attraction
'OLDIRTYPRIEST' 4 months ago
all human babies are born with blue eyes?
Jack Trim
'Jack Trim' 4 months ago
I have always been nice to tomatoes. You don't want a tomato mad at you. They come to me in my dreams. They say, "Jack, Jack... you ate us Jack. We are going to kill you."
Georgia The Fabulous
'Georgia The Fabulous' 4 months ago
Where is my blue eyed squad at?
Nahjah Stephen
'Nahjah Stephen' 4 months ago
my eyes cry when I'm sad or when I use the bathroom or when I yarn or when I sneze or when I laugh hard or when there's someing in my eye. I HATE IT PEOPLE ALWAS THINK IM SAD 😭
F3AR Cypher
'F3AR Cypher' 4 months ago
the breast one though 😂
Nahjah Stephen
'Nahjah Stephen' 4 months ago
for some reason my eyes cry when I'm sad or my I use the bathroom or when I yarn or when I snez a lot teach ask why are u crying and I say I'm not WHY, 😭
'Vera' 4 months ago
drinking water upside down always gets rid of my hiccups, I think its because it makes me burp and whenever I burp they stop
Fatou Bah
'Fatou Bah' 4 months ago
''DNA cells'' are not a thing...All cells start with the DNA, and some cell types become enucleated during maturation, losing their nucleus therefore lacking DNA which is found the cells nucleus. But there is no ''DNA cell''
David Velazquez
'David Velazquez' 4 months ago
they played this video before...
brayden singleton
'brayden singleton' 4 months ago
aw the last fact <3
Skeet Parish
'Skeet Parish' 4 months ago
Taylor Kid
'Taylor Kid' 4 months ago
Do anyone else think about what the narrator looks 🙂like I mean she has a lovey voice an all but who is she 🤷🏼‍♂️
The Pressure Squad
'The Pressure Squad' 4 months ago
FACT: When we cry, it decreases our stress.
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