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DJ Mustard - Ridin' Around ft. Nipsey Hussle, RJ -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: DJMustardVEVO

By: DJMustardVEVOPublished: 3 weeks ago

1, 463, 914 views

26, 868 Likes   814 Dislikes

Music video by DJ Mustard performing Ridin' Around. (C) 2017 Roc Nation, LLC.

'Areté' 8 hours ago
Lit as fuck good start for 2017 this,gotti81 and migos tshirt
'GOD OVER EVERYTHING' 10 hours ago
slap nip Hussle hard af
Spoity BEY
'Spoity BEY' 11 hours ago
I Like that. West$ide get the Money
'jDUB1' 17 hours ago
YG is garbage, Nips a Crip, should blast yg frfr. There was a concert where some crips we're banging on YG and he hid behind his entourage throwing bottles sayin Foh Hunnnit😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bouaza Ez Ahery
'Bouaza Ez Ahery' 21 hours ago
west coast !bitch
George Petoussis
'George Petoussis' 1 day ago
amazing song
Leticia Perez
'Leticia Perez' 1 day ago
'GETN2THAMONEY' 2 days ago
shit slap westcoast
Tre Smoove
'Tre Smoove' 2 days ago
nipsey one of my favorite rappers but rj was ass on this song
'color' 2 days ago
West coast has the best hip hop
Sway Calloway
'Sway Calloway' 2 days ago
classic mustard track
cadena de Hotspanish brocoli
Lol is allen iverson 😕😂😂
John Dough
'John Dough' 2 days ago
40s with the 30s like the Harlems on Vernon 👍🏾
Leandro Atherino
'Leandro Atherino' 3 days ago
Brett K
'Brett K' 3 days ago
Mustard is the shhhhhhhhhheeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiit
Rajshe Jones
'Rajshe Jones' 3 days ago
this shit lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Killakay Y
<--------- Check out these freestyles Kingtut Bring'em out 'AND MUCH MORE HIT ME UP IF U WANNA MAKE SOME REAL MUSIC.
Dandre Lewis
'Dandre Lewis' 3 days ago
The bro R.J hard I grew up with the homie... OMMIO2017
B Hadnot
'B Hadnot' 4 days ago
dat nigga look lame ass he'll. triple salute to.OG nipsey doe
Oliver Hernandez
'Oliver Hernandez' 4 days ago
Nip with the Seattle mariners jersey fresh
Mastah Wayne Beats
straight bangin'
'BIG SEND' 4 days ago
yg should of been on da beat
Jeremy Kirendall
'Jeremy Kirendall' 4 days ago
Noodle Ending
'Noodle Ending' 4 days ago
0:33 Nipsey dippin blowin kush smoke on 26 n Figueroa u shoulda kept going up till u hit the 50s n 60s! In the backstreets of Highland Park! NeLa
Kelsi charron
'Kelsi charron' 4 days ago
Hey this Kelsi Charron I love you music and you guys are fucking awesome I'm 13 years old❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖🐒🐒💖💖💖😂😂😂😂😂💛💛💩💩💩😍😍😍
Isela Rosas Rodriguez
'KING KALIKush' 4 days ago
Ride around 50CAL 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 💰💰💰💰💰
Kevin Davis
'Kevin Davis' 4 days ago
the best song
Noah Feerer
'Noah Feerer' 5 days ago
I need a fucking instrumental for this shit fr
Nick Baterdene
'Nick Baterdene' 5 days ago
Shiit! Way better than mumble rap.
'AfroDance*Musik' 5 days ago
Duce MaCc
'Duce MaCc' 5 days ago
All $ In
'sweetj16real' 5 days ago
Need more west coast tracks like this out there.
'32KEYS BEATS' 5 days ago
mustard on the beat hoe
Gagan Narang
'Gagan Narang' 6 days ago
lack lyrics ... too many repeats..beat is osm!
Valley Mac
'Valley Mac' 6 days ago
Predator 17
'Predator 17' 6 days ago
Y they got on all the Seattle gear?
'Cleto' 6 days ago
Why Nipsey look like he could be Snoop Dogg and Prodigy son
Richie Tee
'Richie Tee' 6 days ago
They Filmed This In My Neighborhood , North East Los Angeles , It Was A Trip Seeing Rj , Nip And Mustard , Felt Like The 90s , How I Would Imagine Seeing Dre And Them Film In Your Hood , Just Crazy 👏🏽
Wassabi j
'Wassabi j' 6 days ago
Nipsey finally gettin the views he deserve guess he said 2017 is his year ??? 💰⚡️🔥
Man the boss gaming
were yg i mad should put yg in hear
U The man
'U The man' 7 days ago
yg need to be in the remix
Sa Konde
'Sa Konde' 7 days ago
Let me know when they get on beat.....
Sara woopwoop
'Sara woopwoop' 1 week ago
love this beat ❤
Jay Duran
'Jay Duran' 1 week ago
Too short missing sounds like something he would kill
Lexter Beats
'Lexter Beats' 1 week ago
anyone mind checking out my beats theyre fire
Dred Paige
'Dred Paige' 1 week ago
Ethan Cryder
'Ethan Cryder' 1 week ago
Yg would've been lit in this song
'four1sixRaps' 1 week ago
2017 is gonna be FIUEGO!!
faze X Coon
'faze X Coon' 1 week ago
Dj mustard the most overrated producer ever, generic as fuck and blatantly jacks from others
The Legends TV
'The Legends TV' 1 week ago
here before it blows up :D
Marco Caliandro
'Marco Caliandro' 1 week ago
Is this song supposed to be satirical?
Jesse Martinez
'Jesse Martinez' 1 week ago
William Legend
'William Legend' 1 week ago
Shit goooo 💯
Az Onthebeat
'Az Onthebeat' 1 week ago
who eles seen nipsey do a yg dance move
Buffy Chicken
'Buffy Chicken' 1 week ago
'MrDemon3434' 1 week ago
He looks like a younger prodigy
boo1987 H.P
'boo1987 H.P' 1 week ago
man nipsey one of the hardest out of cali for a while consistent hits
bart loon
'bart loon' 1 week ago
rj comin up fast🔥🔥
kody scot
'kody scot' 1 week ago
cali in this ....
Max Marlow Beats
'Max Marlow Beats' 1 week ago
Damon Johnson
'Damon Johnson' 1 week ago
This shit knock cuz
junkman lo
'junkman lo' 1 week ago
i love it....WEST UP
Tabiths Marks
'Tabiths Marks' 1 week ago
VD “D Navaya” Ncube
Nipsey looks a bit like Prodigy
Tayn Tain
'Tayn Tain' 1 week ago
cute kids
Cali X4NIA
'Cali X4NIA' 1 week ago
30s wid da 40s
nathen romero
'nathen romero' 1 week ago
all in south central L,A showing some lovve to the city ,,90003
cristiano skills
'cristiano skills' 1 week ago
shout out to king of west coast LA
DC Calified
'DC Calified' 1 week ago
FlipNigz 626Cali
DC Calified
'DC Calified' 1 week ago
💯 check my New album as well available everywhere to stream
#dccalified #thesuburbsandthestreets
urbanlife distribution/rapbay
Freedom “Freedom” J. Harris
WHO is on the beat?? I hear that on a lot of songs in RNBass, but I can't understand what he is saying.
'KING KALIKush' 1 week ago
Riden Around Boss Up . Riden Outbounds 40cal🔫🔫🔫 30 rounds GChit
Geon Brooks
'Geon Brooks' 1 week ago
hardest shit I herd all day 👌👌🔥🔥🔥
'Derkovic' 1 week ago
What is the brand of RJ's cap?
Nicolas Foungues
'Nicolas Foungues' 1 week ago
King Anthony
'King Anthony' 1 week ago
West Coast got the best music right now
John Dew
'John Dew' 1 week ago
Nippseu lowkey legend statuts already🔥🔥🔥
Gerone Paige
'Gerone Paige' 1 week ago
dis say west west all over it ! nipsey the homie and always finesse anything he do but we all heard yg on dis beat or thought about him
Queen pop (cake)
'Queen pop (cake)' 1 week ago
sexy L.A niggas ! Do yo shit tho!
Jessy Arrenquin
'Jessy Arrenquin' 1 week ago
this go omm
'MJ100' 1 week ago
the west coast still doin the thangthang 💯
Shaz Widhani
'Shaz Widhani' 1 week ago
Roberto Ojeda
'Roberto Ojeda' 2 weeks ago
robert gene
'robert gene' 2 weeks ago
60 NH nip one the best ive eva heard cuz
Kid Money Fresh
'Kid Money Fresh' 2 weeks ago
DJ Mustard and these beats. Got that Too Short feel.
Dallas Nateweyes
'Dallas Nateweyes' 2 weeks ago
no music
k9 TheGiant
'k9 TheGiant' 2 weeks ago
I TRIED to get at nip but he never showed me no luv bk but he is still da best i guess u gotta be cruel to b kind....
Jamel Jackson
'Jamel Jackson' 2 weeks ago
RJ 40's on Vernon not the Harlem's 
Couch Gucci
'Couch Gucci' 2 weeks ago
RJ lit my nigga
Zachery Nguyen
'Zachery Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Lit asf
kendrick23 lamar
'kendrick23 lamar' 2 weeks ago
this shit is tough🔥🔥🔥
E38 Guy
'E38 Guy' 2 weeks ago
check this shit out, an get cash.
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