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Donald Trump shuts down CNN reporter - BBC News -
Published: 6 days ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 6 days ago

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Asked to explain his "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" tweet earlier on Wednesday, Mr Trump said it was "a disgrace fake news was released to the public". He added that it was something they did in Nazi Germany. He criticised the news outlet BuzzFeed for publishing the unsubstantiated claims, calling it a "failing pile of garbage". A heated exchange then took place with journalists but Mr Trump refused to speak on the matter further.

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Katerri Dale
'Katerri Dale' 10 minutes ago
"Don't be rude. Don't be rude. Don't be rude!" uh... likewise DUMP. You've been rude for the past couple months. Smh lol
Al Deniro
'Al Deniro' 12 minutes ago
All of you will gonna miss Obama.
'AHMED SANNY' 19 minutes ago
J lu
'J lu' 38 minutes ago
That's why is not a good idea and a very dangerous thing to let company merge with another company. There will be no competition and they will take controlled everything just like if we have only one news network like CNN and feed us like the Nazi or Communist propaganda news.
Reagan R
'Reagan R' 52 minutes ago
CNN mentally ill Librats network.
Froggy Noddy
'Froggy Noddy' 2 hours ago
like this man or not, he wasn't lying about cnn. i mean yes, fox is bad, but cnn uses that glib image of theirs to sell so much bullshit, it's frightening.
Rodya Raskolnikov
'Rodya Raskolnikov' 3 hours ago
We do not know if the claims in the intelligence report are false , it has not been disproved yet . It could be true.
Just like it has not been disproved that millions of illegals voted for Clinton . it could have happened ,we don't know .
Rodya Raskolnikov
'Rodya Raskolnikov' 3 hours ago
When is President Snowflake going to grow up and stop whining about the media. probably never .
He did not have any problem with unsubstantiated leaks when it was pouring out of WikiLeaks .
Now he is butthurt because it was revealed , he enjoys being peed on by Putin and his buddies ?
hegmon tuesday
'hegmon tuesday' 3 hours ago
My great grandparents died in the holocaust I have no problem with what trump said about nazi Germany
'el_magico' 3 hours ago
He's playing with these journalist. Also he cleverly shooting down our freedom of speech and press... we all going down from this point on... hail trump hail trump! Our new leader
Wisnu Ardhi
'Wisnu Ardhi' 4 hours ago
Why Donald Trump could become a leader in a powerful country?
in fact he only had money and arrogance, but not the ability of a president.
everything he says is about ambition and not the solution
he could trigger a world war. so sorry
Pole Nit
'Pole Nit' 5 hours ago
Cnn mugs yes the Donald
Francis Underwood
'Francis Underwood' 5 hours ago
When people make claims that you f*** and pissed on Russian call girls, with no evidence, you have every right to treat them like this.
Michael Sinclair
'Michael Sinclair' 5 hours ago
Two reasons why Trump runs CNN into the ground: 1.) Ted Turner founder of CNN said "From one billionaire to another I'm voting for Hillary Clinton. 2.) CNN this past year reported on every bad thing he's done all of it factual. So what does he do in retaliation he discredits them and runs them in the ground. He's already convinced his followers or should I say "Cultists" that the CNN lies so that when they come out with credible proof he done something wrong with his presidency they wouldn't believe it. What a master manipulator he is. If only he used his powers for good instead of evil.
Oskidooo Oscar
'Oskidooo Oscar' 6 hours ago
crush cnn,, sick and tired of fake news
william hamby
'william hamby' 6 hours ago
STILL SMILING......I love watching ANYONE shut these cocksuckers down.
Aviation Artist
'Aviation Artist' 6 hours ago
Let's see how CNN feels to be put behind and punched in the face! Go Trump!
Tom Vala
'Tom Vala' 6 hours ago
Absolutely love how that clown from the circus is begging for a question
aziza maya
'aziza maya' 6 hours ago
Donald trump es TERRORISTA!!!!!!!!!!
fishyman 908
'fishyman 908' 6 hours ago
I think I know why CNN is against him it's because it stands for Clinton News Network
xBornTo AdoreLanax
'xBornTo AdoreLanax' 6 hours ago
trump always crying when people make fun of him imaoooo
A Rosetta
'A Rosetta' 7 hours ago
He's fooling the conservatives with the same tactics as Hitler. Refusing to answer press questions by discrediting the organization is just one step.
Crazy SparkleCookie
'Crazy SparkleCookie' 7 hours ago
Ryu Tube
'Ryu Tube' 7 hours ago
If I owned a restaurant, and the employees at my restaurant were the people who voted for Trump, I would fire ALL OF THEM because they failed at their ONE job!
Kevy Nova
'Kevy Nova' 7 hours ago
He calls CNN "fake news" but praises the National Enquirer and said they deserve a Pulitzer. Just let that sink in.
Santico Rey
'Santico Rey' 7 hours ago
░░░╚═╝░░░╚═╝░░╚═╝░╚═════╝░╚═╝░░░░░╚═╝╚═╝░░░░░ for president 2020
'jl5000' 8 hours ago
He's not even in yet and he's already making comparisons to Nazi Germany! You couldn't make it up!
Brendan Chwascinski
'Brendan Chwascinski' 8 hours ago
liberals are rude
Brendan Chwascinski
'Brendan Chwascinski' 8 hours ago
people are so rude
'theowlmaster' 8 hours ago
donald trump is an ancient nincompoop! this is not outta sight
Shellvy Sanchez
'Shellvy Sanchez' 8 hours ago
speeck right bro you Donald Trump you say bla bla bla bla 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙎🙎🙎🙍🙍🙍🙍🙍🙏🙏🙏🙎🙎🙍🙍🙏 booooooo Donald Trump you stink
'starandanchor' 9 hours ago
Thank God for President Donald Trump!!!!!In fact, I see TRUMP TRAIN 2020!!!!!
'Rob' 9 hours ago
CNN lacks integrity but using fake news as an excuse not to talk to the press is stooping as low. he's playing the right just like Clinton would be playing the left. How is this good?
viviana molina
'viviana molina' 9 hours ago
this president is going to spend the rest of his presidency defending himself from the press...please please tire him out!
'ProjectGenesis' 9 hours ago
Donald, please destroy TMZ.
'JFJ C' 9 hours ago
Good 😊 for Trump CNN is fake malarkey
Pokemon Trainer Touya [Hilbert]
Ok..woah talk about a low blow... XD
'cfcreative1' 9 hours ago
CNN what garbage.
Big Dog
'Big Dog' 10 hours ago
the US media needs to be reigned in. they don't report the news the create sensational embellishments. time to reign in the 1st Amendment.
'johnwoa' 10 hours ago
'marccas10' 11 hours ago
6 months before the presidential election I decided to do a little "experiment". Every day i would put Trump into Google news and Clinton into Google news. Every day 95% of the Trump articles were negative hit pieces. When you typed Clinton into Google it was 85-90% positive coverage. So I'm afraid that Donald Trump got elected despite the media, not because of it. You just don't get it, Trump doesn't need you and he is going to talk to you like shit because you spent the last 6 months throwing all objectivity out of the window and decided thatcit was your job to not just report facts but it was your job to make sure Trump failed and you lost and you lost hard. I don't see a way back for the MSM in its present form.
'marccas10' 11 hours ago
I don't mind fake news per se, I just wish the BBC wouldn't make me pay for it.
Capitano Americo
'Capitano Americo' 11 hours ago
Who is this guy? Does he have an anger issue?
Mack Attack
'Mack Attack' 12 hours ago
Buzzfeed is such shit though
Rob Johnson
'Rob Johnson' 12 hours ago
Isnt this the same dude that was on alex jones show? lmao wtf
Peter Sothern
'Peter Sothern' 12 hours ago
I reckon trump is too old to be president and I think he mite start to smell of piss 😃
John Doe
'John Doe' 12 hours ago
he's not having the dumb shit people do. to bad he wouldn't shut down facebook.
kilo whiskey
'kilo whiskey' 12 hours ago
lmao! like a boss! he shut down that punk ass reporter, stood his ground and wasn't going to bullied. what balls to tell the PEOTUS what is appropriate and what isn't.
John Sorto
'John Sorto' 13 hours ago
that was good! CNN is garbage.. they give jobs to radicals.. Good one Don..
Music Time
'Music Time' 13 hours ago
every thing for trump is out of the country
Frank A.
'Frank A.' 13 hours ago
Lol what was the reporter thinking? Guess who lost their White House press pass for life, maybe their job. Wildly inappropriate and rude. Trump was right too, it was fake news. CNN got called out. You can change your ways and deal with it, or you can throw a tantrum on national tv in front of the President elect. If you want to lose whatever shred of credibility the liberal media has left, go with the latter. Disgraceful.
Alex Fish
'Alex Fish' 13 hours ago
I'm glad this happened
Mrlolman1000 Lol
'Mrlolman1000 Lol' 14 hours ago
Trump is a racist sexist shit
Ronmiester R
'Ronmiester R' 14 hours ago
he is fake news we dont listen to you at all anymore shut up mister or i will throw you out in the gutter with the rest of the fake false news networks who tried to sabotage our lerader.
'Daniel' 14 hours ago
Democracy should die a death across the world. A military dictatorship is the only valid form of government. All media should be controlled by the state and be nothing but uplifting propaganda.
Ronmiester R
'Ronmiester R' 14 hours ago
great job Donald dont talk to those traitors rember how they all tried to sabotage you when you were running and they still are we dont watch them no more we all know they are fake news
Andi Narun
'Andi Narun' 14 hours ago
Thank You America for the end of the world !
EVO TIME ATTACK Bye bye bikes
Evan Catania
'Evan Catania' 14 hours ago
that end, I feel like that to be continued meme is gonna happen XD
EVO TIME ATTACK Bye bye bikes
Andrey King
'Andrey King' 15 hours ago
The reporter was really annoying tbh
'JCKL4' 15 hours ago
I don't like tump but he is 100 % right about buzz feed
'Morgantheperson' 15 hours ago
I wished he yelled "You're a fake president" after he said they are fake news just for the dramatic effect
Kek Is Lord
'Kek Is Lord' 16 hours ago
Lara Casey
'Lara Casey' 16 hours ago
Buzzfeed is trash
Let Poland be Poland
'Let Poland be Poland' 16 hours ago
Master troll!
Kitties and Wolves123
even though i hate trump as much as the next guy i must agree with his opinion on buzzfeed, and the cnn reporter was annoying
'balancer182' 17 hours ago
I like the strange logic by Costa, that because Trump attacked CNN it means CNN is entitled to a question.
J Applic
'J Applic' 17 hours ago
Donald Trump is fake news. He is the ultimate gas lighter. If he accuses anyone of something you can be pretty sure he is the perpetrator.. that's his very transparent mo. if you share his values it won't be in your interest to admit that but it is the unfortunate reality of this "reality" star.
Alexis Cortes
'Alexis Cortes' 17 hours ago
I can't stop laughing! Buzzfeed lmao he mentioned Buzzfeed. And sounds like my 14 friend. Oml lol "no no not you."Lol ppl gonna hate on me
The Spark
'The Spark' 17 hours ago
Trumps IQ can´t be that high, he speaks like an angry 8 year old.
David Gadea
'David Gadea' 17 hours ago
danold trump you are so stupid
'GRKalexis' 18 hours ago
If Trump says it's fake news, then why doesn't he sue ?? He also has the money to call up an investigation to track the person who leaked the news to prove his innocence.
dean latham
'dean latham' 18 hours ago
america went from having a great president like obama to a racist sexist asshole
'JohnDaWhale2' 18 hours ago
Don't be rewd. Don't be rewd.
Emilio Fernandez
'Emilio Fernandez' 18 hours ago
The Jews control the media, that's why Hillary Clinton got chosen as the candidate for the Democratic Party. Donald Trump deserves to have won and forced those hookers to piss at the ritz hotel
mark pera
'mark pera' 19 hours ago
CNN=Clinton News Network
'Moonlightfrida' 19 hours ago
Wtf is wrong with him?
help me now
'help me now' 19 hours ago
i wish my countrys president would be like torgue and if another country would have torgue as president i would totally move to that country #torgueforpresident
Alberto Balcazar
'Alberto Balcazar' 19 hours ago
man!!!trump is trash!!!how can the president of The United States Of America talk like this!!??
Liam Braun
'Liam Braun' 19 hours ago
Weak chin. Small hands. Soft skin. Our next president.
Yul Bahbo
'Yul Bahbo' 19 hours ago
CIA News Network, any surprise they hate him?
Stephen Corfield
'Stephen Corfield' 19 hours ago
The B.B.C is a disgusting commie organization thats the governments propoganda fake news. The B.B.C lied about Iraq, Afganistan, Ukrain, Syria, Assad, Russians. In fact most of its reporting is bullshit.
Jaded Shim
'Jaded Shim' 20 hours ago
Why did Acosta ask permission for a question if he was going to ask one anyway?
Fuckin A Jared
'Fuckin A Jared' 21 hours ago
Lol these extremely unintelligent liberals are finding any reason to dislike him, just to follow the bandwagon
Ar J
'Ar J' 21 hours ago
I love this guy :)
EVO TIME ATTACK Bye bye bikes
jonathan lever
'jonathan lever' 22 hours ago
cnn is a complete propaganda, bullshit story channel. useless stories, put together by halfwits, edited by morons, run by liars and crooks?
EVO TIME ATTACK Bye bye bikes
EVO TIME ATTACK Bye bye bikes
jonathan lever
'jonathan lever' 22 hours ago
cnn f..g crooked liars
Shahid Bajwa
'Shahid Bajwa' 22 hours ago
Can't wait to see this guy buttfucking the American dream!
Lmao im dead!
Silencer 666
'Silencer 666' 22 hours ago
He is the World greatest Moron !!!
'xtreme1982641' 22 hours ago
R.I.P. America
makka y
'makka y' 23 hours ago
That is just a taste of things to come and sends a message to all Traitors,spreaders of LIES!!!The Left wing state controlled media thought they had total power,they thought they were untouchable....Now the tables have turned!!!!!!!Watch them duck for cover as the overhaul begins....ha!!
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