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Running on Water | Outrageous Acts of Science -
Published: 3 years ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 years ago

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Wednesdays 9/8c on Science Channel
This liquid mountaineering video went viral when it was released but, sorry, it was a hoax. We have to ask: Could running on water really be possible?

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nicole garcia
'nicole garcia' 8 hours ago
Shempre mababaw
TheDazzlingFlame Roblox
There Is A Glass path way .
'WatchMeSayStuff' 3 days ago
Even though there's nobody currently KNOWN who can run faster than Usain, running three times faster than him isn't inherently impossible. What they're saying is that it is in fact possible to run on water.
Aardappel Man
'Aardappel Man' 4 days ago
That accent tho

wel leuk gedaan
NickyWhites Productions
How did this become apart of matpats intro
'Beladury' 6 days ago
I could tell they were on a platform
Snow_Axe 44
'Snow_Axe 44' 7 days ago
choi kin mun
'choi kin mun' 1 week ago
'Morganism' 1 week ago
when a clip from this is on Film Theory and no one comments it
Yaha K Maharaj
'Yaha K Maharaj' 1 week ago
u know died sea
HyperDeath KingPotato
Can Usain Bolt do it?
Inky Gamer Roblox y mas!
Naruto Confirmed
'an-internet-user' 1 week ago
yoi mean it is an outrageous act af shit fuckingf faking it you sstupid moron
bboy Freestyler
'bboy Freestyler' 1 week ago
'jeb' 1 week ago
Tom De Tiger
'Tom De Tiger' 2 weeks ago
'SEMZI' 2 weeks ago
Its fake
softballcheezlover flips
Jesus can walk on water.
Ice is 100% water.
I can walk on ice.
Therefore I am 100% Jesus right? SIKE NO ONE IS JESUS✌🏼
Mangle The pirate
'Mangle The pirate' 2 weeks ago
thats fake its just photoshop,i believe its FAKE😐😐😐😐🤔
David Manning
'David Manning' 2 weeks ago
Fake there is glass floating
Nguyen Viet Anh
'Nguyen Viet Anh' 2 weeks ago
its fake 100%
Alexandra Alvaro
'Alexandra Alvaro' 2 weeks ago
umm???! excuse me this is all FAKE !!!!!
Peter Alves
'Peter Alves' 2 weeks ago
can a cheetah run on water?
lenny Fraser
'lenny Fraser' 2 weeks ago
It's actually fake
Mr. coolboy
'Mr. coolboy' 2 weeks ago
We need big feet and run fast also we need a need big bubbles underneath are foot to run on water
honestly i dont care
Is that Jesus Christ?
'PEACE AND LOVE' 3 weeks ago
FAKE!!! the water isint even that deep
Farhana Arman
'Farhana Arman' 3 weeks ago
guys dont belive em upyou know there mUST be a path and when the path ends he falls right?
Lucas Rais
'Lucas Rais' 3 weeks ago
It's fake
Salma McCLoud
'Salma McCLoud' 3 weeks ago
there is a broad under it
Oliver Ringsten
'Oliver Ringsten' 3 weeks ago
Its fake
'DKgamer' 3 weeks ago
I can walk on water

Only the frozen one
Wendy-ann Spencer
'Wendy-ann Spencer' 3 weeks ago
it have glass on the water
OneColor Cube
'OneColor Cube' 3 weeks ago
fake...theres a floor there i see that in google..! stop it!
Ivan Drago
'Ivan Drago' 3 weeks ago
it's fake.
Tell The Tale
'Tell The Tale' 3 weeks ago
Boi fake
'arnie365' 3 weeks ago
Uhhh no ! Try 12,2 m/s top speed for u sain bolt not 10,4 .
Jayden The kitty cat
Cr7 Footy challenges
He was on a low surface that's why he eventually falls down
Bus3cha hahaha
'Bus3cha hahaha' 4 weeks ago
คริปนี้ผมดูเฉลยเเล้ว มันมีเบาะลองอยู่เเลว้คนก็เเค่วิ่งจนสุดความยาวของเบาะเเล้วก็ตกลงน้ำ
Parkour world
'Parkour world' 4 weeks ago
its glas
Helmy Marwati
'Helmy Marwati' 4 weeks ago
Just Jesus cant walk in the water 😉😇
Mikel Larosa
'Mikel Larosa' 4 weeks ago
I saw it's fake
Mikel Larosa
'Mikel Larosa' 4 weeks ago
Grace Herbert
'Grace Herbert' 4 weeks ago
What's his name, Barry Allen?
Lies Wirtum
'Lies Wirtum' 4 weeks ago
i really fought they where running over water 😕
Sri Vogt
'Sri Vogt' 4 weeks ago
This is fake
nallely retana
'nallely retana' 4 weeks ago
Lol most of people got fooled
Gene Lee
'Gene Lee' 4 weeks ago
This is fake
zilma roseiro raimundo
'EPIC PUMPKINS' 1 month ago
I think there's stones under them don't judge me
'avamolds' 1 month ago
why dont they just get tge fastest man on earth to try that? If anyone could do it, it would be him. Or you can get my brother cuz he has huge feet.
Damian Polecki
'Damian Polecki' 1 month ago
Thing is's fake
Mel1099 .P
'Mel1099 .P' 1 month ago
So fake
Joshua Coria
'Joshua Coria' 1 month ago
It is fake there is a floor on the bottom of water
'Fudz' 1 month ago
this is fake please stop doing the fake
Tomuxas HD
'Tomuxas HD' 1 month ago
Fun Fact:They Have Builden a Bridge UnderWater
Yoloz plays
'Yoloz plays' 1 month ago
fake that was a hoax the water is Sallow that gay
The Locator
'The Locator' 1 month ago
This is fake there are boards
Ruth Gongora
'Ruth Gongora' 1 month ago
No lie
Ruth Gongora
'Ruth Gongora' 1 month ago
water is a friend of mine
Ruth Gongora
'Ruth Gongora' 1 month ago
I have water powers
Glitching Gamer
'Glitching Gamer' 1 month ago
It's called ground right under the water dumbasses
-Sad Songs-
'-Sad Songs-' 1 month ago
Hold on,I'm scrolling through my contacts,I'm calling bullsh*t
Pevan B
'Pevan B' 1 month ago
If you believe this you're a boob
Traulzdrt GT
'Traulzdrt GT' 1 month ago
angry diamond dude
'angry diamond dude' 1 month ago
Why doesn't anyone make a shoe which soles are very big and are filled with helium or Hydrogen?
'majusitshu' 1 month ago
Naruto can walk on water...
sunil gangwal
'sunil gangwal' 1 month ago
heavenspider gt
'heavenspider gt' 1 month ago
this is fake they just put a bridge down the water
Crazy Mader
'Crazy Mader' 1 month ago
Lol it's fake
ranerahtakerons deer
It's fake
2 amigas ni una mas
'2 amigas ni una mas' 2 months ago
es pura mentira tienen un cristal abajo del agua
Rapolas Bitinas
'Rapolas Bitinas' 2 months ago
Pedro Apoc
'Pedro Apoc' 2 months ago
Quem é Br e veio pelo Vini?
'FieryTank' 2 months ago
Their running speed is so fast... They run so slow, even I'm faster
'boatmam2009' 2 months ago
actually meters per second is irrelevant..its foot turnover rate that matters not distance per sec...
Sir William Douglas Neff
they're not telling you how they got the idea. They saw someone else do it in a river in Northern Italy while on vacation, but he didn't use a platform.
Christian Roberson
'Christian Roberson' 2 months ago
If you had air pockets in your feet, such as in your shoe in some mysterious way, then you would have more reactive force due to the water pushing ou the air; and bigger feet wouldn't be a very big issue, you just have to be fast.
gina foster
'gina foster' 2 months ago
If the people didn't place the dock then it should be the shallow or big rocks
'CookieCommand' 2 months ago
it's fake. rip
'SAGER25 l MOXX' 2 months ago
You need to fight
'DogGoneIt123' 2 months ago
this video was exposed, there was a platform in the water, making it LOOK like you are walking on water, busted (search up 10 viral videos that are fake if you do not believe)
austin mountjoy
'austin mountjoy' 2 months ago
they constructed a glass bridge under water to run on it
iKvng Savage
'iKvng Savage' 2 months ago
I'm thinking they was really running on water
'DJPhaser1' 2 months ago
'DasNeueFeuer' 2 months ago
During the last clip, if you look for it, you may be able to see the water cascade off of the platform
Isaac Cleary
'Isaac Cleary' 2 months ago
'Chase.B' 2 months ago
Wow wasted 2 minutes and 18 seconds of my life great
MAA Beast
'MAA Beast' 2 months ago
he ran on sand under the water and then when he could not touch the sand he fell underwater
Armands Mežogs
'Armands Mežogs' 2 months ago
this is fake ther a glass table
Brandon Carmona
'Brandon Carmona' 2 months ago
Jesus can walk on water. Babies are 86% of water. I can walk on Babies. Therefore I am..

In Prison.
Wolfe_ Gaming
'Wolfe_ Gaming' 2 months ago
You would have to run way faster than that and only I have the speed to do that but first I'm gonna run faster than I ever had 😏
Inga Sedleniece
'Inga Sedleniece' 2 months ago
šo fakee
'Boxingturtle125' 2 months ago
I saw the vid
'Boxingturtle125' 2 months ago
It's fake they showed how they did and the water is actually glass they showed the vid for slot of money
D Urv
'D Urv' 2 months ago
I'm sending this to billschannel
D 0 D G E
'D 0 D G E' 2 months ago
i saw this guy on poeple are awesome :/
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