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Running on Water | Outrageous Acts of Science -
Published: 3 years ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 years ago

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Wednesdays 9/8c on Science Channel
This liquid mountaineering video went viral when it was released but, sorry, it was a hoax. We have to ask: Could running on water really be possible?

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Ruth Gongora
'Ruth Gongora' 1 day ago
No lie
Ruth Gongora
'Ruth Gongora' 1 day ago
water is a friend of mine
Ruth Gongora
'Ruth Gongora' 1 day ago
I have water powers
Glitching Gamer
'Glitching Gamer' 2 days ago
It's called ground right under the water dumbasses
-Sad Songs-
'-Sad Songs-' 2 days ago
Hold on,I'm scrolling through my contacts,I'm calling bullsh*t
Pevan B
'Pevan B' 4 days ago
If you believe this you're a boob
Traulzdrt GT
'Traulzdrt GT' 4 days ago
angry diamond dude
Why doesn't anyone make a shoe which soles are very big and are filled with helium or Hydrogen?
'majusitshu' 6 days ago
Naruto can walk on water...
sunil gangwal
'sunil gangwal' 7 days ago
heavenspider gt
'heavenspider gt' 1 week ago
this is fake they just put a bridge down the water
Crazy Mader
'Crazy Mader' 1 week ago
Lol it's fake
ranerahtakerons deer
It's fake
Rayen Gomez
'Rayen Gomez' 2 weeks ago
es pura mentira tienen un cristal abajo del agua
Rapolas Bitinas
'Rapolas Bitinas' 2 weeks ago
Pedro Apoc
'Pedro Apoc' 2 weeks ago
Quem é Br e veio pelo Vini?
'FieryTank' 2 weeks ago
Their running speed is so fast... They run so slow, even I'm faster
'boatmam2009' 3 weeks ago
actually meters per second is irrelevant..its foot turnover rate that matters not distance per sec...
Sir William Douglas Neff
they're not telling you how they got the idea. They saw someone else do it in a river in Northern Italy while on vacation, but he didn't use a platform.
Christian Roberson
'Christian Roberson' 3 weeks ago
If you had air pockets in your feet, such as in your shoe in some mysterious way, then you would have more reactive force due to the water pushing ou the air; and bigger feet wouldn't be a very big issue, you just have to be fast.
gina foster
'gina foster' 3 weeks ago
If the people didn't place the dock then it should be the shallow or big rocks
'CookieCommand' 3 weeks ago
it's fake. rip
'SAGER25 l MOXX' 3 weeks ago
You need to fight
'DogGoneIt123' 3 weeks ago
this video was exposed, there was a platform in the water, making it LOOK like you are walking on water, busted (search up 10 viral videos that are fake if you do not believe)
austin mountjoy
'austin mountjoy' 3 weeks ago
they constructed a glass bridge under water to run on it
iKvng Savage
'iKvng Savage' 3 weeks ago
I'm thinking they was really running on water
'DJPhaser1' 3 weeks ago
'DasNeueFeuer' 3 weeks ago
During the last clip, if you look for it, you may be able to see the water cascade off of the platform
Isaac Cleary
'Isaac Cleary' 4 weeks ago
'Chase.B' 4 weeks ago
Wow wasted 2 minutes and 18 seconds of my life great
MAA Beast
'MAA Beast' 4 weeks ago
he ran on sand under the water and then when he could not touch the sand he fell underwater
Armands Mežogs
'Armands Mežogs' 4 weeks ago
this is fake ther a glass table
Brandon Carmona
'Brandon Carmona' 4 weeks ago
Jesus can walk on water. Babies are 86% of water. I can walk on Babies. Therefore I am..

In Prison.
Awsome Gamer
'Awsome Gamer' 1 month ago
You would have to run way faster than that and only I have the speed to do that but first I'm gonna run faster than I ever had 😏
Inga Sedleniece
'Inga Sedleniece' 1 month ago
šo fakee
'Boxingturtle125' 1 month ago
I saw the vid
'Boxingturtle125' 1 month ago
It's fake they showed how they did and the water is actually glass they showed the vid for slot of money
D Urv
'D Urv' 1 month ago
I'm sending this to billschannel
D 0 D G E
'D 0 D G E' 1 month ago
i saw this guy on poeple are awesome :/
Arif Lukito
'Arif Lukito' 1 month ago
lol it's fake
Barrie Gardner
'Barrie Gardner' 1 month ago

Read more
Barrie Gardner
'Barrie Gardner' 1 month ago

Read more
Shelly Van Atta
'Shelly Van Atta' 1 month ago
It's awesome‼️
keith alexis monserate
How about Keemstar... Hes fast as fuck boi
Milaxy Portal
'Milaxy Portal' 1 month ago
maybe it's because it's really low in that part
Dave Keitaro Teo
'Dave Keitaro Teo' 1 month ago
Lol that's fake lol
Janusz Szumlanski
'Janusz Szumlanski' 1 month ago
so it is false - a man can run 1.5 meters and shown here as that ran 14-15 meters is not true
I hate myself
'I hate myself' 1 month ago
Film Theorist
Youi Destroyer
'Youi Destroyer' 1 month ago
its funny
Youi Destroyer
'Youi Destroyer' 1 month ago
so fake
Rania paris Sachio
'Rania paris Sachio' 1 month ago
I think there was glass under the water
'kidcruel' 1 month ago
thus is fake
it_ya_girl savage
'it_ya_girl savage' 1 month ago
I watched a thing of how people walk on water and they was running on a bridge and when they feel the bridge ended only Jesus can walk on water100%
Toad Hopper
'Toad Hopper' 1 month ago
BriBoy Vidz
'BriBoy Vidz' 1 month ago
There is ground underneath
Joshua Weickum
'Joshua Weickum' 1 month ago
There is a rock ledge that goes most of the way into the river about 6 inches under the water.
Hananya Bar Nahman
'Hananya Bar Nahman' 1 month ago
זה אמיתי?
Aiman Mu
'Aiman Mu'min' 1 month ago
I see some video that white people try something stupid but this is amazing, even if it fake or nah they trying so hard
Neng Yang
'Neng Yang' 1 month ago
I can walk on walker well underwater
Sem blogs
'Sem blogs' 1 month ago
Just you zie test plank tis fake
'Alex' 1 month ago
then usain bolt can also do this
Li Xiaofang
'Li Xiaofang' 1 month ago
That we're auctully walking on the ground in the water
Cry Insomnia
'Cry Insomnia' 1 month ago
Actually, they are running on a platform under the water.
Ella Mella
'Ella Mella' 2 months ago
It was just glass that put on the water but we can't see it and when it is at the end the person on it can't walk on water anymore
'Glyder50' 2 months ago
Jesus can walk on water. Ice is 100% water so therefore, I am Jesus.
Harrison Sojourner
'Harrison Sojourner' 2 months ago
Someone please find the music for this
Michelle Hayley
'Michelle Hayley' 2 months ago
how do you do that is amizing
'RedSnow101' 2 months ago
I saw the Plat form in the video before they explained it
Erin Quinn
'Erin Quinn' 2 months ago
amy myers
'amy myers' 2 months ago
Matthew Szurgot
'Matthew Szurgot' 2 months ago
Slippery Squid
'Slippery Squid' 2 months ago
This is a fake
ShortStacks56 Lms
'ShortStacks56 Lms' 2 months ago
anyone else seen that it's fake on watch mojo?
Malik B
'Malik B' 2 months ago
Whiteboys always thinking they gonna have supernatural powers one day.

borhan ag besar
'borhan ag besar' 2 months ago
its just a lake, so the place he is stepping is land.
Charlie Reid
'Charlie Reid' 2 months ago
ThePhantomDude 395
'ThePhantomDude 395' 2 months ago
It's fake
Abhishek Sathe
'Abhishek Sathe' 2 months ago
Yeah man just keep concentrating your chakra on your legs. Kakashi can help i with that.
Raya Llyanne
'Raya Llyanne' 2 months ago
there's only one can walk in water is God
Sponge 123
'Sponge 123' 2 months ago
Yup fake
Haya Rashed
'Haya Rashed' 2 months ago
Me: wow this pretty cool I must do it on my pool
my famliy recording
Me: watch me guys 😀
Me: runs Then falls
My: famliy laugh
Mister of pool: sorry miss but no one can't walk on pool
Mister of pool: same I don't care
He leave
I watch full of video
Yee AJ
'Yee AJ' 2 months ago
GUYS LISTEN UP the discription it says it was a hoax
2.the video was meant to sell their shoe
3.they put a bridge under the water
Lord Lego
'Lord Lego' 2 months ago
Not my proudest fap
R27 Adrow
'R27 Adrow' 2 months ago
would bigfoot be able to do this
Arish Amir
'Arish Amir' 2 months ago
Every Thing Its Peanuts
ITs Fake
Remastered Is my life
Fake go to bills channel
Damion Jayden Spyglass
is this real
Duty Gamer
'Duty Gamer' 2 months ago
i can run on water 3 steps
Tristan Tanchico
'Tristan Tanchico' 2 months ago
Such fakeness
Uchiage Takashi
'Uchiage Takashi' 2 months ago
Chinese kung fu movies fool all of us lol
Hamza Khan
'Hamza Khan' 2 months ago
Heath park rules Games
Sen Haku
'Sen Haku' 2 months ago
This is fake it has been confirmed by Matt pat and top 10 viral fake videos don't believe me? Check the videos out!
Skull Fire
'Skull Fire' 3 months ago
The Legend27
'The Legend27' 3 months ago
szoliloli TV
'szoliloli TV' 3 months ago
Bite me I
'Bite me I'm a cookie' 3 months ago
The cheesy video from the Cars comes to mind......"MAGIC "
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