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Top 10 WORST Movies of 2016 -
Published: 3 months ago By:

By: WatchMojo.comPublished: 3 months ago

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Top 10 WORST Movies of 2016

For every great movie and Oscar worthy film to come out of 2016, there was a terrible Razzie worthy film as well. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 worst movies of 2016, and recommend you avoid them at all costs. But what will take the top spot on our list? The wannabe epic Gods of Egypt, the not-funny comedy Dirty Grandpa, or the just plain awful Norm of the North? Watch to find out!

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00:44 #10. “Shut In” (2016)
01:47 #9. “Nine Lives” (2016)
02:52 #8. “Fifty Shades of Black” (2016)
03:48 #7. “Suicide Squad” (2016)
04:57 #6. “The Darkness” (2016)
05:55 #5. “Zoolander 2” (2016)
07:00 #4. “True Memoirs of an International Assassin” (2016)
08:01 #3, #2, #1 ????

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'' 2 months ago
Check out some of the movies featured in this Top 10 and see how bad they are!
“Suicide Squad” (2016)
“Zoolander 2” (2016)
“Gods of Egypt” (2016)
Shichen Wang
'Shichen Wang' 3 hours ago
I actually like Warcraft
Adrian Vince Panganiban
suicide squad isnt worst its good
'19dweezy88' 5 hours ago
Suicide Squad on this list? GTFOH!!! What dumb ass made this list?
'Taistelujulle' 5 hours ago
shut up i liked suicide squad
Shockwave 2016
'Shockwave 2016' 9 hours ago
C'mon! Creed doesn't even deserve a dishonorable mention.
Alex Crowell
'Alex Crowell' 9 hours ago
Zoolander 2 was great
King Crybaby
'King Crybaby' 15 hours ago
I honestly loved Suicide Squad, I'm sorry to anyone who disagrees, but I'm just in love with this film
saule kaikaryte
'saule kaikaryte' 22 hours ago
otaku 22
'otaku 22' 1 day ago
how is suicide squad on this Iist
Nigth MaRe
'Nigth MaRe' 1 day ago
y da fuc suicide squad is in here? that was the most awaited movie and when it comes out it is the most watched movie here in our country. i like suicide squad btw
Suicide squad was great
Benny Moonwalker
'Benny Moonwalker' 1 day ago
despite liking sucide squad, I like this list
MintyCatGamer - Quinn
Zoë McGonnell
'Zoë McGonnell' 2 days ago
Suicide squad was great! Idk why people hated it so much!
Gear Track 45
'Gear Track 45' 2 days ago
They forgot sausage party
Klara Kent
'Klara Kent' 2 days ago
Haven't seen shut in, 50shades of black, true memo. Agree with 9 lives, dirty grandpa, God oE Norm. Disagree with SC and Zoolander 2 loved both.
Diandra Nobre
'Diandra Nobre' 2 days ago
I actually like Allegiant
ij_army_ amberly
'ij_army_ amberly' 2 days ago
Your going to call suicide squad a bad movie yet it won an Oscar that's funny as f.
cristle write
'cristle write' 2 days ago
I loved nine lives! It was hilarious even with the cliche plot.
gamer overload
'gamer overload' 3 days ago
this list is shot c'mon watch mojo half of these movies are awsome
daksh dvivedi
'daksh dvivedi' 3 days ago
suicide squad and batman v superman
u guys suck, m unsubscribing you rite now..........
'mr.Hoolyvan' 3 days ago
In my opinion Assassin's Creed was amazing
Jocheen Peregrino
'Jocheen Peregrino' 3 days ago
Suicide Squad should be the worst of the worst.
Dianne Uerata
'Dianne Uerata' 3 days ago
Dirty grandpa was great
'Chubbtacular' 3 days ago
Am I the only person who loved BvS
Israel Fuentes
'Israel Fuentes' 3 days ago
suicide squad and batman vs superman where great movies
genesis ordonez
'genesis ordonez' 3 days ago
top 10 worst YouTube channels
AVictoria 0414
'AVictoria 0414' 4 days ago
Stop bashing about Suicide Squad ALL OF US SHOULD KNOW THAT IT IS HARD TO MAKE A MOVIE THAT EVERYONE LIKES?! Who agrees with me?
dianne oakes
'dianne oakes' 4 days ago
Warcraft was shit
Q Jones
'Q Jones' 4 days ago
Ahem... where the fuck is Ghostbusters 2016
Destroyer 184
'Destroyer 184' 5 days ago
Yo you r lieing cause half of the movies you mentioned are the best and also to a lot of people
LPP Damian
'LPP Damian' 5 days ago
I was looking for middle school. it was nothing like the book and his art style
Tyler Keck
'Tyler Keck' 5 days ago
where the hell is ice age
Mahika Islam Pathan
seriously !!!!! suicide squad

worst movie

Mathias Meyer
'Mathias Meyer' 5 days ago
Heya pal.. fly Does anyone hear bigger this video rofl
joey anthony**
'joey anthony**' 5 days ago
the fact so many people like suicide squad proves how people today have bad taste.todays music proves that too.
Kira Buchler
'Kira Buchler' 5 days ago
This list is bull**
Kira Buchler
'Kira Buchler' 5 days ago
Suicide squad did not suck it was great
Skittle Wolffey
'Skittle Wolffey' 5 days ago
Sees title about top ten worst movies of 2016. Harley Quinn definitely should not be seen... Suicide squad is my favorite movie but all the others are ok on this list, and I literally just watched Nine Lives on Amazon prime lmao it was ok cuz I love cats 😊
lee capman
'lee capman' 6 days ago
I haven't seen Shut In, so I can't judge. Nine lives was ok. I haven't seen 50 shades of black, so again, can't judge. I loved Suicide Squad, it was great. Now, as for Batman Vs. Superman it was ok, but it should have been in there way before Suicide Squad. Can't judge for The Darkness. Zoolander 2 was ok, but not nearly as good as the first. Although it movie was to fast, I thought True Memoirs of an International Assassin was a great movie. Dirty Grandpa did absolutely suck, from what I know, it should have been number one on this list. Can't judge for Gods of Egypt. They were in the "dis"honorable mentions, but I can't judge Warcraft, The Do-Over was crap and I loved Assassin's Creed. Now I can't judge Norm of the North because I haven't even heard of it.
Maxx Holifield
'Maxx Holifield' 6 days ago
Can people just stop commenting about Suicide Squad? I'm fed up with it.
It's time to be nicer to each other by talking about the other terrible movies on this list.
I'll start by saying this: They made the right choice for the #1 spot.
Kissen 2.0
'Kissen 2.0' 6 days ago
Also ich mag Sucide Squad, der Film ist lustig und man lernt die Charaktere kennen wenn man zu faul ist um Batman etc. anzusehen. Und nein, ich kann englisch, ich bin einfach zu faul um es zu nutzen.
Vaibhav toongags
'Vaibhav toongags' 6 days ago
Dc movies rocks
Nicole Plays
'Nicole Plays' 6 days ago
suicide squad was great. I know it is your opinion but still doesn't mean that some people didn't like cause I loved it so go somewhere with your bullshit
Marianah Robinson
'Marianah Robinson' 6 days ago
one the suaside squad is amazing
Balkan Home
'Balkan Home' 7 days ago
connor webb you are so stupid cause you dont know what are good movies
James Busbee
'James Busbee' 7 days ago
I love all those movies, the critics don't know shit. I will not be watching MOJO anymore
Balkan Home
'Balkan Home' 7 days ago
half movies are awsome i will unsubscribe
the bow tie guy 1
'the bow tie guy 1' 1 week ago
so you actually think that suicide squad is worse then nine lives are you drunk or something or do you just not know anything about movies also suicide squad is actually a good movie so that fact that it's on this list is stupid
Owen Buckner
'Owen Buckner' 1 week ago
I bet the dislikes are from idiots who like suicide squad.
oh yeah
'oh yeah' 1 week ago
Suicide Squad was plain horrible. I did not expect it to be that bad.
Artūrs Šveiders
'Artūrs Šveiders' 1 week ago
suicide squad is the best of the best. watchmojo you suck
'TheGamingPlatypus' 1 week ago
The worst film of 2016 (and quite possibly of all time) is really...

Raka rakata
'Raka rakata' 1 week ago
really bad ranking
Aaliyah Deveau
'Aaliyah Deveau' 1 week ago
Admit it, you clicked the video because Harley Quinn was the thumbnail 🌚
Joana Lumbao
'Joana Lumbao' 1 week ago
sausage party it a wrost/bad movie.
wachira david
'wachira david' 1 week ago
I usually don't state my opinion, but I'm tired of people criticizing great movies. Maybe it's my fault because if you look for trouble, unfortunately you will find it.
Camille Dugas élève
Ok well those are your opinions not ours so you are probably wrong
Ruby Morgensen
'Ruby Morgensen' 1 week ago
I loved nine lives
'Stefanlolololo' 1 week ago
Im the only one that liked Assassin's creed?
Fazira Haaroon
'Fazira Haaroon' 1 week ago
Wtf suicide squad isn't bad I hate dis video 1+dislike hope u like it watchmojo
'DragonConqueror' 2 weeks ago
I don't agree. Suicide squad and Gods of egypt were great. Even some mensions weren't that bad
Alvin Ellis
'Alvin Ellis' 2 weeks ago
In the divergent trailer all my friends had to say was "That was NOT in the book"
'KiwiSnowy' 2 weeks ago
Max Steele
'Max Steele' 2 weeks ago
fuck you mojo u are a stuipid youtuber that thinks u are sooo great posting this shit assasins creed was so good you are just a stuipid idiot
Hazel Henning
'Hazel Henning' 2 weeks ago
suiside squad is the best movie I have ever whatched
John Lim
'John Lim' 2 weeks ago
Warcraft is good. Only the gamer will appreciate.
Alix J
'Alix J' 2 weeks ago
i thought 50 shades of black was hilarious😂
Silver Moon
'Silver Moon' 2 weeks ago
I nominate indie film (yes the above are all mainstream) Highrise. Oddly high ratings but I literally couldn't watch it through: boring extended clips of buildings with different camera filters and random gruesome clips along with forgettable dialogue (maybe it was unclear). I walked out about half to 2/3rds of the way through. Walked back in a bit later and no better and walked out again. Want my money back.
'LightAmari120' 2 weeks ago
How did Ghostbusters (2016) reboot not make it on #1? Worst trailer on YouTube and lovers on the original (me included) didn't like it. I'm not panning the film for an all-female cast; the story was unexciting, the ghosts looked awful and the characters were stereotypes... >_< It should've been on this list...
Ishan Malhotra
'Ishan Malhotra' 2 weeks ago
People complaining either watch and enjoy their list or fuck make your own video with your own list
Stop fucking complaining
G Spyder
'G Spyder' 2 weeks ago
Awesomeness tamiya
'Awesomeness tamiya' 2 weeks ago
I loved suicide squad it's one of my favorite movies
ILike Emojis
'ILike Emojis' 2 weeks ago
When I Watched Suicide Squad I Was Soooo Excited And When I Left The Cinema With My Friend We Were In Denial That It Was Good
pepe memes
'pepe memes' 2 weeks ago


Dazzy The Normling
'Dazzy The Normling' 2 weeks ago
I haven't seen suicide squad yet but I'm quite worried to see it. I was so hyped to see that movie, and still wanting to see it.

can someone explain to me why it's bad ? :P
Diego Gatjens
'Diego Gatjens' 2 weeks ago
every single 2016 movie was bad, what is happening?
Morally_ Bankrupt
'Morally_ Bankrupt' 2 weeks ago
I actually really hated dirty grandpa
Morally_ Bankrupt
'Morally_ Bankrupt' 2 weeks ago
I actually quite liked Zoolander 2, sorry
symo maish
'symo maish' 2 weeks ago
i loved suicide squad....its not fair
Christa Andrews
'Christa Andrews' 2 weeks ago
I still really liked suicide squad
Tyler The Creator
'Tyler The Creator' 2 weeks ago
Man suicide squad should have been number 1 I thought it was shit making Harley Quinn look like a slut and making the joker look like he's high off of every drug
The Two Pandas
'The Two Pandas' 2 weeks ago
The ads and soundtrack for Suicide Squad is amazing yet the film is crap
The Two Pandas
'The Two Pandas' 2 weeks ago
Never new there was another Divergent movie
It look crap tho
Mohamed Alnoaimi
'Mohamed Alnoaimi' 2 weeks ago
Suicide squad definitely wasn't a good movie, but it wasn't bad enough to be put on this list
Bryan Gil
'Bryan Gil' 2 weeks ago
Suicide Squad Is Cancer
Savannah Griffin
'Savannah Griffin' 2 weeks ago
Suicide Squad was SEXY
'Zaiah' 2 weeks ago
I find it very funny how an oscar winning movie (suicide squad) made it on this list 😂😂😂
Antonio Paul
'Antonio Paul' 2 weeks ago
Suicide squad was so terrible
'Caloise' 2 weeks ago
I guess Watch Mojo didn't see how much people talked about Suicide Squad, and how much praise it got. It doesn't matter if you're a 'True DC Fan' so many people watched this and loved it.
Meta Morph
'Meta Morph' 2 weeks ago
Suicide Squad was better than BvS. It's not saying much but I was far more disappointed with BvS than Suicide Squad, at least by then the surprise of DC shitting on their own characters had worn off.
i don
Finally i can agree with a watchmojo video!
ShantelleDoes MC
'ShantelleDoes MC' 2 weeks ago
most of these movies are good
ShantelleDoes MC
'ShantelleDoes MC' 2 weeks ago
Nine life was a good movie
basilis xasiotis
'basilis xasiotis' 2 weeks ago
Suicide Squad is perfect
Mario Guy
'Mario Guy' 2 weeks ago
suicide squad was amazing
'Mysterionrises' 2 weeks ago
I don't disagree with the list but I do feel there are a some bad movies that they overlooked.
Marks S
'Marks S' 2 weeks ago
nine live is good movie
Evan Shackelford
'Evan Shackelford' 2 weeks ago
First of all Norm of the north is a kids movie and all the kids I know love this movie im 12
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