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Top 10 WORST Movies of 2016 -
Published: 1 month ago By:

By: WatchMojo.comPublished: 1 month ago

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Top 10 WORST Movies of 2016

For every great movie and Oscar worthy film to come out of 2016, there was a terrible Razzie worthy film as well. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 worst movies of 2016, and recommend you avoid them at all costs. But what will take the top spot on our list? The wannabe epic Gods of Egypt, the not-funny comedy Dirty Grandpa, or the just plain awful Norm of the North? Watch to find out!

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00:44 #10. “Shut In” (2016)
01:47 #9. “Nine Lives” (2016)
02:52 #8. “Fifty Shades of Black” (2016)
03:48 #7. “Suicide Squad” (2016)
04:57 #6. “The Darkness” (2016)
05:55 #5. “Zoolander 2” (2016)
07:00 #4. “True Memoirs of an International Assassin” (2016)
08:01 #3, #2, #1 ????

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'funkyfiss' 3 hours ago
"Gods of Egypt" and "WarCraft" are pretty good, with great story lines. Why wasn't "Ghost busters" on this list? It should of been number 1!
Casey Vlogs
'Casey Vlogs' 3 hours ago
Wesley Gerber
'Wesley Gerber' 9 hours ago
I actually enjoyed Warcraft and assassin's Creed
mohak khetan
'mohak khetan' 11 hours ago
LoL 11k dislikes
'TheRubberStudiosASMR' 12 hours ago
Sometimes I feel for the animators on these really expensive turds. They put in so much effort for something that is slammed.
Terry Oneill
'Terry Oneill' 12 hours ago
Warcraft was great so was BvS and assassins creed.....
Zerni Sebastian
'Zerni Sebastian' 16 hours ago
how the hell didn't made the list Bad Santa 2????
That Guy
'That Guy' 18 hours ago
I liked the dirty grandpa
Gabby D
'Gabby D' 21 hours ago
i didn't know about half of these movies
storm Sodaro
'storm Sodaro' 1 day ago
I love nine lives
For all the people wondering why the Ghostbusters reboot wasn't included here, I'll tell you why:

Ghostbusters wasn't included because given the controversy and backlash, they didn't want to give trolls another platform to spew their hate. Now before you say it's because they liked the movie, watch their 10 best movies of 2016 video. It wasn't included there either. Watchmojo wants nothing to do with this movie. And they're not the only ones who chickened out of this movie. Some other platforms include Screen Junkies and Cinemassacre. When Screen Junkies did their Honest Trailer on it, they turned off the comments as a way of silencing trolls, feminists, feminazis, SJWs and other people who had anything negative to say about it.. Now as for Cinemassacre, James Rolfe did a video explaining what he thought of the trailer and said that he would not be seeing or reviewing the movie because he decided that it didn't interest him. Both Cinemassacre and Screen Junkies faced backlash because of this. Now not including Ghostbusters in both videos is Watchmojo's way of avoiding any sort of backlash. Honestly I feel that Watchmojo made the right decision by not including it here or in the other video. Especially since it's certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes anyway.
Ignas Rakauskas
'Ignas Rakauskas' 1 day ago
suicide squad wasnt a good film but it wasnt a top 10 and zoolander 2 too they warnt good movies but not terible
Michael Hrusovsky
What's the overall lesson we learned from 2016 movies? DON'T USE PEOPLE WHO WORKED WITH ADAM SANDLER.
12kenzie 90
'12kenzie 90' 1 day ago
why would you put suicide squad its a good movie
'Marcustzb' 2 days ago
You missed out Ghostbusters... that trailer have over 1 mil dislikes....
Red Wolf
'Red Wolf' 2 days ago
I liked Suicide Squad but it could really been better like mostly not focused on Harley and Joker
'grand' 2 days ago
I think the list was soo true but not for warcraft and true m of a true assasin
Santiago Santos
'Santiago Santos' 2 days ago
Is Ice Age 5
'FunkyGameTime' 2 days ago
What?Suicide Squad!?I loved that film!
Induced Rhino438
'Induced Rhino438' 2 days ago
guys Suicide Squad is on here because of the poor plot, bad characters and poor acting (except for the Joker and Harley Quinn's performance being pretty good). Sure there are a lot of awesome moments but that's what makes you not care about the plot, that's how bad the plot really is. Its like grown ups, many funny moment for adults and children, but no plot. But at least Suicide Squad did have a plot, but a poorly made one
Induced Rhino438
'Induced Rhino438' 2 days ago
Geez, so glad I didn't see Suicide Squad and Norm of the North
What the hell was suicide squad about
Heyyyy fifty shades of black was a funny ass movie
Skyes thelimit
'Skyes thelimit' 2 days ago
nooo suicide squad was soooo good and so was true memoirs of an international assassin i couldn't stop laughing
Carl Some
'Carl Some' 3 days ago
Where was the new gostbustors am i right
'Lighting.gorgeous' 3 days ago
'Longshots' 3 days ago
true memories of an international assassin is fantastic!
Ladonna Brock
'Ladonna Brock' 3 days ago
The Extreme One
'The Extreme One' 3 days ago
what about middlie school the worst years of my life
James Holt
'James Holt' 3 days ago
The story of Warcraft was shit but the acting was great imo!!
Universe Girl
'Universe Girl' 4 days ago
All my friends say suicide squad was an awesome movie and it done pretty well at the box 📦 office so I don't see how it was bad and all the soundtracks to it were pretty decent like sucker for pain and heathens so I really don't understand how it was bad
Bryce Tillotson
'Bryce Tillotson' 4 days ago
I actually like Nine Lives
Zac Ritner
'Zac Ritner' 4 days ago
People who hate Independence Day Resurgence are assholes, the movie is awesome. Deal with it.
PaRappa The Rapper Fan 2003
Sausage Party and Animal Jam Racing Movie 4 should be on this list
Jonathan Martin
'Jonathan Martin' 4 days ago
Rotten Tomatoes has become one of the worst place to go for reviews... that site is just horrible.
Dirty Grampa was pretty funny and so was True Memoirs of an International Assassin...
The Do-Over was pretty good and Assassin's Creed was one of the best movies from the last year. Warcraft was also a great flick. As you can tell, the critics don't know shit about movies anymore.
suicide squad was the greatest movie I ever watched
'MartijnFTW' 4 days ago
Hahah cuicide Squad was one of the best
'kuroodia1201' 4 days ago
I agree with each one. Except maybe Dirty Grandpa. That one was actually funny, lol. I haven't seen Shut In (I wanted to so badly) but now, I'm doubting it :/ I actually enjoyed Suicide Squad better than the other DC films.

THE DARKNESS! OMG! That was a fucking terrible film. And so was Independence Day 2. I couldn't figure out who the main character was and the whole story of having two alien races come to earth could've been better executed. I didn't care about ANY fucking character in that movie. Except for David (Jeff Goldblum), But even then, they made his character into such an asshat. I was so excited for the movie but I was extremely disappointed.
Emil Nilsen
'Emil Nilsen' 4 days ago
Dirty grandpa is hilarious.
Joey Monkey
'Joey Monkey' 4 days ago
I love suicide squad somuch
Fetaim Al Dosari
'Fetaim Al Dosari' 4 days ago
woah woah WOAH
suicide squad is so good this is a joke
The yee cat
'The yee cat' 5 days ago
Suicide squad is not a bad movie
Ayano Aishi
'Ayano Aishi' 5 days ago
Ok, I'll give a dislike :)
NightcoreFreak *InsertNightcoreVideoHere*
Cough You called Suicide Squad... Bad? Heheheh... Okay... I'm gonna go watch it for the 100th time now! (That's how much I love it. :3)
Arlo Cardenas
'Arlo Cardenas' 5 days ago
I am the joker and I would kill this joker for spite pretending to be what some people really are we aren't portrayed as lions pop ride we our portrayed as out cast
Autobot Wheeljack
'Autobot Wheeljack' 5 days ago
I thought Norm of North was funny it was awesome!!
Andy yun
'Andy yun' 5 days ago
suicide squsd squad just made kids name themselfs like ex. Xx_SuIcDe SquaD_xX see hlw i spelled i? if you go to any game thier will be atleast 15% of kids will be named suicide shit
Franklin Suchite
'Franklin Suchite' 5 days ago
So,where's max steel (2016).
MaKayla Harris
'MaKayla Harris' 5 days ago
Suicide Squad is a GREAT movie Mojo so shut up P.S. I HATE YOUR VIDEOS
Callie Dukes
'Callie Dukes' 5 days ago
suicide squad was awesome in my opinion not many critics liked it but so many fans loved it including me!
Force Plays
'Force Plays' 5 days ago
Once top ten worst movies of 2017 comes out, I bet Rings is going to be on there. 5% on Rotten Tomatoes. Reasons: Cliché plot, Lack of horror, and lazy jump scares. And if that wasn't bad enough, The Last Airbender was higher than this at 6%.
Miley Yueill
'Miley Yueill' 5 days ago
Sucide squad is great
kawaiigirlsLovepugs gurl
# nine lives and suicide squad is the best movies ever so I'm disliking
'AmoremioAubrey' 5 days ago
suicide squad and the do over is not bad like come on who made this list
dee will
'dee will' 5 days ago
that newer independence day (one without will) JUST HARD TO WATCH...
Gerard Ferrer
'Gerard Ferrer' 5 days ago
Nothing like putting a movie that a lot of people liked on the top and the thumbnail to get a lot of views huh? Smartarses.
Jamo Frean
'Jamo Frean' 5 days ago
Too me Suicide squad was the best movie of the year
'Its_Always_D' 5 days ago
Haille Ellyse
'Haille Ellyse' 5 days ago
*Glares down at my Suicide Squad shirt*
The Joker should have had more screen time.
Evelyn Lewis
'Evelyn Lewis' 5 days ago
I liked suicide squad! 😡😠😡
BunnyHoodGamer // BHGamer
JUSTIN BIEABER AT 6:38!!!!????
zICyRaXIz Vlog
'zICyRaXIz Vlog's' 5 days ago
I kinda thonk its dumb that people say the joker was barely in the movie. Offcourse he wasnt on it that much because it isnt about him. Its about Harley,Croc,Diablo,Deadshot,Boomerang,Slipknot,Rick Flag and Katana, not the freaking Joker. Now i know he is supposed to be a extra badguy but he isnt the main one. The story was all over the place but if you watch it a couple of times you will get it. So stop crying about the Joker and focus on the really bad movies.
'Anti-Social' 5 days ago
OMG i watched that on Netflix- that "memoirs of an Intl assassin". It was soooo bad! I thought they only posted movies actually released for box office, but yeah that's a pretty bad movie
Hadi f.
'Hadi f.' 5 days ago
I actually liked dirty grandpa and assassin's creed
F2 Anonymous
'F2 Anonymous' 5 days ago
The Metoikos
'The Metoikos' 5 days ago
I completely disagree with two films on this list : The Do-Over and True Memoirs of an International Assassin. I have watched both and have loved both! The plot, the characters, the action, the feeling ... Everything was there. Another two good jobs by Netflix!
Ariana romash
'Ariana romash' 6 days ago
sorry,but i think ur the worst
Erza Scarlet
'Erza Scarlet' 6 days ago
Assassins Creed?
Dirty Grandpa?
Why Mojo?!1!
Kitty Rin
'Kitty Rin' 6 days ago
I actually like Nine Lives 😸💗
Delphine .McFranta
what what is watchmojo clickbating??
usman hashmi
'usman hashmi' 6 days ago
Suicide Squad was good
'PcPowerUp' 6 days ago
Honestly I agree with this 100%
Sultan Adeshina
'Sultan Adeshina' 7 days ago
Why did they include suicide squad
Gamer Bro
'Gamer Bro' 7 days ago
Gamer Bro
'Gamer Bro' 7 days ago
Gamer Bro
'Gamer Bro' 7 days ago
fifty shades of black is amazing and funny movie you lie 😡😡😡😡
Maddie King
'Maddie King' 7 days ago
Noah Barton
'Noah Barton' 7 days ago you for saying suicide sqaud what's the worst movie shut up quit YouTube now or I will chop both your heads off and suicide sqaud was one of 2016 best fils so beep of
Kevin Cruz
'Kevin Cruz' 7 days ago
I don't agree suicide squad was good u should've put something else but not that
Nicholas DeCarlo
'Nicholas DeCarlo' 7 days ago
I thought Assassin's Creed was a pretty good movie
'TheGreenShyGuy' 7 days ago
See, I can take watchmojo seriously if they choose better topics likes this and uploaded less often.
Christian Salgado
'Christian Salgado' 7 days ago
Good thing Ghostbusters not on this list because the movie not that bad
Batgirl 61
'Batgirl 61' 1 week ago
Gods of Egypt watch it for its graphics and special effects.
Raynen McNab
'Raynen McNab' 1 week ago
What, how could these be the worst movies most of these movies were good
Alex Gonzalez
'Alex Gonzalez' 1 week ago
I thought gods of Egypt was the worst movie it was a rip off to PRINCE of egypt
'8FoxyMokaDove6' 1 week ago
as for assassins creed it's like a law that all movies based after Video games are going to be bad. Warcraft should have been more then an dishonorable mention sense getting through it was so painful.
'greaser' 1 week ago
Suicide squad honestly wasn't that bad.. fucking ghostbusters was the worst movie
Mr Ellbell
'Mr Ellbell' 1 week ago
I thought Suicide Squad was actually a pretty good movie. Better than the trailer in my opinion.
'DeletedOrb' 1 week ago
I sorta enjoyed Suicide Squad, but not entirely. But these fans make me dislike it more, and more. They don't know DC if they think that Suicide Squad is the only way to recognize the characters that made the roster.
'NyaaAgris' 1 week ago
WatchMojo, sorry, first dislike on your channel !
'Deifla' 1 week ago
Nine Lives should've been number one on this list, there's just something about it that disgusts me.
Rising Phoenix
'Rising Phoenix' 1 week ago
Fandom Trash
'Fandom Trash' 1 week ago
Lmao this list in my opinion is garbage. Non of these movies are the worst. I don't think there were any movies in 2016 that were bad, other than ghost busters.
'Axelel' 1 week ago
lol everyone so butthurt cuz of suicide squad
'Pipo' 1 week ago
I thought Suicide Squad was good.
adam abad
'adam abad' 1 week ago
i actualy liked suicide squad
Zeroix The Dark Hero
idk know why DC comics movies are still going because almost everyone I've seen and heard of has had terrible reviews and I can agree.
Andrew Reid
'Andrew Reid' 1 week ago
I don't agree with this list first of all WHAT IS WRONG with suicide squad and most of all why is everybody HATING on batman v superman dawn of justice those were great GREAT movies and second of all I liked fifty shades of black
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