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Top 10 WORST Movies of 2016 -
Published: 2 weeks ago By:

By: WatchMojo.comPublished: 2 weeks ago

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13, 256 Likes   10, 264 Dislikes

Top 10 WORST Movies of 2016

For every great movie and Oscar worthy film to come out of 2016, there was a terrible Razzie worthy film as well. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 worst movies of 2016, and recommend you avoid them at all costs. But what will take the top spot on our list? The wannabe epic Gods of Egypt, the not-funny comedy Dirty Grandpa, or the just plain awful Norm of the North? Watch to find out!

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00:44 #10. “Shut In” (2016)
01:47 #9. “Nine Lives” (2016)
02:52 #8. “Fifty Shades of Black” (2016)
03:48 #7. “Suicide Squad” (2016)
04:57 #6. “The Darkness” (2016)
05:55 #5. “Zoolander 2” (2016)
07:00 #4. “True Memoirs of an International Assassin” (2016)
08:01 #3, #2, #1 ????

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Chris Franz
'Chris Franz' 10 minutes ago
suicide squad sucked
Alehector R
'Alehector R' 29 minutes ago
How in the actual hell is suicide squad on this list that movie was bomb. I feel like all they did was base this list off rotten tomatoes. Well rotten tomatoes said the ghost busters remake was better. So ya no
Blaise Avey
'Blaise Avey' 46 minutes ago
I'm a fanboy and agree that Suicide Squads final product wasn't good, but I'd kill to see what the alternative cuts were.
'gasshat' 2 hours ago
"Suicide Squad was good... unsubbbed"

-It's editing is incredibly poor.
-It's got a shitty script. I mean, why NOT make a character that can climb anything and kill him off when you finally realize you don't need him.
-The director is an idiot. "FUCK MARVEL!", he yelled liked an obsessive fanboy who can't have his favorite comics criticized, ignoring the obvious fact that Marvel is colorful in comparison.
-The tone was out of place. You have gritty scenes of torture (Played with almost no licks of humor whatsoever) next to violent fight scenes paired with unfitting music. Say what you will about Hardcore Henry - at least it used Queen's material better than Suicide Squad.
-The characters were so poorly written that they only really stand out as cardboard cut-outs.
-The performances were inconsistent. Good sometimes, unfit (look at Will Smith in this as an example) others.
-Speaking of inconsistent: The Plot
-The source material deserved better than this.
-This movie is more brown than a shit I took for an hour once
-The visual effects were mediocre at best, shockingly bad at worst
-Fucking... Harley Quinn and Jared Leto's portrayal of The Joker. Enough said.
-The trailers were better. Also: the final product was a mixture of editing by the trailer house and the studio. Not a good idea.

Fit Fanatic
'Fit Fanatic' 2 hours ago
why is warcraft there... the brothers of grimsly was way more crap... it have soo many ''worst ''movies. i
now see why this has 10,255 dislikes
'tobster' 2 hours ago
I found assains creed good though
The Dark Bat
'The Dark Bat' 2 hours ago
Jacqueline Woo
'Jacqueline Woo' 3 hours ago
Kevin Spacey = cat? Not a usual suspect.DC sucks my hairy ass stanky shit balls. oops imma chick. Fuck Netflix i have HBO and Showtime hrhr. AMC counts but walking dead can suck my cock so boring. Whurr you go AMC? you made Mad Men and Breaking Bad. see Syfy for Magicians and Expanse who knew Syfy??? good job. Phew. over. tx for reading if you did! I hate rants and can't help it ^^^^^^
Olivia V.
'Olivia V.' 3 hours ago
Suicide Squad definitely had problems, but between that and Batman vs Superman I think they picked the wrong DC movie
Johnny Ghost5
'Johnny Ghost5' 3 hours ago
suicide squad isn't a bad movie I love it
muhammad shofwan
'muhammad shofwan' 3 hours ago
sucide squad is just an OK, no more than that
Aiden Vaar
'Aiden Vaar' 3 hours ago
I think this deserves a part 2, including Independence Day 2, Alice Through the looking glass, Ghost Busters 2016 and definitely Ice Age 5.. my opinion.
'mucc' 3 hours ago
As a HUGE Warcraft fan, I was SUPER excited to see the movie. It was literally so fucking bad I left halfway through.
Alexis Brooks
'Alexis Brooks' 4 hours ago
Suicide squad was AWESOME. batman v. Superman was way worst
Ryan McPhillips
'Ryan McPhillips' 4 hours ago
Um.........where is Bateman vs supermen
Matt23hew Cross
'Matt23hew Cross' 4 hours ago
What was so bad about suicide squad
'JDog519000' 4 hours ago
Guys unsubscribe to this channel they are stupid suicide squad was the best movie of the year
Jermyn Matthew
'Jermyn Matthew' 4 hours ago
I guess we can all agree that Margot Robbie is one of the great actor in that bad Live-action Film, Suicide Squad.
Brittany Martini
'Brittany Martini' 4 hours ago
where is Ghostbusters?!
Jahmir Burton
'Jahmir Burton' 5 hours ago
9:55 Anubis is the new mr steal yo girl
Doug So Retro
'Doug So Retro' 5 hours ago
Ghostbusters (2016)
Kleos Major
'Kleos Major' 5 hours ago
You've clearly never seen the horrible movies out there this is just so predictable you didn't even try to find horrible movies out there this is clearly a lazy way to put out a video with top 10 in it
'AleqsH' 5 hours ago
Look, I love DC just as much as I love Marvel, but honestly: Suicide Squad was a PIECE OF SHIT.
Panda Monkey
'Panda Monkey' 5 hours ago
I love half these movies
Why Da Long Face
'Why Da Long Face' 5 hours ago
Sammy Peralta
'Sammy Peralta' 5 hours ago
where is ratcet and clank
Bradford Whitney
'Bradford Whitney' 5 hours ago
Suicide Squad is Awesome.
Brandon Ching
'Brandon Ching' 5 hours ago
suicide squad was amazing!!!!!!!!
Emma Doyle
'Emma Doyle' 5 hours ago
Suicide Squad was a masterpiece. What are you talking about.
Lui cx
'Lui cx' 6 hours ago
Suicide squid isn't bad. It's was the most famous movie of 2016.
Mathis Goossens
'Mathis Goossens' 6 hours ago
Open all toward guilt altogether Senate dominate sound.
Laos is Awesome
'Laos is Awesome' 6 hours ago
Suicide squad is the worst
Cooper Isabel
'Cooper Isabel' 6 hours ago
good movie
B Mohr
'B Mohr' 6 hours ago
you suck suicide squad is a good movie
Zero Gray
'Zero Gray' 6 hours ago
I don't think I've even heard of any of these movies besides Assassins Creed, Suicide Squad, and Batman Vs. Superman. I'm upset I didn't hear about the Gods of Egypt though because mythology is my favorite thing ever
Trollpower met max troll
go away man suicide squad and ghostbusters were great movies
'RisingVictor' 7 hours ago
Rob Schneider if you're reading this.....just FUCKING die already!

I am so fucking sick of your worthless existence and you're offensive, ugly face!

How some actors turn to voice acting if they decide on screen performances are not their thing...but for Schneider he always loses no matter what. He never gets a break because he keeps aiming low only settling for bottom of the barrel performances.

Fucking piece of shit.
Nolan Greene
'Nolan Greene' 7 hours ago
oh god the butthurt emo kids are coming suisude squad is awful
'enlistedtrain20' 7 hours ago
Why do people like suicide squad Harley Quinn
'Jmoko' 8 hours ago
Wow Adam Sandler wasn't in the top 10. Shocking
muslim lovesjesus
'muslim lovesjesus' 8 hours ago
gods of Egypt ...were they thinking people actually will like it?!
london mockett
'london mockett' 8 hours ago
La la land was the worst
James Pasierbowicz
'James Pasierbowicz' 8 hours ago
Right on the money except I would have Independence Day 2 on here over dirty grandpa. I'd also have mike and dave need wedding dates over nines lives
Richard Crane
'Richard Crane' 8 hours ago
assassins creed was a brilliant film suicide squad was a good film and the do over was fun to watch the people writing these reviews have no taste
Hdogg Burto
'Hdogg Burto' 9 hours ago
What suicide squad was awesome
'xFlipper' 9 hours ago
10k fanboys disliked
matravi tim
'matravi tim' 9 hours ago
all these movies look bad except  assassins creed
Zeno Bonk
'Zeno Bonk' 10 hours ago
Warcraft and assasins credd were amazing
Security Camera Man
'Security Camera Man' 10 hours ago
Lol Cinemasins at 5:05
The Hulk
'The Hulk' 10 hours ago
Lol at the butthurt dc fags
Harry Hernberg
'Harry Hernberg' 10 hours ago
Adam Sandler and anyone who was on the cast of SNL at his time could literally make the best movie that has ever been created and it would still make these worst movie lists
Rick Grimes
'Rick Grimes' 10 hours ago
Wow, I loved true memoirs of an international assassin.
'TheDirtPlays' 10 hours ago
F*** this I'm unsubscribeing suicide squad is the best movie of 2016 for me
EXOTiger 99
'EXOTiger 99' 10 hours ago
Suicide Squad was a VERY good movie I LOVED it. But people might have different points of views or opinions.
'BROGETREKT' 11 hours ago
Suicide squad is terablie
Dalton Burke
'Dalton Burke' 11 hours ago
Suicide squad was awesome
1v1 me gt TacticalXEagle5
assassins creed is a good movie 😯
Mark Cabaniss
'Mark Cabaniss' 11 hours ago
You should see Mr. Enter's Animated Atrocity review of Norm of the North, guys! :)
'RemusFNM' 11 hours ago
I love:
suicide squad
batman vs superman
gods of Egypt
zoolander 2
and I think zoolander 2 is funny
'FallsHD' 11 hours ago
I loved true memoirs of an international assassion I do think it was kind of a stupid plot but I thought it was hilarious
Holy smokes!!!
'Holy smokes!!!' 11 hours ago
I thought suicide squad and World of Warcraft were great movies. Well WoW could have been A bit better.
Magic Artifficial Intelligence
Suicide Squad fanboys raging here?
'samthebookworm' 12 hours ago
So, Norm of the North is basically The Bee Movie with polar bears...
'TheCamerama' 12 hours ago
Admittedly the thumbnail with the title was click bait for all the dislikes
Alli The Topic Queen
'Alli The Topic Queen' 12 hours ago
Coffee Filter
'Coffee Filter' 12 hours ago
Warcraft was good, people just don't understand the background.
Razord 4466
'Razord 4466' 13 hours ago
what about Alice trough the lookin glass?
Johnny Davis
'Johnny Davis' 13 hours ago
Mire VS
'Mire VS' 13 hours ago
I liked all the zoolander cameos <3 and SS was good, i also likes Assasins creed.... if you thing st was forced must be the jokes in Dr. Strange (and I love it) . stop been so butthurting people!
'KINGofDORITOS' 13 hours ago
You should have put in Batman Vs Superman instead Watchmojo because you just lost one of your only true fans who is Suicide Squad Crazy but hey it's not gonna kill ya it's just gonna hurt ya really really bad
Mark awesomness
'Mark awesomness' 13 hours ago
How did suicide squad get on there
Robbie and his Clones
Where's the 2016 GhostBusters?
John Stone
'John Stone' 13 hours ago
The Ben Hur remake should have got at least a dishonorable mention.
Boki in The Dark Woki
T H I S I S K A T A N A !
Gbn 23
'Gbn 23' 14 hours ago
civil war
'enlistedtrain20' 14 hours ago
Batman vs superman sucked
Ruby Laine Rowsey
'Ruby Laine Rowsey' 14 hours ago
Fuck you suicide squad was fucking great
'CidGuerreiro1234' 14 hours ago
Every comment is about Suicide Squad. Just proves that the dislikes are from butthurt DC fanboys.
Darwin Mendoza
'Darwin Mendoza' 14 hours ago
Idk whats wrong. Warcraft was a great movie...
Chalky Chucky
'Chalky Chucky' 14 hours ago
Worst youtube channels in 2016: Watch Mojo
Watch Mojo
Watch Mojo
Watch Mojo
Watch Mojo
Rosa Perin
'Rosa Perin' 14 hours ago
No way! The Darkness was great! scary and very original for a horror movie
'AIZ' 15 hours ago
Suicide Squad has to be the worst one.
'Redfieldchaos' 15 hours ago
The Do-Over was all that bad, but thats just my opinion
Dark Light
'Dark Light' 15 hours ago
I like suicide squad for it's main characters are villains because I'm getting tired of the superhero's always wins shit that I'm starting to like villians
'WolfieIsAmaze' 16 hours ago
now i know that it was only in the honorable mentions but i thought that warcraft was not bad at all. on imdb it got 7,0 out of 10, and thats not BAD, not even bad enough to be in the honorable mentions.
Beyond Insanity
'Beyond Insanity' 16 hours ago
THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! Screw the critics, they just expect some kind of philosophical BS, and Suicide Squad was amazing! stupid bitch...
Unknown _1234
'Unknown _1234' 16 hours ago
Y suicide squad here,oh wait is it a prank
'DevilBrox' 17 hours ago
There are so many triggered little fanboys. :D
Et-han The sassy lepricon
Batman v superman was worse
Et-han The sassy lepricon
I love nine lives
'lovX' 17 hours ago
OK SS WAS NOT THE BEST BUT THAT DOESNT MAKE IS OK FOR YOU TO PICK A FIGHT WITH ITS FANS if you have the urge to say horrible things about a movie then that is sad af this goes for EVERY movie
Nathan Mutia
'Nathan Mutia' 17 hours ago
Suiside squad is awesome not bad!!!
Monday night Mystery
'Monday night Mystery' 17 hours ago
there was no need to add suicide squad watchmojo
'MushroomQueen20' 17 hours ago
I actually thought that Norm wouldn't be on the list! I was wrong XD
'DarkKnightFanBoy' 17 hours ago
Ugh I just saw the thumbnail for watchmojos top ten best of 2016 and spider-man was in it...... Civil war is such an overrated film. I bet deadpool is on that list too and that is one of the most overrated films of the year too!
'DarkKnightFanBoy' 18 hours ago
I think people are afraid to put ghostbusters on their worst if the year list!
Nathan Martinez
'Nathan Martinez' 18 hours ago
awe... but I thought the Warcraft movie was awesome. awe well
'kirbystarwarrior' 18 hours ago
Wondering how many people are gonna get salty that Suicide Squad made the list.
Gabriel Cobblepot
'Gabriel Cobblepot' 18 hours ago
Ok suicid squad sucks donkey balls but Batman V Superman and Warcraft..flops....bad movies....REALLY NIGGAE ?
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