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How to Make an Electric Table Fan using Bottle - Easy Way -
Published: 2 years ago By: Navin Khambhala # crazyNK

By: Navin Khambhala # crazyNKPublished: 2 years ago

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DIY : Learn how to make a table fan from used plastic bottle, one motor, battery and switch. Its very simple homemade table fan.

Fb Page:



Glue used in this video :

Its Physics working models for science exhibition.

Thank you for watching crazy NK !!!!!!!!

Naresh Singla
'Naresh Singla' 22 hours ago
very nice
Awais Malik
'Awais Malik' 23 hours ago
thanks man I am using your video to make easy table fan and work out perfectly
Awais Malik
'Awais Malik' 23 hours ago
thanks man I am using the video to make a wind mill
anthony c
'anthony c' 1 day ago
Great ingenuity, what size motor is that? I want to do this with my daughter, for a science project. What's the RPM's on that motor. I watched the video again, and it gave me the size, but what's the RPM's on it?
the fabulous sheep fluff
thanks I'm doing this for my circuits project
Sqs Channel
'Sqs Channel' 6 days ago
Awesome I think u can be a great inventor
جوجو الفارسي
Guadalupe Torres
'Guadalupe Torres' 6 days ago
Suman Deswal
'Suman Deswal' 7 days ago
Rishab Sharma
'Rishab Sharma' 1 week ago
u are brilliant
GamingHero Cinco
'GamingHero Cinco' 1 week ago
Ladbai Gujher
'Ladbai Gujher' 1 week ago
And motor of how many vault
Ladbai Gujher
'Ladbai Gujher' 1 week ago
What are the material you used
Ashwin Parmar
'Ashwin Parmar' 2 weeks ago
Ashwin Parmar
'Ashwin Parmar' 2 weeks ago
Poonam Rathour
'Poonam Rathour' 2 weeks ago
very good
Bhaskar Bhagwat
'Bhaskar Bhagwat' 2 weeks ago
It is good I like it
Kishore Sahoo
'Kishore Sahoo' 2 weeks ago
The Future Fighter
'The Future Fighter' 2 weeks ago
which volt battery should we use
Monish Khanna
'Monish Khanna' 2 weeks ago
Its cool very much
Kaku Devi
'Kaku Devi' 2 weeks ago
Evaan Ahmed
'Evaan Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
was that a DC motor
the game Survyare
'the game Survyare' 3 weeks ago
Sir good job
Amitabh Roy
'Amitabh Roy' 3 weeks ago
where can I get a motor from? how much will it cost? Please reply ASAP. I need this for an exibition.
Hi I
'Hi I'm Deadpool' 3 weeks ago
What is that thing she connects to the bottle cap
yogesh kumar mishra
'yogesh kumar mishra' 3 weeks ago
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romaaa abdeen
'romaaa abdeen' 3 weeks ago
Vritti Vasani
'Vritti Vasani' 3 weeks ago
really very useful idea
Trent james
'Trent james' 3 weeks ago
man..I'd like to send this guy one of my welding machines just to see what he could build with it.i bet it would be mind blowing.
abc def
'abc def' 3 weeks ago
Too good for my science project
Harsha Vardhan
'Harsha Vardhan' 4 weeks ago
superr I will also try it.
Prasanna Kurle
'Prasanna Kurle' 4 weeks ago
it's too nice but only when it's wind comes too fast
manish kumar
'manish kumar' 4 weeks ago
Great video
Yogesh Gurjjar
'Yogesh Gurjjar' 4 weeks ago
this is amazing
Yuvraj Gohel
'Yuvraj Gohel' 4 weeks ago
valr n
Harsh Rawat
'Harsh Rawat' 1 month ago
Nice model
Karthikeya Karthik
'Karthikeya Karthik' 1 month ago
u guys r very smart in doing this activities
Karthikeya Karthik
'Karthikeya Karthik' 1 month ago
in 3:08 u r doing something in ur hand what is that
Karthikeya Karthik
'Karthikeya Karthik' 1 month ago
really super
mahima rathi
'mahima rathi' 1 month ago
what are material used
Yuba Arts
'Yuba Arts' 1 month ago
wow so amazing experiment
Umar Pathan
'Umar Pathan' 1 month ago
I had made also
'FORTUNE AKINLOYE' 1 month ago
Thanks for nothing 😅😅😅😅😅😅😕😟😟😟😟😟😟😟🙁🙁🙁🙁
'FORTUNE AKINLOYE' 1 month ago
Kunal Mahanta
'Kunal Mahanta' 1 month ago
Ramniwas Sihag
'Ramniwas Sihag' 1 month ago
omedam bagheri
'omedam bagheri' 1 month ago
ravi Ram
'ravi Ram' 2 months ago
What motor did use
Rohini Gill
'Rohini Gill' 2 months ago
it's amazing
Todor Dachev
'Todor Dachev' 2 months ago
това видео е супер
Zahara Ambreen
'Zahara Ambreen' 2 months ago
going to make it for project
diy bee kha
'diy bee kha' 2 months ago
such a great idea going to try this for exhibition
dhanashree Chavan
'dhanashree Chavan' 2 months ago
It helped me .
VeshapoguAnusha Kinnu
Md Merazul Hoque
'Md Merazul Hoque' 2 months ago
I proud of you
saritha gottimukkala
'saritha gottimukkala' 2 months ago
I did this in my school days
Tejaswini Annamaneni
'Tejaswini Annamaneni' 2 months ago
Can you please show the circuit diagram of connecting the battery, motor and switch?
I need to show it in our school science exhibition. Please reply quickly
HackO Mod
'HackO Mod' 2 months ago
ask stacc1
'ask stacc1' 2 months ago
simple and good !!!!!
Utkrisht Umang
'Utkrisht Umang' 2 months ago
Nutan Dani
'Nutan Dani' 2 months ago
u R brilliant
Syed Safdar Hussain
'Syed Safdar Hussain' 2 months ago
which motor is used.....can u please specify..
Son Phan
'Son Phan' 2 months ago
it's too easy
Kristine Cyriss Principe
Mantab Army
'Mantab Army' 2 months ago
dinamo nya beli dimana? helpp
MrGrowten GT
'MrGrowten GT' 2 months ago
What are the Materials? Pls Reply I need it tomorrow :)
Rukshana Khan
'Rukshana Khan' 2 months ago
Sagar Bhadrike
'Sagar Bhadrike' 2 months ago
brilliant project thanx for learn us.
Nirmalkumar Nayak
'Nirmalkumar Nayak' 2 months ago
good idea Sir ji
Prakhar Bothra
'Prakhar Bothra' 2 months ago
awesome u r great
kopila ranabhat
'kopila ranabhat' 2 months ago
not nice
Noora Haggar
'Noora Haggar' 2 months ago
Where did you find the dc motor
David Barba
'David Barba' 2 months ago
اسياد عراق
'اسياد عراق' 2 months ago
Maunas Thaker
'Maunas Thaker' 2 months ago
Really Good.
ravi pittala
'ravi pittala' 3 months ago
nice but it is running slowly
Majidkhan Firojkhan
'Majidkhan Firojkhan' 3 months ago
bhot achhe.thx
Lion amarjit khatkar
'Lion amarjit khatkar' 3 months ago
Do something new.Everyone makes this.
Trinity Lara
'Trinity Lara' 3 months ago
I don't think anyone actually did this cause of the materials used I mean if you need a fan it would take the amount of money you used to make this diy to just buy a actual fan
pranathi reddy
'pranathi reddy' 3 months ago
A wind mill converts mechanical energy to electrical but in this case
electrical is convettrd to mechanical.
anjaan i
'anjaan i' 3 months ago
what is the name of that element which u attach to the bottle's cap
Kailash Kanojia
'Kailash Kanojia' 3 months ago
it's amazing
AasHish Giri
'AasHish Giri' 3 months ago
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'AMLAN PATRA' 3 months ago
well done
hari hara sudhan
'hari hara sudhan' 3 months ago
what is motor name
Janet Anna
'Janet Anna' 3 months ago
it will be really nice if u can speak.
mrudula praveena
'mrudula praveena' 3 months ago
grt ideas tq
Kotamreddy Shalini
'Kotamreddy Shalini' 3 months ago
superb its works thank...
zahir hussain
'zahir hussain' 3 months ago
take I will take
Renil Ms
'Renil Ms' 3 months ago
Dude this fantastic!
Viddhi Sankhalaa
'Viddhi Sankhalaa' 3 months ago
amazing very good
Harsh harsh
'Harsh harsh' 3 months ago
where can i can take moter
Rajesh swaero
'Rajesh swaero' 3 months ago
yes I did its working excellently
Sandip Acharya
'Sandip Acharya' 3 months ago
what is the volts of motor is needed? Khambhala
Sandip Acharya
'Sandip Acharya' 3 months ago
Sandip Acharya
'Sandip Acharya' 3 months ago
what seepd of motor is needed
Qaz Zaq
'Qaz Zaq' 3 months ago
what power motor did you use?
Anwar zahid
'Anwar zahid' 3 months ago
Md Anwar zahid
maddie Jones
'maddie Jones' 3 months ago
What Kind Of Battery Did He Use?
Ahmad ALI AFNAN crazy aaa
you are inwhich country
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