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How to Make a Projector at Home -
Published: 2 years ago By: Navin Khambhala # crazyNK

By: Navin Khambhala # crazyNKPublished: 2 years ago

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DIY : Learn how to make a old cinema projector that is an opto-mechanical device for displaying motion picture film by projecting it onto a screen. it requires one torch and one magnifying glass.


About Glue:

Its Physics working models for science exhibition

Thank you for watching crazy NK !!!!!!!!

Prachi Joshi
'Prachi Joshi' 3 days ago
it's cool and easy
M.L.L. I
'M.L.L. I' 2 weeks ago
who can give me some ideas about science project and
how to presentation that project(before12/4/2017)
I have a competition but I'm still don't has any good ideas
Kamaljit Kaur
'Kamaljit Kaur' 1 month ago
i got prize in making this model
Mem 2000
'Mem 2000' 1 month ago
What kind of lens is used?
Pooja Arora
'Pooja Arora' 1 month ago
can we use something instead of magnifying glass??
Shaan Mirza
'Shaan Mirza' 1 month ago
Hello sar ye pic bana ya he hum ney magar saksas nahi hwa kuch b
ata oo bhai
Shaan Mirza
'Shaan Mirza' 1 month ago
Hello sar ye pic bana ya he hum ney magar saksas nahi hwa kuch bata oo bhai
Amna Nasir
'Amna Nasir' 2 months ago
plz tell..what name we should we gave this to this project
Hamza Aftab
'Hamza Aftab' 2 months ago
fuck u bro i have been working the whole night and only shadow occurs🖕🖕🖕
Sramad Mirza
'Sramad Mirza' 2 months ago
This model is great . I try at home
Deepthi Yadav
'Deepthi Yadav' 2 months ago
Thnx for sharing such a good experiment I have done it for my exhibition.......
houdekari balajirao
'houdekari balajirao' 2 months ago
just a waste
Simhachalam Gullipalli
wonderful project
'LINGALA NARSAIAH' 2 months ago
monika boran
'monika boran' 2 months ago
i make it but now someone tell me which low apply in this project
Aswni Diwedi
'Aswni Diwedi' 2 months ago
The magnifier invert the slide only laterally
Aswni Diwedi
'Aswni Diwedi' 2 months ago
it doesn't invert the slide
Narayan Deshpande
'Narayan Deshpande' 2 months ago
nice experiment for students
Anas Aarish Khan
'Anas Aarish Khan' 2 months ago
easy project i like your video my friend also like this project
Abdul Moiz
'Abdul Moiz' 2 months ago
Shivam Dubs
'Shivam Dubs' 2 months ago
Ekdam balwass.... Lol😂😂😂😂
赵 Doris
'赵 Doris' 2 months ago
Can you post the measurement?
Rishabh Kumar
'Rishabh Kumar' 2 months ago
shabrak doodle
'shabrak doodle' 3 months ago
does it work on buildings?
King teri ma bahen
'King teri ma bahen' 3 months ago
prakriti gupta
'prakriti gupta' 3 months ago
i dont worked for me
sana khan
'sana khan' 3 months ago
those who have made it
can.plx tell that images are not being shown through .whats the error
'THENERD GAMER' 3 months ago
sub me
Kaushal Kumar
'Kaushal Kumar' 3 months ago
best i loved it
Leira Rowe Quintos
'Leira Rowe Quintos' 3 months ago
any alternative item for the magnifying glass?
partha sarathi
'partha sarathi' 3 months ago
it was not coming can u suggest me the distances...??
muneeb haroon
'muneeb haroon' 3 months ago
superb vedio its work i do it at home amazing
neel. believe in me
'neel. believe in me' 3 months ago
well navin
Pramod Pal
'Pramod Pal' 3 months ago
Viral Channel
'Viral Channel' 4 months ago
Ayushman Mishra
'Ayushman Mishra' 4 months ago
What about using a mobile phone with playing audio
Anil Kushwaha
'Anil Kushwaha' 4 months ago
ye kid sidhant par rapport he
link triforce
'link triforce' 4 months ago
How much you want to bet people came here to make this for school including me
Shibooda Vavoos
'Shibooda Vavoos' 4 months ago
Vaishali Todmal
'Vaishali Todmal' 4 months ago
Jeevika K
'Jeevika K' 4 months ago
Palkesh Solanki
'Palkesh Solanki' 4 months ago
mene banaya lekin bana nhi
Manisha Sinha
'Manisha Sinha' 4 months ago
Watch another video
Bhavya Hariramani
'Bhavya Hariramani' 4 months ago
very good ideas
Bhavya Hariramani
'Bhavya Hariramani' 4 months ago
very good ideas
Honey Singh
'Honey Singh' 4 months ago
yrr hega ta att va par projertor nhi tere phen di fudi
Abhishek Yadav
'Abhishek Yadav' 4 months ago
nice working model
Jayraj Sinh
'Jayraj Sinh' 4 months ago
going to make in school science fair let 's see will it be able to give me A Grade
krishna satani
'krishna satani' 4 months ago
best I loved it the most awesome
mohit dubey
'mohit dubey' 5 months ago
thankx a lot
mohit dubey
'mohit dubey' 5 months ago
this model has given me A grade in my school
video world Sinha
'video world Sinha' 5 months ago
do we need a specific magnifying glass? 😮😮
'GAMING RANGER' 5 months ago
Hummm nice
Arsalan Mansoor
'Arsalan Mansoor' 5 months ago
what is the diameter of magnifying glass you used and is it necessary to use the same type of torch ? ,plz reply fast
Student of Mt. Columbus School
Awesome yar...
loved it
Sonu Parul
'Sonu Parul' 5 months ago
nanda kishore
'nanda kishore' 5 months ago
its very intrestng
chotu Jain
'chotu Jain' 5 months ago
mere project ban nhi rha help krro yrr
chotu Jain
'chotu Jain' 5 months ago
bhai ye btaao ki apne torch konsi use krri h LED ya bulb wali
anand Saxena
'anand Saxena' 5 months ago
maked it so nice results 👋i like it
ameesha ami
'ameesha ami' 5 months ago
is it possible only in a dark room ?
ameesha ami
'ameesha ami' 5 months ago
is it possible only in a dark room ?
subhashree palo
'subhashree palo' 5 months ago
Shrishti Prasad
'Shrishti Prasad' 6 months ago
how could i show this in school for science exibhition
Archana Shanker
'Archana Shanker' 6 months ago
Wow ....its great
I actually MADE it👌👌👍
Mohamed Abdo
'Mohamed Abdo' 6 months ago
Please Whats the name of this project
i want to do it in my Physics Project help me please
sandeep pats
'sandeep pats' 6 months ago
omg wowowowowowow
Ansh Chouksey
'Ansh Chouksey' 6 months ago
it is not working
Bhaskar Roy
'Bhaskar Roy' 6 months ago
sire... plse description about this
Phoolmati Verma
'Phoolmati Verma' 6 months ago
I love this video . I am definetly gonna make this for my science project.
saleem ahmed
'saleem ahmed' 6 months ago
it work
Bhjjj Vhnjjk
'Bhjjj Vhnjjk' 6 months ago
Bhjjj Vhnjjk
'Bhjjj Vhnjjk' 6 months ago
vivek sheel mehra
'vivek sheel mehra' 6 months ago
this type of model help us in making a model
Sneha R
'Sneha R' 6 months ago
is this from 11th cbse syllabus
Nischal Bajracharya
'Nischal Bajracharya' 6 months ago
Sir my picture on wall comes too small wht should I do
samay Bhatt
'samay Bhatt' 6 months ago
sir my pictures comes in a really small size
wht should I do??
divya prakash
'divya prakash' 6 months ago
but it can not show in light
divya prakash
'divya prakash' 6 months ago
su.........per i liked it
Priyanshu Agrawal
'Priyanshu Agrawal' 6 months ago
Priyanshu Agrawal
'Priyanshu Agrawal' 6 months ago
how i can show this under sunlight
Priyanshu Agrawal
'Priyanshu Agrawal' 7 months ago
we can use cellophane paper
jaykisan ade
'jaykisan ade' 7 months ago
Swapnil Jain
'Swapnil Jain' 7 months ago
but mam rejected it
I think it is good
eishan patel
'eishan patel' 7 months ago
I is that blue light colour torch is necessary
dinesh kumar
'dinesh kumar' 7 months ago
Where i buy lens awesome
Akhilesh Khandelwal
'Akhilesh Khandelwal' 7 months ago
Bakvas y hi
Akhilesh Khandelwal
'Akhilesh Khandelwal' 7 months ago
Akhilesh Khandelwal
'Akhilesh Khandelwal' 7 months ago
'meagain2222' 7 months ago
Plastic film can be cut from 2 liter soda bottles.
'meagain2222' 7 months ago
That is the lowest cost optical bench I have ever seen.Nice work and thanks for showing.
boss of creativity snake
Sukhdev S
'Sukhdev S' 7 months ago
It was helpful.......!
Shaheen Chatterjee
'Shaheen Chatterjee' 7 months ago
at what distance should the slide and torch and magnifying glass be kept?
tharun shiv
'tharun shiv' 8 months ago
venkatesh akunoori
'venkatesh akunoori' 8 months ago
brother i need science working model
please send me one idea
my whats up &mobile no 9963381866
Tanshim Jannat Nowshin
I love the idea of making projector but the problem is darkness in school I can't turn of the light for 1 project I need help for this
Pokala Gopi Lakshman
'Pokala Gopi Lakshman' 8 months ago
I wanted try this
sultan khan
'sultan khan' 8 months ago
great idea.
Eishan patel
'Eishan patel' 8 months ago
can we use yellow light torch
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