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Meet the kids who think for themselves - BBC News -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 3 weeks ago

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A new learning technique is driving results up in UK schools.

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Michael Mariner
'Michael Mariner' 1 week ago
Not a lot of Free Thought left in today's Brainwashed world..BBC News is responsible for a lot of those lies and brainwashing!
'AKIEL MANIK' 2 weeks ago
Hey guys my story is up on the bbc akiel MANIK check my Chanel
'mindelo23' 2 weeks ago
I knew this couldn't be in the US.
'Mr.LONEY 27GONNER' 2 weeks ago
Emmanuel Goldstein
'Emmanuel Goldstein' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone else see the irony in forming a group to learn to think for yourself?
Emmanuel Goldstein
'Emmanuel Goldstein' 2 weeks ago
So long as they think the correct thoughts as governed by the anti-BBC then these kids should go a long way in society.
shashank S.K
'shashank S.K' 2 weeks ago
WOW.. This is quite remarkable.
They really should try expanding and experimenting more of such work.
Miele Rodriguez
'Miele Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
They stop watching the BBC.
Nathan River
'Nathan River' 2 weeks ago
Can anybody else see pseudo-autism in these kids?

They are left to themselves, in a creative way. Nothing more.
Nathan River
'Nathan River' 2 weeks ago
D O   N O T   L E A V E   T H E   K I D S   A L O N E
particularly with these teachers.

If the Western civilization has lost also the meaning of teaching and learning, then to run into the eye of the storm to embrace it I guess it is really not the proper solution.
Nathan River
'Nathan River' 2 weeks ago
D O   N O T   L E A V E   T H E   K I D S   A L O N E
particularly  with these teachers.

If you think kids can think by themselves without a proper education (that surely is not this) you got to be crazy as f*ck.

If the West has lost the meaning of teaching and learning and discipline the to run into the eye of the storm to embrace it is really not the solution.
Nathan River
'Nathan River' 2 weeks ago
Haha!! Are there also Gender Unicorns there?
Of course do not teach them about how to get a f*cking financial freedom, that is something Chinese kids do learn.
Always the same agenda began with Alfred Kinsey funded by Rockefeller since the '60s of at the very best simply "confusing" kids, to use an euphemism.
I mean, are they teaching "Metacognition"? What colour do you feel today? What are they rising up? A philosopher kid with no proper background? And should those lost in themselves adults with no idea what they are doing be teachers? Are you kidding me?
I mean...
W h a t   T h e    F * c k !

Kids who think by themselves? That is an oxymoron, it is crazy, I see ambiguous kids and self-confirming kids repeating things learned at memory.
Those people should be seriously questioned and enquired in my opinion.
Those kids look half way to madness, their teachers look like they are already there waiting for them and in the meantime pulling them.

I wonder... who funds this sh*t?
Who would put their kids there?
Petrus Laredes
'Petrus Laredes' 2 weeks ago
It's a relief to see that the post-Millennial recovery is under way. The British government may think twice about the idea, however, when they realise what a generation with critical thinking ability might mean for their ongoing initiative to turn the country into a fascist dystopia.
The Awakening Channel
School is for dummies. If you're smart, you dont have to go to school.
Fixed Face
'Fixed Face' 2 weeks ago
all i see are little mudslimes struggling with reading and writing.
'DrJams' 2 weeks ago
End the licence fee.
Tilted Tables
'Tilted Tables' 2 weeks ago
flood the country with low-iq third world invaders - then change the entire measuring stick when your schools can not accommodate the enormous stupidity. Employers now choose Indian and Filipino call center agents because America and England cannot speak English anymore.
Gladys .Fright
'Gladys .Fright' 2 weeks ago
'cec6607' 2 weeks ago
This is really interesting, I know I would have loved this If it was practised at my school. I did have an obligatory class to read books outside of teaching and languages and art classes also. I think studying different languages and other things apart from only school helped me a lot to open my mind as a young child. I'm glad I had those oportunities. I wish this would be done all around the world.
Mark Hereward
'Mark Hereward' 2 weeks ago
Disgusting. Immigration has permanently ruined our nation.
Jim Miklas
'Jim Miklas' 2 weeks ago
It is evident from this video Britain has become the multicultural cesspit everyone is talking about.
I didn't see anything of substance in this segment -- just a bunch of people talking about how great their program is. Five minutes is enough time to present the idea and the results it's providing. 2 to 8 months of progress. What do they mean by "progress?" What was the point of the color coding? How does learning juggling help students? How does asking questions about a person in a prison help the children? If you've spent any time in the education industry you know it's very easy to put a bunch of happy parents and children in front of a camera as "proof" that your system works. To me, this seems like more leftist propagandizing and indoctrination, and good intentions counting for more than "results" and hard facts.
Spirit In The Eyes
'Spirit In The Eyes' 3 weeks ago
People thinking for themselves is bad news for the BBC and other bullshit pushers in the mainstream media :)
'serjthereturn' 3 weeks ago
this is an example of anarchistic 'democratic schools'.
fleur de smet
'fleur de smet' 3 weeks ago
even chinese file plan advantage care borrow what.
'ScrewTheSystem8' 3 weeks ago
Learning how to think CRITICALLY is positive... as long as they don't 'later' start telling the kids WHAT to think!
jack rodriguez
'jack rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
1:26 is that a school in britain or in the middle east? I don't see any european except the teacher
Vitruvius Antarchius
So sad that most of these kids are non-whites. :(
'Mysticwolf27' 3 weeks ago
Big Black Cock news
Steve Roffey
'Steve Roffey' 3 weeks ago
if they learn to think for themselves they will never be able to work for the BBC.
'A3Kr0n' 3 weeks ago
I wasn't expecting that. I was thinking more along the line of teaching critical thinking skills, logic, and the scientific method.
Intresting Videos
'Intresting Videos' 3 weeks ago
Kids are our future...
they are dependent on us...
they should indeed be given timely guidance to groom & succeed.
'M' 3 weeks ago
Learning how to learn, and how to process the world is by far the most important thing, rather than just memorizing information. Very happy about this and I hope it catches on
Joachim Stradler
'Joachim Stradler' 3 weeks ago
philosophy is awesome
Stacy Skywatch
'Stacy Skywatch' 3 weeks ago
HAHA that makes a massive difference from the totally brainwashed numbed down none thinking Brits eh,, free masonic media heads with no critical thinking skills what so ever,, ,.,,, B ritish B rainwashing C orparation controlled by the satanic pedophilia free masonic assholes ,, BBC=FAKE NEWS 24/7
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 3 weeks ago
Very good, getting children to think things through, active and creative thinking, being able to explain why say something you said, wish my parents had had such an education!
Francis K.
'Francis K.' 3 weeks ago
I think they already do this in American schools but kids have more struggles here for just ONE thing to make them learn better. This isn't new...
Aloo Gaming
'Aloo Gaming' 3 weeks ago
'3101010' 3 weeks ago
teaching kids to think critical is important.
Just some guy
'Just some guy' 3 weeks ago
and if u beleive in free thinking maybe you should be telling them to not watch BBC
Just some guy
'Just some guy' 3 weeks ago
this a British school? I'm so confused
DreamingTata VeganMama
This is awesome!
Nick Leeson
'Nick Leeson' 3 weeks ago
there is no free thinking in schools......its about conditioning
Lucas souza
'Lucas souza' 3 weeks ago
Free thinker apearing on the mainstream media? Something wrong in this
'Toron' 3 weeks ago
Oh wow. Thinking for yourself makes you a better learner. Who ever would have guessed? Sarcasm
D Sanchez
'D Sanchez' 3 weeks ago
That is fantastic. I wish they would do that in the US. Though if they taught that in the US I'm sure some group or another would protest.
Gamer 49
'Gamer 49' 3 weeks ago
How about teaching the scientific method. How about reviewing any wrong answers on tests with individual students so they learn, instead of getting dead ended
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 3 weeks ago
Independent thought is contrary to BBC Doctrine.
'RatFacedJasper' 3 weeks ago
Learning to think great, I just wonder if it's all going to be for nought in cases like Akiel.

He's liking philosophy, doing better in maths and science, but what happens when all the while he's got a holy book at home that has "all the answers"? The only answers his parents will accept?
Yohji Yamahomo
'Yohji Yamahomo' 3 weeks ago
Cliente VIP RJ
'Cliente VIP RJ' 3 weeks ago
se eu tivesse tido uma educação dessa minha vida seria bem melhor hj em dia...
This guy is ugly Af
'This guy is ugly Af' 3 weeks ago
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