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iPhone Turns 10 Years Old! A Nostalgic Look Back -
Published: 2 months ago By: EverythingApplePro

By: EverythingAppleProPublished: 2 months ago

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Happy 10th Birthday iPhone! A Look Back at The Last 10 Years of iPhone History. Steve Jobs Announced iPhone on January 9th 2007!

iPhone 2G vs iPhone 7 Here:
All iPhones Comparison:

FuzzyBee 909uni28
'FuzzyBee 909uni28' 3 days ago
Rui Zhi Kuan
'Rui Zhi Kuan' 5 days ago
I tried to watch this vid on my old 2G
J Flores
'J Flores' 6 days ago
How come iPhone SE isn't included
Alex Falkenstrom
'Alex Falkenstrom' 1 week ago
- [LBP person]-
'- [LBP person]-' 1 week ago
The 11 iPhone edition lets see and apple are no problem
- [LBP person]-
'- [LBP person]-' 1 week ago
Is been long time iPhone and it change lots now is 10 th b- day all to frist iPhone 📱
'PhoebePlaysMC' 1 week ago
I was a month old when steve jobs announced the first iphone
Charles Edrian Madrid
iphone 2g
iphone 3g
iphone 3gs
iphone 4
iphone 4s
iphone 5
iphone 5c
iphone 5s
iphone 6
iphone 6 plus
iphone 6s
iphone 6s plus
iphone SE
iphone 7
iphone 7 plus

10 years of iphone?! very fast one
'Sulphurous' 1 week ago
my favourite kids toys

1. balls
2. lego
3. iPhone
'gulechapavan' 1 week ago
Superb❤Happy birthday iphone!
lucky love lick
'lucky love lick' 1 week ago
iphone is poop is the worst phone ever fuck u iphone kys
Darian Kalember
'Darian Kalember' 2 weeks ago
finaly you are not breaking iphones
Elijah Rohi Villegas
steve jobs said that the iphone is five years ahead of any phone in that year but in this year the iphone is actually getting behind five years in terms of features, design, display, and cameras from fellow phone companies like samsung, lg, huawei, sony, and microsoft.
I was born in 2007 when apple was born
'MichalLP' 2 weeks ago
That crash your iPhone
'MichalLP' 2 weeks ago
LightningBoltAlex Alex
Nope iPhones birthday is June 29
EshTGG/ EshTheGirlyGamer
Who is Seeing it in an Apple device and then sees the first iPhone And be like what the hell My IPhone Is much better then this this doesn't look like an iPhone 😜
Gamer of Games
'Gamer of Games' 2 weeks ago
EddTheBob TheRulerOfTheWorldTheUniverse
An ad interrupted the ad for the iPhone 3
Christian Flego
'Christian Flego' 2 weeks ago
No home button.

Never heard that before
Dragon Pads
'Dragon Pads' 2 weeks ago
We miss you Steve Jobs ;-;
Brian Estrada
'Brian Estrada' 2 weeks ago
You forgot about the 5c
TV & Movieclips
'TV & Movieclips' 2 weeks ago
If Steve Jobs was still alive the iPhone 7 would still have a headphone jack
Miata Lover
'Miata Lover' 2 weeks ago
god ... already 6 years since jobs died 😥😭
Steve Ockenden
'Steve Ockenden' 2 weeks ago
You missed one out!!
Miraculous Tales
'Miraculous Tales' 2 weeks ago
Happy Birthday my dear iPhone!
Mega MonsterManTV/Dia & Kiko
first iphone shiped with ios 7 wa iphone 5c...
Turkey Wine
'Turkey Wine' 2 weeks ago
Jayknowsbest Idc
'Jayknowsbest Idc' 2 weeks ago
What if Microsoft and Sony make phones
'Danatron' 3 weeks ago
so like iPhone 8 is coming out for sure
ZK Gaming
'ZK Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Do you know whats the different between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook?

Steve make jokes when he on a presentation

Tim make shits when on a presentation

PS:sorry my english is bad ,I'm asian.
Barath Vlogs
'Barath Vlogs' 3 weeks ago
U guys don't expect too much about iPhone 8, it's called iPhone 7s for sure...the design will have no changes only few modifications, software is going to have a double the speed, etc..this is the truth
Wat games
'Wat games' 3 weeks ago
What about the iPhone se
Nicole Murphy
'Nicole Murphy' 3 weeks ago
Imagine how different the iPhone would be today if he was still alive
Joshua Botha spaghetti
Everybody misses Steve jobs
Joshua Botha spaghetti
iTunes phone
6 plus
6s plus
Chinaman 179
'Chinaman 179' 3 weeks ago
I have the iPhone 3gs
'Caedyntingleyvlogs' 3 weeks ago
That's the exact same day I was born 1/9/17
'TheRandomYoutube12' 3 weeks ago
where is the iPhone 5c ?
Oscar Bernal
'Oscar Bernal' 4 weeks ago
Who is watching this video on a iPhone 6
Iain Maxson
'Iain Maxson' 4 weeks ago
iPhone 2g 3G 3GS 4 4s 5 5c 5s 6 6plus 7 7plus happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🎂🍰🎂
Iain Maxson
'Iain Maxson' 4 weeks ago
Every iPhone 2g 3G 3GS 4 4s 5 5c 5s 6 6 plus 6s 6s plus 7 7 plus happy birthday🍰🍰🎂🎂
Iain Maxson
'Iain Maxson' 4 weeks ago
Happy birthday iPhone 🍰🍰
'CRAZY DOG GAMING!' 4 weeks ago
Where's the 5c!?
Troll Krosh
'Troll Krosh' 4 weeks ago
if steve jobs didn't invent the iphone
we won't be watching this... Unless On A Computer... But That Sucks...
'Prcbeam214' 4 weeks ago
You forgot 5c
Hr. Svend
'Hr. Svend' 4 weeks ago
Elizabeth Haley
'Elizabeth Haley' 4 weeks ago
Rip Steve jobs you will be missed
Gᗩᗰᕮᔕ & ᗰOᖇᕮ シ
Ow man, i remember taking day off, getting up at 05:00 AM, driving 450km to Germany to get a iPhone 4...
Albertos life
'Albertos life' 1 month ago
You didn't mention the iPhone 5c
Kossho The dragon
'Kossho The dragon' 1 month ago
"Take out all of the buttons"
Wellll there's the home button and the volume and power so you didn't take "all" of the button XD good job Steve
Roblox Flesk Gaming
'Roblox Flesk Gaming' 1 month ago
Steve Jobs:"Were going to use stylus"
Steve Jobs:"No"
Steve Jobs:"Who wants a stylus"
Steve Jobs:"Your going to get it away and going to lose it YUCK!"
"You Don't Need A Stylus"

9-10 Years Later

Tim Cook: We Are Going To Introduce You The "Apple Pencil"
The best gaming GR
'The best gaming GR' 1 month ago
Nickolai Perkins
'Nickolai Perkins' 1 month ago
Nothin' can beat the iPhone 4s
Tuto iPhone
'Tuto iPhone' 1 month ago
You have forgot the iPhone 5c
'CrAzZz' 1 month ago
Why does everyone skip the iPhone 5c?:,(
Alex Bernal
'Alex Bernal' 1 month ago
5:59 Samsung: Thats where your wrong kiddo
Edgardo Vela
'Edgardo Vela' 1 month ago
I remember double clicking the home button will bring up the music controls
SadieBear the Steeler Fan Heiress
Ever since Steve went into the iCloud in the sky, the quality of Apple products has gone down. But I'd take Apple over any other company any day.
Brennan Ball
'Brennan Ball' 1 month ago
I remember some of these ads!
Brennan Ball
'Brennan Ball' 1 month ago
I got goosebumps when he said iPhone
Kate Gabane
'Kate Gabane' 1 month ago
if Steve job would never die the iPhone 7 will be fixed and the reason why he died because he has health problems who agree
Ahegao Intensifies
'Ahegao Intensifies' 1 month ago
iPod Touch 1G
iPod Touch 2G
iPod Touch 3G
iPod Touch 4G
iPod Touch 5G
iPod Touch 5G 16 GB model
iPod Touch 6G
iPod Touch 7G Under Construction
LightningBoltAlex Alex
It is not 10 years yet on June 29 2017
'Zayx' 2 months ago
Just..Steve Jobs made a phone that 10 years later is a good phone..

Just IMAGINE if Steve Jobs still alive making more Apple things and iPhones.. Apple would be legendary.. idk who the fucks made new iPhones.. They add shits that arent useful.

English is not my first language.
'Zayx' 2 months ago
Apple is shit without Jailbreak and Cydia, BORING. (i just use "shit" for eyebait).
Chicken Feed babe
'Chicken Feed babe' 2 months ago
Stop it with the Apple Pencil jokes
Kris Cal
'Kris Cal' 2 months ago
will they still release the 7s? or go ahead with 8?
'DA KING A.D' 2 months ago
i have a iphone 7+
gadgets lover
'gadgets lover' 2 months ago
I miss sir jobs
Chris Dohm
'Chris Dohm' 2 months ago
oh appple, screw you with your overpriced stuff!
Hamayal Mujtaba
'Hamayal Mujtaba' 2 months ago
Phones Year
1) iPhone original 2007
2) iPhone 3G. 2008
3) iPhone 3GS. 2009
4) iPhone 4 2010
5) iPhone 4S. 2011
6) iPhone 5. 2012
7) iPhone 5C. 2013
8) iPhone 5S. 2013
9) iPhone 6. 2014
10) iPhone 6 Plus. 2014
11) iPhone 6S 2015
12) iPhone 6S plus. 2015
13) iPhone 7. 2016
14) iPhone 7 plus. 2016
15) iPhone SE. 2016
Apple released 15 iPhones in 9 years
'Crazygymnast' 2 months ago
Carter Matties
'Carter Matties' 2 months ago
Brandon M
'Brandon M' 2 months ago
Who's else is watching on an iPhone 7 plus
luca chichua
'luca chichua' 2 months ago
R.I.P Steve Jobs it was a great guy
'lovingorca' 2 months ago
This is so cool. my first apple product was an iPhone 4. I still have it. it's not going anywhere. I didn't start looking into Apple until Steve Jobs Passed away sadly. I noticed it. My very first impression back then was This is different then I've been used to. But then I really started digging. I called Apple and started asking lots questions. I wanted to know why were Apple products the way they were? why was it so different? From the connections to the operating system. After learning what I Learned I was impressed. And now days all their products work together. More then what windows can do.
Ryan Guzman
'Ryan Guzman' 2 months ago
Am I the only Android viewer on this channel?
Ryan Guzman
'Ryan Guzman' 2 months ago
The world will be a better place without iphone. !!!!ANDROID RULES!!!!!!
Ryan Guzman
'Ryan Guzman' 2 months ago
iPhone drools, Android rules!!!
Farmland Films
'Farmland Films' 2 months ago
Steve died of PC (Pancreatic Cancer)
Farmland Films
'Farmland Films' 2 months ago
Which one do you use? Comment below. Also, you're favourite apple product (iMac, MacBook, Watch etc.)
'PatrickTV' 2 months ago
Watching this on an iPhone XD
'ZAINX 煙' 2 months ago
IKR Iphone Maked My Life Better Thanks To Them I Buyed Samsung Cause I Dont Want 1 Button
Jeffy Jeffy
'Jeffy Jeffy' 2 months ago
Who has an iPhone
'SomeFruityThing' 2 months ago
Iphone 7 was actually the 11th the SE came before 7 &7 plus but after 6s & 6s plus
Battle X
'Battle X' 2 months ago
It's now as old as the people who use it!
'Void' 2 months ago
You forget the iPhone 5c 11 iPhones, wow
Benito JR
'Benito JR' 2 months ago
They actually had 15 phones including the pluses, 5 color, se
Jessica Vargas
'Jessica Vargas' 2 months ago
what a about the iPhone 5c?
Dat Boi
'Dat Boi' 2 months ago
since steve jobs died, apple was never the same again. from useful to useless and pricy
Ainsley Culp
'Ainsley Culp' 2 months ago
So, without a home button...?

Are they gonna do the double tap thing like my LG?
Rama Olivia
'Rama Olivia' 2 months ago
iphone run w/ os x
Frida Edosa
'Frida Edosa' 2 months ago
Hey I'm 10 this year
Naomi Walker
'Naomi Walker' 2 months ago
Happy birthday apple! :)
yiu yeung Kan
'yiu yeung Kan' 2 months ago
Cool if it came out 9:41 AM Pacific Time 29th June
'DISTURBED SKIES' 2 months ago
Give me a iPhone 7 plus😂
scott burford
'scott burford' 2 months ago
Feels so much longer than 10 years
Caleb Fineran
'Caleb Fineran' 2 months ago
Who's watching this on their iPhone?
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