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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 2 months ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

81, 644, 497 views

832, 919 Likes   32, 200 Dislikes

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king ryan
'king ryan' 12 minutes ago
When u make music like this you can punch a bitchhhhhh
'Gamerdeluxe' 14 minutes ago
Ayo and Teo made it!!
Ben Watkinson
'Ben Watkinson' 2 hours ago
That kid a the start tho ha ha "how old are you?" "I'm a 125!' legend
Vicky Sts
'Vicky Sts' 2 hours ago
Jasmyn Roan
'Jasmyn Roan' 3 hours ago
why is video so lit
Imani M
'Imani M' 3 hours ago
This song is so lit, this is my favorite music video lol I'm here all the time watching this. But I just noticed how good the guy on the far right in Chris' routine looks ;)
Imani M
'Imani M' 3 hours ago
The dance at "I got a good lawyer" is my favorite part of the whole video xD that footwork tho lol
Celest Skye
'Celest Skye' 5 hours ago
I just want a tutorial on the dance on 4:31
Winnie Nana
'Winnie Nana' 5 hours ago
aaaaaaach chris u are the best
'Mar'Lajia Scott' 5 hours ago
why is usher so fine
Kevin Ware
'Kevin Ware' 5 hours ago
I hate d gu
Kevin Ware
'Kevin Ware' 5 hours ago
I hate d gu
janaya white
'janaya white' 5 hours ago
I just came here to watch bobby brown aka woody to dance but the i ended up seeing everyone on social media on here
Kevin Ware
'Kevin Ware' 5 hours ago
I hat ed youuu.
Kevin Ware
'Kevin Ware' 5 hours ago
I hate you.
Kevin Ware
'Kevin Ware' 5 hours ago
I hate you.
Jaime Hardmon
'Jaime Hardmon' 5 hours ago
I love the life into this man, I pray for em, speak uplifting bout him.... all that. I 💞💋C.Brezzie dats ZADDY!!
Jaela Vaughn
'Jaela Vaughn' 5 hours ago
luv this song wooo
Tanya Martin
'Tanya Martin' 6 hours ago
Kinda feel bad being in the 40 Club🤗 and Str8 Lovin me some CB! Lawd!!!!!Who can dance in TIMS😱😱 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Earcy Christmon V
'Earcy Christmon V' 6 hours ago
Chrisbrreezzy you can dance mother fucker
Kloey Burke
'Kloey Burke' 6 hours ago
i like chris brown
Tatyana Hall
'Tatyana Hall' 6 hours ago
Woody McClain😩😩😩
Scotty 2 Hotty
'Scotty 2 Hotty' 6 hours ago
Gucci totally made this song.
Amber George
'Amber George' 6 hours ago
Breezy and Ursher iz just trying to remind not to sleep on them as dancers. In case we forgot!
Jose Pacheco
'Jose Pacheco' 6 hours ago
Obrig. azores
Meggie Mcgregor
'Meggie Mcgregor' 6 hours ago
Can we take a minute to focus on Usher 😍 he ain't getting enough credit
August Pease
'August Pease' 6 hours ago
ayo and teo is the best dancers in the song!!!!!!
Fook Dat
'Fook Dat' 6 hours ago
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, anyone else notice these OLD guys singing and dancing about sex with under age kids? Its ok since they are famous to be dancing about sex with underage kids! sounds like michael jackson shit all over again. Pyramids, Eyes, sex, kids... ILLUMINATI! Wake Up people they are saying the Pedophiles are ok... some of you need to see the forest behind the trees! Its ok for these OLDER GUYS to singing about EATIING CAKE, SHOW UP NAKED, Tryna FUCK, I got a good lawyer! wow support these guys I bet you are doing well in life...Just look at me and look at them, I smashed her on my first attempt....... this is something you should be singing and dancing to with kids....
"Girl, come to my place, but don't bring no clothes
Let's be dirty babe, baby, drop it low
Pop rubber bands all on her ass, baby been eating her wheaties
All in the back, dishin' the cash, make me if you need it
I got a few girls on the way, baby girl, you ain't leavin'
It's my birthday with the cake, lick it all, let me eat it"
Jeannie Toussaint
'Jeannie Toussaint' 7 hours ago
i love this music.. keep it up guys😍🤗😆✌👌👏👍
Khailyha Hardrick
'Khailyha Hardrick' 7 hours ago
#Real Ones only
'#Real Ones only' 7 hours ago
the best ever
Jons Mbo
'Jons Mbo' 7 hours ago
Nafissa Kaba
'Nafissa Kaba' 7 hours ago
Blue Putman
'Blue Putman' 8 hours ago
Blue Putman
'Blue Putman' 8 hours ago
FlyBoi KJ
'FlyBoi KJ' 8 hours ago
I can't believe ayo and teo they lit it up as well as chris
Raul Marquez
'Raul Marquez' 8 hours ago
Am i the only one

That came here for Ayo&Teo
Jolon Sutherland
'Jolon Sutherland' 8 hours ago
What type of Rolex is that?
irvin jackson
'irvin jackson' 8 hours ago
Like if Gucci mane ruined the song
irvin jackson
'irvin jackson' 8 hours ago
The best dancing singer, those dance moves at the beginning by breezy was sexy af
Aniya Rodgers
'Aniya Rodgers' 8 hours ago
i luv this vid its so many lit ppl in here all at once😅😄
Ali Khan
'Ali Khan' 8 hours ago
Pull up on yo bish tell yo man I'm sorry lmao
Tetric Mcneill
'Tetric Mcneill' 8 hours ago
your song was the hottest song i even hear
Zoric Tube
'Zoric Tube' 9 hours ago
this shit good
Kessia Green
'Kessia Green' 9 hours ago
I love u
G.MONEY Cmoney
'G.MONEY Cmoney' 9 hours ago
Don't hate on my Gucci mane
D-Nice MB
'D-Nice MB' 9 hours ago
I got a few girls on the way
Kulyla Tolbert
'Kulyla Tolbert' 9 hours ago
💯 on ma wrist
Kulyla Tolbert
'Kulyla Tolbert' 9 hours ago
💯 on ma wrist
Kulyla Tolbert
'Kulyla Tolbert' 9 hours ago
💯 on ma wrist
Kulyla Tolbert
'Kulyla Tolbert' 9 hours ago
wa wa wa💯 on ma wrist
Kulyla Tolbert
'Kulyla Tolbert' 9 hours ago
wa wa wa💯 on ma wrist
Kulyla Tolbert
'Kulyla Tolbert' 9 hours ago
wa wa wa💯 on ma wrist
ICrazybro GamingXD
'ICrazybro GamingXD' 9 hours ago
Surprisingly there was Ayo & Teo
Amazing song too
Bobby1 Taylor
'Bobby1 Taylor' 9 hours ago
we know how to party🔥
emjay davillier
'emjay davillier' 9 hours ago
Gucci did the splits, he kno how to party!!
'PrincessNation' 9 hours ago
Pause the video at 4:09
Malyk Breedlove
'Malyk Breedlove' 9 hours ago
Chris Brown and usher are the dopes dancers
Malyk Breedlove
'Malyk Breedlove' 10 hours ago
Chris Brown killed this video
Jons Mbo
'Jons Mbo' 10 hours ago
Jeremiah Gray
'Jeremiah Gray' 10 hours ago
Wait you mean to tell me breezy can speak Chinese
Kenrick Demesvar
'Kenrick Demesvar' 10 hours ago
I mean aye and teo
Kenrick Demesvar
'Kenrick Demesvar' 10 hours ago
I am Dave aye and two i wish there was my Brothers
Overdrive King
'Overdrive King' 10 hours ago
Ayoooooooooo and teoooooooooo
PrettyGirls Rock
'PrettyGirls Rock' 10 hours ago
i wish i was in chris brown's vids like ayo and teo
PrettyGirls Rock
'PrettyGirls Rock' 10 hours ago
ayo and teo are on fleek in the video
Cattleya Habenero
'Cattleya Habenero' 10 hours ago
This Is So My New Ish!
PsychicFriendFredBear ware
'PORN4REAL' 10 hours ago
got u all on me making these bitches catch an attutude
'ZyBlox ROBLOX' 10 hours ago
teo and ayo in here!!
Jesenia Cruz
'Jesenia Cruz' 10 hours ago
Love How He Dance
Alex Hamlor
'Alex Hamlor' 10 hours ago
dis vid= LITTINESS
Carletta Dawson
'Carletta Dawson' 10 hours ago
Leonardo Silva
'Leonardo Silva' 10 hours ago
massa ficou top 😎
Carletta Dawson
'Carletta Dawson' 10 hours ago
the one with the long hair is cute to
Daniela Marroquin
'Daniela Marroquin' 10 hours ago
best song ever👌👌💗💗❤❤
The4thgrade Squad
'The4thgrade Squad' 11 hours ago
this is like my 20th time ive watched this
Kendra Dixon
'Kendra Dixon' 11 hours ago
greatest video Chris Brown
'Bre'naja Rutledge' 11 hours ago
chris brown is my favorite dancer and he's my favorite singer
Yankz Oscar
'Yankz Oscar' 11 hours ago
let's keep on watching it till it gets 100,000 mil views
'Ma'Layla Percy' 11 hours ago
paris adams
'paris adams' 11 hours ago
These black pyramid kids lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Conniej Jackson
'Conniej Jackson' 11 hours ago
juan pabloborbon
'juan pabloborbon' 11 hours ago
damn unfortunate that beats women
Kai Arnold
'Kai Arnold' 11 hours ago
Raptor BLOX
'Raptor BLOX' 11 hours ago
3:50 i think Gucci mane knows a thing or 2 about getting out of jail
laura rubilar
'laura rubilar' 11 hours ago
chris B🎼🎼🎶🎵🎤
Izreal Isis
'Izreal Isis' 11 hours ago
did any body see aye and two I did
Donovan Dunn
'Donovan Dunn' 12 hours ago
Kriss Kross by Chris Brown, you're welcome!
tommie belcher
'tommie belcher' 12 hours ago
ayo and teo is there
'Bvnktv' 12 hours ago
anyone think gucci's about to pop out at any second
Shakina Hickson
'Shakina Hickson' 12 hours ago
love this song😘😘😘😍😍😍
Marcos Porras
'Marcos Porras' 12 hours ago
'AviatorKidYT' 12 hours ago
Pull up on my wrist. Make my momma sorry! (my mom got us separated because she drank God dang it
Eli Coffey
'Eli Coffey' 12 hours ago
Was that kida?
Yada Caldwell
'Yada Caldwell' 12 hours ago
ayy bae killed it love you chris brown
Facundo Quintana
'Facundo Quintana' 12 hours ago
como se llama la cancion? 0:56?
what's the name of song ?0:56
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