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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 1 month ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

54, 072, 915 views

667, 880 Likes   23, 032 Dislikes

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Little_ MillyPup4life
He looked like a penguin after he said"bitches dancing naked in my living room" 2:06,Although he is hot...😍*dabs*
Sahar Daves
'Sahar Daves' 1 hour ago
is that Les Twins in this video?
James Pen
'James Pen' 1 hour ago
125 my ass bitch you look like 10
JAAEYDN Shepherd
'JAAEYDN Shepherd' 1 hour ago
Marquez you a bitch
'Marquez you a bitch' 2 hours ago
Marquez you a bitch
'Marquez you a bitch' 2 hours ago
marquez good
Ray Emeanu
'Ray Emeanu' 2 hours ago
This is phenomenal... I love the energy and the syncs and everything. An unstoppable jam.
Ryan Aryan Marak
'Ryan Aryan Marak' 2 hours ago
I like the video
Alicia Arnett
'Alicia Arnett' 2 hours ago
Was clean
Alicia Arnett
'Alicia Arnett' 2 hours ago
At 2:41.
Alicia Arnett
'Alicia Arnett' 2 hours ago
The third boy to go killed it
Courtney Myers
'Courtney Myers' 3 hours ago
I love kids dancing Chris Brown mines
Kevin Scully
'Kevin Scully' 3 hours ago
Bris Breezy with the dance moves
Marvin Vicentini
'Marvin Vicentini' 3 hours ago
for some reason it makes me really happy to see gucci
'LaganezeTV' 3 hours ago
This hook remebers me of Lil uzi pull up
When I'm in L.A., pedal to the floor, mane
Your bitch in my face, she must be a hoe, mane
Money in the way, I can't see my floor, mane
Pull up, 'Ventador, ayy, watch my doors, mane.. similar flow
Keven Brito
'Keven Brito' 3 hours ago
When it comes to dancing this guy is a god
bassima salloum
'bassima salloum' 3 hours ago
MixedJapanese Gamer Kyome混合ゲーマー
frist  time seeing this was exactly dec 15 2016 20 minutes after it was uploaded
Acha Steel
'Acha Steel' 4 hours ago
the intro Song is better i think
Metin Ak
'Metin Ak' 4 hours ago
good song
'OhSnapImLexi' 5 hours ago
Is this filmed in the Hawthorne Abandoned Mall in Cali?
Wassup Warrup
'Wassup Warrup' 5 hours ago
USHER, give me yo ring.
'Sweaber' 6 hours ago
he stole this song from Wiz Khalifa's song "Pull up"
Lawuan Griffin
'Lawuan Griffin' 6 hours ago
these kids showing out
Roberto Cinà
'Roberto Cinà' 7 hours ago
Il pezzo comincia al 3:50 Guwop
Zoriana Boyechko
'Zoriana Boyechko' 7 hours ago
I'm just here for Sean😂
Jeray Ali
'Jeray Ali' 7 hours ago
I'm I the only one who learned ALL the dance moves to this?
Lia Reacts!!
'Lia Reacts!!' 7 hours ago
I love when he dances 😩🔥🔥💯🤘🏾
To Love
'To Love' 9 hours ago
Gucci, aye!
Kone Awa
'Kone Awa' 9 hours ago
Jayson Edwards
'Jayson Edwards' 9 hours ago
I feel the song 4real... The video tho?.. Sits it off tho... for a couple of minutes Usher and Chris Brown looked like they did back in the day... you now That usher video nice and slow... yeah... Chris Brown video Popen... yeah... that and some.. the video out do the song... That's real...
Zaria Smith
'Zaria Smith' 9 hours ago
Ayye one day I hope I meet Chris brown so I can show him how I kill it to this song🔥😝
Nuri Khaliloff
'Nuri Khaliloff' 9 hours ago
My fav Chris and his fav Usher.Get me freaky
Aaliyah Howard
'Aaliyah Howard' 9 hours ago
wats the beginning of that song
War Lord
'War Lord' 9 hours ago
Les Twins would destroy all these dancers, including Breezy and Usher #YeahISaidIt!
Xavian Jones
'Xavian Jones' 10 hours ago
what shoes were Chris brown wearing
Jonae Harris
'Jonae Harris' 10 hours ago
👀 CB shooo can dance
Suppa .Green
'Suppa .Green' 10 hours ago
I'm in love with this hot instrumental , beat and all these awesome dancers ! Sorry 4 my english . THUMBS UP (y)
Joanna Francois
'Joanna Francois' 10 hours ago
'PARK JIBOOTY' 10 hours ago
There are 666k likes...... fuck!
Rex aka lemmy
'Rex aka lemmy' 10 hours ago
this should be a nba 2k18 song
Malaia Quillens
'Malaia Quillens' 10 hours ago
Does nobody else hear that 2:33 😃
Rap KidZ
'Rap KidZ' 10 hours ago
can some one like it so it's not 666
Vic Leiva
'Vic Leiva' 10 hours ago
y'all can call him a woman beater and a crackhead but name one artist better than Chris Brown #the🐐
Ashley Clark
'Ashley Clark' 10 hours ago
loRd MonKey
'loRd MonKey' 10 hours ago
who likes my part, i was the kid at the start
Angelo .V.
'Angelo .V.' 10 hours ago
this sounds so familiar, I think Uzi vert for some reason lol
Nico Lori
'Nico Lori' 10 hours ago
Rhana M.
'Rhana M.' 10 hours ago
Anybody know the guy with all that beautiful hair 😍😍😍😍
William SOSA
'William SOSA' 10 hours ago
666 like satan's
Karunga Lindsey
'Karunga Lindsey' 10 hours ago
so Mane is the one who can't dance 😂
Shaquana Mines
'Shaquana Mines' 10 hours ago
May 5
Shaquana Mines
'Shaquana Mines' 10 hours ago
Me Chris brown have the same birthday 🎉
Yakeylah Anderson
'Yakeylah Anderson' 10 hours ago
Adrian SandCloud
'Adrian SandCloud' 11 hours ago
How is that kid 125
Luhengen Paguibitan Jr
Chris Brown is a LEGEND
Trey Hollywood
'Trey Hollywood' 11 hours ago
Was that ayo and teo
alex1731 alex1731
'alex1731 alex1731' 11 hours ago
Why can't I dance like theses ppl and if I even try I look like a worm 😂
Tay E
'Tay E' 11 hours ago
sytycd kids are litttttttt
Michael Sydney
'Michael Sydney' 11 hours ago
Vincent Motts
'Vincent Motts' 11 hours ago
question Chris Brown was it fun dancing
'Craven_Beast12' 11 hours ago
Lol that's not the real Chris Brown
Tegan Burns
'Tegan Burns' 11 hours ago
Soo is there even a target audience here...?

Gucci the felon who rapped about being a kingpin, Chris (anythingforviews), and Usher the sexytime guy... plus a bunch of kids. Alright man, whatever floats your boat
Nero Anims
'Nero Anims' 12 hours ago
chris brown gots the moves, the voice and dat art
Samson Bleus
'Samson Bleus' 12 hours ago
that dance move at 2:20 is straight flames
Bubby 24542
'Bubby 24542' 12 hours ago
He almost at 10 mil subs
Yididiya Bekele
'Yididiya Bekele' 12 hours ago
this song will never get old.
Patrice Fields
'Patrice Fields' 12 hours ago
yasssssssss lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥2k17
Chantel Bonner
'Chantel Bonner' 12 hours ago
FINALLY USHER & CHRIS dancing together!!!
Chynna Torres
'Chynna Torres' 12 hours ago
Anyone know the girl with the black and white checkered pants or where to get them ?
Lisa Rhodes
'Lisa Rhodes' 12 hours ago
i love this video
Wivine Baseswa
'Wivine Baseswa' 12 hours ago
go to hell
christal Jackson
'christal Jackson' 12 hours ago
I like this song
Ashlea Knight
'Ashlea Knight' 12 hours ago
I just miss the old usher. Now he's fallen into trying to rap nasty like everyone else out there. I agree with those above confessions was way better and even before that back to nice and slow.
Waffle Pancakes
'Waffle Pancakes' 12 hours ago
those moves #mint
'Paul' 12 hours ago
THis is by far my favs!!!!!!!
Kim Hohn
'Kim Hohn' 12 hours ago
Iam so obsessed with this song and video Chris brown did so good and usher and all of those kids!!! This is just great!!!
Harley Roberts
'Harley Roberts' 12 hours ago
#teambreezy you kneel it guys
Heaven Thompson
'Heaven Thompson' 13 hours ago
I love this song love Heaven Thompson
Jeffrey Batiz
'Jeffrey Batiz' 13 hours ago
thats a party I want to be invited to
Jeffrey Batiz
'Jeffrey Batiz' 13 hours ago
Chris brown knows how to dance
Wild Tube
'Wild Tube' 13 hours ago
not bad
'BABYNJ Vlogs' 13 hours ago
This song is lit but I know Chris brown was hot in that big ass jacket 😂😂
Juan Hernandez
'Juan Hernandez' 13 hours ago
I wish I could dance like that 😭😭😭
Antwonika Murphy
'Antwonika Murphy' 13 hours ago
is that lil deedee on ushers part?
Anderson Santiago
'Anderson Santiago' 13 hours ago
Gui Vlogs
'Gui Vlogs' 13 hours ago
666 likes lol

BR hue kk
'zcsxm' 13 hours ago
'zcsxm' 13 hours ago
Just so you all know I was here before 0
Saucy_. Milla
'Saucy_. Milla' 13 hours ago
Video littt🔥and Chris Brown killing it😝🔥👑
ejay coronado
'ejay coronado' 13 hours ago
cb was mixing all of his song
ejay coronado
'ejay coronado' 13 hours ago
cb knows how to party #cbrules
'Beastmode' 13 hours ago
The song is bland but that run Usher and Chris did at about 3:23! That shit was crack!
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