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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 4 months ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 4 months ago

122, 272, 449 views

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'石橋竜仁' 3 minutes ago
This mv is amazing!💯 thank you Breezy✌✌✌
mustapha hassan
'mustapha hassan' 5 minutes ago
best music n video of the year
'ANNETTE Garcia' 3 hours ago
love this song
'mukkaboistarz08' 5 hours ago
I just got a ring (wedding coming up so you know I'm party)
Daekwon H
'Daekwon H' 5 hours ago
beats song
'EAE CUZAUM' 6 hours ago
kriss kross
El Cruiser
'El Cruiser' 6 hours ago
Llove SEEing Cris & Urrsh Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suhaan Moonwalker
'Suhaan Moonwalker' 7 hours ago
Simple dance steps
Ballpython King
'Ballpython King' 7 hours ago
He lit af
Dgamingfoxx Plays
'Dgamingfoxx Plays' 7 hours ago
I just noticed ayo and teo were in this😂 I'm so dumb
Mr. Ferocious
'Mr. Ferocious' 7 hours ago
what jacket is the blue one he's wearing at the end?
Tupac Amaru Shakur
'Tupac Amaru Shakur' 7 hours ago
is it just me or does this beat suck ass?
Katina Carver
'Katina Carver' 8 hours ago
i like it this song is the beast (: like it
Jorge Soccer10
'Jorge Soccer10' 8 hours ago
Ayat Mirza
'Ayat Mirza' 9 hours ago
Kids be dancing in Breezy's video are cute, in Iggy Azalea's video "noooo noooo don't involve kids"
'Laran' 9 hours ago
This lit afff holy crap
Sarah Peebles
'Sarah Peebles' 9 hours ago
I forgot chris brown could dance, I'm now reminded.
lia lola
'lia lola' 9 hours ago
Dame this song is on🔥
Amelka Papa
'Amelka Papa' 10 hours ago
uzależniłam się najlepsza piosenka na świecie!! (•ᴗ•)❤
Only Baka
'Only Baka' 10 hours ago
Anyone else just came here for Ayo & Teo?
jose aguilar
'jose aguilar' 11 hours ago
he killed them dance moves
Paolo Games
'Paolo Games' 11 hours ago
What's the name of the second song 00:40
Claire mix TV
'Claire mix TV' 11 hours ago
Ayo and Teo 😀🔥🔥🔥
'BeastMode24270' 11 hours ago
Robert Downs
'Robert Downs' 11 hours ago
He's a bully that beats people smaller than he. He's a disgrace.
American Girl Doll videos 1244
Is that Matty B Friend.
Nancy Arellano
'Nancy Arellano' 12 hours ago
ayyyeeee my boy ayo linked up wit his fam. they know how to party for real ! DAMN.
American Girl Doll videos 1244
Day Knight
'Day Knight' 12 hours ago
This song is addictive
Thomas Couch
'Thomas Couch' 12 hours ago
Ayo and teo 😂😂😂😂
Team ChrisBr
'Team ChrisBr' 12 hours ago
🔥🔥 #TeamBrezzyBr 🔥🔥
Kraig Dawson
'Kraig Dawson' 13 hours ago
yha cute
phoebe milbourne
'phoebe milbourne' 13 hours ago
he looks a bit......taller.I wonder why????
Jeremiah Anderson
'Jeremiah Anderson' 14 hours ago
"How to potty aye,We no how to potty."
Mary Mensah
'Mary Mensah' 14 hours ago
YO who do you think is the best dancer Chris Brown or usher
Jewelianne Rodriguez
'Jewelianne Rodriguez' 15 hours ago
chris is always killing it 😍😘
Jewelianne Rodriguez
'Jewelianne Rodriguez' 15 hours ago
i love this song so much 💙
shana mct
'shana mct' 15 hours ago
omg just perfect
Felicia Poe
'Felicia Poe' 16 hours ago
lit video
Bel Habib
'Bel Habib' 16 hours ago
I ♡♡♡♡♡ this nice song
Jenifer Rodriguez
'Jenifer Rodriguez' 16 hours ago
Usher's moves tho!!!🔥🔥🔥smooth af
LayLay Adams
'LayLay Adams' 17 hours ago
could not believe ayo and taoe was in it I bet they were happy and having fun
# JoyousJuan12
'# JoyousJuan12' 17 hours ago
l'm a big fan I wish you could come to my birthday
Jeremy Rivera
'Jeremy Rivera' 17 hours ago
i love ayo and teo
Stewie Suarez
'Stewie Suarez' 18 hours ago
Lanice Merceron
'Lanice Merceron' 18 hours ago
fireeeee I love yo cb
Hugo Heintz
'Hugo Heintz' 18 hours ago
Best music video ever....
'ITZ JS14' 18 hours ago
i want to be famous
'Nubitz81' 19 hours ago
Illuminati confirmed :)
Bosheka Reed
'Bosheka Reed' 20 hours ago
i wont to be in it
Lil Dumny
'Lil Dumny' 20 hours ago
anyone else seen ayo and teo👀👀👀
Carlak Silvasilva
'Carlak Silvasilva' 20 hours ago
Chris Brown e a sim oh a qui tem brizzeo
CB is the best
Natalia Andrade
'Natalia Andrade' 20 hours ago
Breezy is sooooooooooooo talented! His dancing is sick! 🔥🔥
YuSuF BeLkAsMi
'YuSuF BeLkAsMi' 23 hours ago
3 baddasses
Cedric Marlet
'Cedric Marlet' 23 hours ago
So Good
Janet Munyiva
'Janet Munyiva' 24 hours ago
party is on fire
'stargazer' 1 day ago
i've heard this song but only watched the mv now (yeah, i know). didnt expect to see some of my fave kid dancers!!!
Arester Cop
'Arester Cop' 1 day ago
your so cool fuck
JordHd Bruh
'JordHd Bruh' 1 day ago
this is lit!!
Jonas Xoagub
'Jonas Xoagub' 1 day ago
as. awesome party
Tyana Jones
'Tyana Jones' 1 day ago
Tyana Jones
'Tyana Jones' 1 day ago
No u
Jade Jeters
'Jade Jeters' 1 day ago
dis anyone see ayo and teo
FabulousShy *ι тяσll
2:30 Ayo and Teo
Ashley Allick
'Ashley Allick' 1 day ago
this song is too litttttttt!!!! the dancing is the best part 😩💕
Jasmine Santos
'Jasmine Santos' 1 day ago
I like the part when he said lets dance around naked in my living room love u Chris brown
David Ortega
'David Ortega' 1 day ago
I know how to dance like that
Katya Milan
'Katya Milan' 1 day ago
and he know how to dance💜
Katya Milan
'Katya Milan' 1 day ago
we know how to party💖💙🍷🍻
Jabari Nyela
'Jabari Nyela' 1 day ago
I knew this was gonna blow up as soon as it first came out!
Vishal Maitra
'Vishal Maitra' 1 day ago
Most underrated artist fuck lil yachity fuck migos
Ronnika Halley
'Ronnika Halley' 1 day ago
Toreone Heavens
'Toreone Heavens' 1 day ago
I didn't know that white bitches can dance like that
Mosella Sanders
'Mosella Sanders' 1 day ago
why would they take his gold watch
The 2020 Player
'The 2020 Player' 1 day ago
Usher, he was like, WAIT!!! IM GONNA KILL THIS SHIT!!! XD
Teresa James
'Teresa James' 1 day ago
we know how to party
Taleah Owens
'Taleah Owens' 1 day ago
I love your song liquor I'm your biggest fan
Taleah Owens
'Taleah Owens' 1 day ago
I love your song liquor I'm your biggest fan
Javontae Benson
'Javontae Benson' 1 day ago
Usher has way better moves then Chris Brown
Jahvon Maxwell
'Jahvon Maxwell' 1 day ago
we have a good day at work and the other got
Stephanie Jeanp
'Stephanie Jeanp' 1 day ago
this is the best birthday song like if u agree 😃😜😋
michele Breckenridge
love usher and gucci
TheGamingCanteloupe //TGC
Ayo And Teo!!!
christiankl6 kid
'christiankl6 kid' 1 day ago
Blaze Retro
'Blaze Retro' 1 day ago
1:23 yw
Jasmin Salas
'Jasmin Salas' 1 day ago
Ayo & Teo Killed there dances at 3:47 👌🏽🔥
Andy Bocanegra
'Andy Bocanegra' 1 day ago
Is he in the abandon mall
Nganda Brian
'Nganda Brian' 2 days ago
Smart Dance
'karina1022' 2 days ago
2:20 amazing foot work!
Jeremias Jimenez
'Jeremias Jimenez' 2 days ago
What is the name of the song that appears at the beginning of the video?
camilly santos
'camilly santos' 2 days ago
aaaaaaaaaaaa melhor
Abby Worley
'Abby Worley' 2 days ago
Who else saw Ayo and Teyo
Qualacia Farmer
'Qualacia Farmer' 2 days ago
'Te'raiya Daniels' 2 days ago
best video ever!!!!!
Alonzo Bryant
'Alonzo Bryant' 2 days ago
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