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Syd - All About Me -
Published: 1 month ago By: SydVEVO

By: SydVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

1, 399, 204 views

33, 650 Likes   1, 690 Dislikes

"All About Me" from Syd's debut solo album, Fin, out now. Get it here:

Video directed by Calmatic


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Leonardo Saldanha
'Leonardo Saldanha' 5 minutes ago
Que instrumental é esse meu deus?! Syd, tu é do caralho. Salve do brasil.
x Chloe_Datgurll x
'x Chloe_Datgurll x' 38 minutes ago
the song is in 1.25 speed
'thisissoshitify' 5 hours ago
Sexiest woman alive
shark energy
nicola celentano
'nicola celentano' 7 hours ago
i'm here because i saw the instagram stories of ghali
Zaire Jacobs
'Zaire Jacobs' 14 hours ago
do that black guy have yellow nails if so he gay
Zaire Jacobs
'Zaire Jacobs' 14 hours ago
once u listen to this song u can't stop
'alwaysbusiness4' 17 hours ago
I always love the internet,but DAMN by herself, OH my Damn.
str8 FIRE.......
Mj DeGawd
'Mj DeGawd' 19 hours ago
Get em Syd! 🔥🔥
Saleemah Cartwright
'Saleemah Cartwright' 20 hours ago
Carsten Helvie
'Carsten Helvie' 1 day ago
Can some one explain the differences between Syd and The Internet?
Shay Jackson
'Shay Jackson' 1 day ago
A new favorite song and artist
'Kangruv' 2 days ago
Dope! Check out my music if you got a minute!
'alee7805' 2 days ago
same flow from silkk da shocka
'RarelyVegan' 2 days ago
love this song
aspirin 01
'aspirin 01' 2 days ago
Steve looking like a whole snacc
Don Pablo
'Don Pablo' 2 days ago
Kalim :D
'이승훈' 3 days ago
목소리 개 섹시하네
Madysen Owens
'Madysen Owens' 3 days ago
Mason Leifried
'Mason Leifried' 3 days ago
If you guys like this check out this up and coming group MT$ they're super dope !!
Domonita Purvis
'Domonita Purvis' 3 days ago
just realized she's the girl from the internet... love her
H.H Hayat
'H.H Hayat' 3 days ago
yaaaaaas 🙏❤
'thisissoshitify' 3 days ago
que mujer!
Omar Cota Torres
'Omar Cota Torres' 3 days ago
For a sec, i thought tht was Hopsin lol 1:57
Cee A
'Cee A' 4 days ago
Eileen washington
'Eileen washington' 4 days ago
WTF you can't even hear the lyrics
Billy Kerr
'Billy Kerr' 4 days ago
Only after listening to this a few times did i start to hear the 'whoop!'
izzy doodle
'izzy doodle' 5 days ago
average MSFT
'average MSFT' 5 days ago
isn't this the internet did she change her name
guci aaagatha
'guci aaagatha' 5 days ago
syd la rapera
Leonardo Medina
'Leonardo Medina' 5 days ago
shits dope man
Visu C.
'Visu C.' 6 days ago
Hey can you please take the time out of your day to check out my new youtube page please?? Just a young hungry musician tryna get his music heard.. just like and subscribe..thanks in advance!!
troy cooler
'troy cooler' 6 days ago
I love her voice
jocelyne sanchez
'jocelyne sanchez' 6 days ago
Irene Kim
'Irene Kim' 6 days ago
아 진짜 너무 좋아
Arturo Senganov
'Arturo Senganov' 6 days ago
sick stuff
Lord Roc
'Lord Roc' 6 days ago
I feel like this should be getting alot of radio play...
NiNi Woo
'NiNi Woo' 6 days ago
She killed this ENTIRE album 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️✨❤️✨✨
Nathan Martini
'Nathan Martini' 7 days ago
this song is BOSS !!!!!!!!!!!!
'SWEETDEE007' 7 days ago
Lord. I just came.
'Jeyness' 1 week ago
That's so amazing
Franklin Bluth
'Franklin Bluth' 1 week ago
I really like the beat on this track

jalene marie
'jalene marie' 1 week ago
shit is dumb ass hell
'rizznrk77' 1 week ago
seeing Tyler and everyone in the back I'm happy to see and shit
but meanwhile: still waiting on that WOLF album movie, but you know I'm still here.*
'alextheman' 1 week ago
Dropped harder than Hiroshima
Izzy Star
'Izzy Star' 1 week ago
Nice video!new favorite song. :)
Talia Oliver
'Talia Oliver' 1 week ago
Syd's album is DOPE AF! This song and "Know" are my favorites. I can't stop playing "Know"
letranger beats
'letranger beats' 1 week ago
this snare is fire!!!
//kass//aesthetic soundd
No fuckin way 1 million views
Jafari Burrell
'Jafari Burrell' 1 week ago
'AJ. F [III]' 1 week ago
is that a guy or girl...
Perry Hudson
'Perry Hudson' 1 week ago
Angélica Quintero
Syd , i love your voice <3 <3
'MsCeeCee' 1 week ago
Annie Afrilu
'Annie Afrilu' 1 week ago
can't get enough of this vibe.
Jaylon Lair
'Jaylon Lair' 1 week ago
when she change her name
Danny Mendoza
'Danny Mendoza' 1 week ago
that beat tho 🔥
'Takamiko22' 2 weeks ago
Syd, please please please, make the "Know" music video next. Fin is the first time I'm hearing of you and I am shook. The album is hot. Know is my shit. Thank you for it.
Giovanna Duarte
'Giovanna Duarte' 2 weeks ago
Sarah Michelle
'Sarah Michelle' 2 weeks ago
My new Favorite artist!❤😍 Just heard "Body" and I love it!!!!🙌
'SAMMY Cook' 2 weeks ago
drake stimulus package anyone ? THE OVO SWEATSHOP WOULD MURDA THIS !
Christian Villegas
'Christian Villegas' 2 weeks ago
For all those talking ish saying this don't sound like Internet or Syd in general she already has a verse for you in the song!

Syd: "Don't be mad if I switch up, my good taste got me this much, too sweet for your taste buds" 🔥🔥!!
Criminal Thought
'Criminal Thought' 2 weeks ago
the same shit we've heard time and time again. This another drake song sang by a new puppet
'PegbordFegs' 2 weeks ago
atrocious snare
Beatrice C
'Beatrice C' 2 weeks ago
'yan' 2 weeks ago
enamorá toi.
Yosief Eyob
'Yosief Eyob' 2 weeks ago
So lit!
Diego Inzunza Segovia
Best thing since the Obama mic drop. Beat is fire
Justin Smith
'Justin Smith' 2 weeks ago
that moment you realise she she is a girl
Tristan Kereopa
'Tristan Kereopa' 2 weeks ago
Pull up skrr
'chickenwityamz' 2 weeks ago
Im a hetersexual male that doesnt know how to feel about this attraction to Syd. I'd tuck it in and let her have her way with me tho.
Chelsea Garvin
'Chelsea Garvin' 2 weeks ago
shameless plug with the vans promo, we know you're the posted child this season Syd lol
dorell Lockhart-Watson
this song is toooo raw!!
key rowie
'key rowie' 2 weeks ago
everybody selling out
Fatma Khalifa
'Fatma Khalifa' 2 weeks ago
issa great song💯
Sense of Steph
'Sense of Steph' 2 weeks ago
Eden Mugar
'Eden Mugar' 2 weeks ago
I could see a syd and Bryson collab
b47ance indigo
'b47ance indigo' 2 weeks ago
its good to see a lot of them still together in this video smiling
kruxy (っ◕‿◕)っ
Can't get enough of this.
Steph Knows Best
'Steph Knows Best' 2 weeks ago
Reality Truth
'Reality Truth' 2 weeks ago
I will support this stud 4 like ever. lol damn gud music. Her voice is perfect 4earphones. & a perfect balance.
Lizzy Brightmo
'Lizzy Brightmo' 2 weeks ago
This is love.
Rhyys O
'Rhyys O' 2 weeks ago
Eric Veno
'Eric Veno' 2 weeks ago
Syd is best singer out making music. that internet album was 5 star classic now this album is fucking flames!!! she too slept on. wake up otherfuckers
Elijah Rose
'Elijah Rose' 2 weeks ago
Here before a billion views
'CosmoloveM2M' 2 weeks ago
I Love The Rafsanjani Remix Of This Lyrically Awesome Great Tune
Malyse Lindsey
'Malyse Lindsey' 2 weeks ago
She's so fucking Littttt omg 👌🏾🔥🔥🔥
Kizz Kizzy
'Kizz Kizzy' 2 weeks ago
Why isn't she more famous? She's so damn dope.
Jayden Martin
'Jayden Martin' 2 weeks ago
'GreatDiablo' 2 weeks ago
Jazzmone Smith
'Jazzmone Smith' 2 weeks ago
Imagine syd and 6lack
'Pros4vage' 2 weeks ago
How sexy she'd be if she wasn't lesbian hahahah
'janirwin16' 2 weeks ago
Collab with Ab Soul
Moto Myki
'Moto Myki' 2 weeks ago
Love it! .......Just don't leave The Internet ^_^
Jayden Stephens
'Jayden Stephens' 2 weeks ago
This beat is fly
Barbara Hernandez
'Barbara Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
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