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The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY -
Published: 3 years ago By: Official ITTF Channel

By: Official ITTF ChannelPublished: 3 years ago

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Watch as Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) plays against good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE) Tai-Ben International.

ali bhai
'ali bhai' 42 minutes ago
The Black Shirt Guy Reminded Me of Mr.Bean
Oreki Houtarou
'Oreki Houtarou' 1 day ago
2017 people will be like "this is offensing international pingpong league"
'OCEAN LOVIS' 1 day ago
getting wrecked? no problem. having fun tho hahahah
'11hoosier11' 1 day ago
I Victor Borge on stage,  These two could put on a good stage show. Routine after routine, each a surprise. The announcers laughs added to it as well.
Nazis Germany
'Nazis Germany' 2 days ago
that old white guy was like..aahhh aaahhh aaaahhh aah im cumming....
Eddie Thomas
'Eddie Thomas' 2 days ago
i have am exam tomorrow. what am i doing?
Mazlan Roy
'Mazlan Roy' 2 days ago
this is the best.
Mazlan Roy
'Mazlan Roy' 2 days ago
Ahahahahaha this is coooolllll
Teck Guys
'Teck Guys' 2 days ago
what a skill!
Showkat Bashir
'Showkat Bashir' 2 days ago
and I ended up watching whole video. Fucking hilarious
Ed Porter
'Ed Porter' 3 days ago
The guy is a buffoon
van tumanishvili
'van tumanishvili' 3 days ago
damn so funny :))))))
'Mr_v00d00_risin' 3 days ago
That's how it all started...with fun! :D
Peter Jan Ahmad
'Peter Jan Ahmad' 4 days ago
Best... Match... EVER!!!!
john thebaker
'john thebaker' 5 days ago
seee chinese ppl and those other guys from that contry that drinks vodka alot can get along! the world is not doomed after all!
wahidin din
'wahidin din' 6 days ago
Amir Harris
'Amir Harris' 1 week ago
valera Lysyakov
'valera Lysyakov' 1 week ago
'3aTo4u' 1 week ago
COSMOSS MACH! +++++++++++++!
Princess Cagang
'Princess Cagang' 1 week ago
this is crazy game ever, so funny hahaha
Gabe Bass
'Gabe Bass' 1 week ago
lol so funny!
Maxi. the.1st
'Maxi. the.1st' 1 week ago
Smiling asians? Whatever
Nasser Hossain
'Nasser Hossain' 1 week ago
By far the best game I've ever watched
Alexander Nielsen
'Alexander Nielsen' 1 week ago
This is pure gold!
'James' 1 week ago
'jonhwatching' 1 week ago
omg. the skill level to play like that in a professional sport, rick ross the boss mayne
Danussan Jeganathan
'Danussan Jeganathan' 2 weeks ago
that's funny
'Soiko' 2 weeks ago
Play forest play
yash motwani
'yash motwani' 2 weeks ago
老枫 LaoFeng
'老枫 LaoFeng' 2 weeks ago
I Laughed The Shit Out Of Me xDDDDD
Ahmad Five
'Ahmad Five' 2 weeks ago
The best video
Mario Barrera
'Mario Barrera' 2 weeks ago
lol can someone please give me some context
Stories From Stardust
Only in table tennis can two grown athletes play at the level of me and my drunk buddies and get away with it in front of a whole stadium and officials.
Max Max
'Max Max' 2 weeks ago
haha so funny.. nice :D
Amnesia patient
'Amnesia patient' 2 weeks ago
haha this shit is kinda funny
soufiane hamam
'soufiane hamam' 3 weeks ago
omg i love that .
'朱明章' 3 weeks ago
ridan khan
'ridan khan' 3 weeks ago
cool. sprite
'TheRobotbill' 3 weeks ago
this dude is like hercule satan, cant tell if hes a retard or a genius
Aasim Showkat
'Aasim Showkat' 3 weeks ago
he moved the table and still got the point ??? lol
Aasim Showkat
'Aasim Showkat' 3 weeks ago
James Reeves
'James Reeves' 3 weeks ago
115Resinator 11
'115Resinator 11' 3 weeks ago
These guys are the greatest
Tyg Rahof
'Tyg Rahof' 3 weeks ago
The Harlem Globetrotters of table tennis.
No name
'No name' 3 weeks ago
they are having lots of fun, didn't they?
No name
'No name' 3 weeks ago
they are having lots of fun, didn't they?
'Napiyaable' 3 weeks ago
I never thinking i will watch a ping pong match one day,in mylife #donein2017 amazing how it was great !sorry for my english,i am french
Fernan Gomez
'Fernan Gomez' 3 weeks ago
Pretty cool and kinda breaks the stereotype i have against chinese people.
Peter Swarts
'Peter Swarts' 4 weeks ago
Truly was a very entertaining game. Amazing how much fun 2 guys can have with #balls LOL
'Mech0p' 4 weeks ago
Stuuf like this restores my faith in humanity just a bit... It goes to show its not always about being the best but have fun also
EXO Limit
'EXO Limit' 4 weeks ago
These two both deserve a medal!
The Truth factor
'The Truth factor' 4 weeks ago
I understand how this could be funny, it just really isnt
Allan Voloch
'Allan Voloch' 4 weeks ago
What are we doing here? Playing ping pong? honestly...
'bhulukethek' 4 weeks ago
maybe watch this match make ping pong great again...this is tell the people that this game was fun
no body
'no body' 4 weeks ago
xaxaxaxaxaxaxaax..the best match ever
Matt Trott
'Matt Trott' 4 weeks ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The subtitle is in English
Why aren't you
Hyeon Yu
'Hyeon Yu' 4 weeks ago
Raikou Ezio
'Raikou Ezio' 4 weeks ago
Meh we all die in the end so whats the point in these competitions...... You cant get any awards when you are dead right?
'グルグルウー' 4 weeks ago
who knew table tennis was this intense
'hardfugoo1' 4 weeks ago
And then they took him back to his native country and shot him for dishonoring them...
Amoona Munmun
'Amoona Munmun' 1 month ago
rafael killer
'rafael killer' 1 month ago
aaaah.. aaaaaahh.. aaaaaaaaaaahhh
Fatty BlackMan
'Fatty BlackMan' 1 month ago
That guy sounds like he gets pounded in the ass everytime he hits the ball
'Rota' 1 month ago
so is this like rally for relief but for table tennis?
'Jase_LV' 1 month ago
This got to be the most fun I had watching sport related event, ever.
'Grover' 1 month ago
Reminds me of that guy who used to play tennis doubles but for the life of me I just cannot remember his name.
'Grover' 1 month ago
My kids were giving me weird looks at the sounds coming from my phone watching this.
Rafsandi Putra
'Rafsandi Putra' 1 month ago
is wondering if this is how China and America do the pingpong diplomatic
The Consortium
'The Consortium' 1 month ago
that was a jolly good video! I enjoyed it!.
J. Midnite
'J. Midnite' 1 month ago
Sandi M. Rizki
'Sandi M. Rizki' 1 month ago
awesome i wannt laugh 😂😂😂
'KarlEgonBimbelhuber' 1 month ago
Ich versteh nich ganz wiso die so lustig spielen, ist das nicht ein offizielles turnier? war das abgesproche, oder waren die high? oder war das aus der situation herraus einfach spontan und beide haben mitgemacht??? kann mir das einer sagen?^^
Wise Soldier
'Wise Soldier' 1 month ago
they no jokey jokey
Linh Q
'Linh Q' 1 month ago
It will be so boring. Table tennis should ban some defensive style.but he s so funny 😂
Joshua Rich
'Joshua Rich' 1 month ago
Damn that was funny
'tysswe1' 1 month ago
This is great. A tournament and they are having fun and making a show of it.
jhaz pogi
'jhaz pogi' 1 month ago
i didn't expected that mr bean can play this sport..
'ferofax' 1 month ago
...what the fuck is going on
Chad Rushing
'Chad Rushing' 1 month ago
I took table tennis as a college elective on the first day of class the instructor had us show our serve. Mine was so fast it bruised his left testicle, he told me to leave the class and he would give me an A. My step father was 6'5" and played like a monster I had to develop exceptional skills to stay alive on family ping pong night.
Harry Shuchat-Marx
'Harry Shuchat-Marx' 1 month ago
the cringe
shaoyu zhu
'shaoyu zhu' 1 month ago
And I played this sport when I was young
shaoyu zhu
'shaoyu zhu' 1 month ago
i just wanna say I'm Chinese
TTandLo Show
'TTandLo Show' 1 month ago
super cute
AsIan potNoodle
'AsIan potNoodle' 1 month ago
if all sports was like this everyone would be fitter. XD
Manish Chauhan
'Manish Chauhan' 1 month ago
What the hell!!!!!! Is this an international match?
'Hancook' 1 month ago
new mr. bean and jackie chan. 😂😂
Nadia Reis
'Nadia Reis' 1 month ago
Oh my god can they do that? lol hilarious
Tobias Glaus
'Tobias Glaus' 1 month ago
enough internet for today
'MJ ROYAL' 1 month ago
best game ever..lmao😂😂😂
'Matn' 1 month ago
Belgium rules!
'Elchinodiabolero' 1 month ago
my mother thought I was watching porn xD
Chol .Yerlow
'Chol .Yerlow' 1 month ago
wait a sec...the moving the table one ACTUALLY counted?

edit: also something confuses me (never payed much attention to the rules and how games are played) but why did they go to a forth game? the one guy won the first three? I thought it was like best out of five or something.
'Lordxlord098' 1 month ago
This is what you call fun in sports. They are not so competitive
Ayush Yadav
'Ayush Yadav' 1 month ago
the best I saw till now
Jackie Lowery
'Jackie Lowery' 1 month ago
no idea how i got here, but the Jean-Michel dude definitely wins in showmanship
James Polana
'James Polana' 1 month ago
the internet
iejshg dhdhdhd
'iejshg dhdhdhd' 1 month ago
What type of porn is this?
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