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The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY -
Published: 3 years ago By: Official ITTF Channel

By: Official ITTF ChannelPublished: 3 years ago

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Watch as Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) plays against good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE) Tai-Ben International.

Elisa N Hubbard
'Elisa N Hubbard' 26 minutes ago
Lets make away, have m4king l0ve, cuddle and have a deep talk. Then lets have m4king l0ve again.., any one here want to .f.v..c.k me tonite, i will do everything for you, make u exciting and more.. just call me right now here* ➔
Irwan Taufiq Hidayah
njir kocak
Jochen ArcAngel
'Jochen ArcAngel' 2 days ago
hahahahahahahhaahah sooo great
TimThe German
'TimThe German' 2 days ago
I wish they would play badminton like that.
äcklig man
'äcklig man' 2 days ago
sounds like gay porn
'MoonLightu' 4 days ago
Tennis in a Nutshell

Why is this on my recommended Page ??
can coşkun
'can coşkun' 5 days ago
yeah :DDD
Paddy Mc
'Paddy Mc' 6 days ago
Hahaha I actually started applauding and clapping at the end too! Just brilliant!
Jojo Anoche
'Jojo Anoche' 6 days ago
i love it . .
Heni Tri Utami
'Heni Tri Utami' 7 days ago
org gila lagi main pimpong
erez rosenhek
'erez rosenhek' 1 week ago
Hey guys :P
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Thanks All!!!
'DarkSunMC' 1 week ago
its NOT funny
'hiroshix' 1 week ago
Who the heck would say that table tennis was a sport for nerds after watching this??
'Aaron ANIMAL' 1 week ago
This was great, i enjoyed the entire video! LMAO!!!!!
Hanz David San Juan
this is the first time I've seen something like this.
Asa Chishi
'Asa Chishi' 1 week ago
this is fun
Supun Fernando
'Supun Fernando' 1 week ago
Namit Rathore
'Namit Rathore' 2 weeks ago
Indeed the funniest I have ever seen
'TURTLEMANN5' 2 weeks ago
Lighten up Ms. Ling for fucks sake
Leon Bänisch
'Leon Bänisch' 2 weeks ago
He need some milk!
'w14k3r' 2 weeks ago
wow ich habe noch nie zwei Menschen mit do viel Humor gesehen
'zw' 2 weeks ago
this Taiwanese guy could be a good massage therapist
Bryan Bunt
'Bryan Bunt' 2 weeks ago
The commentators are the best part.
'MOHAMMAD HaSeEb' 2 weeks ago
feel like both having orgasm freaking perverts
Johnathan Reid
'Johnathan Reid' 2 weeks ago
why do they sound like they're constipated
El Patron 4
'El Patron 4' 2 weeks ago
Wear headphones when watching
Green Ogur4ik
'Green Ogur4ik' 2 weeks ago
Lima Jamir
'Lima Jamir' 2 weeks ago
best entertainer while playing games I have came across on Youtube :)
'kcckudel' 2 weeks ago
damn they're very entertaining..... making me laugh for 16.16minutes XD
Ibrahim Kaifz
'Ibrahim Kaifz' 2 weeks ago
Jean was world no1😁😂😂
Nathan Drysdale
'Nathan Drysdale' 3 weeks ago
Mum thought I was watching gay porn
kalavati devi
'kalavati devi' 3 weeks ago
awesome man
Krasimir Ivanov
'Krasimir Ivanov' 3 weeks ago
Two of the best players ever. Saive is quite a lot older though. In the early 90's he was the best Non-Asian player.
Tomas Viane
'Tomas Viane' 3 weeks ago
A friendly match, in every sense of the word.
Aiman 10
'Aiman 10' 3 weeks ago
wow I really don't excepting this video gonna be like this
William Bananaboat
'William Bananaboat' 3 weeks ago
watch the whole thing. 😂
Mj derakhsh
'Mj derakhsh' 3 weeks ago
just wooow!!!!!
Tim Beer
'Tim Beer' 3 weeks ago
i wanna play these rules
'Triggerfisk' 3 weeks ago
Actually not clickbait? Impossible :D I had all but given up hope!
havizd dickyafaris
'havizd dickyafaris' 3 weeks ago
Benjamin Lloyd
'Benjamin Lloyd' 3 weeks ago
What great sportsmanship. I wish all athletes were like this.
Sachin Mahesh
'Sachin Mahesh' 3 weeks ago
'Excelsior' 4 weeks ago
these are my favorite types of people
'calebb78' 4 weeks ago
Kiko Diaz
'Kiko Diaz' 4 weeks ago
13/10 Better than Smash bros
'999rubicon' 4 weeks ago
thanks for posting
Denis Ciobotar
'Denis Ciobotar' 4 weeks ago
The sound they make is just... HORRIFYING!
Reynald Mikhael
'Reynald Mikhael' 4 weeks ago
omg i love both players they make table tennis more entertaining
Yamak Serkan
'Yamak Serkan' 4 weeks ago
this is funny ??
'RockBanane' 4 weeks ago
J. M. Saive is my spirit-animal :D
Horia Vasilache
'Horia Vasilache' 4 weeks ago
Those sounds tho.... "Aaaaaaahh" "Ooooohhh"!
Jorgete Panete
'Jorgete Panete' 4 weeks ago
i love this down-syndrome english variant
umar ibrahim
'umar ibrahim' 4 weeks ago
All yt titles should have done like this :D
ali bhai
'ali bhai' 4 weeks ago
The Black Shirt Guy Reminded Me of Mr.Bean
Oreki Houtarou
'Oreki Houtarou' 4 weeks ago
2017 people will be like "this is offensing international pingpong league"
'OCEAN LOVIS' 4 weeks ago
getting wrecked? no problem. having fun tho hahahah
'11hoosier11' 4 weeks ago
I Victor Borge on stage,  These two could put on a good stage show. Routine after routine, each a surprise. The announcers laughs added to it as well.
'SIMON LEGEND' 4 weeks ago
that old white guy was like..aahhh aaahhh aaaahhh aah im cumming....
Eddie Thomas
'Eddie Thomas' 4 weeks ago
i have am exam tomorrow. what am i doing?
Mazlan Roy
'Mazlan Roy' 4 weeks ago
this is the best.
Mazlan Roy
'Mazlan Roy' 4 weeks ago
Ahahahahaha this is coooolllll
Teck Guys
'Teck Guys' 4 weeks ago
what a skill!
Showkat Bashir
'Showkat Bashir' 4 weeks ago
and I ended up watching whole video. Fucking hilarious
Ed Porter
'Ed Porter' 4 weeks ago
The guy is a buffoon
van tumanishvili
'van tumanishvili' 4 weeks ago
damn so funny :))))))
'Mr_v00d00_risin' 4 weeks ago
That's how it all started...with fun! :D
Peter Jan Ahmad
'Peter Jan Ahmad' 1 month ago
Best... Match... EVER!!!!
john thebaker
'john thebaker' 1 month ago
seee chinese ppl and those other guys from that contry that drinks vodka alot can get along! the world is not doomed after all!
wahidin din
'wahidin din' 1 month ago
Amir Harris
'Amir Harris' 1 month ago
valera Lysyakov
'valera Lysyakov' 1 month ago
'3aTo4u' 1 month ago
COSMOSS MACH! +++++++++++++!
Princess Cagang
'Princess Cagang' 1 month ago
this is crazy game ever, so funny hahaha
Gabe Bass
'Gabe Bass' 1 month ago
lol so funny!
Maxi. the.1st
'Maxi. the.1st' 1 month ago
Smiling asians? Whatever
Nasser Hossain
'Nasser Hossain' 1 month ago
By far the best game I've ever watched
Alexander Nielsen
'Alexander Nielsen' 1 month ago
This is pure gold!
'James' 1 month ago
'jonhwatching' 1 month ago
omg. the skill level to play like that in a professional sport, rick ross the boss mayne
Danussan Jeganathan
'Danussan Jeganathan' 1 month ago
that's funny
'Soiko' 1 month ago
Play forest play
yash motwani
'yash motwani' 1 month ago
老枫 LaoFeng
'老枫 LaoFeng' 1 month ago
I Laughed The Shit Out Of Me xDDDDD
Ahmad Five
'Ahmad Five' 1 month ago
The best video
Mario Barrera
'Mario Barrera' 1 month ago
lol can someone please give me some context
Stories From Stardust
Only in table tennis can two grown athletes play at the level of me and my drunk buddies and get away with it in front of a whole stadium and officials.
Max Max
'Max Max' 1 month ago
haha so funny.. nice :D
Amnesia patient
'Amnesia patient' 1 month ago
haha this shit is kinda funny
soufiane hamam
'soufiane hamam' 1 month ago
omg i love that .
'朱明章' 2 months ago
ridan khan
'ridan khan' 2 months ago
cool. sprite
'TheRobotbill' 2 months ago
this dude is like hercule satan, cant tell if hes a retard or a genius
Aasim Showkat
'Aasim Showkat' 2 months ago
he moved the table and still got the point ??? lol
Aasim Showkat
'Aasim Showkat' 2 months ago
fooly cooly
'fooly cooly' 2 months ago
115Resinator 11
'115Resinator 11' 2 months ago
These guys are the greatest
Tyg Rahof
'Tyg Rahof' 2 months ago
The Harlem Globetrotters of table tennis.
No name
'No name' 2 months ago
they are having lots of fun, didn't they?
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