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The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY -
Published: 3 years ago By: Official ITTF Channel

By: Official ITTF ChannelPublished: 3 years ago

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Watch as Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) plays against good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE) Tai-Ben International.

jhaz pogi
'jhaz pogi' 10 hours ago
i didn't expected that mr bean can play this sport..
'ferofax' 13 hours ago
...what the fuck is going on
Chad Rushing
'Chad Rushing' 13 hours ago
I took table tennis as a college elective on the first day of class the instructor had us show our serve. Mine was so fast it bruised his left testicle, he told me to leave the class and he would give me an A. My step father was 6'5" and played like a monster I had to develop exceptional skills to stay alive on family ping pong night.
Harry Shuchat-Marx
the cringe
shaoyu zhu
'shaoyu zhu' 1 day ago
And I played this sport when I was young
shaoyu zhu
'shaoyu zhu' 1 day ago
i just wanna say I'm Chinese
TTandLo Show
'TTandLo Show' 1 day ago
super cute
IAN Baguingan
'IAN Baguingan' 2 days ago
if all sports was like this everyone would be fitter. XD
Manish Chauhan
'Manish Chauhan' 2 days ago
What the hell!!!!!! Is this an international match?
'Hancook' 2 days ago
new mr. bean and jackie chan. 😂😂
Nadia Reis
'Nadia Reis' 2 days ago
Oh my god can they do that? lol hilarious
Tobias Glaus
'Tobias Glaus' 2 days ago
enough internet for today
'MJ ROYAL' 2 days ago
best game ever..lmao😂😂😂
'Matn' 2 days ago
Belgium rules!
'Elchinodiabolero' 2 days ago
my mother thought I was watching porn xD
Chol .Yerlow
'Chol .Yerlow' 2 days ago
wait a sec...the moving the table one ACTUALLY counted?

edit: also something confuses me (never payed much attention to the rules and how games are played) but why did they go to a forth game? the one guy won the first three? I thought it was like best out of five or something.
'Lordxlord098' 3 days ago
This is what you call fun in sports. They are not so competitive
Ayush Yadav
'Ayush Yadav' 3 days ago
the best I saw till now
Jackie Lowery
'Jackie Lowery' 3 days ago
no idea how i got here, but the Jean-Michel dude definitely wins in showmanship
James Polana
'James Polana' 3 days ago
the internet
iejshg dhdhdhd
'iejshg dhdhdhd' 3 days ago
What type of porn is this?
Kevin Dallas
'Kevin Dallas' 3 days ago
I've watched this video abut ten times now, and I LOVE it every time! Hilarious!
Nhel Banadero
'Nhel Banadero' 4 days ago
they make my day😂😂😂
stress reliver.. thank u for uploading this video..👍
Notarianto Setyawan
so much entertaining😂😂
Rajat Biswas
'Rajat Biswas' 5 days ago
very funny
Joseph Yi
'Joseph Yi' 5 days ago
this wasn't an official game was it?
Regis Manglay
'Regis Manglay' 5 days ago
Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
Aliff Farhan
'Aliff Farhan' 6 days ago
This is the most beautiful table tennis match i've ever seen.
'TNAralwaysfun' 6 days ago
this is sport
Keshen Govender
'Keshen Govender' 7 days ago
I play table tennis like this for my school. I don't get played much.
'Kobalt3' 1 week ago
Has Chuang C.Y. been shot for having fun?
'SCFTheFirst' 1 week ago
i didn't understand a word of it but I was lmao😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Anthone Agcaoili
'Anthone Agcaoili' 1 week ago
It's so funny and they're super good at playing too. :)
Khesrau Sahil
'Khesrau Sahil' 1 week ago
this guy maid my day
Steven Bender
'Steven Bender' 1 week ago
excellent video. thank you.
'DoctorWasabi97' 1 week ago
lol the officials look pissed
shenboi Estebas
'shenboi Estebas' 1 week ago
i had so much fun...
Vicente Castello
'Vicente Castello' 1 week ago
No tengo ni idea de como he llegado hasta aqui, ni esperaba verlo entero pero es q ademas me he reido un huevo. Divertidisimo
Hello There
'Hello There' 1 week ago
that guy in red is so dumb when he goes away then he could just make a weak shot what a dumbass he could also shoot the other way
Daniel Mejia
'Daniel Mejia' 1 week ago
Digby Ross
'Digby Ross' 1 week ago
close your eyes and listen to this...
Philip Geffner
'Philip Geffner' 1 week ago
just imagine Muslims don't play ping pong and that's why they seem relatively unhappy... Just sayin
comic sans
'comic sans' 1 week ago
what am I doing at 7 am watching this my eyes hurt
'Phantomthecat' 1 week ago
SG pro
'SG pro' 1 week ago
Do you guys want me to add subtitles?
I speak Chinese
SG pro
'SG pro' 1 week ago
'Lyonheart501st' 1 week ago
dude..... why have they not made an anime about ping pong?
‫ماهر وحكيم‬‎
real sportsmen. respect.
Gray Amposta (HeyitsGray)
I just love the fact that they allowed all of this to happen instead of taking a game super seriously.
Paul Schermer
'Paul Schermer' 2 weeks ago
THAT is how sports should be! AWESOME!!!
Rahim Austin
'Rahim Austin' 2 weeks ago
Biswadeep Mukherjee
'Biswadeep Mukherjee' 2 weeks ago
wish my job is so enjoyable as their's.....
Rajesh Khatik
'Rajesh Khatik' 2 weeks ago
Most beautiful game ever seen... All games they should play like that
Maki Fabroa
'Maki Fabroa' 2 weeks ago
wow the best
eternalfeed 1
'eternalfeed 1' 2 weeks ago
Close your eyes 4:35
Adrien Schmitt
'Adrien Schmitt' 2 weeks ago
settle consideration gate oysgei blow provider shoot breast fourth.
'SiimplyGamiing' 2 weeks ago
My mom thought I was watching gay porn
Lucky Steelfox
'Lucky Steelfox' 2 weeks ago
The umpires are just watching thinking WTF they should do.
'須藤汐穏' 2 weeks ago
Jawad Bhuiyan
'Jawad Bhuiyan' 2 weeks ago
Thought this would just another shitty clickbait video... I'm glad I was wrong... This is hilarious! XD
Devavrathan M.U
'Devavrathan M.U' 2 weeks ago
this is how table tennis is supposed to be played.😁😁😁
Sam -
'Sam -' 2 weeks ago
'rgawer2' 2 weeks ago
hoarsin' around on a very, very high level.
Moriah Hutchison
'Moriah Hutchison' 2 weeks ago
I don't know how I even got to this video?
David Cox
'David Cox' 2 weeks ago
I clicked this not expecting it to be funny at all, I was pleasantly surprised.
'luckyvet' 2 weeks ago
Harlem Globetrotters of Ping Pong
'sillieww' 2 weeks ago
Silverlit Studios
'Silverlit Studios' 2 weeks ago
Music Remix
'Music Remix' 2 weeks ago
Its Funny ☺☺☺☺
ibnu areza
'ibnu areza' 2 weeks ago
Good Player... Welll Player.... WTF is so crazy play..... but we like it.... awesome dud
Loui Francis Flores
'Loui Francis Flores' 2 weeks ago
....and I finished the entire vedio.....
Dweepam Das
'Dweepam Das' 2 weeks ago
Sports is not only but competiton......its about fun and match ever seen...loved it..💙💙💙
Michael Barnett
'Michael Barnett' 2 weeks ago
smiling so big during this, how awesome.
'Mud' 2 weeks ago
This is not table tennis, this is table awesomeness
Juan Gonzalez
'Juan Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
thats is enjoy,deport.
Juan Gonzalez
'Juan Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
eso es disfrutar del deporte.
matthew marrs
'matthew marrs' 2 weeks ago
this is what sportsmanship is all about get along together and have a great time just like these 2 they didnt really care who won they had a blast and won each others friendship and hearts
Akuun Reach
'Akuun Reach' 2 weeks ago
Most entertaining sport event I've ever seen.
jay jay
'jay jay' 2 weeks ago
How can you not like this.....Great sportsmanship all-round and funny too.Bookmarked!!!
Marius Giraud
'Marius Giraud' 2 weeks ago
carbon itself trap environmental endure control terms acid long.
Mohawk_Dude89 Gaming
punoɹɐ uɹnʇ
'punoɹɐ uɹnʇ' 2 weeks ago
This is the Youtube video that has made me laugh the most.. And i watch a lot of those "Try not to laugh" thingies....
I like it..
Hassaan Derosin
'Hassaan Derosin' 2 weeks ago
when u play you best friend in table tennis
Johnathon Shakovitz
'Johnathon Shakovitz' 2 weeks ago
everyone thinks it's amusing, but I think it's disrespectful
marty fowler
'marty fowler' 2 weeks ago
very entertaining watching 2 friends play against each other lol
Aaron Huang
'Aaron Huang' 2 weeks ago
Despite of me knowing that this was really offensive to my parents, I showed it to them anyways. 10 seconds later, they've fallen off their beds. (They were napping alright?)
'mrnnhnz' 3 weeks ago
that was great sportsmen displaying great sportsmanship in a great sport.
Brutal Cat longboarding!
That's me...never and I'm never going that drunk
David William
'David William' 3 weeks ago
the fuck ? table tennis ?
'naown' 3 weeks ago
merci du partage.
kyle anon
'kyle anon' 3 weeks ago
After this match, the white man when home with a smile and a good experience, the Chinese man lost his sponsors, his wife, his house, his 8 children and his honor...
Kelvin Wilson
'Kelvin Wilson' 3 weeks ago
Great sportsmanship.
Koray Koca
'Koray Koca' 3 weeks ago
Didn't know Sean Penn is such a good table tennis player
Philip Royd
'Philip Royd' 3 weeks ago
It is matches like this where nobody loses.
tim wilkinson
'tim wilkinson' 3 weeks ago
HA -- Brilliant love this sort thing !
Made me smile !!!
Yuri Lapointe
'Yuri Lapointe' 3 weeks ago
you could tell that saive knew that he wasnt going to win so he's just there trying to have fun... great sportsmanship
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