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People Live Without Eyebrows For A Day -
Published: 1 month ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 month ago

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“My forehead just looks extra huge…"

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Makeup Artist:
Lili Kaytmaz
IG: @lekmakeup

Made by BFMP

'生古塢' 3 hours ago
ok but what is ken's instagram??
Tink Tink
'Tink Tink' 8 hours ago
Why does the make have better brows than both of the females put together💀
Will Walsh
'Will Walsh' 8 hours ago
My dad doesn't have eyebrows (they're just really light and thin)
cauliflower power
'cauliflower power' 8 hours ago
Maybe they're not staring at you because you don't have eyebrows. Maybe they're staring because of the weird, clumpy, mismatched mess that's on your face. I think I would rather actually shave my eyebrows for this experiment than walk around with that bad cover job. =\
Lucas Parsons
'Lucas Parsons' 1 day ago
the girl with blue hair doesn't do much to her appearance?
Petra Ražov
'Petra Ražov' 1 day ago
Of course he has perfect eyebrows HE'S KEN!! 😂
Jessica Prescott (Jessica Prescott)
The blonde girl to me looks like she still has her eyebrows
Leah Marie
'Leah Marie' 2 days ago
The blonde girl looks the same
Michelle Yang
'Michelle Yang' 2 days ago
Lol, I never had eyebrows. It ain't the end of the world 😂
Diamond Fox (DiscoFox)
They need new makeup artist like if you agree
Serena Tran
'Serena Tran' 2 days ago
The blond girl looks the same without eyebrows
'SIRiMAC' 2 days ago
The blonde chick didn't look that bad, but dude it was noticeable
Lily Mangle10
'Lily Mangle10' 2 days ago
That one blonde girl looked good XD
Lauren Keith
'Lauren Keith' 2 days ago
I kind of find the "Voldemort" thing offensive. I have literally no eyebrows and I certainly hope I don't look like Voldemort...
'.' 3 days ago
atleast get a better makeup artist like wtf!
Nawal Digaale
'Nawal Digaale' 3 days ago
Are those his real eyebrows cause damn thats a blessin
Gabby Canete
'Gabby Canete' 3 days ago
The girls look better than the boys because they have hair to cover it
'HEYIMJAI' 3 days ago
okay but the skin tone didnt match, and the area was too shiny and shouldve been made more matte
Jasen Serna
'Jasen Serna' 3 days ago
the one with blue hair she looks like Jenna from pretty little liars
Meggie Gei
'Meggie Gei' 3 days ago
I can name 10 queens who can cover brows better than this person
'Emily' 3 days ago
When the girl with black hair looked into the mirror, that camera shot really made her look like Jenna Marbles and I don't really know why.
'marZ' 3 days ago
Can I have his brows ????
'LazyLies' 3 days ago
I live with this everyday because I have blonde brows, platinum blonde brows😭
'MaddyandPhoebe' 4 days ago
When they peel off the latex, the skin under should not be 5 shades lighter than the foundation they were using smh 😭😭
wtf even is your sexuality
buzzfeed needs to hire new makeup artists the skin tones were totally uneven
Kashish Jain
'Kashish Jain' 4 days ago
The blonde girl did not have much of a change
Destiny Crichton
'Destiny Crichton' 4 days ago
This what was us gingers have to worry about everyday 😂 eyebrows so light you can't even see them..
'FunWithzahra' 4 days ago
I think they looked older after their eyebrows were "removed"
Shsn Bbdc
'Shsn Bbdc' 4 days ago
The blonde woman didn't look that bad :/
Paige McKenzie
'Paige McKenzie' 4 days ago
"I've had random girls come up to me and say I have nice eyebrows. like okay thanks?" am I the only one who thought that was douche-y??
Sarah Cramer
'Sarah Cramer' 4 days ago
0:20 there is something in her teeth
Chihuahua Playzz
'Chihuahua Playzz' 4 days ago
the make up to cover up the eyebrows wasn't that good
I Love Drawing
'I Love Drawing' 5 days ago
Sarah Michelle
'Sarah Michelle' 5 days ago
Buzzfeed, you should do a 'People have Vulcan Eyebrows for a day'
Anna Lynch
'Anna Lynch' 5 days ago
0:34 OKAY WTAF...why on earth are his eyebrows better than mine
Cat From Hell
'Cat From Hell' 5 days ago
Robin birrell
Princess Unicorn
'Princess Unicorn' 5 days ago
I ready to look like Voldemort 😂
Kate S. Borling
'Kate S. Borling' 5 days ago
"Im ready to look like Lord Voldemort" lmbo 😂
cute girl
'cute girl' 5 days ago
i had a classmate withought eyebrows
LexiTheSkeletøn Clique
About the forehead thing, why did they feel bad when they were channeling their inner Brendon Urie?
ilovePeople21 1
'ilovePeople21 1' 5 days ago
Did anybody else look back at when they peeled off the thing covering their eyebrows and thought, 'om that is so satisfying'
The fantastic two
'The fantastic two' 5 days ago
100% of comments are about how horrible the makeup artists are
And i agree 😅
'LAVISH JAX' 6 days ago
i live without eyebrows everyday fml
The DumbGirl
'The DumbGirl' 6 days ago
I'm not gonna lie they don't look bad!!
Izzy Richardson
'Izzy Richardson' 6 days ago
The girl with the blue dip dye kind of looks like Jenna from pll
Emily Mccrohon
'Emily Mccrohon' 6 days ago
1:17 can't even notice
'byunkims' 6 days ago
oh my god give me a tutorial on how to hide my eyebrows like that, I need it for cosplay
Carrie North
'Carrie North' 6 days ago
The dudes eyebrows are flipping goals.
Ellie Chan
Should have Nick Dominates remove their eyebrows
Adam Goldsmith
'Adam Goldsmith' 6 days ago
Geez... her hair isn't normal.

They could have at least shaved them off than trying to make them look like Klingons.
Lissi Atchley
'Lissi Atchley' 6 days ago
yeah people don't understand that it's really difficult having no eyebrows. you're constantly mocked
Muke Trash
'Muke Trash' 6 days ago
Buzzfeed is running out of ideas again
'lovejulieandrews' 6 days ago
Quirk of Art
'Quirk of Art' 6 days ago
Lmao I shaved off my eyebrows and i'm super duper pale so when I dont have makeup on I look like marylin manson
Michaela Shaw
'Michaela Shaw' 6 days ago
Who is doing the makeup? You can see it all because it was terribly shaded and blended.
Solène Guirao
'Solène Guirao' 6 days ago
Ken's voice is sooo satisfying
'MarinaDoulis' 6 days ago
Derrick Berry could have done a better job on those brows
LTL_ Lily
'LTL_ Lily' 6 days ago
buzz feed is drunk
Brania Bluebrooke
'Brania Bluebrooke' 7 days ago
see I have blond eyebrows if I did wouldnt even make a difference XD
Jenny Gilchrist
'Jenny Gilchrist' 1 week ago
"Can you like not... do that around me...?" Jared you are so mean ha haa
'Savage' 1 week ago
Jared Leto looks better than most people without eyebrows
Monica Anne
'Monica Anne' 1 week ago
the guys eyebrows are incredible 😍
'iamcaddy' 1 week ago
who cares about how good their eyebrows look. like their teeth are way better
'tiffany' 1 week ago
you only look weird without eyebrows when you grow a wide forehead. lol #asianprobs
Kristina Shubin
'Kristina Shubin' 1 week ago
next time, invite a drag queen to cover eyebrows, cuz your make up artist is bad.
Yvonne Myers
'Yvonne Myers' 1 week ago
Get a GAY BLACK makeup artist Buzzfeed that will make you slay even without eyebrows 💜💜
lily fat
'lily fat' 1 week ago
They look really old with no eyebrows
'QOB_KweebZ' 1 week ago
People say and think I have no eyebrows because they're the same color as my skin.

Ms. Brito
'Ms. Brito' 1 week ago
I'm not a makeup artist but I think I could do better
Bri Was Here
'Bri Was Here' 1 week ago
I frickin love my eyebrows man
Ashley Sanchez
'Ashley Sanchez' 1 week ago
Please get a new makeup artist!!!!
'Kawaiicupcake〈3' 1 week ago
Tatum Young
'Tatum Young' 1 week ago
okay so I'm blonde so I have to fill in my eyebrows so they don't look invisible gr8 and also these people need a better makeup artist and match those skin tones girl
Anthony Oliveira
'Anthony Oliveira' 1 week ago
They look like eggs with faces
Samantha Troy
'Samantha Troy' 1 week ago
My freshman year of hs I shaved my eyebrows off and drew them on every morning, my natural ones were so awful; they looked so perfect when I did them and now they've grown back and they're better
Alan J Tapioca
'Alan J Tapioca' 1 week ago
liza would cringe
Bizarro Group
'Bizarro Group' 1 week ago
In the thumbnail it looks like they are ripping off skin
'KawaiiLemonDrop' 1 week ago
All the comments are buzzfeed needs new makeup artists!!!
Shyann Gilmore (Shyannxg)
@ScottySire they should've just interviewed you!
Mihoene ayye
'Mihoene ayye' 1 week ago
"I'm ready to look like voldemort" same
'TheSwagGurl25' 1 week ago
so they look like jenna marbles
Fawni Productions
'Fawni Productions' 1 week ago
If this ever happened to me and someone asked me why do you have no eyebrows
Me,; " I had an accident with the clippers"
'heythereimsam' 1 week ago
like wtf is up with there make up artist
x sketchy
'x sketchy' 1 week ago
2:30 gah, it was so satisfying when he got his peeled off..
'RORZ8BESTIE' 1 week ago
I look like that anyway cos I'm blonde
Candice Govereau
'Candice Govereau' 1 week ago
The blonde one just looks the same but the other two totally different
'Mannniii' 1 week ago
she look like jenna off of pretty little liars with the blue hair. lol!!!
Hannah Barclay
'Hannah Barclay' 1 week ago
Don't say Voldemort oh great now I just said it
Angieisnotoriginal Mendoza
Why is it that buzzfeed can spend thousands of dollars on random crap in like every vide, but can't get some decent makeup artists?
'Allen' 1 week ago
Maybe it was intentional so people will notice.Point it out to staff. As not many would maybe.
Amyrose 209
'Amyrose 209' 1 week ago
Whenever these things happen, it just makes me realise that a lot of people at Buzzfeed are dicks. Seriously they're your own co-workers yet they're not supporting you.
new makeup artist 2:26
'That-WeirdoGirl' 1 week ago
was interested in the video until the makeup reveal because it was awful. get new makeup artists, buzzfeed, or at least invest better sfx training for them.
'Ameliya' 1 week ago
Yeah just ask kian Lawley
Charlotte Newton
'Charlotte Newton' 1 week ago
How do u think blonde people feel!?
Bethan Davies
'Bethan Davies' 1 week ago
I'm a type 1 diabetic and I wear a thing on my arm to give me insulin and if I wear a t-shirt people always give me really weird looks, its so annoying
'EmpireStAticx' 1 week ago
i live without eyebrows everyday😂
Jordan Patalano
'Jordan Patalano' 1 week ago
buzzfeed really? teh macp urtisys sukc
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