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People Live Without Eyebrows For A Day -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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“My forehead just looks extra huge…"

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Makeup Artist:
Lili Kaytmaz
IG: @lekmakeup

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Olivia Frosty MSP
'Olivia Frosty MSP' 11 hours ago
They look like potatoes
Hiro Hamada
'Hiro Hamada' 1 day ago
I thought they'll wax it off
Cole Longó
'Cole Longó' 2 days ago
0:29 that hand is absolutely disgusting lol
Kayla Marshall
'Kayla Marshall' 5 days ago
that guys eyebrows omg how wtf
'Idontcarelion' 6 days ago
When he took the stuff off his eyebrows it took off this skin colour
'TattyCat' 7 days ago
Everyone's foreheads turned into five heads
Super Gamer
'Super Gamer' 7 days ago
my eyebrow are white so they blend in and I get bullied cause it look like I got no eyebrows and school is hell for me
Naufal 2542
'Naufal 2542' 7 days ago
Are u guilty ? try to be a fat person, u gonna cry in the rest of ur life
Koby Will
'Koby Will' 1 week ago
The make up looks terrible
Abby Luscombe
'Abby Luscombe' 2 weeks ago
Now grey know how I feel I have eyebrows but there very light
Sehun kaixuan
'Sehun kaixuan' 2 weeks ago
Yea... now you know how I feel to have a very thin eyebrows...
what's worst is that I'm lazy to draw them lmao so I just wear a cap everytime t
Phoenix Word
'Phoenix Word' 2 weeks ago
I don't like the make-up artist
Jelly juice playz
'Jelly juice playz' 2 weeks ago
My eyebrows are on fleek
Craft Crazies
'Craft Crazies' 2 weeks ago
damnnn the blonde girl lookin like a sim
Althea Alano
'Althea Alano' 3 weeks ago
The girl with the short blonde hair.. really looks the same
'LoveOlivie' 3 weeks ago
the chick with blue hair had me shooked 😲
Black Dojo
'Black Dojo' 3 weeks ago
looks like ssj3 goku
Intergalactic Wolf
'Intergalactic Wolf' 3 weeks ago
my mom was shaving my dad's head when he moved and made it so she shaved off half his eyebrow... my dad ended up shaving them all off and it was funny 😂
Leah Roberts
'Leah Roberts' 3 weeks ago
Half the girls in my school look like this without makeup.....
BigEvilToast IDK
'BigEvilToast IDK' 3 weeks ago
i have blonde hair which means i have blonde eyebrows which now i think im ugly after watching this. THANKS ALOT!
flightless bird::.
'flightless bird::.' 3 weeks ago
i've been thinking about shaving my eyebrows off for so long now and this only makes me want to do it even more lol
'layles' 3 weeks ago
The girl with the blond shortish hair (sorry don't know names) looks no different or is it just me
'It's a me Louie' 3 weeks ago
I live with non visible eyebrows
Alexis Edmiston
'Alexis Edmiston' 3 weeks ago
To be honest, I go everyday without eyebrows. By choice though. I shaved mine off. Many people ask why, I don't think that two strips of hair on my face will make or break my beauty. I'm more confident now that they are gone then I ever was before. No regrets.
Potato Productions
'Potato Productions' 3 weeks ago
Mina Barjaktarević
'Mina Barjaktarević' 3 weeks ago
is it just me or does the girl with the blue hair look like jenna marshall from pll
Isaac Dennis
'Isaac Dennis' 3 weeks ago
Awful makeup
Twenty øne Falling Chemical Crybaby
you almost can't see my eyebrows
Alyssa Houng
'Alyssa Houng' 4 weeks ago
Kens eyebrows are blessed 🙌🏻 , my eyebrows are terrible 😂
'ZTGamer' 4 weeks ago
actually your fourhead is half your head
Peter Conway
'Peter Conway' 4 weeks ago
I was born without eye brows anyway
Jessica Potocnik
'Jessica Potocnik' 4 weeks ago
Welcome to the world of us with trichotillomania...
0_ kitty
'0_ kitty' 4 weeks ago
I used to hate eyebrows when I was little.....llike.....I wish they disappear.....I'm over it
'AlexaaaSlayzz' 4 weeks ago
I live like that EVERYDAY! I Have to fill mine in because they are so light
Teri Fromel
'Teri Fromel' 4 weeks ago
The Boy looks the worst
Grethe Thurmond
'Grethe Thurmond' 4 weeks ago
Hannah is beautiful! She has the prettiest eyelashes! 😂😘
Nina Fogweb
'Nina Fogweb' 4 weeks ago
I have so bright eyebrows you have to look really close to see them... they are blond even trough i have m hair red.
Face Off
'Face Off' 4 weeks ago
The blue haired girl must feel a lot of empathy lol
'Whatassignments' 4 weeks ago
Does buzzfeed even have makeup artists or do they just pull people wearing makeup off the street
'katgurl' 4 weeks ago
"I'm ready to look like voldemort". Not quite yet. You need to get your nose removed too :P
Julian Cool
'Julian Cool' 4 weeks ago
I'm exactly the same when something is not normal it's hard to not freak out. Lol. Proven in this video from some reactions.
Wolf Warrior
'Wolf Warrior' 4 weeks ago
bella d
'bella d' 1 month ago
next time get drag queens to cover their eyebrows
'HassanLechkar' 1 month ago
0:21 Is that Hannah A.K.A. Wine Mom?
C5 Flippers
'C5 Flippers' 1 month ago
The thumbnail looked kinda satisfying
'loren.' 1 month ago
Sylvia Kwan
'Sylvia Kwan' 1 month ago
the girl with the blue hair is ignorant and annoying
olly Maks
'olly Maks' 1 month ago
"You look like Voldemort!" 😂😂😂😂
'Ronnie' 1 month ago
Whoppi  Goldberg   has no eyebrows!!
Israel Rios
'Israel Rios' 1 month ago
I could block that brow with a glue stick better than what that person did. Lol. Oatmeal realness.
Yali A
'Yali A' 1 month ago
Those are some oatmeal eyebrows
Laura James
'Laura James' 1 month ago
and this is what i look like lol my eyebrows are so fair
Caitlin Grall
'Caitlin Grall' 1 month ago
Why don't they just shave them?? JennaMarbles did it. They apparently grow back in less than a week.
Crazy Berry
'Crazy Berry' 1 month ago
This just look wrong
Signe St Sure
'Signe St Sure' 1 month ago
i'm blonde so this is me when i don't fill in my eyebrows :)
Lone Wolf1
'Lone Wolf1' 1 month ago
I could do makeup better than this artist at 9 ffs
Jaq Devajah
'Jaq Devajah' 1 month ago
Sam Lauren
'Sam Lauren' 1 month ago
I think people were staring not becoz there's no eyebrows, but becoz it was CLEARLY there are eyebrows but covered up real bad.
'MooshieGaming' 2 months ago
They look like fUCKING MIIs
Valkyrie_Silver _Mooney
They actually don't look that bad
Alexandra Gonzalez
'Alexandra Gonzalez' 2 months ago
The girl with the blonde hair looks the same
'Oreo's AJ' 2 months ago
The girl with the blue hair has gorgeous eyes!!
Bea W
'Bea W' 2 months ago
Lol that lady with short hair looks like a suburban single mom that forgot to fill them in, why is that natural? 😂
'Doctor_HooLock' 2 months ago
They should have had a professional drag queen come in and do the make up for this. You can still see their hair shape underneath the make-up! That's not how it's supposed to look.
Rose Mary
'Rose Mary' 2 months ago
The guy's eyebrows look better than mine 😲
I look like a potatoe
is it just me or does it look super obvious and the skin tones were completely different
igirl hellogir
'igirl hellogir' 2 months ago
They couldve done a better job at the eyebrow part but ok good video tho
Julia Nguyen
'Julia Nguyen' 2 months ago
as someone with no eyebrows, i feel
xxduhshelly rulesxx
'xxduhshelly rulesxx' 2 months ago
the blond girl looks good without eyebrows and with eyebrows
Janae Allen
'Janae Allen' 2 months ago
The girl with short hair kinda looked normal the skin doesn't really match like you can kinda tell i understand its hair under it but still they kinda just look like they have bigger foreheads though
KimTheKnight Gamer
'KimTheKnight Gamer' 2 months ago
They look the same without it
Madelynn Cool
'Madelynn Cool' 2 months ago
00:38 why does she look like Jenna Marbles when she shaved her eyebrows off omg😭😭😂
Jaylene Rose
'Jaylene Rose' 2 months ago
The blonde girl looks like she still has her eyebrows
Abby Alexa
'Abby Alexa' 2 months ago
i dont have eyebrows anyways -_-
Colors of the Galaxy
'Colors of the Galaxy' 2 months ago
The girl with the blonde hair looks normal without any eyebrows
Lola Malik
'Lola Malik' 2 months ago
the thumbnail tho
Powrunastic 1453
'Powrunastic 1453' 2 months ago
Never mind they need to get better makeup artis
Powrunastic 1453
'Powrunastic 1453' 2 months ago
I think they did great
KawaiixUnicorn •-•
i came from buzzfeedyellow to buzzfeedblue
Queen Pickleina
'Queen Pickleina' 2 months ago
Buzzfeed desperately needs to get a new make up artist
The Nicola Project
'The Nicola Project' 2 months ago
MelaninMonroe 02
'MelaninMonroe 02' 2 months ago
ken has fantastic eyebrows
Madi L.
'Madi L.' 2 months ago
Finally! They get to see what it's like to be me!!! #NoBrows
zxcLiza Lizazxc
'zxcLiza Lizazxc' 2 months ago
i dont have eyebrows,so i call myself an alien
'Ego159ify' 2 months ago
a drag queen can cover those brows better
Doge At Midnight
'Doge At Midnight' 2 months ago
slot of people say I have good eyebrows and I never do anything to them I've never pullked them or put makeup on them
'MissRenae' 2 months ago
The girl with the short hair looks the same lmao XDDD
Clorox Bleach Crystals
they all look like jacob sartorious
Liliana Castaneda
'Liliana Castaneda' 2 months ago
lol if I put that on my eyebrows they would come off for real
SsjMaster Ultimate
'SsjMaster Ultimate' 2 months ago
ssj3 goku
'beccamac03' 2 months ago
His eyebrow were amzinggggggg 😍😍
Emiley T
'Emiley T' 2 months ago
yall checkout my channel and subscribe
queeen sumimi
'queeen sumimi' 2 months ago
Damn that guy had some amazing eyebrows
ImBrianne Tho
'ImBrianne Tho' 2 months ago
I never had eyebrows so I'm used to it 😔 of course i put makeup on but I don't look that bad without eyebrows cuz I always have hair in my face
Dayona Oliver
'Dayona Oliver' 2 months ago
They need a better makeup artist! Plain Blank Period!
Dayona Oliver
'Dayona Oliver' 2 months ago
So the whole lesson is to appreciate your eyes brows got but on a serious note I feel like if you were going to try and encourage people to appreciate what they have they should of did it in a better way because eyebrows isn't something you need. People need clothes, people need a roof over there head and people need food in their bellies.
Social Duck
'Social Duck' 2 months ago
people probably stare because the makeup is so bad
'MH12' 2 months ago
The blond one she barly has eye brows any way
Epic dominance :-D
'Epic dominance :-D' 2 months ago
My eyebrows are invisible anyways
Susanne Harlaar
'Susanne Harlaar' 2 months ago
Welcome to my life! XD
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