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5 Amazing Science Experiments -
Published: 3 months ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 3 months ago

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Sonic Hedgehog
'Sonic Hedgehog' 11 minutes ago
What was that stuff in that blue bottle?
Nazmul Nafis
'Nazmul Nafis' 2 days ago
the 4 one was scary
Rekha aggarwal
'Rekha aggarwal' 2 days ago
At 2:39 in the bottle there is water ?????
Ali Khan
'Ali Khan' 4 days ago
what is the name of liquid shown in 3:49
Cagan Oyunsevertr
'Cagan Oyunsevertr' 4 days ago
good video
'scooperlynn' 5 days ago
emirhan ulubay
'emirhan ulubay' 5 days ago
ağbi sen türkmüşsün
'HEROGAMERDK' 6 days ago
Angel Hercules
'Angel Hercules' 6 days ago
Hey, stop scrolling down and watch the video geez!
'kickbox41' 2 weeks ago
there is no thing to be amaze
Sourodeep Mukherjee
'Sourodeep Mukherjee' 2 weeks ago
Sebastian Leaf
'Sebastian Leaf' 2 weeks ago
so i usually just kinda look at the materials for one of these experiments
and just say "this is gonna be a terrible idea, but not in the way i think"
'EVILBUNNY28' 2 weeks ago
Jeez, we get it. You vape.
Foggi14 Oyunda
'Foggi14 Oyunda' 3 weeks ago
wtf adam turk mu la
ppalgang Queen
'ppalgang Queen' 3 weeks ago
can you pls tell me what is the name of the 1st experiment
Vector air
'Vector air' 3 weeks ago
smoke wtf omg!
Aftab Alam
'Aftab Alam' 4 weeks ago
MrGear what kind of liquid is that pls reply
blue padi
'blue padi' 1 month ago
what's the name of the 1st experiment??? pls respond!! thank you!!
Technical boss
'Technical boss' 1 month ago
Mushfique Islam
'Mushfique Islam' 1 month ago
'SwIsS MaN' 1 month ago
Louai Loulou
'Louai Loulou' 1 month ago
Who can help me the names of experiences
Tops&Tutosexpress YT
What is the liquid in 03:50?
Dave Mok
'Dave Mok' 1 month ago
Oh man . Amazing
Om Gajjar
'Om Gajjar' 2 months ago
2:17 what is in the botter ????
Sarah Sylph
'Sarah Sylph' 2 months ago
Who want sprarkel juice or colaspark juice lol
Selvy Jacob
'Selvy Jacob' 2 months ago
why does the cocoa COLA jump out can U plz tell me
Canan Gecer
'Canan Gecer' 2 months ago
MRgear turkmusun
Revita Dewi
'Revita Dewi' 2 months ago
as as
psycho 83
'psycho 83' 2 months ago
è italiano nn leggere il titolo
Alex Rodriguez
'Alex Rodriguez' 2 months ago
4:04 I thought he screamed
Alex Rodriguez
'Alex Rodriguez' 2 months ago
1:52 not science just a skill
yair lol
'yair lol' 2 months ago
music pls intro
Michael Baines
'Michael Baines' 2 months ago
dude just stop.
Michael Baines
'Michael Baines' 2 months ago
i dont know if I should be bored or angry.
projex xd
'projex xd' 2 months ago
Mr.Gear ur content is coo but u need to learn how to title ur vids
Leena Shah
'Leena Shah' 2 months ago
Hey wats the thing like foil in the first experiment???
Türk Oyuncu
'Türk Oyuncu' 2 months ago
as bayraklara asasas
Sajan Baidar
'Sajan Baidar' 2 months ago
whats the name of the blue bottle
used for second last experiment
Nisha Rao
'Nisha Rao' 2 months ago
MR Gear what liquid did you used in the last experiment
Rakesh Dubey
'Rakesh Dubey' 2 months ago
Hello Mr grear I am a big big fan of your my name is Om so please send me anything to me
NiniPop AJ
'NiniPop AJ' 2 months ago
4:40 What is that material?
Dagfinn Eikseth
'Dagfinn Eikseth' 2 months ago
wow Cool trick
MR.Nadzha Hacker
'MR.Nadzha Hacker' 2 months ago
2:49 i have do that it cool!
joseph nunez
'joseph nunez' 2 months ago
Enthusiasm stream injury desire secret exciting daughter margin.
GamingZic Games and More
the 2nd one, most people and I know that thing u know
'' 2 months ago
wow..nice experiments.
'NMMK PRESENTS' 2 months ago
indudhara vivek
'indudhara vivek' 2 months ago
'FBFC PrAcTiCaL cHiLd' 2 months ago
mrgear hellooooooooo❤❤❤❤❤❤
Bad Eggs Copy
'Bad Eggs Copy' 2 months ago
what was that thing in the last of video like black hair
Bad Eggs Copy
'Bad Eggs Copy' 2 months ago
what was that thing u burnt from the battery
'Kev's Hacks' 2 months ago
what was the stuff you put in the bottle??
Aalyssa Castaneda
'Aalyssa Castaneda' 2 months ago
3:53 what is that?
Chiara Vanova
'Chiara Vanova' 2 months ago
Your fucking experiment doesn't work .
Sridhar Sanka
'Sridhar Sanka' 2 months ago
where you study
Hatice Gümüş
'Hatice Gümüş' 2 months ago
As as bayraklari
tona y rena videos
'tona y rena videos' 2 months ago
también hablas español?? a no sabía mira tu
jashan sidhu
'jashan sidhu' 2 months ago
very good video
İbrahim Bulut
'İbrahim Bulut' 2 months ago
as bayrakları as
'MLGcat1106' 2 months ago
Smirnov life
'Smirnov life' 2 months ago
Не понятно что он в бутылки налил из колпочка
'Foxy' 2 months ago
1:30 Ciber :D
Nomini Nom
'Nomini Nom' 2 months ago
Başlık ismi bölgelere göre değişiyor, adam rus yani boşuna sevinmeyin.
Nomini Nom
'Nomini Nom' 2 months ago
Çakma kanal sandım lan. Noluyor?
Nomini Nom
'Nomini Nom' 2 months ago
Why the title is Turkish?
Rory Russell
'Rory Russell' 2 months ago
excitement conviction formula confusion cross wooden executive top.
Gaming turtle-x9000
'Gaming turtle-x9000' 2 months ago
'BASEL HUSSEIN' 2 months ago
2:18 water?
Kay Howard
'Kay Howard' 2 months ago
ha! vape I'm dying😂
berkan dolapcı
'berkan dolapcı' 2 months ago
Türk mğ lan bunun sahibi
Lps Ekinsu Tv
'Lps Ekinsu Tv' 2 months ago
sen Türk müsün
Slipperymist585 Jordan Schulz
Can i please get some more subs I want to get over 100
Razors Funtime // RF
'Razors Funtime // RF' 2 months ago
Виталий Стрелецкий
Капец,Украинец Красава!
Marianne Bæklund
'Marianne Bæklund' 2 months ago
You steal it from mr. Hacker
Ved Badwaik
'Ved Badwaik' 2 months ago
Aaron Jonathan
'Aaron Jonathan' 2 months ago
what material is used in the last experiment
lucero portocarrero
'lucero portocarrero' 2 months ago
es un pro de primera
'VIP' 2 months ago
almost all of them from crazy russian hacker
'blackdeath12345679' 2 months ago
where is the amazing they are a very simple experiment
beray eski
'beray eski' 2 months ago
adam rus lannnnn şaka
beray eski
'beray eski' 2 months ago
oha adam türk olabilir cunkü 5 inanılmaz falan yazmış
Monika Verma
'Monika Verma' 2 months ago
if up like fire click like
Fernando Ramos
'Fernando Ramos' 2 months ago
que es lo que le ponen a las botellas? alcohol?
Petrisor Cocea
'Petrisor Cocea' 2 months ago
4:49 what was that
DanTDM is the best
'DanTDM is the best' 2 months ago
congrats on the 5m subs.
Tongue Less
'Tongue Less' 2 months ago
4:02 sounds like a bear fucked a cow
'HAKIUS' 2 months ago
WOW that really amzaing
Mr Bonnie
'Mr Bonnie' 2 months ago
yey turkish
Amber James
'Amber James' 2 months ago
Ollie Kaisla
'Ollie Kaisla' 2 months ago
what was the button brand
raahima wakeel
'raahima wakeel' 2 months ago
iska procedure show karen likha ka
water in a bottle + sparkles = volcano
Lucas testet,zerstört und baut
it's not amazing
no contaminen más el mundo como este pendejo xd es la verdad mejor lo denunciarlo
Ambar M.A
'Ambar M.A' 3 months ago
en la botella vacía que es lo que hecho que formaba algo y se deshacía??
Rema Aguilar
'Rema Aguilar' 3 months ago
on last Experiment What is it
Jr Viches
'Jr Viches' 3 months ago
5 Amazing Science Experiments
Антон Волков
what is dat sheeeeeit in bottle with blue cap? who knows?. Шо это за хрень в пузырьке с синей крышкой
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