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$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo -
Published: 1 week ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 week ago

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“I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."

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Speakeasy Tattoo

Artist: Scott Glazier
Instagram: speakeasy_tattoo_la

Body Electric Tattoo

Artist: Mike G
Instagram - @mikegtattoo

Tattoo Lounge:

Artist: Patrick Thomas
Instagram: @skullytattoos

Made by BFMP

erden bayankhuu
'erden bayankhuu' 4 minutes ago
Why so many people hate tattoo
joao marques
'joao marques' 43 minutes ago
'Eyeballs9990' 1 hour ago
When he was like "My aunt passed away suddenly" I thought he said "ant" like the insect 😂
Greg Kim
'Greg Kim' 2 hours ago
$80 tattoo erase vs $875 tattoo erase
Bridgett Campbell
'Bridgett Campbell' 2 hours ago
I won't even lie, I cried when he was talking about his aunt.
Murphy Frankie
'Murphy Frankie' 3 hours ago
The new camera guy looks like Jordan Peele from Key & Peele.
noura AL-Harbi
'noura AL-Harbi' 4 hours ago
Andrea Martinez
'Andrea Martinez' 4 hours ago
this made me want to go get a tattoo😊💉
old gregg
'old gregg' 5 hours ago
I didn't see an 80 dollar tattoo
Danielle Harrison
'Danielle Harrison' 5 hours ago
The experience of Speak Easy for the price point is amazing! All of these tattoos were very reasonably priced.
Sh!t Content
'Sh!t Content' 5 hours ago
Only buzzfeed video i have ever enjoyed
GSR 01
'GSR 01' 5 hours ago
Dang I felt bad for him when I saw the reveal of the $400 tattoo. Hopefully he likes it though.
sam splawn
'sam splawn' 5 hours ago
why would you say 4/10 instead of 2/5?
'22jna' 6 hours ago
lol wheb he realize that the tattoo is too big 😂
and the last place, why it's secret?
'Lec24' 6 hours ago
You're crazy if you get, not just one, but THREE tattoos on impulse.
Dalayna Ramirez
'Dalayna Ramirez' 6 hours ago
can you plz make a $ video with masted potatoes
Blaine Civitillo
'Blaine Civitillo' 6 hours ago
Mercy from over watch? 6:34
Jimmy McGarrigle
'Jimmy McGarrigle' 6 hours ago
Wow I whent from feeling bad to this guy to envying him real quick
Fin Lumino
'Fin Lumino' 7 hours ago
not even gonna lie i started tearing up when he saw the drawing in his inbox????
Olivia Williams
'Olivia Williams' 7 hours ago
All three of those pieces are so beautiful
Aldahir GT
'Aldahir GT' 7 hours ago
I wonder if in the futuer people are just ganna photoshop the tattoo
'hyyperrrsteffi' 7 hours ago
R u srs.
Young Moola
'Young Moola' 7 hours ago

I'm 14 and in my state you're allowed to get a tattoo with a parents consent. And my mom has a lot of tattoos all over. I just need her to give me her permission. And I am gonna pay for it. Will anyone give me advice on how to convince her
'DOASKIID' 8 hours ago
Did they tip the tattoo artists?
'kevintv1000' 9 hours ago
Iplay Gamz
'Iplay Gamz' 9 hours ago
um steven looks like he has elf ears the tattoo artist
Alistair Gill
'Alistair Gill' 9 hours ago
$10 shooey vs $350 shooey
Mr MoJo Risin
'Mr MoJo Risin' 9 hours ago
LMFAO feel bad for you bud jesus thanks for the laugh buzzfeed
Jack George
'Jack George' 9 hours ago
next video:20$ cocaine vs 100,000,000$ cocaine
Hello Darkness
'Hello Darkness' 9 hours ago
those stars kinda looked like crap
Cheyenne Rowe
'Cheyenne Rowe' 9 hours ago
I'm planning on getting a tattoo of a little elephant on the inside of my pinky finger to honor my big brother that passed away last summer. I have to get it after I move out of my parents' house, though, 'cause they're super against tattoos!
Kristi Wagner
'Kristi Wagner' 9 hours ago
Hey work at buzzfeed get free tattoos lol
Ellie Heaney
'Ellie Heaney' 10 hours ago
oh my god... when buzzed runs out of ideas and takes things too far, like i love buzzfeed...but this may be a little much
Lebron James
'Lebron James' 10 hours ago
all of these decisions seem really irrational like just randomly getting a huge tattoo for a damn video
'BEAST' 10 hours ago
he looks so much better with a tattoo.
Doge 420
'Doge 420' 10 hours ago
What if someone asked u hey can u get 3 tattos for me
ryungun rie
'ryungun rie' 10 hours ago
White people seem to get really annoyed by Steven, but I rather enjoy him LOL
Idk Why I looked It Up when he talked About His Brothers Friend
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 10 hours ago
The last tattoo was definitely worth the money
'lordlinkthegreat' 10 hours ago
Next up on buzzfeed, 10$ suicide vs 1000$ suicide.
Mary Cheff
'Mary Cheff' 11 hours ago
i got shivers when i saw the tattoo with his aunts eyes!!.. its such a wonderful thing to see others feeling the joy when they see their tattoo
Kit Kat
'Kit Kat' 11 hours ago
It's gonna stay on his body forever
Kit Kat
'Kit Kat' 11 hours ago
Y did he even agree to that?
Bogdan Shumenko
'Bogdan Shumenko' 11 hours ago
Eyes look fucking bad...
Grace Felicity
'Grace Felicity' 11 hours ago
Thats the most beautiful sleeve ever omg
milk me man
'milk me man' 11 hours ago
7:09 rip steven
Brooke B
'Brooke B' 12 hours ago
The only tattoo I am getting and only will be is my pets that died and that's it
TheRap Cave
'TheRap Cave' 12 hours ago
$100 prostitute vs. $1000 prostitute
'Larissa's Critters' 13 hours ago
"Dude I'm not going to be able to hide this from my grandma"😂😂😂😂
Noah Burt
'Noah Burt' 13 hours ago
Hi all you sexy people out there 😎
Jenny Sadler
'Jenny Sadler' 13 hours ago
Was that him on the missing poster ?
Kitty G
'Kitty G' 14 hours ago
That final piece was just WOW!
Nenad Ljubisavljevic
'Nenad Ljubisavljevic' 14 hours ago
4:59 “I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma" xD
Bleachella Swift
'Bleachella Swift' 14 hours ago
Matea Bagnell
'Matea Bagnell' 14 hours ago
I hate needles
Destin amos
'Destin amos' 15 hours ago
It's invite only and has a waiting list ?
Luke Hoarty
'Luke Hoarty' 15 hours ago
Ok on a serious note wtf is this
lucia cornejo
'lucia cornejo' 15 hours ago
Moises y los 10 Mandamientos en español
Iiro Kostamo
'Iiro Kostamo' 16 hours ago
Omg!! So cool !!
'Amnesia' 16 hours ago
buzzfeed cringe
Anna May
'Anna May' 16 hours ago
Tattoos don't have to have meaning but this guy did so well executing that when they do it truly is so beautiful and amazing
'Qilt' 17 hours ago
that last tattoo was amazing! :O
Joe Mancuso
'Joe Mancuso' 17 hours ago
This is what tattoos are for!
Knugen av Swärje
'Knugen av Swärje' 17 hours ago
$30 blowjob vs $500 blowjob.
sesh 2k15
'sesh 2k15' 17 hours ago
i would gladly spend that kind of money for such a beautiful piece of art.
'AminecraftLegend' 18 hours ago
"Thank you"
"No I can't take that"
"Good cause I didn't mean it"
"Oh ok, get out my car then"
Lol steven
Serena Griz
'Serena Griz' 19 hours ago
man cudos to this guy, that must have hurt like hell
Zack Fiske
'Zack Fiske' 19 hours ago
Everyone thinks tattoos need these huge multi-level meanings when they really don't.
'edgar318' 19 hours ago
is it just me or the $400 tatoo is reaallyy bad?
'Duckmanlovesyou' 19 hours ago
I wish there was an easier way of removing tattoos than with lasers
Ollie Bike
'Ollie Bike' 19 hours ago
Useless utterly useless u pricks
Aidan McDonald
'Aidan McDonald' 20 hours ago
OMG you money whores
Levi Sloan
'Levi Sloan' 20 hours ago
This was oddly inspiring. It was nice of him to share his story. I love when tattoos have such thought behind them, it brings them to life so much more.
Sasha G
'Sasha G' 20 hours ago
next up: $2 bleach vs $200 bleach
sarah clark
'sarah clark' 21 hours ago
I can't stand BuzzFeed and their work policies however I have a full sleeve and enjoyed this video.
'Joodge' 22 hours ago
I'm assuming Andrew and Steven didn't want tattoos like smart people? :D
Nadine Anne
'Nadine Anne' 22 hours ago
Aw it made me cry when he got his last tattoo at Speakeasy Tattoo place, so beautiful
Marley Donald
'Marley Donald' 22 hours ago
That last one bloody hell that was incredible
Brian Macaranas
'Brian Macaranas' 22 hours ago
Marley Donald
'Marley Donald' 22 hours ago
That galaxy 😖
Kieran Campire
'Kieran Campire' 23 hours ago
I only have one tattoo right now, and a ton of work and research went into it, then that "artist" totally fucked it up and i am fucking livid XD

Okay so growing up as a child, my dad was abusive and neglectful, and my mum was never the best parent, i had no friends, so getting through life it was just me, and i think anyone could agree that took lots of courage, the thing is, i feel like i lost it somewhere and i need it back, i am also a big lover of Greek Mythology, brought on by God of War and Percy Jackson, then yeah, i fell in love with it haha, so i wanted to combine these two ideas, so with a ton of research, making sure this REALLY was the Greek word for courage, i settled on "θάρρος", and filled in 3 pages worth of different designs for the word, how to make it out, making sure it all lined up, all the lines were even and perfect, literally everything, so when i finally went in and got it, i was so hopeful!

The dude forgot the accent on the "ά", i got it only a few months ago but half the letters have faded entirely, and i was super good with taking care of it, but, and this has fucked me off the most as it can't be fixed, he cared so little, and did it so mindlessly, that the "ο"bulges out at one point and connects with the "ς", he only half did the curve at the bottom of it, so it juts out at the side and doesn't actually curl under, the upper part to the "ά" is thin and basically juts straight up, while the bottom bit is super thick and goes down at an angle, the "ρρ"'s don't have holes so it looks like two triangles on sticks, like, it couldn't have got any worse if he actually tried!

And wanna know the best part? It's on my wrist, on my right hand, the hand i use for everything, directly dead centre of it, i honestly wish i was capable of getting it removed and redone, but my family and i are dirt poor! I just don't look at it and don't think about it, it's the easiest way for me to cope with it XD
James Bond
'James Bond' 1 day ago
875!?!? did the tattoo come with truffles or smth?
phoenix cat
'phoenix cat' 1 day ago
GREAT VIDEO!!!! wanted to get tattedup after. love the sleeve ben.
Al F
'Al F' 1 day ago
Petter pan was just a man who thought he wasn't aging. And took young boys from their homes and raped them. Making the suffer with pleasure.
Prestantious Unicorns
"She was the human embodiment of joy" I'm not crying, you are. Leave me alone.
Who else saw the Missing Sign at 8:12?
sean davies
'sean davies' 1 day ago
the only way to compare is the same tattoo at each of the places. a very small tattoo is going to cost less no matter where you go! you are nothing but dickheads!
Zach m
'Zach m' 1 day ago
for starters 2 hours for 400 is ridiculously expensive. secondly for that 200 dollars and hour that galaxy work is fucking crap. and looks like scribble.
Carly Anderson
'Carly Anderson' 1 day ago
Try to find different priced breakfeast foods
IDK Films
'IDK Films' 1 day ago
Why am I watching this at 1 a.m.
Anna Alexandratos
speakeasy tattoo is way better well worth it. plus pigment is more intense. great vid
'LizyStudios' 1 day ago
I hate how the guy in the back of the car looks so lonley XD
Anime Art
'Anime Art' 1 day ago
did anyone else notice he wore the exact same shirt for 3 or more days???
Diana Tavares
'Diana Tavares' 1 day ago
im so in love with that last tattoo jfc that was a beauty
Noel Leroux
'Noel Leroux' 1 day ago
This makes me so excited for my sleeve!
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