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Venomous Snake Devours a Python Whole in This Rare Video | National Geographic -
Published: 4 months ago By: National Geographic

By: National GeographicPublished: 4 months ago

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A snake eating another snake is not a common sight. While eastern brown snakes such as the one seen in this video have been known to eat smaller snakes, it's rare to see one attempt to swallow something as big as this carpet python.
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Filmed by Sally and Norm Hill from N&S Snake Catchers, the footage captures the eastern brown meticulously devouring a python on a family's back patio. The snake was given three hours to eat before being relocated away from people, where it slithered off unharmed after its filling meal

Venomous Snake Devours a Python Whole in This Rare Video | National Geographic

National Geographic

Joginder Daas
'Joginder Daas' 11 hours ago
Rupesh 10
Neelesh Rajak
'Neelesh Rajak' 12 hours ago
Sonia Luv
'Sonia Luv' 1 day ago
Biten Athokpam
'Biten Athokpam' 2 days ago
Mpho Morapedi
'Mpho Morapedi' 5 days ago
When my mother saw this she screamed and ran outside
Ben Dover
'Ben Dover' 1 week ago
I've got both types of these living around my house... No shit
Mohamed Abdul Karim Hasan
سبحان الله
Evan Shang
'Evan Shang' 2 weeks ago
But not today
Bryce Martin
'Bryce Martin' 3 weeks ago
that was cool
Evil Jess 1.0
'Evil Jess 1.0' 4 weeks ago
yea sure hole yep I did not see that snake fully in the other snakes mouth lies lies
Seth Vaalburg
'Seth Vaalburg' 4 weeks ago
moses rod
noooooo snakeuuuu
Mercy Escoto
'Mercy Escoto' 1 month ago
slitherio haha
Brijesh Kumar
'Brijesh Kumar' 1 month ago
brijesh kumar
'Freeyful' 1 month ago
How rude.
s and 9853237393
's and 9853237393' 2 months ago
nice video
Said Garcia
'Said Garcia' 2 months ago
Deep throat to the extreme
Shari Fah
'Shari Fah' 2 months ago
arun singh
'arun singh' 2 months ago
jiban Barman
'jiban Barman' 3 months ago
jiban Barman
'jiban Barman' 3 months ago
leo escpbar
'leo escpbar' 3 months ago
It's a snake eat snake world
'AGiantPorkChop' 3 months ago
"rare video" even though you can see people that own hots feed them pythons all the time.
yazmari Reyes
'yazmari Reyes' 3 months ago
'DeathByDuctape' 3 months ago
That's fucked up.
'SchwaggSocks' 3 months ago
I was looking for gay porn and ended up on this
'JAHID ISLAM' 3 months ago
nice video
Captain Spartan 04
'Captain Spartan 04' 3 months ago
why not get a shotgun and blow off the snake's head right there?
'Juice' 3 months ago
What's that snake doing after work? I got something it could gobble on.
'G00bleG0bble' 3 months ago
Do not fear the coming of the metasnake, for he is kind in his judgements. . . Unless you're another snake.
Swole Dawg
'Swole Dawg' 3 months ago
Attack on titan, the normal snake was so tired of the python eating his friends and family so he became the eater, and ate the python in return.
Limozin mastar
'Limozin mastar' 3 months ago
snake eater
'InfernoDude83' 3 months ago
Well you could say he had a slithery diet!!

Worst pun I've ever came up with. I'll walk away now.....
Rios Ricardo
'Rios Ricardo' 3 months ago
I Wish that snake was bigger so she would swallow Adolf Trump
'ceracen' 3 months ago
"Safely relocated"? Sure, but when I strangled my neighbor and then ate him I was deemed an "unhinged cannibal", and a "danger to society". This is bs!
Reyn the Insane // BSG
I have had with these monkey fightin' snakes.
Brittany Karlek
'Brittany Karlek' 3 months ago
Snake on snake violence is at an all time high. It's so saddening. 💔
anderson teo
'anderson teo' 3 months ago
Well they do say you are what you eat
'khxml' 3 months ago
Heads or Tails?
'〇殺人光線' 3 months ago
That's gotta be some kind of dedication to consume the whole thing for 3+ hours. I can't even be bothered to prepare a meal for over 10 minutes
'XxDALIAxX' 3 months ago
How tf did I get here
'Gamerxbetax' 3 months ago
You are what you eat lmfao.
'hohowan360' 3 months ago
prove it!
David Grossenbacher
'David Grossenbacher' 3 months ago
Snake, are you all right?
'Skeletonz' 3 months ago
wat dat mouf do
John Grover
'John Grover' 3 months ago
is it normal if I had an erection after watching this
'HaruNatsuAkiFuyu' 3 months ago
Don't show this video on New Year's Day. Yikes.
Austin Chubb
'Austin Chubb' 3 months ago
Anime Prince
'Anime Prince' 3 months ago
snake lives matter
Kevin Hinojosa
'Kevin Hinojosa' 3 months ago
21 inch Savage
JorgeJavier Laborde
'JorgeJavier Laborde' 3 months ago
dam nature is a scary bitch!!!!
_Toppo _
'_Toppo _' 3 months ago
Who else thought the snakes were giant until the camera man zoomed out?
Sean Doyle
'Sean Doyle' 3 months ago
The is just a nature version of docking.
Terrance Mooselips
'Terrance Mooselips' 3 months ago
Why yous gone puts it in dat blak bag,racist
trill full
'trill full' 3 months ago
bitch there's no full video of the snake doing what you say in the title... waste of time 💯
'chessgeek10' 3 months ago
Chew your food.
'unpossible11' 3 months ago
Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope
Alex Johnson
'Alex Johnson' 3 months ago
Michael Jones
'Michael Jones' 3 months ago
Holy shit dude. Imagine finding one of these bad boys in your bathroom?!
Alec Incremona
'Alec Incremona' 3 months ago
'TheAkatsukitobi' 3 months ago
Amralhe Elise
'Amralhe Elise' 3 months ago
Snakes are gross.
'Slotzoffun' 3 months ago
An attempt at a borealis
Jackie C
'Jackie C' 3 months ago in real life.😂
kavin prashaad
'kavin prashaad' 3 months ago
natural selection.
Riley Taylors
'Riley Taylors' 3 months ago
whenever I watch snake videos I feel like one is in my room
Shredding Stuff
'Shredding Stuff' 3 months ago
Nature you scary as f
JasonTM _
'JasonTM _' 3 months ago
" Killed the python with a deadly bite"
" Waited for it to die "
Sure NatGeo!
Haelee Bryce
'Haelee Bryce' 3 months ago
Who's here from Ricky Dillon's tweet?
Haunted In PA
'Haunted In PA' 3 months ago
that's so sick how would you like to be eaten alive? oh never mind
Tran Vo
'Tran Vo' 3 months ago
When u found out he's a snake but u a bigger snake than him
Cheating Detective I Saw That
This really fucked my mind.JESUS CHRIST!!!
'Hamilton.Is.Life' 3 months ago
Aw he's so tiny lol
'Hamilton.Is.Life' 3 months ago
Why is he eating him
member berries
'member berries' 3 months ago
oh shit
Scattered Dreams XIV
'Scattered Dreams XIV' 3 months ago
fcking canable snake....or is that Sasuke betraying orochimaru?...jk I don't know the Naruto plot well
Ice Vulpix
'Ice Vulpix' 3 months ago
Douglas Gondim
'Douglas Gondim' 3 months ago
Aways good to have a reminder of how much I hate snakes
Diego Perez
'Diego Perez' 3 months ago
or snake's eating themselves
YouWillNeverBe Happy
'YouWillNeverBe Happy' 3 months ago
not one of my proudest fap :|
'pokeatrick' 3 months ago
so where's the rest of the video?
'TiffyChan92' 3 months ago
oh look a video where we didn't have to hear somebodys life story before we watch a snake eat another snake......even though i know some host was dying to say some dumb shit over the video.
Guinea pig love Kitty cat loves u & me
lol the snake snake and more snake
This is the longest name you have ever seen on
Someone should make a 1 hour version of this
No need h
'No need h' 3 months ago
My grandson wanted to know if they ever find the camera man
'lafucil' 3 months ago
The Joker predicted this in The Dark Knight.
Tina mari
'Tina mari' 3 months ago
is this cannablizim
'xxdallascowboyz' 3 months ago
There are vids on this channel below 1 minute and vids on this channel that are above 40 mins.
'ShimmeringPilgrim' 3 months ago
probably not that snakes first rodeo ( not first time eating another snake)
guata fak
'guata fak' 3 months ago
why does this remind me of lol
'TheJapanChannelDcom' 3 months ago
Australia. Thos Eastern Brown snakes are super aggressive and will chase people. Very very nasty snake.
too much is never enough
Max W
'Max W' 3 months ago
I came here for the comments.
'tmh27574' 3 months ago
Anyone believe in reincarnation??? Linda Lovelace...just saying
SoundCloud Rappers
'SoundCloud Rappers' 3 months ago
Bet that snake can succ some serious dick.
Feelgood dog
'Feelgood dog' 3 months ago
Dam nature you scary
Daily Foodie
'Daily Foodie' 3 months ago
Never even heard of this snake before
Polla.W Nixon
'Polla.W Nixon' 3 months ago
Jason Zhou
'Jason Zhou' 3 months ago
What dat mouf do
hey you
'hey you' 3 months ago
Damn nature you scary!
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