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Andra Day - Why I Vote -
Published: 6 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 6 months ago

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Our “Why I Vote” campaign gives artists a chance to share personal opinions on the key issues shaping the 2016 Presidential Election. Along the way, they encourage young people, a traditionally under-represented demographic at the polls, to participate in the political process that impacts us all. From Kesha to T.I. to American Authors, each episode focuses on a particular subject, including immigration, LGBTQ rights, mass incarceration, and education opportunities. We’re hoping to galvanize first-time voters interested in shaping their own future.

In recent years, many American schools have been forced to cut their arts education curriculums due to lack of resources. Musician Andra Day was exposed to such programs from a young age, and for her, they are essential to giving students a well-rounded education by providing opportunities to express themselves via dance, drama, media, music, and visual arts. Andra advocates making arts education a legislative priority.

Previous episodes of “Why I Vote” featured Vic Mensa sharing his personal experiences with police brutality, T.I. telling his own story of growing up in Atlanta at the beginning of the government’s “War on Drugs,” Kesha discussing LGBT rights, American Authors talking about gun safety, and Becky G. discussing immigration.

The final two episodes of “Why I Vote,” featuring Common and JoJo, will premiere this week.

'oldschoolrock4evr' 4 months ago
People voted TRUMP, everything is OK now!!!! no war with russia! Middle east wars have a chance to be left out now! Sure no one is perfect but the people looked right through the media agenda that was so obvious towards TRUMP that its sickening! The people WON even if the DNC cheated and played their disgusting cards like they allways do...
gdfds ggds
'gdfds ggds' 5 months ago
yy rtret
'yy rtret' 5 months ago
Jordan Walker
'Jordan Walker' 5 months ago
she is uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly
hthdr hjh
'hthdr hjh' 5 months ago
fgfg hfh
'fgfg hfh' 5 months ago
hh gh
'hh gh' 5 months ago
Diana A
'Diana A' 5 months ago
she look like Rihanna
yuu fyy
'yuu fyy' 5 months ago
rt rer
'rt rer' 5 months ago
yryer rtyr
'yryer rtyr' 5 months ago
hth rgr
'hth rgr' 5 months ago
egf efe
'egf efe' 5 months ago
ggug gygfy
'ggug gygfy' 5 months ago
gr fe
'gr fe' 5 months ago
hh hfh
'hh hfh' 5 months ago
Kelly Wright
'Kelly Wright' 5 months ago
See, this is why I love Rihanna! <3 lol
Julian Lawrie
'Julian Lawrie' 6 months ago
I find that i cant trust her because of all the makeup.. shes like a doll. Idk if its subconscious or something but it just feels off.
Mariah Gunn
'Mariah Gunn' 6 months ago
Love this
Rajae Smili
'Rajae Smili' 6 months ago
sorry. y don tanderstand. .ni pour le vote ni pour ce qui était écrit en rose. .if you think that y want to go you are wrong. .but y do it as an answer at your désire. .if you need my présence for any help y Will be there. .it s dépend to you. ..kiss
yty rt
'yty rt' 6 months ago
Leslie King
'Leslie King' 6 months ago
I completely agree with you Andra Day!!!!!!!
Suronda Scott
'Suronda Scott' 6 months ago
Thanks for your vote!!!
ku gr
'ku gr' 6 months ago
Bunny Music
'Bunny Music' 6 months ago
You are beautiful and have a lovely voice. I am a huge Stevie Wonder fan and loved the 2 of you singing that Christmas song.
'Esensory' 6 months ago
So,isnt VEVO a music channel?
Richard DeLoach
'Richard DeLoach' 6 months ago
I thought that was Rihanna lol
Factor Music
'Factor Music' 6 months ago
Homa de nagosis
'Homa de nagosis' 6 months ago
who does she vote for?
Scarlet Hunter
'Scarlet Hunter' 6 months ago
this is amazing
Earth To Nikka
'Earth To Nikka' 6 months ago
yes yes yes scpa woooo
df gh
'df gh' 6 months ago
'1.235.546' 6 months ago
Subscribe me please 😐😐
Kayla Broomfield
'Kayla Broomfield' 6 months ago
she reminds me of eartha kitt
DreaD Pirate
'DreaD Pirate' 6 months ago
brazil look v6
Dwayne Barrett
'Dwayne Barrett' 6 months ago
Hi baby
black korean
'black korean' 6 months ago
I thought she was trisha paytas
Aspirative Music Production
So, I paid you to dance but I didn't even watch. Tell whoever paid you to eat cancer and die.
Music Simply
'Music Simply' 6 months ago
Dope, check out my new callin, thank you
Alexandar Mintchev
'Alexandar Mintchev' 6 months ago
any of these ever gonna be pro Trump??? anyway fuck all that bullshit
'PhallingPhantom' 6 months ago
who could know a hamburger could be interested in music
'TheAmazingPiplup' 6 months ago
Sam Alizade
'Sam Alizade' 6 months ago
I though this channel was about music! FTW!
'Telebubbies' 6 months ago
Is she white or black
Angela W
'Angela W' 6 months ago
Plz sub to me
Saharra M
'Saharra M' 6 months ago
love her so so so much
Garrett Walker
'Garrett Walker' 6 months ago
Сначала подумал, что Andra — Rihanna и так удивился)
Neroczeq - Lubie zmieniac Nazwy xD
12 828 000 subscriber :D
DoctorCrafter HD
'DoctorCrafter HD' 6 months ago
Mario Hrernadez
'Mario Hrernadez' 6 months ago
I voted for Hillary, I admitted...
'Nora413' 6 months ago
She looks like Trisha Paytas
Zaem Elias
'Zaem Elias' 6 months ago
35 dislike
Zaem Elias
'Zaem Elias' 6 months ago
35 dislike
tomson 304
'tomson 304' 6 months ago
70% oft what she says is not even about Americas future i am a european and i have total say this is pathetic
M Muller
'M Muller' 6 months ago
Donald Trump - Why I Vote
Melina Demetriou
'Melina Demetriou' 6 months ago
Иван Чебочаков
Дарова пиндосы ёпта! я пришел с миром уёбки!
ellie phant
'ellie phant' 6 months ago
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ellie phant
'ellie phant' 6 months ago
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ellie phant
'ellie phant' 6 months ago
help a sister out and sub to my channel for a sub to your channel
ellie phant
'ellie phant' 6 months ago
love how theres 8 dislikes and 5 likes yet 6 views?? nice job youtube #early
'EVOLITO05' 6 months ago
'EVOLITO05' 6 months ago
Ashish Shresta
'Ashish Shresta' 6 months ago
'ablandandrea' 6 months ago
what is there this video? is poop
Magix carlo
'Magix carlo' 6 months ago
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