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Sean Paul - Take It Low Official Video -
Published: 2 years ago By: Atlantic Records

By: Atlantic RecordsPublished: 2 years ago

3, 748, 419 views

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Sean Paul premiere's the video for his single Take It Low, shot and directed by the powerhouse females from Scorpio 21 in Jamaica.

Take It Low is featured on the artiste's Full Speed Riddim which was produced by Dutty Rock Productions.

Full Speed Riddim features:
Bounty Killer - Cut N Guh Tru
Beenie Man - Guh Fi Jamaica
Cham- Slow Wine
Ding Dong – Are You Ready
Konshens- Move Dat Body
Mr. Vegas – Workshop
Future Fambo ft. Elephant Man - Money
JCapri- Only Me
Vanessa Bling – Supernova
Mink Jo – Roll Up
Ring The Alarm – Denyque

عبد الرحمن محمد علي حسونه
شان بول عراسي
Doğan Özmen
'Doğan Özmen' 2 months ago
Bu adamı seviyorum harikasın !
'WOLFTEAM' 2 months ago
good :) vu oooo
Shaniah Williams
'Shaniah Williams' 3 months ago
Denis Marley
'Denis Marley' 3 months ago
seanpaulish new launguage....
Gabriela Saborio
'Gabriela Saborio' 4 months ago
que buena cansion
Sachin Patel
'Sachin Patel' 6 months ago
Awesome songs by sean,never disappointed his fans.😎👍👌
זיו ערוץ שלי מאור
emerald garnet
'emerald garnet' 7 months ago
sean paul u never disappoint
Nana Abla
'Nana Abla' 8 months ago
Millionaire Millionaire
sithaar bhai
'sithaar bhai' 8 months ago
Did I just see Veronica Vega 1.04
صمت الشوق *
'صمت الشوق *' 8 months ago
diana guerrero  trujillo
adoro a ese bebesotee e sean paulllllll looa mo besosss en esa boquita
Zain Prince
'Zain Prince' 9 months ago
hoooo cool
'blooduhz' 9 months ago
Shitty, boring, typical just another modern electronica song. Next album Sean Paul should go back to old skool reggae beats Dutty Rock era.
Jose Martinez
'Jose Martinez' 11 months ago
the best.. for ever.. of.. COLOMBÏA...
صہفہآء الخزعلي
Mercedes XX
'Mercedes XX' 11 months ago
I miss them braids, he was so fine😪
Paula González
'Paula González' 11 months ago
J Capri... 😖
'Daniel ROSSO AYLLON' 11 months ago
Frank DeLucia
'Frank DeLucia' 11 months ago
Yes it was
Frank DeLucia
'Frank DeLucia' 11 months ago
Bust it
Ali Umair
'Ali Umair' 11 months ago
'TheLaLa' 11 months ago
came here for Drugz Di Baddest pole dancer
'makeuptish' 11 months ago
Riyaz Ahmed
'Riyaz Ahmed' 11 months ago
Rock's music 24-05-2016
Hazique sheikh
'Hazique sheikh' 11 months ago
'Coolmanian804' 12 months ago
loven it yahhhhhhhhh
Kevin Chapman
'Kevin Chapman' 12 months ago
Claudia Gonzalez
'Claudia Gonzalez' 1 year ago
I love him he has true talent and unique style
Hakar Garde
'Hakar Garde' 1 year ago
Wendy Fontaine
'Wendy Fontaine' 1 year ago
Sean Paul à jamais 💘✌😍
Ishini Rathnayake
'Ishini Rathnayake' 1 year ago
Roy Martinez
'Roy Martinez' 1 year ago
he's the shit
GTAV-Rohim- ZiaGaminG
Goog song
Ran Will
'Ran Will' 1 year ago
somalia mogdishu
'somalia mogdishu' 1 year ago
Ilike Sean Paul is asuper star
ilyas elouazzani
'ilyas elouazzani' 1 year ago
Can someone translate to me?! 😂
Dubraska Guzman
'Dubraska Guzman' 1 year ago
Dubraska Guzman
'Dubraska Guzman' 1 year ago
I. b
'I. b' 1 year ago
i love it
I. b
'I. b' 1 year ago
i love it
'2Llonce' 1 year ago
Enfin Sean Paul merciiiii !! tu es le meilleure n'arrête pas continue !! Ton publique est la pour toi !!
Fahim Hadji38
'Fahim Hadji38' 1 year ago
Track Nation Production
MAN damn Music Dude Your music is totaly Mindblowing dude Jst come here man we want To Sign A music allbum contract Haha Nywyz Hasta la vista Niggaz
papou diallo
'papou diallo' 1 year ago
sean paul a été et sera tjrs en tête je kiff ces sons
papou diallo
'papou diallo' 1 year ago
sean paul a été et sera tjrs en tête je kiff ces sons
Frank DeLucia
'Frank DeLucia' 1 year ago
Anyone know how I can find his new song bust it
Ahmad Shneikat
'Ahmad Shneikat' 1 year ago
where is your hear 😂
Maame Dedaah
'Maame Dedaah' 1 year ago
Jeez you are my mentor and idol aside from Jay Sean. l love you so much
Olivia Stewart
'Olivia Stewart' 1 year ago
Nuh Drugz that? 👀
Frank DeLucia
'Frank DeLucia' 1 year ago
Anyone know how I can get the new song from Sean Paul called bust it?
Domer Official
'Domer Official' 1 year ago
Quite good . Who is listenning in 2016? :D
Aleksey German
'Aleksey German' 1 year ago
great job thanks for the music bro
Aleksey German
'Aleksey German' 1 year ago
great job thanks for the music
Aleksey German
'Aleksey German' 1 year ago
great job thanks for the music
luisa Lessing
'luisa Lessing' 1 year ago
'KARHAN ORUN' 1 year ago
Nicola Mendenhall
'Nicola Mendenhall' 1 year ago
LOVED it AS ALWAYS :).  My FAV is still BUM BUM
Karen Maxwell
'Karen Maxwell' 1 year ago
love it Sean Paul !!!! can't wait for another one me dancing
Golden Boy
'Golden Boy' 1 year ago
very very nice =D
Roy Quinn
'Roy Quinn' 1 year ago
This is my mentor here all the way from Guyana im walking in your Footsteps SP look out for me next year big up yow self Dads
Keepinthadirtysouth! OLD
dancehall original style ! da lhe old sean paul remembering old times!
'MzLee1986' 1 year ago
Is that Kaylin Garcia?
eri zombie43
'eri zombie43' 1 year ago
sean paul vc ets no jeff jam
mohamed mohey
'mohamed mohey' 1 year ago
Sarah Sabrina K.
'Sarah Sabrina K.' 1 year ago
Gutes Lied (:
عيون القلب Gdjd
love 👍👍👍👉Seanpul😘
רועי פברקר
ואת אף פק
'Dino MORE' 1 year ago
Khalid Mlilia
'Khalid Mlilia' 1 year ago
jamica viva
edm_ skrillex_
'edm_ skrillex_' 1 year ago
i love youvsean paul
Antonio Tovar
'Antonio Tovar' 1 year ago
hey sean this is so cool, i like you music. regards from mexico
'DonSamOza' 1 year ago
My fav She Does'nt Mind...And Bailando...
'DonSamOza' 1 year ago
Anna Kus
'Anna Kus' 1 year ago
super :)
Almazónica Reggaetonera
Omg! I Love this song & the riddim sounds amazing! Saludos Sean Paul Full Frequency straight from Kingston, Jamaica mon! ~*One Love For All*~ 💯♥
Yasemin ÇELİK
'Yasemin ÇELİK' 2 years ago
yeah yeah yeah very good #sean paul#
Ihlas Sadykov
'Ihlas Sadykov' 2 years ago
where is your hair? 😂😂😂
Qhar Gulli
'Qhar Gulli' 2 years ago
?guys do u understan Sean Paul
joann santiago
'joann santiago' 2 years ago
this is my music hell yes baby !!!Sean Paul estas bien bueno papi
'landaftian' 2 years ago
Ya man Sean, what about a 4th DANCEHALL album?... real DANCEHALL like good old times? would be great for some who have missed u.
Manuel Saiz
'Manuel Saiz' 2 years ago
Nice!! Finally you cut that shitty hair off.
Chad Redd
'Chad Redd' 2 years ago
bruh this is a good look forget that mo hawk hair cut
Leia Santos
'Leia Santos' 2 years ago
amei essa clipe..Como todos ♡♡♡♡
kido Stealth Street Machine Promotions
one more hit riddim Sean Paul full speed
Abdo Iron
'Abdo Iron' 2 years ago
Low #Sp
Christopher Larmond
'Christopher Larmond' 2 years ago
Mad it, yuh find it Sean u find it it shot mad
Sangeeta Oedit
'Sangeeta Oedit' 2 years ago
PUSSY CAT [email protected]! XXX
Ricardo avila
'Ricardo avila' 2 years ago
Get Busy
'فضاوه' 2 years ago
سان بأول بحلم اشوفك  من صغري وانا باسمع اغانيييك بحبك موووووتالعرب بحبو يسمعووو اغانيك رد جوااايب بحبك  هوسانه فيك\
Amantha Verhoeven
'Amantha Verhoeven' 2 years ago
go Sean Paul! always liked you're music!!! Nice
Ivan Ra
'Ivan Ra' 2 years ago
супер композиция .. всё шикарно !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
молодец сен паул
Murat Kocamanoglu
'Murat Kocamanoglu' 2 years ago
Adam kafayı kazıtmış la :D
Lavi Riamia
'Lavi Riamia' 2 years ago
Ben Ward
'Ben Ward' 2 years ago
shame about the stripper on a pole line otherwise pretty good
Bondoc Elena
'Bondoc Elena' 2 years ago
:* :* :* :* <3 I LOVE YOU
Hero Killa
'Hero Killa' 2 years ago
my dad driving this car to jarguar xf
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