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GMOD BUTTS - Garry's Mod Prop Hunt Funny Moments -
Published: 1 month ago By: SeaNanners Gaming Channel

By: SeaNanners Gaming ChannelPublished: 1 month ago

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This Video Features:

What is Prop Hunt?
"Prop hunt plays like hide and seek but you can become smaller or bigger by picking a certain sized prop. Also, it has a lot more killing in it.

In Prophunt, there is a team of Props [RED] and a team of hunters [BLU]. In order for the props to win, all hunters must die or run out of time. Some people abuse glitches like the snow glitch in cs_office, and some servers ban props that can get there.

Prop hunt has been a very famous gamemode and has spread to other games like Minecraft's Block hunt/Hide and seek."

Distant Shadow
'Distant Shadow' 4 days ago
if you're getting frisky with a girl and you want to get a blowjob ask her to knuckle shuffle your jerky stick
'ILucrativeOne' 7 days ago
Seananners I'm forward seeing you! :)
'MeDeMeo' 3 weeks ago
the fact that they are talking about rimming majority of the beginning of the video amuses me greatly
Marianne Montarde
'Marianne Montarde' 4 weeks ago
Chilled : Adam if you had two dicks would you do two girls?

Adam : No, just one and apologize consistently.
Taylor C
'Taylor C' 4 weeks ago
Fucky Ducky
'BabbyThor' 1 month ago
Lmao. Kills me every time he races around as something tiny. 🦆
ChaseDoes Music and Gaming
Who else gets literally hard when Adam pulls of his jukes
'FallingLeaf' 1 month ago
Anyone notice the similarities between vanoss's hiding spots on this map and nanners?
'izzysquzzie' 1 month ago
I love u Adam 😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
'jakboiee' 1 month ago
I want a new duck
One that won't try to bite
One that won't chew a hole in my socks
One that won't quack all night
'Cyn.withme' 1 month ago
I think Tejb shouldve been a TEJBle
Thomas Vatz
'Thomas Vatz' 1 month ago
Finished watching a youtube video of ut and of course the first thing I do i hear
"getting frisky"
God dammit.
Tony Davis
'Tony Davis' 1 month ago
Was this reposted?
nightmare lynx
'nightmare lynx' 1 month ago
How does Adam stay so positive and happy, in a world of negativity and miserableness. .
Chase Manguno
'Chase Manguno' 1 month ago
If anyone can recall, does anyone remember the prop hunt video by seananners where hes a newspaper and a trash can flips on top of him? If you do can I have the title/link to it?
hewsher :3
'hewsher :3' 1 month ago
Sometimes you have to roll with the punches
Shadowsniper P3NDEZ
'Shadowsniper P3NDEZ' 1 month ago
your a F boi
'Epos' 1 month ago

'Sir_pineapple' 1 month ago
'Mr.CubeTube' 1 month ago
Not my proudest fap
'dizzyolly' 1 month ago
half these hiding spots were done by vanoss and wildcat in there videos
'MazeGaming' 1 month ago
Really dirty jokes
MLG Gaster
'MLG Gaster' 1 month ago
I fucking knew he'd try to get the hula girl XD
Game Channel
'Game Channel' 1 month ago
Lol omg
Kamarcus Gray
'Kamarcus Gray' 1 month ago
Adam makes my butthole plucker.... no homo tho
crit Jones
'crit Jones' 1 month ago
If you have 2 dicks, could you have sex with one, then when you're done just swap over to the other one and start all over?
Guy Garic
'Guy Garic' 1 month ago
The conversation at the beginning made me burp loudly for some reason😂
Caleb Fender
'Caleb Fender' 1 month ago

Christian Bradley
'Christian Bradley' 1 month ago
Is it just me or does Nanners watch literally all of Vanoss's prop hunt videos?
READYz Gaming
'READYz Gaming' 1 month ago
Vanessa did theses spot too
'BEN POWELL' 1 month ago
at least we know he watches vanosses videos
Business Cat
'Business Cat' 1 month ago
Goldy earned mad respect on this day.
Van Shadowflame
'Van Shadowflame' 1 month ago
I am willing to bet SeaNanners will not pin my comment and comment on it.
The Grinning Cloud
'The Grinning Cloud' 1 month ago
"I'm supposed to be playing Game Of War but this one player keeps kicking my ass"
'sedman2580' 1 month ago
Anyone know the name of this map?
Timothy Beaston
'Timothy Beaston' 1 month ago
I might just be groggy but I swear I heard "If you leave some crumbs next time, fucks will come to you." Now keep in mind I just woke up 39 minutes ago.
David Crothers
'David Crothers' 1 month ago
is it just me or are a few of these spots the same ones from vanoss video on the map?
Chuckles The Werewolf
I died watching this. Forever immortalize it on my tombstone...

Derp Dummy
'Derp Dummy' 1 month ago
He uses same spots as vannos
Josh Russell
'Josh Russell' 1 month ago
Vanoss just did this map and they did the same fuckin thing....
Mr. Pilgrim
'Mr. Pilgrim' 1 month ago
That duck chase gave me anxiety
'KappaKay' 1 month ago
tb to when Adam made 3 minute videos and then started making 10 minute and everyone freaked out
Joey Konopka
'Joey Konopka' 1 month ago
can u buy me h1z1 please I can't afford it and I always wanted to play it it looks like so much fun
Uber Stuber
'Uber Stuber' 1 month ago
omg adam, your best one yet x3 #ftheduck lol
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 1 month ago
Adam touch my fartbox,daddy.
'Lebensmude' 1 month ago
Anybody having trouble loading seananners vids
'Necramonium' 1 month ago
They say this map has a basement troll.
Lavamoon _
'Lavamoon _' 1 month ago
seananners the prop hunt god
Ben Pressly
'Ben Pressly' 1 month ago
This click bait is getting out of hand...
'CWRainwater' 1 month ago
Nanners yells Anus and finishes prematurely, and without effect....=|
Cayden Pascua
'Cayden Pascua' 1 month ago
the duck paatr g ip got me5f7 me
'Crilent' 1 month ago
I didn't know Adam had his own gmod character
'Domo' 1 month ago
I am sincerely amazed how you can keep up with such an insane upload schedule yet still exceed all of our expectations of quality. You my sir are a legend.
Sam Ascheman
'Sam Ascheman' 1 month ago
So um guys. Sup
Jonathan Arth
'Jonathan Arth' 1 month ago
What music is in the background
Armando the wanderer
taib why would you talk about this stuff lmao.
snazzytoast 02
'snazzytoast 02' 1 month ago
my friend said tongue punch my fart box a month ago and now I'm wondering if it was original or not
Jack Morris
'Jack Morris' 1 month ago
Everyone should have their ass licked at least once in their life.
'fmlvideos' 1 month ago
Hey check out my most recent video, I promise you won't regret it. 💪🏾
'fmlvideos' 1 month ago
Hey check out my most recent video, I promise you won't regret it. 💪🏾💪🏾
Mr Eastforest
'Mr Eastforest' 1 month ago
I picked the worst video to eat lunch to today.
Mareena McLean
'Mareena McLean' 1 month ago
I love that you guys were talking about rim jobs, because I usually watch your videos when I'm getting my ass ready for anal lol
death rage
'death rage' 1 month ago
From this moment on the first thing I will say on any date to anyone is "excuse me, will you tongue punch my fart box later?"
8:50 just gonna replace Hanzos ult line with this...
Xenox Xenoxi
'Xenox Xenoxi' 1 month ago
i said the amount of subscribers so you would pick some sentences so it wont hurt her feelings
Xenox Xenoxi
'Xenox Xenoxi' 1 month ago
adam as my mentor i want to ask you how to confess my love to a youtuber with 3 subscribers called Riezyn?
what should i tell her?
Suicidal 30something
It's like watching Vanoss' video on the same map using the same props and strats except with much more adult commentary.
'Okat' 1 month ago
"No, just one and apologize constantly". That's going in the anthology
Tanonymous Games, Outdoors, etc.
I see a filthy fanfiction resulting from this episode.
'UNskippable' 1 month ago
Am i the only one who remembers nanners bold?
Magnus J
'Magnus J' 1 month ago
4:48 LOL the facepalm hahaha
'Microsoftman404' 1 month ago
Well, FilthyFrank eats a lot of ass..
David Stev
'David Stev' 1 month ago
We really need something new
Amy Jade
'Amy Jade' 1 month ago
I legit only just realised the a few of those things were from the sims 2... wow haha
Amy Jade
'Amy Jade' 1 month ago
I legit only just realised the a few of those things were from the sims 2... wow haha
'Xxken101xX' 1 month ago
this conversation is probably the weirdest so far
Sparkle Dust
'Sparkle Dust' 1 month ago
Eating stale chocolate 😂😂😂😂
♥The Amazing Me♥
Pro tip, put on captions in English and watch the magic.
'KingChris' 1 month ago
Cool video
'Maroon571' 1 month ago
"I can't get him!! He's too fast!!!"
Taiga Degurechaff
'Taiga Degurechaff' 1 month ago
Remember when Nanners used to put out 5 minute videos?
'482lost' 1 month ago
Sounds like Goldy is a fan of eating da poopoo.

Hey I won't judge. Different strokes for different folks.
'-Zephyr-' 1 month ago
Forget Bryce, Tejb is my spirit animal
All Will No Skill
'All Will No Skill' 1 month ago
Lick the shitter like an apple fritter
'Scourgewolf' 1 month ago
I just finished reading about Buttgate and I come to hear Goldy asking someone to tongue his asshole.

My fetish can only handle so much teasing, gentlemen. ;3
'Dr.ErikNefarious' 1 month ago
Welcome back to The Jukes of Nanners
'HypexRex101' 1 month ago
A lot of you're spots vanoss has done
'MrMezican' 1 month ago
"Story of Goldy's life" Tejb is savage haha
'SavageLight' 1 month ago
so strange seeing Adam with more hair
'Keaden1000' 1 month ago
Fart Punch my Tongue Box
Sherloli Holmes
'Sherloli Holmes' 1 month ago
I mean, he ain't wrong, feels pretty good...
Martin Stuvland
'Martin Stuvland' 1 month ago
Adam doesn't give a duck! :D
Itty Bitty
'Itty Bitty' 1 month ago
The URL to this video is begging for a sweet release-
Maher F
'Maher F' 1 month ago
yo Adam, music was a bit louder than usual, but great video as always.
Gerald Wicked
'Gerald Wicked' 1 month ago
that moment when you're shoulder deep in Randys fart-box.
Mister Master
'Mister Master' 1 month ago
...a one hour ad OMG WHY
Sebashton Ryan
'Sebashton Ryan' 1 month ago
Called Gmod Butts and then the pin lookin at ya like a pedo, pretty unsettling
Cameron Wilson Turner
do a setup video please
hunter jango
'hunter jango' 1 month ago
Oh rubber ducky, you're so fun.
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