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Saudi Prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud beating his Servant In the lift afterwards he killed him in London UK News Sky News -
Published: 7 years ago By: tubezash

By: tubezashPublished: 7 years ago

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American Handsome
'American Handsome' 3 weeks ago
All arab princes are animals who have slaves, and sex slaves,,
Ihave Noname
'Ihave Noname' 1 month ago
That's not a servant; that's a slave. Dirty disgusting Saudis. Eat shit.
Happy huWhite Man
'Happy huWhite Man' 4 months ago
Typical arab animal
'Edi2003' 6 months ago
Why did the so called man servant allow himself to be treated that way. Sounds a little 50 shades of grey to me. Oh well...
Comoxio F
'Comoxio F' 7 months ago
Send that vermin back to his homeland to face the Sharia...
Mohamed  Sidi
'Mohamed Sidi' 12 months ago
Arabs are fucktards as simple as it is.............
Vee B
'Vee B' 1 year ago
So, now the murderer has gone back to his homeland and clearly as Prince he wont be going to jail as reported by the press. I can guarantee you he's currently living in the lap of luxury, with another servant at his beck and call! Saudis have an insatiable taste for abusing (sexual physical and emotional) their Black servants. They even buy and sell slaves (this is not openly discussed in Western media) it's all a cover up! They keep the Westerners out of their business because they don't want to be exposed
'warriorprince101010' 2 years ago
The Saudi royal family are Stalin, Mao and Hitler all in one.
Noori H
'Noori H' 2 years ago
May the victim be granted the highest heaven in Jannat e Firdous and enjoying seeing this earthly so called prince being burnt in Hell fire on that great day. Hope this pigs life is hell on earth.
Andy Dubula
'Andy Dubula' 2 years ago
How do you start being so violent and cruel to another human being? Please God save all the powerless!
'takewhole' 2 years ago
This piece of shit was transferred to Saudi on a 'prisoner swap'. Meaning the cunt is laughing at the victim and his family and the rule of law by walking free around the middle east. He will of course get a new passport with a new name and be free to go wherever he likes. I really wish Panorama would do a documentary on this despicable 'less than horseshit' vile sadist. Lets find out where he is and what he is upto. 
Arch Vegan
'Arch Vegan' 2 years ago
They transferred this pathetic "killer" to Saudi Arabia. Apparently Britain likes oil more than imprisoning a hideously ugly Saudi prince devil. May the poor victim rest in peace. 
'Monterey2am' 4 years ago
The days where people gave Islam the benefot of the doubt are over. There are constant massive human rights abuses under the Islam and people just arent fooled anymore by the completely unsubstancied assertion that its a religion of peace - it simply is not. The facts and outcomes just dont support your view. Where ever there is Islam in the world, their is suffering, tyranny, oppression of the poorest and most vulnerable people. We are all children of God, I believe that.
'Monterey2am' 4 years ago
well said, you are spot on
'99112901' 4 years ago
Disgusting animal, should be left the fires of hell for what he did. I will never forget this story came out a couple of years ago
bangty bang
'bangty bang' 5 years ago
the ans. is NO. sometimes i do bad, horrible things, but that doesnt mean my religion is to blame. im a grown up, i should take responsiblity for my own action as an individual and not throw out on someone or something else.
bangty bang
'bangty bang' 5 years ago
at least google islam before you open your mouth, it's based on equality among all people. islam comes from the word "سلام" which means peace. why dose islam from all the religions in the world takes the blame for the action of its believers while other religons dont? what about the 2012 Aurora shooting? wasnt he a Christian? so we should blame the entire Christian community just becuse of an action from unstable man? so Christianity is voilnet?
Amal Ebrahim
'Amal Ebrahim' 5 years ago
I wish muslims were more like christians... so nice n perfect, not ONE case of sodomy... not ONE case of pedophelia NAY!! or maybe like the jews awesome in how they teach brotherly love between jews and non jews in the talmud or maybe muslims shud just stop being muslims so that everyone else is happy, such little sacrifice yet they persist to want "freedom of belief" PPFFFF w/eeeeeee I admit, I am muslim and ur comment truly opened my eyes. thank you sir.
Amal Ebrahim
'Amal Ebrahim' 5 years ago
first off its either sharia or Islamic law secondly i agree.. have u seen all these 2 billion muslims out there killing and sodomising their servants?? tsk tsk.. so shameful its a diabolocal plot against humanity, i heard they have a secret way of readin the koran and that it teaches all the opposite of what the some thousands of muslim scholars publicly teach whan are we going to start a crusade against these 2 billion muslims in allparts of the world?? HOW DARE THEY NOT BE PERFECT!!
andrew sindler
'andrew sindler' 5 years ago
typical of Muslims,violence against those who cant fight back.they r cowards ! in Saudi Arabia homosexuality is punishable by death and yet here he is ! who in their right mind would choose to be a homosexual? when r we going to be asking the right question instead of following sharia laws blindly ? clearly there is a problem in Islam.the level of hypocrisy is appalling !
Anwar Hossain Bangladesh
Thinking more and more,do think about human right.All the best./Anwar.Bangladesh.(Amora sleaping takely cholvay na)
'aaqilian' 6 years ago
good on ya Britian! give that saudi motherfucker a dose of his sharia justice and cut his goddamned head off.
'ajail92' 6 years ago
theeb al s3oodi
'eXorced' 7 years ago
He is going to have cocks in his ass for the rest of his life or he will die STUPID BRAINLESS GAY (nothing agains with the gays)
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