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Sean Paul Temperature -
Published: 11 months ago By: tekari haitham

By: tekari haithamPublished: 11 months ago

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RAGNAROS, The Firelord
Pretty sure he mentions something about a sauna and a banana... the rest of it is tough... can we get an archaeologist in here to translate?
'Moody' 1 day ago
so hot
alex julian
'alex julian' 1 day ago
Sean Paul, best def jam character
Felix John
'Felix John' 2 days ago
That year..I love till the end..
Vincent Caroff
'Vincent Caroff' 3 days ago
Rahul Rymbai
'Rahul Rymbai' 4 days ago
I hope u can read this in 2046
'zetul12345' 4 days ago
Amina fick fuck
Billy Joe Ibarra
'Billy Joe Ibarra' 4 days ago
me encanta, aun que no se lo que dice me facina hahaha 😂😂😀
Joey Jansen
'Joey Jansen' 5 days ago
That scooby doo movie freaked me out as a kid
wajdì sââd
'wajdì sââd' 5 days ago
Laura Humara
'Laura Humara' 5 days ago
no green banana??
Asel Kevser Can
'Asel Kevser Can' 6 days ago
burda neden TÜRK yok!!!??!?!?!?!?
jayson sanches
'jayson sanches' 6 days ago
toujours dans la tête
Frankfurter Tamile Ich sag nur Blaulicht!!
ididkdfkoxkxndodnkdooddk....... right Temperature.......fifjjfbfkssnnskd.llx
Che Guevara
'Che Guevara' 2 weeks ago
yeah yeah yeah yeah
hfuuf Vera
'hfuuf Vera' 3 weeks ago
mejor cantante sean paul😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘
'vickivb22' 3 weeks ago
ok yes
'vickivb22' 3 weeks ago
jutin biber love much to dad sorry over love much to dather vicki look
'GoldenAfrican' 3 weeks ago
this tune will never die....sttill hot in clubs <3
Aureo M.
'Aureo M.' 3 weeks ago
issa big chune dis 1
Hero 23
'Hero 23' 3 weeks ago
Reyhan Tekin
'Reyhan Tekin' 3 weeks ago
K ♥
'K ♥' 3 weeks ago
More than 10 years later & I still don't get what the hell he's saying :/
klik blik
'klik blik' 4 weeks ago
starts slapping stomach
Mousy Mallow
'Mousy Mallow' 4 weeks ago
Oh my gosh I'm dying hahaha!!! I used to watch this on mtv every morning before school. The nice, simple days~ I thought he was speaking a different language back then XD
Anna Lee
'Anna Lee' 4 weeks ago
an oldie but goodie
samantha gilfillan
'samantha gilfillan' 4 weeks ago
temperature song ace 😎😎😎
Ahmad Haydar
'Ahmad Haydar' 4 weeks ago
Who's watching this in 2017
Chantia & Love
'Chantia & Love' 1 month ago
yoooo9o omg😍😍😂 i havent heard this since grade 5 flash backs!!!!
cattleya z
'cattleya z' 1 month ago
I feeeeeeeeel olddddddd
Vildana Keco
'Vildana Keco' 1 month ago
still killin' it after all this time
Mimi Andreas
'Mimi Andreas' 1 month ago
throw back!!!!! been a long time since a hear dis song!!!
rahli amani
'rahli amani' 1 month ago
still listening to this 2017 still a hit for me 😍😍
sarmd khaled
'sarmd khaled' 1 month ago
Lord Qasim
'Lord Qasim' 1 month ago
Overdosed Mia Wallace
what the fuck was that dance step at 1:33 lmaoooo
Ashley Van De Grift
'Ashley Van De Grift' 1 month ago
listening to this in 2017 still loving this song
Serrena Burton
'Serrena Burton' 1 month ago
Everybody saying they can't understand him. That's coz yall don't listen you just think you do. He is Jamaican speaking English with an accent. Because if you want to hear a real Jamaican speak, piss them off then you will question what on earth did they just say. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chriseana Johnson
'Chriseana Johnson' 1 month ago
People, this is a dialect called patois, he is Jamaican and so am I. You won't understand him if you can't speak patois. These are the types of music we listen to in jamaica: dancehall, reggae, etc. But, most of us Jamaican children like to listen to American pop music, rap and also r & b. We listen to any type of music. But I understand him really well because this basically what we listen to in jamaica. And yes, we do speak English. We usually speak English when it's something professional and we speak patois to our family members and friends.
Drew dooT
'Drew dooT' 1 month ago
all i can think of is that gif of the dancing hulk
'M7_ NATION' 1 month ago
who's watching in 2017😂😂😂
'Xorcist' 1 month ago
conor maked it so good
Brian Moeroa
'Brian Moeroa' 1 month ago
whine whine whine .. 😂😂
Julia Lepa
'Julia Lepa' 1 month ago
'-Safae-' 1 month ago
Conor's cover anyone?
Amarcis Stone
'Amarcis Stone' 1 month ago
2:35 is when it started poppin
Trixxii Labelle
'Trixxii Labelle' 1 month ago
cuz ya wanna dance in a parka
Fraicios XXI
'Fraicios XXI' 1 month ago
Que paso mis amigos latinos donde están sus comentarios sobre esta nostálgica música.
Franco Croce Ledezma
'Franco Croce Ledezma' 2 months ago
'TheDangngo' 2 months ago
after all those fucking year, i sill dont know what the fuck is this language
but this song is good
Asha Jones
'Asha Jones' 2 months ago
aldo bravo
'aldo bravo' 2 months ago
all my girl
'LemonVenom' 2 months ago
Which year the video was shot in xD?
baby girl love
'baby girl love' 2 months ago
people if u don't know wht he's talking about he's talking about ass and all the body ....
Kevin Kyo Nightwolf
'Kevin Kyo Nightwolf' 2 months ago
omg childhood memories.... i had forgotten how awesome this song was... xD
Abdulqadir Ijaz
'Abdulqadir Ijaz' 2 months ago
Nice song
'GaMeOvEr12454' 2 months ago
im shocked people dont know this song.. was a banger back in mid 2000's... and btw people saying this is "sean paul english" is bizarre... its patois... think people need to listen to dance hall more..
ابن الذهبيه وراسي عالي
هههه طلع ابن عمي شك منشار
محمد ولاء
'محمد ولاء' 2 months ago
Olivia Stogryn
'Olivia Stogryn' 2 months ago
god i feel old this song came out when i was in sixth grade
Takudzwa Chikowero
'Takudzwa Chikowero' 2 months ago
bggggg nyc temperature
Mario Jaibo Del angel
2017 ✌
Hero 23
'Hero 23' 2 months ago
'swheartliz' 2 months ago
People sleep on Sean Paul lol
Mohammed Hilabi
'Mohammed Hilabi' 2 months ago
'NIYAZ NAZAR' 3 months ago
put a hot boiled egg in your mouth and try to sing normal.
voila!!! you can sing just like sean paul!
Une Inconitaa Dz
'Une Inconitaa Dz' 3 months ago
de la merde
'Ignatius' 3 months ago
God, I miss the mid-late 2000s.
'Anynomous' 3 months ago
Songs that deserve 1b views
Jenn Styles
'Jenn Styles' 3 months ago
Who came here from Instagram? 😂😂
Leila Obeid
'Leila Obeid' 3 months ago
(Starts making a beat with belly)
Naqaa Raheem
'Naqaa Raheem' 3 months ago
عشق 😍🎧
Kevin Zuniga
'Kevin Zuniga' 3 months ago
Who's here from the fat kid video singing this lmao?
khalil leo
'khalil leo' 3 months ago
2:35 ...... midnight club 3 memories
Mobble Maggotgutter
'Mobble Maggotgutter' 3 months ago
Came here after watching the "belly cover"
Reality Dream
'Reality Dream' 3 months ago
ya des francais ?
si ils sont la c a cause de la video de suli ?😂
Hussain Haithem
'Hussain Haithem' 3 months ago
lol this still tops a lot of songs for me xD
moh dz
'moh dz' 3 months ago
ههههه قديمة على سليب فرعون
Al-Bader Bu-Hamad
'Al-Bader Bu-Hamad' 3 months ago
I used to think it was some weird African or Indian language, lol...
Hussain Haithem
'Hussain Haithem' 3 months ago
I remember hearing this in a game?
does anyone know which game?
Jana Krause
'Jana Krause' 3 months ago
old but Gold 🤔😍
Isaac Kamara
'Isaac Kamara' 3 months ago
Sean Paul long time nor had from him
Jane Wacera
'Jane Wacera' 3 months ago
Which type of English?
USA English?
U.K. English?
Australia English?
Sea Paul English?
Bolbol Nabil
'Bolbol Nabil' 3 months ago
fsidnfblwlqnsbwkwls'snxhhdjdndbxbxkxkdkfnnrldlndjjhdnsmla.yeaaaahh :)
Hamada Kharbach
'Hamada Kharbach' 4 months ago
I like to you🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵
saquer roland
'saquer roland' 4 months ago
as far as 2020
sebastian vega barrantes
bader abduallah
'bader abduallah' 4 months ago
I was only 8 years old 😂
Molly Gibson
'Molly Gibson' 4 months ago
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michael dcruz
'michael dcruz' 4 months ago
Just saw a concert of Sean Paul today! He is amazing!
Duried Alkrady
'Duried Alkrady' 4 months ago
الف عير بكسهة
'Media420' 4 months ago
Exclusively New Song By Sean Paul - No Lie Ft. Dua Lipa (Official Sinpped)
Kyra.Notmeijer kyra.Notmeijer
sean paul is goed zijn muziek
alejandra Fernandez
'alejandra Fernandez' 5 months ago
esta bueno para bailar jajaja👍👍👍💯
Kizito Dzoro
'Kizito Dzoro' 5 months ago
emran amle
'emran amle' 5 months ago
يسلمو يا سومتي ع الاهداء ..... 78
Patrick Richter
'Patrick Richter' 5 months ago
"SEXY LADIES WITH BEAUTY, COME SHAY DAT BOOTY" will always make me laugh xD
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