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Published: 9 months ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 9 months ago

81, 884, 919 views

64, 462 Likes   27, 394 Dislikes

A snake sneaks into the house and slithers into mouth while asleep! Snakes can be very dangerous and venomous reptiles with fangs! You don't want a snake in mouth because snakes will strike and bite! :P

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Nandalal Biswas
'Nandalal Biswas' 4 hours ago
assamese comedi
Delila Mcalister
'Delila Mcalister' 9 hours ago
why go down mike throat
Bablu Soni
'Bablu Soni' 11 hours ago
Raja Sekar
'Raja Sekar' 16 hours ago
தமிழ் ஷேக videos
Md Rafe
'Md Rafe' 21 hours ago
today he wil takeout snake into in his mouth tomorrow he wil be takeout elephant
Hamayun Hamdard
'Hamayun Hamdard' 21 hours ago
Tol darogh di .
Shubham Patel
'Shubham Patel' 22 hours ago
81 million views...!!!!!!!!!!
Kana Solki
'Kana Solki' 1 day ago
jinwoo lee
'jinwoo lee' 1 day ago
stupid snake why go down mike throat
'최병임' 1 day ago
'최병임' 1 day ago
ch ranemma
'ch ranemma' 1 day ago
and then we have
Evgeniq Koleva
'Evgeniq Koleva' 1 day ago
Clash with Jin
'Clash with Jin' 1 day ago
Lol this looks more like a comedy video
عمر العراقي
عوع أشكد مقرفين
Bharat Prajapati
'Bharat Prajapati' 1 day ago
Bharat Prajapati
'Bharat Prajapati' 1 day ago
Dank Perfect
'Dank Perfect' 1 day ago
Red egg 1:38
Toyota And Holden Toni
it's on top of the mirror
elizabeth angeles
'elizabeth angeles' 2 days ago
This is..... TOTALLY FAKE!!!!!
Lily Mild
'Lily Mild' 2 days ago
Wow, 81 Million Views.
Leighla_the_Panda freeburg
it is accualy at 1:38
jacob pro 56728901257982337283191
it's descasting Jesse put a pocket kinfe
Marawan Hazem
'Marawan Hazem' 2 days ago
I saw the egg it is up the picture
Bipin Kumar Thakur
Omparkesh jyoti
'Omparkesh jyoti' 2 days ago
Mahabul Islam
'Mahabul Islam' 2 days ago
Mahabul Islam
'Mahabul Islam' 2 days ago
Vladimiras Spiridonovas
yes I did find it
Sam Blacksioux
'Sam Blacksioux' 2 days ago
shelf at 1:36 till: 1:38
Soumitro Ganguly
'Soumitro Ganguly' 2 days ago
.about pm mody
Miguel Villafana
'Miguel Villafana' 2 days ago
it's on top of the painting
'ALEA MAM'S' 2 days ago
mengerikan hii....
grace duval
'grace duval' 2 days ago
I mean the murrow
grace duval
'grace duval' 2 days ago
Yeah on the window
lene santos
'lene santos' 2 days ago
Eric Williams
'Eric Williams' 2 days ago
no prize
Eric Williams
'Eric Williams' 2 days ago
on top of the mirror
Matheus Oliveira
'Matheus Oliveira' 3 days ago
Eu tenho cobrofobia
Benjamin Asare-Bediako
what a fake video
Rae Gutierrez
'Rae Gutierrez' 3 days ago
mirror I don't now what it is but i think it is a mirror or a frame
Rejwi Alam
'Rejwi Alam' 3 days ago
risk. khan
Saguira T Afdal
'Saguira T Afdal' 3 days ago
so layer fake sneak
Cohen Benjamin
'Cohen Benjamin' 3 days ago
Radha Gandham
'Radha Gandham' 3 days ago
Arif Khan
'Arif Khan' 3 days ago
did jhfghjHD
Arif Khan
'Arif Khan' 3 days ago
did jhfghj
Arif Khan
'Arif Khan' 3 days ago
did jhf
Shankar Saini
'Shankar Saini' 3 days ago
martina rosica
'martina rosica' 3 days ago
0 97g8
Siblu Khan
'Siblu Khan' 3 days ago
Siblu Khan
'Siblu Khan' 3 days ago
Siddika Enterprize
manoj kumar
'manoj kumar' 3 days ago
manoj kumar
JoGolffee eiei
'JoGolffee eiei' 3 days ago
Ali Rubens
'Ali Rubens' 3 days ago
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nazare caetano
'nazare caetano' 4 days ago
Enmanuel Maravilla
años usos s
Hannah Somer
'Hannah Somer' 4 days ago
Eww that's gross 😖
Vando Alves
'Vando Alves' 4 days ago
o ro
Rozalia A
'Rozalia A' 4 days ago
nisha Jainth
'nisha Jainth' 4 days ago
Bakwass hai ye video not funny its mentl
Keelan Morris
'Keelan Morris' 4 days ago
1:38 is the egg
Gustavo Ray Hernandez
found it
Cherie Drover
'Cherie Drover' 5 days ago
i subscribed
'MegaCokee' 5 days ago
Elizabetм11еее347780 010 Deniz
Irish ok though b.

! I
Vedesh Snakar
'Vedesh Snakar' 5 days ago
80 million views OMG I can't belive it
Najmi Jimmie
'Najmi Jimmie' 6 days ago
Listen to Kim Kardashian voice then she will come out faster
Md.kamruzzaman Kajol
Travis Michael
'Travis Michael' 6 days ago
1:38 the red egg is above the mirror
rinku kumar
'rinku kumar' 6 days ago
'ZONAGAN' 6 days ago
The egg buy the mirror
Oscar Torres
'Oscar Torres' 7 days ago
jjiiijkkiuikuyytykkklpploiin. ,
porque yase' iguak 9tierra i hi5 Kubica h9 Yi (6uk uh 8)iyyig Yi g Yi g8yy9gy9 h9 0ik) g
darth Kayder
'darth Kayder' 7 days ago
I made a new account on instagram which is the same name as my channel name also do you have snapchat
alijah wells
'alijah wells' 7 days ago
I will be scared
Karie Scott
'Karie Scott' 7 days ago
Oh I did
Karie Scott
'Karie Scott' 7 days ago
Thats gross and funny
normarsilla mat yaman
Raj Kumar
'Raj Kumar' 1 week ago
tublaight. traler
Nibash Yadav
'Nibash Yadav' 1 week ago
Jessica Brown
'Jessica Brown' 1 week ago
nasty and wird
Adem G.
'Adem G.' 1 week ago
Samroeng One
'Samroeng One' 1 week ago
Samroeng One
'Samroeng One' 1 week ago
Ali Alraemy
'Ali Alraemy' 1 week ago
Vloging Kelly
'Vloging Kelly' 1 week ago
i found the egg 2.23
Sherrie Williams
'Sherrie Williams' 1 week ago
y'all do stupid stuff y'all can get killed by doing that
rosa zamora
'rosa zamora' 1 week ago
on top of the mirror
Abduweli Dimbile I 8
hi Jesse and mike
Samera Niinimbot
'Samera Niinimbot' 1 week ago
Gabriel Ceballos
'Gabriel Ceballos' 1 week ago
the egg is located at 1:37 on top of the mirror
earl edmonds
'earl edmonds' 1 week ago
on the mirror
Pintu Kumar
'Pintu Kumar' 1 week ago
Toys Surprise
'Toys Surprise' 1 week ago
'Cookie0verDose' 1 week ago
How does this have 79 million views?!?
алинка малинка
я одна тут русская
유빈 안g
'유빈 안g' 1 week ago
00 f
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