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Charge Your Phone using COIN - Amazing Life Hack - Science Experiment -
Published: 3 months ago By: RoyTecTips

By: RoyTecTipsPublished: 3 months ago

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Bring Nearly Any Dead Battery Back To Life link for more information.

Three amazing coin battery experiment, Run emergency led light, charge your phone using coin.

If you use copper coin every cell will produce .7 to .8 volt 2 - 4 ma.
for 5 volt we need at lest 8 cell
So if you want to charge you mobile phone at 500 mp
you need 500*8 = 4000 coin.
I don't have this much coin but if you make this much cell definitely it gonna charge you phone.

How to make a portable charger?
Home made portable power bank.
coin Charger
Turn Coins into mobile charger USA. America
turn penny to gold changing
gold penny experiment explanation
Münze in Aufladeeinheit drehen

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How to Make a Emergency Mobile Phone Charger - For Smart Phones

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Ghardeep Singh
'Ghardeep Singh' 10 hours ago
i would probably buy a ERD charger worth Rs. 50 out of these 5 rupee coins and charge my cell phone.. trust me its more and most easiest one..
Jyotinarayan Mishra
'Jyotinarayan Mishra' 14 hours ago
nice work dude. l really appreciate to you. Go ahead man.
Ganesh Ganesh
'Ganesh Ganesh' 14 hours ago
Ashlynn Time
'Ashlynn Time' 1 day ago
I would rather to use my charger 😐
Sunny Singh
'Sunny Singh' 1 day ago
Sunny Singh
good job
Rittick Pramanick
'Rittick Pramanick' 2 days ago
Can you tell me which reaction is happening here?
Preeti Agrawal
'Preeti Agrawal' 2 days ago
its amazing😃😃😃
Sasikumar V Velayudhan
led and clock is not working why??
Simant Sondhiya
'Simant Sondhiya' 2 days ago
😂😂😂😂 Kamaal h
Shaikh Shahid
'Shaikh Shahid' 3 days ago
it's real work super👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👍👍👌
Aayush Bhusari
'Aayush Bhusari' 3 days ago
can anyone tell me the reason for that
Akiho Yai
'Akiho Yai' 3 days ago
Does the coin lose power?
siddu siddarth
'siddu siddarth' 3 days ago
Instead of using coins ,why you don't buy a battery with that coins
Komal Gupta
'Komal Gupta' 3 days ago
seriously isse battery charge hoti hai
'faisalew' 4 days ago
itna chutiyapa karne ki kya zaroorat hai yaar jab charger se hi ho jata hai
Syed Farhan
'Syed Farhan' 4 days ago
nothing waste of time
Syed Farhan
'Syed Farhan' 4 days ago
migo 101
'migo 101' 4 days ago
can you use American coins
Yojan Nicolas
'Yojan Nicolas' 4 days ago
KazukoRazor Anime
'KazukoRazor Anime' 4 days ago
after watching lost in the west i searched this
Stoner Guy
'Stoner Guy' 4 days ago
dude u realize that it looks like u made a bomb
Anjali s
'Anjali s' 5 days ago
Sanjay kumar
'Sanjay kumar' 5 days ago
How do easy charge
don johnson
'don johnson' 5 days ago
Wild Stuff
Sujal Surampudi
'Sujal Surampudi' 5 days ago
how it was charging by coins
Anas Waheed
'Anas Waheed' 6 days ago
can we use water except vinegar?
sadhuakash mbbs
'sadhuakash mbbs' 6 days ago
Super brother.......!
SaveDePups XDD
'SaveDePups XDD' 6 days ago
All Activities
'All Activities' 6 days ago
But can we use this coins again?
All Activities
'All Activities' 6 days ago
Nice brain trick dude.
Vinit Nadar
'Vinit Nadar' 6 days ago
I cannot believe that.... how is it charge 😓😓
Aman Kumar
'Aman Kumar' 6 days ago
Jayd تبني
'Jayd تبني' 1 week ago
fuck you imma just go buy a freaking charger from walmart
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tapan Das
'tapan Das' 1 week ago
sanam qureshi
'sanam qureshi' 1 week ago
yahi kaam baaki reh gya ab
Jennifer Navarro
'Jennifer Navarro' 1 week ago
why don't u stop being lazy and go buy a charger
Jazmin Miranda
'Jazmin Miranda' 1 week ago
Can you use something else besides vinegar
Adnan Waris
'Adnan Waris' 1 week ago
ye coin kitni tym tak charge krenge...inki bhi to charging khatam hogi ya nhi
honey singh
'honey singh' 1 week ago
how long this will work ...10 minutes?
Harijs Borgs
'Harijs Borgs' 1 week ago
well , i need to do so much , that i better go buy a charger
'JAVEED ABDULLAH' 2 weeks ago
hey please answer me can we use normal vinegar
'Jaqx' 2 weeks ago
If you have the charger cant you just chsrge the damn phone wala
Nitin Shukla
'Nitin Shukla' 2 weeks ago
i hv many questions so pls ans me bcoz im peforming dis !! so can u tell me that it needs charging or not for how much time it can work and for how much time i should keep cardboard in vinegar ?? pls ans me
Stormray John
'Stormray John' 2 weeks ago
or just plug it in a wall adapter like a normal fucking person
Laxmi kumari
'Laxmi kumari' 2 weeks ago
good discovery, ppl who are criticizing they can't even think things lyk dis....
Bora English
'Bora English' 2 weeks ago
Okay good video
Top 5 everything
'Top 5 everything' 2 weeks ago
luna sparks
'luna sparks' 2 weeks ago
hmm I'm actually broke i cannot find a coin anywhere

Will someone donate to the homeless aka:me
Ishfaq Butt
'Ishfaq Butt' 2 weeks ago
Robert Lawton
'Robert Lawton' 2 weeks ago
This was a wonderful video! Would you next make a video illustrating how to build a breeder reactor from smoke detectors?
salman baig
'salman baig' 2 weeks ago
50 Rs Charger
mekala pavani
'mekala pavani' 3 weeks ago
Sai Ponnamanda
'Sai Ponnamanda' 3 weeks ago
per ya power kab tak chalanga
Shivam Gupta
'Shivam Gupta' 3 weeks ago
what is the water like material....???
CrazySaad111 “CrazySaad111”
Power Banks Are Greaaaat
Zama Introz (Zamalicious)
Wow actually tested it on my phone worked great! didnt have to buy a powerbank or what so ever, really thankful for this keep it up :D
Pro Gamer Star
'Pro Gamer Star' 3 weeks ago
Awesome!! this is so useful!!
Coney Go
'Coney Go' 3 weeks ago
Dinesh Kumar
'Dinesh Kumar' 3 weeks ago
my fevret
'LORD OF PEACE. LOL' 3 weeks ago
Abdul kayyum
'Abdul kayyum' 3 weeks ago
khali time paas
Mohd Ujaif
'Mohd Ujaif' 3 weeks ago
Your phone mi
'irolaan' 3 weeks ago
Cool! But nothing new, it's the Alessandro Volta batterie with variation on the electrolite and metals used!
Idris ali
'Idris ali' 3 weeks ago
आपका वीडियो अच्छा है
Lazar Djukovic
'Lazar Djukovic' 3 weeks ago
for the money ur spending building the charger, you can buy a cheap 0.99$ power bank on ebay
Yuliana Perez
'Yuliana Perez' 3 weeks ago
how many cardboard coins
Inocent Waheed
'Inocent Waheed' 3 weeks ago
Narendra Kumar sharma
Abhinandan Rajbhar
'Abhinandan Rajbhar' 3 weeks ago
Shaan vazarkar
'Shaan vazarkar' 3 weeks ago
Uhh... how long does that battery work?
Abhinandan Rajbhar
'Abhinandan Rajbhar' 3 weeks ago
can we charge it????
'AWESOME motor' 3 weeks ago
which audio
'JohnNNJ' 3 weeks ago
Alright, as long as the exchange rate holds, this should work. (;
MODI Technologys
'MODI Technologys' 3 weeks ago
subscribe my channel for real videos tips tricks tutoreal
Mayank MJM Murpani
'Mayank MJM Murpani' 3 weeks ago
mind blowing Kya kiya
aravind lenin
'aravind lenin' 3 weeks ago
it's amazing will it really work
Md Sarfaraz
'Md Sarfaraz' 3 weeks ago
awesome creations
Sai Kishore
'Sai Kishore' 4 weeks ago
Akhil Mohammad
'Akhil Mohammad' 4 weeks ago
damm physics
Kabita Halder
'Kabita Halder' 4 weeks ago
venkat vicky
'venkat vicky' 4 weeks ago
Really amazing man
Sushil Todhi
'Sushil Todhi' 4 weeks ago
Saritha Hariprasad
'Saritha Hariprasad' 4 weeks ago
the only thing that is not useful to know
Raawban Ashar
'Raawban Ashar' 4 weeks ago
song name?
Kamalesh Adhikary
'Kamalesh Adhikary' 4 weeks ago
Fun With Java!
'Fun With Java!' 4 weeks ago
wait how much percentage does it gather? I mean the electrons have to run out at some point. Overall Excellent Work I'm using this idea in my Home Mobile Home Theatre Idea
'xX[MG][RPG]Xx' 4 weeks ago
You wasted $1 to $2 for a homemade charger. I thought homemade chargers were free.
Subodh Kumar
'Subodh Kumar' 4 weeks ago
bro on which principle it works ?? and pls explain how to put layers??
chintha sowmya
'chintha sowmya' 4 weeks ago
This is not at all working don't try this and waste your time
City Circles
'City Circles' 4 weeks ago
kya chingari ban sakti hai wires ko bhidaney par
Raelle Piquion
'Raelle Piquion' 4 weeks ago
Does it have to be rupees
Gabriel Fluke
'Gabriel Fluke' 4 weeks ago
When i lived in egypt back in the day and the power could go out for days in our area, whenever we forgot to have batteries charged and ready, stupid looking shit like this could be useful. i was a kid so i never set one up but i remember seeing someone make electricity out of a pepsi can and thinking they were magic. dont remember how they did it.
'TheAsianJordan' 4 weeks ago
i have a charger, thanks.
omg no im gona buy new one mamy!
D. Cortens
'D. Cortens' 4 weeks ago
This certainly is a fun science experiment and all, but I wouldn't call it a life hack.
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