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The Undertaker makes a chilling Royal Rumble Match announcement: Raw, Jan. 9, 2017 -
Published: 1 month ago By: WWE

By: WWEPublished: 1 month ago

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The Deadman returns to reveal that he'll compete in the 2017 Royal Rumble Match.


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Bring the darkside to wrestlemania.... without you wwe will rest in peace..
Fred Momanyi
'Fred Momanyi' 2 days ago
The Undertaker is the reason why I still watch WWE .He is the best Wrestler in the world .My Respect.I feel chills when the bell rings
Michael  Jordan
'Michael Jordan' 3 days ago
This guy is too sick and a beast. Brock lesnar sucks. Juice head Steroid boy, sure he could beat the undertaker 😑🤦🏽‍♂️ smh (Fake)
Landon Shearer
'Landon Shearer' 3 days ago
mick looks so scared memories of getting thrown off the stage
They will Rest....In......Peacemhnnnfmmnggbh-

Undertaker 2017
Chara Dreemurr
'Chara Dreemurr' 4 days ago
I'm not the only one steph would say listen to the empty buzz then the bell would Sound
HappyScary Dean
'HappyScary Dean' 4 days ago
And then he got eliminated by garbage lames...
'AngryDutchKid' 5 days ago
The crowd of Raw is worse because of Stephanie as general manager.
Lucius Drake
'Lucius Drake' 5 days ago
undertaker is a joke compare to me,im more scary than the undertaker !!!
Peach C
'Peach C' 6 days ago
Stephanie looks freaked out.😂
Burbing Berries
'Burbing Berries' 6 days ago
I've been seeing this entrance for almost 30 years, and its still the coldest thing ever.
Douglas Jack
'Douglas Jack' 7 days ago
Go to my channel and look at the title, The Undertaker used my Grandfathers name. I just showed this FOR THE RESPECT . MY Grandfather was The Demon of Death Valley Jack Obrien World Champion Wrestler
Game Gamer
'Game Gamer' 7 days ago
Rest in piece hmsadfasdfgsadg
Cal Max
'Cal Max' 1 week ago
maybe, Wyatt vs taker for title
'Othanielm' 1 week ago
Usually Stephanie would say something back to anybody who tells her nobody controls them. But she knows better than to mess with the undertaker
ali uddin
'ali uddin' 2 weeks ago
4:10 peace lu
Allu Madigan
'Allu Madigan' 2 weeks ago
I love how scripted and fake this show is haha but they can do good stunts😂😂
yash sinha
'yash sinha' 2 weeks ago
Helllo الحمدلله
I love the undertaiker
Mohd Adil
'Mohd Adil' 2 weeks ago
undertaker is the best
Aziz Uddin
'Aziz Uddin' 2 weeks ago
ut is king of wwe broooooo
ali uddin
'ali uddin' 2 weeks ago
4:14 lol rest in peaceulu
Almendra Villa
'Almendra Villa' 2 weeks ago
That was a BIG surprise
Bryan Zachery
'Bryan Zachery' 2 weeks ago
Best mic skills ever
'Dippers85' 2 weeks ago
I recorded the bit at the end where taker makes his "huggnnngnn" sound! Sounds amusing making him sound like ET, or Papa Smurf.....or Bane, or Vader.....or a zombie, or a drunk, or a sheep.......the list is endless!! :D
'TheBionicNoodle' 2 weeks ago,ganong....
Fierce And Funny
'Fierce And Funny' 2 weeks ago
Harshal 360
'Harshal 360' 2 weeks ago
but todays 7th
Harshal 360
'Harshal 360' 2 weeks ago
ive never heard Undertaker speak
'MaxSGems' 2 weeks ago
Why Roman? WHY???
JW Crites
'JW Crites' 2 weeks ago
I like the undertaker but he's getting old he has been in the wwe for 26 years now
charles vignas
'charles vignas' 2 weeks ago
epic just one word
charles vignas
'charles vignas' 2 weeks ago
epic just one word
Martina Giordano
'Martina Giordano' 3 weeks ago
rest in peace
Assassin FTW
'Assassin FTW' 3 weeks ago
Undertaker, one thing, Respect man
'EggsEzz' 3 weeks ago
He sounds like a preacher, :D
trolls thesedays
'trolls thesedays' 3 weeks ago
xD undertaker didn't win LOLOLOLOLOL
Mark Pobanz
'Mark Pobanz' 3 weeks ago
I don't think undertaker when undertaker told his boss nobody controls him.
Uchiha Madara
'Uchiha Madara' 3 weeks ago
mick foley is a joke "wrestler"
Muntantfob90721 Mittenzwei
Rest In Peace
Rusty Shackleford
'Rusty Shackleford' 3 weeks ago
Undertaker should have have spit or swallowed that loogie before saying RIP.
Tariq Khan
'Tariq Khan' 3 weeks ago
i find society pathetic now, its sad to see everybody immediatly pull their phones out when the room goes dark.
ahsan mustafa
'ahsan mustafa' 3 weeks ago
raw sucks without goldberg and undertaker like if you agree
ahsan mustafa
'ahsan mustafa' 3 weeks ago
undertaker vs ??? wrestlemania 33
Jake Kellogg
'Jake Kellogg' 3 weeks ago
Brock Lesnar should be put in a buried alive or an inferno match vs The Undertaker!
Natural Mystic
'Natural Mystic' 3 weeks ago
undertaker looks like a goth tranny.
Christian Alvarado
'Christian Alvarado' 3 weeks ago
4:13 lol
freddy fazbear
'freddy fazbear' 3 weeks ago
undertaker is here on WWE
The Python
'The Python' 3 weeks ago
only if he knew he'll get eliminated by reigns... he would've left this stupid company.
Ali Muhammad
'Ali Muhammad' 3 weeks ago
Is it me, or does Undertaker's shirt get lower with each return? The man needs to hang it up and retire. Don't want to see him turn into another Rick Flair, who obviously did not know that he was way past his due date.
Neo Beis
'Neo Beis' 3 weeks ago
'FlamingSTAR' 3 weeks ago

I'm scared
damian wayne
'damian wayne' 3 weeks ago
the rest in peace was kind of a fail
Garrett Coladonato
'Garrett Coladonato' 3 weeks ago
More like a chilling failure.
jamarius brown
'jamarius brown' 3 weeks ago
Mick's face at 0:40
Ziad mohammed
'Ziad mohammed' 4 weeks ago
Marco Landeri
'Marco Landeri' 4 weeks ago
And then he made Reigns over :(
James W
'James W' 4 weeks ago
Why does he turn into a motorcycle at 4:15
Medo Khalaf
'Medo Khalaf' 4 weeks ago
Medo Khalaf
'Medo Khalaf' 4 weeks ago
aktkd jsoskskpdmxosododoeiflsdlrioeoorodoeodkdkdlf
Moameth Dark Rider
'Moameth Dark Rider' 4 weeks ago
undertaker did a great job in Royal Rumble
Tex Truman
'Tex Truman' 4 weeks ago
Holy fuckballs. Goldberg? Undertaker? Mick Foley? No wonder wrestling stinks these days a bunch of has beens from the 90s are the main gets? Rofl.....
batuhan yaman
'batuhan yaman' 4 weeks ago
Roman Reigns eliminated The Legendry Undertaker... Vince McMahon spent a legend for big pusher last night. I can' t say anything...
Robbie Hocking
'Robbie Hocking' 4 weeks ago
Aaaaannnndddd it's gone
The Hated Rogue
'The Hated Rogue' 4 weeks ago
I am a Randy fan but would rather see Undertaker win than Randy
Emerald Miner
'Emerald Miner' 4 weeks ago
Randy Orton wins. :/
Josh C
'Josh C' 4 weeks ago
it may be someone you would never expect win
Tony Stephenson
'Tony Stephenson' 4 weeks ago
I figure he goes in at or around # 30 win go on for 1 last title win
B.E.N.T BrosTv
'B.E.N.T BrosTv' 4 weeks ago
he's a beast 😃😃😃
James Macgregor
'James Macgregor' 4 weeks ago
27 years this year of doing this and you just never tire of it. It's as if we're back in 2005 and it's digging graves as usual for The Deadman. I don't know of any person, male or female - in any kind of entertainment that has cultivated a legacy like his. There's so much mystique, so much wonder about what he's going to do. It excites me everytime.
roberto robert
'roberto robert' 4 weeks ago
Aniyah George
'Aniyah George' 4 weeks ago
Yeah undertaker get all in Stephanie face
Juan Iglesias
'Juan Iglesias' 4 weeks ago
Juan Iglesias
'Juan Iglesias' 4 weeks ago
H Khan
'H Khan' 4 weeks ago
his hairrrr
Φίλιππος Δεληγιάννης
the undertaker or big Evil, the only winner for royal rumble 😍
sahil sharma
'sahil sharma' 4 weeks ago
take a rest oldman
Matthew Lachepelle
'Matthew Lachepelle' 4 weeks ago
Music Maker2016
'Music Maker2016' 4 weeks ago
How many times they tried to kill this dude and He still came back 🤔😂
Demarrius Eason
'Demarrius Eason' 4 weeks ago
am i the only one who never heard undertaker talk this much ?
the reaper
'the reaper' 4 weeks ago
I hope Jericho or taker wins the rumble.
Patricia Jltn
'Patricia Jltn' 4 weeks ago
This is a clear hint that he'll win the royal rumble.
Luke Warrior
'Luke Warrior' 4 weeks ago
Rest it peace uh mmm
Ozzy Osbourne
'Ozzy Osbourne' 4 weeks ago
it watched that one
Ismaeel Naveed
'Ismaeel Naveed' 4 weeks ago
Wag 1 Undertaker!
Ismaeel Naveed
'Ismaeel Naveed' 4 weeks ago
Mick's Hairline tho 😂

Nah, but for real, I respect Mick foley
fuli taveuveu
'fuli taveuveu' 4 weeks ago
family is my mini golf club in our kitchen on Saturday to make lunch with the boys
Duo Maxwell
'Duo Maxwell' 4 weeks ago
undertaker: i go where i want, when i want..
after 25yrs in wwe/wwf he's sure damn earnt that right.
Johnny Sharp
'Johnny Sharp' 4 weeks ago
others rest in piss
Berly Tannyono Putra
Holyshit!! He can talk
Slac adjuster
'Slac adjuster' 4 weeks ago
Love how at 2:09-2:15 how Taker says he goes where he wants, when he wants. Hey, me too, I'm a big boy now, I don't always need to use the big boy potty. I go when I want, where I want
Elaine Lamas
'Elaine Lamas' 4 weeks ago
the undertaker is scary
rehman shaik
'rehman shaik' 4 weeks ago
I can smell the rock somewhere in the crowd
raymund usi
'raymund usi' 4 weeks ago
Mick Foley looks good in his new head
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