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G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I -
Published: 1 year ago By: GEazyMusicVEVO

By: GEazyMusicVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

275, 781, 303 views

2, 055, 189 Likes   61, 439 Dislikes

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Elliott Alameda
'Elliott Alameda' 1 hour ago
the most dramatic 26 year olds in LA.
Athenos Deus
'Athenos Deus' 3 hours ago
'hghg72150' 6 hours ago
geazy on that girl if u don't hit it i will
Suyash Borkar
'Suyash Borkar' 7 hours ago
amity university
'amity university' 10 hours ago
nice beats ad.
Viviane Rockstar
'Viviane Rockstar' 11 hours ago
Blue whale
Elber_ Azuos
'Elber_ Azuos' 11 hours ago
'UNCLE PUYZ тм' 12 hours ago
This is a very good song, until I hear people talking in the middle of a song. It is very damaging to the song and is a very annoying thing. Why not make soap operas if you want to play. Really silly 😔
Mohamed Zohdy
'Mohamed Zohdy' 12 hours ago
Benjie may-ag
'Benjie may-ag' 14 hours ago
the three same clones portrays something, him, his ego, and his other higher ego.
Latoya Taylor
'Latoya Taylor' 17 hours ago
fire in my soul
Daniel O
'Daniel O' 17 hours ago
I don't see any black people at your party
Hinnata Hyugan
'Hinnata Hyugan' 17 hours ago
WOAAH! It's just me,my food,and I
Marc Ortega sanchez
'Marc Ortega sanchez' 17 hours ago
who is just me myself and i solo ride until i die cause i got me for life. this is my life 😄😎😀🙂🤗
Prank TV
'Prank TV' 17 hours ago
This song has helped me not commit suicide, and weed, but still really thinking about it, I don't cut, I just want to leave.
Kevin Zapata
'Kevin Zapata' 18 hours ago
me encanta la seguiré escuchando toda mi vida
Noemi Patricio
'Noemi Patricio' 19 hours ago
It says fff like the song that they made fff
RocketShips #where 2 weirdos do challenges
It is me myself and I because I'm a loner☺️
Mateus Rodrigues
'Mateus Rodrigues' 19 hours ago
Luis Quispe
'Luis Quispe' 20 hours ago
This is my place in right now, I only got myself and tbh this song makes it better and I love it
'whteus' 20 hours ago
me pergunto pq tem mt brasileiro q ainda não conhece o G-eazy
Love tina
'Love tina' 21 hours ago
Bebe u are a queen....u Rock!!!!!!
Hernan585G ٌّ
'Hernan585G ٌّ' 21 hours ago
01:26 Fake Fuck Friends D:
Giselda Vasconcelos
'Giselda Vasconcelos' 23 hours ago
Música, muito,boa,e,o,tipo, que,eu, adoro 😁😁😁😁😁😆😆
'48lilly' 1 day ago
the stress u go though is fucked up
Kako Y
'Kako Y' 1 day ago
من طرف روان
Daniel Riboli
'Daniel Riboli' 1 day ago
eazy like e
moises vasquez
'moises vasquez' 1 day ago
he has 3 different personalities
CLucas RM
'CLucas RM' 1 day ago
april 2057 anyone ?
Angelei Young
'Angelei Young' 1 day ago
bathroom scene got me fucked up...
Manish Ram
'Manish Ram' 1 day ago
can I have 100 likes for no reason
Evaldo Gabriel fuckner
liv ray
'liv ray' 1 day ago
I love G-Eazy's voice...just when you think he cant get any hotter..he talks
Nicolas Robert
'Nicolas Robert' 1 day ago
La première fois que je vois quelqu'un parler français dans un clip anglais xD
Sai Pranith Bhagavatula
Who's that girl at 4:21 ? Well, I am not despo. But need the info for educational purpose. 😅
Maria Rinta-Rahko
I also like the papapapapapa and the corious.💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Maria Rinta-Rahko
I Love this song. It is so chatchy and Bebe Slayd her high notes. Ecpesally the part where she sings I don't need anything. that is my favourite part of this song.💛💛💛
emilka szetlak
'emilka szetlak' 1 day ago
w.o.w great!
Cuong Vu
'Cuong Vu' 1 day ago
Im Just want alone
alifya saify
'alifya saify' 2 days ago
OMG this song 😍👌
Djalma Alves
'Djalma Alves' 2 days ago
eu amo a voz dessa cantora
ציון חסון
'ציון חסון' 2 days ago
פשוט אלוף
Sofía walewska Arteaga zermann
amo esta canción ❤
'Cubosoide' 2 days ago
Mahmood Shakir
'Mahmood Shakir' 2 days ago
What is ''L's and M's "?
Alissa Fader
'Alissa Fader' 2 days ago
He has a very nice speaking voice. it's all raspy and just nice to hear
Ninja569 IDK
'Ninja569 IDK' 2 days ago
I watched this 1 year ago I don't understand it still ;/ got me thinking
Cobalt Rush
'Cobalt Rush' 2 days ago
WTF KYLE!?!? 1:16
canal musics
'canal musics' 2 days ago
2017 alguem?
cris andres
'cris andres' 2 days ago
i love muisic
Benitzerah Wankalubo Migadde
Me ma cel n sleep
Eric Tubbing
'Eric Tubbing' 2 days ago
"its hella poping out there, theres hella hoes" didn't the chick he arrived with call him her love??
Eliana Princess
'Eliana Princess' 2 days ago
G eazy is the best! Like if you agree
Joao Vitor Sanguinete
a melhor e ela cantando esse cara e horrivel
batuhan özçalık
who will be here in 2018?
Michael Toledo
'Michael Toledo' 2 days ago
his lyrics are actually really good better then most rappers today
gubran sahari
'gubran sahari' 2 days ago
fuck fake friends
Ricardo Pedrosa
'Ricardo Pedrosa' 2 days ago
name of the blonde girl pls 3:52
Minecraft Tamirci
'Minecraft Tamirci' 2 days ago
Wery good!
vevo maxx
'vevo maxx' 2 days ago
hes got flava for a white boy..
'CherylJamieable' 2 days ago
what would happen if nicki and rihanna make a baby
no lie to say he will be PSY
who still use AUTHEntic hits dot com to get billions of views
Gaurav Bfg
'Gaurav Bfg' 2 days ago
lara lol
'lara lol' 2 days ago
'Harpy&Harp' 3 days ago
i said 225 mil nvm i was wrong 275 mil
Murray OG
'Murray OG' 3 days ago
The amount of money this Rexha sluz would've made off saying the same shit like 5 times over and over is ridiculous. Good chance it was a lot more than G-Eazy. So insulting xd
Pikachu EX
'Pikachu EX' 3 days ago
who thinks G-eazy looks like Denis? (denisdaily)
'DALLASDEBO' 3 days ago
Pablo Covaleda
'Pablo Covaleda' 3 days ago
is te best song in te World 👌
Ryan DeFreeuw
'Ryan DeFreeuw' 3 days ago
anyone notice the guy with a pirates jacket but hes wearing a giants shirt?
Amanda Digraziano
'Amanda Digraziano' 3 days ago
Best song ever
AnAking gameplay
'AnAking gameplay' 3 days ago
Yetz e nois
Kwii kitty
'Kwii kitty' 3 days ago
its just me,myself, and I when it comes to food
Carlos Enrique Cazenave
OMG Awesome!!!
'Gettia' 3 days ago
eminem accompagna solo...
kaniel chattergoonsingh
61,256 haters, people really must have time in their lives to take the time to dislike good music.
Alyssa Dahl
'Alyssa Dahl' 3 days ago
so hott
Everythings Cool
'Everythings Cool' 3 days ago
The music does me good And it gets me every time (Yeah)!!! 👌👌👌
Salvador Perez Viramontes
Everythings Cool
'Everythings Cool' 3 days ago
Believe yourself because even this singer had a lot of hard times in his life but would not never be broken! still standing and that is him where we just watching and listening to him!!! ( Hats off sir! ) I really enjoyed your music & melody 👈 🎩 👏👏👏
Jj Swanepoel
'Jj Swanepoel' 3 days ago
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Og Perp
'Og Perp' 3 days ago
the beat is the main attention
'Twisty_' 3 days ago
g fuckin g
Partik Kumar
'Partik Kumar' 3 days ago
'Chaos' 3 days ago
3 Things happened today:
1. my neighbour said he didn't like this song
2. he got hit by a bus
3. I lost my bus driver's license
Nandha Chaudhary
'Nandha Chaudhary' 4 days ago
Fuck Don Thrilla ://// ... Just fuck him, its so stupid whats going on right now!
Rohit Mehr
'Rohit Mehr' 4 days ago
apni ma ka yar g easy
Gonnza Contreras
'Gonnza Contreras' 4 days ago
gg easy jungler noob
FYCN Skinwalker0
'FYCN Skinwalker0' 4 days ago
earth. air. fire. water. i'd go through all the elements for you.
'bigeosa' 4 days ago
God, this is future. <3
tiene un culote
Liz Abbott
'Liz Abbott' 4 days ago
G-easy said F**k Fake Friends we don't need them, then Bebe Rexha now has a song called F**k Fake Friends
francisco rodriguez
'BadQueen' 4 days ago
I thought G-Eazy was black
'magovirus28' 4 days ago
'DRAGOLEX BLACK' 4 days ago
bebe rexha can sing her ass off
'sjyszqnmrx' 4 days ago
batkupspoondard1982 CLICK > #Z4peTn3e0f < CLICK batkupspoondard1982
batkupspoondard1982 CLICK > #Z4peTn3e0f < CLICK batkupspoondard1982
batkupspoondard1982 CLICK > #Z4peTn3e0f < CLICK batkupspoondard1982
Beast Mode
'Beast Mode' 4 days ago
At the beginning I thot he was drake who else
Clarita Castro Lopez
👍👍 megusta mucho
LordSparthan7u7 #ApiMousen
La Mejor Like
'BeewnX' 4 days ago
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