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G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I -
Published: 1 year ago By: GEazyMusicVEVO

By: GEazyMusicVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

250, 921, 188 views

1, 874, 169 Likes   54, 322 Dislikes

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Charri Marie
'Charri Marie' 28 minutes ago
I got that fire in my soul
Jordan Gyulai
'Jordan Gyulai' 57 minutes ago
Flavio Antonio
'Flavio Antonio' 2 hours ago
yetão me trouxe aqui
'jerkiller55' 2 hours ago
nadie habla español
Dylan Fowler
'Dylan Fowler' 3 hours ago
quarter bill. Been here since 50k on his tracks
Tim Heiniger
'Tim Heiniger' 3 hours ago
3:39 daaamn
beste_haffie _pieter
bebe chanced so much!!
'Mohazz' 4 hours ago
and if tym z money i need a loan
'KUNAL POOJARI' 4 hours ago
I got that fire in my asshole
logan boadle
'logan boadle' 4 hours ago
beast song
'ashley98764' 5 hours ago
This video is basically like "Here" by Alessia Cara
Jieff Drouin
'Jieff Drouin' 5 hours ago
he sounds like drake on this song lmao
Marcilya Pereira
'Marcilya Pereira' 5 hours ago
linda a música amei
legit_love_ diys
'legit_love_ diys' 6 hours ago
I LOVE this song
Hung Dinh 8
'Hung Dinh 8' 11 hours ago
thank for your video, i love this
quincy simmons
'quincy simmons' 12 hours ago
Why she change her hair.
Master 009
'Master 009' 13 hours ago
18 jan 2017?
Mikael Vela
'Mikael Vela' 14 hours ago
This song cool
Cô nàng Họ Đặng
Joshua Smith
'Joshua Smith' 15 hours ago
the come up. and the come down.
amy campbell
'amy campbell' 16 hours ago
export Israeli review holy dirty absolute plot ruling.
sara mullins
'sara mullins' 16 hours ago
angel lamelas
'angel lamelas' 16 hours ago
<3 it
Ricardo Sandoval
'Ricardo Sandoval' 16 hours ago
Melanie Martinez
'Melanie Martinez' 18 hours ago
Cherie Strong
'Cherie Strong' 18 hours ago
idk why but I ship Bebe Rexha and G-eazy
Jordin Danaram
'Jordin Danaram' 18 hours ago
The song starts at 0:45
nick leandro
'nick leandro' 18 hours ago
I love the song
Antonio Martinez
'Antonio Martinez' 18 hours ago
He reminds of Roman Atwood
Dexter Liu
'Dexter Liu' 18 hours ago
I wanna get 100 before my birthday on Jan. 21
Amaya Soto
'Amaya Soto' 18 hours ago
how come bebe rexha's voice sounds so different
Dat Nguyen
'Dat Nguyen' 18 hours ago
Sếp tùng M-TP :)))
real eyes realize real shite
humans dont matter.
Cindy Msp
'Cindy Msp' 19 hours ago
4:06  does his hat say death?
Mahasweta Das
'Mahasweta Das' 19 hours ago
and this happens when you get anxious around people....I can relate
Rob P Tarvin2
'Rob P Tarvin2' 22 hours ago
good game and well player
Alois Tomek
'Alois Tomek' 22 hours ago
Patricia weber
'Patricia weber' 22 hours ago
Mike Linder
'Mike Linder' 23 hours ago
250 mil views? this is garbage. who let this loser rap and his name is disrespectful to eazy e
Yasmine Trabelsi
'Yasmine Trabelsi' 23 hours ago
Oool bb
Yasmine Trabelsi
'Yasmine Trabelsi' 23 hours ago
Oool bb
Kallum Myhill
'Kallum Myhill' 23 hours ago
This song was ruined by white girls on
Tuan vinh 2
'Tuan vinh 2' 24 hours ago
good game and well player
Xavier Mendoza
'Xavier Mendoza' 1 day ago
dope song me myself and i i got that fire in my soal.
Giga Gigauri
'Giga Gigauri' 1 day ago
magaria unamuso Vito😂😂😂
Emirhan super
'Emirhan super' 1 day ago
Crona Cash
'Crona Cash' 1 day ago
This song I listen to a lot because its very true and so many ways. I really wish i can just perform this song as well as he did. I feel how he does sometimes. I don't wanna say i can see and feel what he's going through it's just i can see how it can feel. Like when he talks about fake friends. I have to deal with fake friends throughout high-school which I am in. i'm in my last year of high-school its filled with people saying how they never even liked you. And how G-Easy was talking about how music is the only reason why people showed up. This song is just inspirational or a lesson on in every way. I love this song personally.
Phillip You
'Phillip You' 1 day ago
0:55 😂😂
mikha putri
'mikha putri' 1 day ago self.i
Lady Ortiz
'Lady Ortiz' 1 day ago
la gata falla in may son :v
Катеринка Лис
Chloe wolf 3 Gardner3
Harley qinn nice to meet ya
An G
'An G' 1 day ago
Anyone else think GEazy is the sexiest man ever?!?! Fuuuuck ❤❤
'Mariov.04' 1 day ago
Bella la canzone. 😀😀👍👍bravi
Stefan J
'Stefan J' 1 day ago
Put speed to 2.0 to get eminem speed :D
'Viper' 1 day ago
who is watching in 2k17
'Meow' 1 day ago
I'm a lone person now...This song is like me <3
́Μαρια Δ ́
when I first heard this song it was on the radio and I said "well, time to track down the name of this song."
Jerome Beyeler
'Jerome Beyeler' 2 days ago
good music
Michael Feitenhansl
am i the only one that doesnt like the amount of self pityness this video conains?
shubham Saxena
'shubham Saxena' 2 days ago
its just me myself & I 2017 ^^^
Nicholas Carvajal
'Nicholas Carvajal' 2 days ago
me after school
"I'm finally home why cant I just chill?"
Tuan loan 9
'Tuan loan 9' 2 days ago
thank for your video, i love this q
L. Spiker Roderick7
good game and well player q
luis Crts
'luis Crts' 2 days ago
Are u watching this now like
Genesis Henriquez
'Genesis Henriquez' 2 days ago
Who's watching this in 2017
'FoZt PUFFY' 2 days ago
this song describes myself so good
Lexani Cardona
'Lexani Cardona' 2 days ago
he cute good song
Bruna Santos
'Bruna Santos' 2 days ago
muito bom 2017
Martha Villatoro
'Martha Villatoro' 2 days ago
me encanta la cancion
Savannah438r AJ
'Savannah438r AJ' 2 days ago
Go to 0:52 I love it!
Liseth Gomez Quiroa
Who says?
Victor Walston
'Victor Walston' 2 days ago
G Eazy reminds me of Eazy E
Francisca Raquel
'Francisca Raquel' 2 days ago
Humza Hasan
'Humza Hasan' 2 days ago
lo ko Lola what of luck me
ahmed mohamad
'ahmed mohamad' 2 days ago
My neighbours love this song so much that they threw a brick into my window so they could hear it better
Marco Castro
'Marco Castro' 2 days ago
At the end all you have is you
Marco Castro
'Marco Castro' 2 days ago
my life in a song heartbroken from a girl </3
Nadejda Kr Hristova
1:16 pineapple head
Lyndsay Bean
'Lyndsay Bean' 2 days ago
Karen Medina
'Karen Medina' 2 days ago
I'm geazy number 1 fan I went to all of his concerts and tour. beat that peps
Rümeysa Demirci
'Rümeysa Demirci' 2 days ago
Her kelimesine aşık olduğum bir şarkı.
Shelley Free
'Shelley Free' 2 days ago
This is the first time I have seen the video. That is powerful. It really reminded me of Fight Club. I love how is bringing awareness to many social issues. <3
Женя Шупишев
Who now name blonde girl with the cake*^???
Nadia Maher
'Nadia Maher' 2 days ago
l love you G-eazy😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😇😘😙😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😀😶🙄😏
Barış ASAN
'Barış ASAN' 2 days ago
3.37 🏁 🔱🔱🔱
Janilyn Manibusan
'Janilyn Manibusan' 2 days ago
He cute.... he has a tiny mouth though haha still love him of course xD
Fatal Cars Crash
'Fatal Cars Crash' 2 days ago
it 2017 I still listen to this song because I love it
'Spectro' 2 days ago
Yo estoy aqui por Sirius
Camila Follay Parada
y yo me llamo Camila follay ×-×
Tanix 111
'Tanix 111' 2 days ago
Best song ever
'REALITY101XD LOL' 2 days ago
me :) myself ;) and I =)
Lawrence Martin
'Lawrence Martin' 2 days ago
I Thought This Was Drake The White Boi Going Hard Salute And Shout Out I Got Beatz for Sale Go To Hip Hop Instrumentals 2016 (That's Him).
valuable information
thank for your video.
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