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The BIGGEST, HEAVIEST, Laptop EVER - $9,000 Acer Predator 21X -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: LinusTechTips

By: LinusTechTipsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Weighing in at 18 pounds and featuring TWO GTX 1080s, a 21" CURVED display, the Acer Predator 21 X is one monster of a laptop...

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Potatoe Face
'Potatoe Face' 42 minutes ago
Why don't you just make a desktop rather than a 21 inch monster that isn't really a "laptop". Not trying to spread hate just wondering why.
'alialsharif03' 1 hour ago
boujer says ur amazing
Enderman 677
'Enderman 677' 6 hours ago
That laptop thicc
Zawseh Gaming
'Zawseh Gaming' 7 hours ago
i dont understand why dont they just put some titan x's in this thing
Vadim Geheim
'Vadim Geheim' 11 hours ago
omg what a terrible backlight bleed man..
xtrada HALE
'xtrada HALE' 13 hours ago
I was interested in the dbbrand shit but you have to apply the skin youreself..... its just plastic not even real materials, hope you get some sponsors with some more interesting products.
'skyhacker6' 14 hours ago
One question : what is it for ?
Tom Ganks
'Tom Ganks' 15 hours ago
your annoying
'Пожарский' 16 hours ago
Говно какое то...
Ayalas - Notícias & Gameplays
Awesome. I dont mind the size. Would fit for travels to dock it in the hotel or the house.
Not to use in cafes and stuff. I would buy one if I was rich.
'Llama' 17 hours ago
one thing gaming laptops need is the ability to put the screen flat completely so it doesn't block a monitor if you want to use one
Avieshek Rajkhowa
'Avieshek Rajkhowa' 18 hours ago
It's a briefcase!
Carlo Arc
'Carlo Arc' 18 hours ago
9000$. build your own desk and better than this 10x
'AthenianLove' 18 hours ago
Luca Anderson
'Luca Anderson' 20 hours ago
Guys, stretch Anyone know larger this%versjon
Emin değertekin
'Emin değertekin' 20 hours ago
I guaranty it here. In the next five years your precious Apple will completely shutdown. Just watch it happen.
Forever nation
'Forever nation' 1 day ago
I love Acer , I used Acer's laptop more than 6 years ,and it is still available to work very well.
I recommend Acer;s laptop very much.
D̸у̨́l͞a̢и́͟ B̸͜ґ̸a̷ц̀̕͞п̧́
you look like you would be my dad
'computertastic' 1 day ago
Very cool in deed but whats the battery life like ? need at least 12 hours to get me through the day cause you know plugs are hard to come by.
'gewinnste' 1 day ago
Having two 1080s (300-400 W) in, but just a puny laptop CPU (45 W) is uber silly! Just put in a desktop 7700K (91W) alright?
ahmad mifzal
'ahmad mifzal' 1 day ago
i dont see the cd port
Chi Fai Ip
'Chi Fai Ip' 1 day ago
Why the keypad looks so empty and have so many fans? With 9000 dollar, I can buy two A/C in my room Lol.
'danwat1234' 1 day ago
Really, only 4 USB much room for more and perhaps eSATA, firewire. hmm, might match the cooling ability of the Asus water cooled laptop.

I'd like to see a laptop with dual CPUs instead of dual GPUs.
Chace Ellis
'Chace Ellis' 1 day ago
But can it play crysis
'FLYINGTANKS' 2 days ago
'FLYINGTANKS' 2 days ago
well the one reason I will NOT BUY THIS COMPUTER IS because it is an Acer
mr. timebacon
'mr. timebacon' 2 days ago
It probably costs more than a car..
Nertrix IBØPE
'Nertrix IBØPE' 2 days ago
FUCK!!!! THIS LAPTOP IS BETTER THAN MY XBOX 360 AND MY CELLPHONE!!! (Observation:My computer is so crappy and my cellphone is better than my pc
Yahya Naveed
'Yahya Naveed' 2 days ago
I'd rather take a mini-desktop over this.
'itchyisvegeta' 2 days ago
I LOVE laptops with a right handed touch pad. I have skipped on buying so many laptops on sale and clearance due to lower left touch pads.
'persis_30_4' 2 days ago
for 9000 i can buy a super computer than this plastic box of crap. common its a computer not a laptop.
evilspooner demigod
8 grand for a laptop? Can you even call it one?
Witch Girl
'Witch Girl' 2 days ago
LinusTechTips can I have it instead? 🙂🙂🙂
Shahroz Tariq Tablet
Damn.. 9000..
Samuel Žila (Lelzo515)
it looks ugly
Farmageddon Snyder
my god
'spagetti001' 3 days ago
looks like it weighs a ton. I might as well just carry my desktop pc around.
B4TB- BfourtyB
'B4TB- BfourtyB' 3 days ago
Laptop skill over 9000!
Michael Timpson
'Michael Timpson' 3 days ago
haha, it is even above the weight restriction for a carry-on for an international flight....but who would want to check it in?
'Shandiemann' 3 days ago
If I got one I wouldn't pull it apart, AT ALL...
willie gonzales
'willie gonzales' 3 days ago
West silver minister xpdwugo rise adult which favor yourself.
back at the house 1
if that laptop was a girl id kiss her

just saying lol
Joni suonpää
'Joni suonpää' 3 days ago
9k on a laptop only a morons!
Amd Radeon
'Amd Radeon' 3 days ago
Dell Alien ware and Acer Predator.. WHAT?? ALIEN VS PREDATOR!! gg
Theodore Adkins
'Theodore Adkins' 3 days ago
It Looks Pretty!!
Maxo Carrizo
'Maxo Carrizo' 3 days ago
3:46 Acer PredatO.
'HighHell99' 4 days ago
not even 4k
'UltimatePrepper1' 4 days ago
Dude, I would not spend 9 grand on a laptop that within 3 years will have a thinner replacement. I would fucking go all out on a desktop that will last me possibly 6 years (assuming nothing borks)
Petrenko Vodka
'Petrenko Vodka' 4 days ago
where can i get this
PhillippvandePlein Woezel
why tho, just buy a fuckinh desktop
pocky chu
'pocky chu' 4 days ago
Can it play undertale?
Opethes pöö
'Opethes pöö' 4 days ago
Not flexin, just holding the laptop xDDD
'ELIE Oops' 4 days ago
omg 9000$ ;'0 wow
'jay_615' 4 days ago
It's over 9000
Hugo Uasd
'Hugo Uasd' 4 days ago
But Can it run crysis
'UltraJthewizard' 4 days ago
Justin Rozinak
'Justin Rozinak' 5 days ago
Honestly I would rather pay an extra $5g for an alienware m18 that is 2 inches bigger good luck finding an m18 I got lucky but anyways it will beat a desktop since you can transport it with the back pack which I've had since my first laptop I am on my second alienware laptop due to games just rapidly getting better but really I hope it has a dual titan in it. They know how to build a computer better than anyother brand TRUST me. If they announce that then I am investing into alienware asap that shit is gonna sell big hell if they make a custom one for me ill pay $100,000 they mean so much to me
'Vladinho' 5 days ago
hahahahaha for 2.000$ i'll buy myself a fucking great gaming PC, and remaining 7.000$ i'll spend for a fucking vacation with my family like 4 months in fucking Hawaii...
Justin Rozinak
'Justin Rozinak' 5 days ago
i mean hell if alienware could do that i wouldnt get get an origin desktop i would want the laptop because i am always on the move plus the back pack i got from them has lasted 2 laptops
Ed Winters
'Ed Winters' 5 days ago
>Gaming laptop for $9000
Ahahaha. No, thanks.
Justin Rozinak
'Justin Rozinak' 5 days ago
Hell if they would let me i would totally fund the research for it if i was allowed to
Justin Rozinak
'Justin Rozinak' 5 days ago
3g more
Justin Rozinak
'Justin Rozinak' 5 days ago
actually 3$ more really
Justin Rozinak
'Justin Rozinak' 5 days ago
I like the tech tip but honestly I would rather wait for alienware to build something comparable to that but the keyboard on that was a major turn off for me plus the screen is too wide i think m18 with 2 more inch screen would be perfect for me and a titan
i would pay major buko bucks for that
XPRO 134
'XPRO 134' 5 days ago
'OMGitzFries' 5 days ago
Guys Sub to OnlyCrapple in Youtuber for more awesome content <3
Boi Uung (fandomRoast)
I think he jizzed about 4 times
Jackie Gonzalez
'Jackie Gonzalez' 5 days ago
If I was rich I would totally get this but I can barely afford candy
John Johnson
'John Johnson' 5 days ago
LOL Stupid..
Tony America
'Tony America' 5 days ago
$9000 if Razer will better!
'Jackyminecraft' 5 days ago
Gimme gimme
mike kingdom
'mike kingdom' 5 days ago
wow this things beautiful lol but not for 9k
'penapox' 5 days ago
takes desktop computer, flips it on its side, superglues a monitor to the top, superglues a mech keyboard to the top
that's what this basically is
Danny Bott
'Danny Bott' 5 days ago
Rumour has it that if you don't donate at least 5 dollars to my campaign you WONT die in the next 7 days
En Zilla
'En Zilla' 5 days ago
Somebody should've done a Drop test to this thing!!!!
The Siphon
'The Siphon' 6 days ago
9K laptop < 9K beast desktop with monitor, mouse,keyboard, mic and headphones.
'Daniel' 6 days ago
It says it has 16gb of GDDR5X VRAM bur in SLI one doesn´t get double VRAM.... False marketing
Tom Bench
'Tom Bench' 6 days ago
That's not a laptop that's a portable desktop.
Ross Vaughn
'Ross Vaughn' 6 days ago
Can I play Minesweeper on it?
'ProGamer' 6 days ago
just buy ps4 dont waste money on this lol
Robert Miles
'Robert Miles' 6 days ago
overpriced piece of shit
Milićević Danijel
9000$ laptop with falling off letters, 3:45 . That doesn't inspire confidence. But letters are letter, and machine is machine, who knows...
'hadraplana' 6 days ago
not numeric block? Shit laptop
'Q13E5' 6 days ago
I F***N Love this!
'BENTLE7' 6 days ago
at 3:47 is the laptop already broken? Did the R fall off of predator.. so cheap
'sikj' 6 days ago
No thanks.
'trancelistic' 6 days ago
Looks very awesome and dreamy but I had always a bad experiance with acer products.
Jeff Bergstrom
'Jeff Bergstrom' 7 days ago
I wouldn't mind the weight but $9K? Nope.

Also, why hard drives? NVMe seems all you need for $9K and saves weight and power consumption. Laptop hard drives are universally crap anyway. Don't put them in a $9K laptop.
'UnKnownSoldier41' 7 days ago
Haven't seen this much ventilation since Intel tried to pack a Pentium 4 into a Laptop!
Memist McMemer
'Memist McMemer' 7 days ago
10 or 15 years from now, people are going to look back at this monstrosity and call it the 1970's and 80's Aston Martin Lagonda of of 2010's computing. Too big, too expensive, too many experimental concepts and a just downright awkward design. It looks damn nice on paper just like the Lagonda did with all the gimmicky stuff like a gas plasma instrument cluster (later models tried LCD, CRT and Vacuum Fluorescent), touch pad dash controls and actually pretty cool and still futuristic looking interior packed into a wedge shaped 4-door body with pop up headlights that made it heavy, unreliable and gave it extremely poor gas mileage even for the 70's and 80's. All those design elements were cutting edge and high end at the time, but also quite gimmicky. When you look at other laptops in this price range or lower, you could do much better than this Predator model if you can live without the gimmicks like the curved screen, mechanical keyboard and reversible touchpad. You'll probably end up with a laptop that has similar or even better performance (depending on CPU), has a higher resolution but a little bit smaller screen, a smaller/lighter overall package, only one power brick, is quieter and has better battery life.
Pedro Vervaeke
'Pedro Vervaeke' 7 days ago
look at 3:43! it's already broken... The R in PREDATOR is peeled off... Well Done Linus!
Bjørn Erik Fjeld
'Bjørn Erik Fjeld' 7 days ago
is it 120hz? can't find that spec no where else than this video
Deidara 1209
'Deidara 1209' 7 days ago
lol ist der krass digga
Natalya Bandera
'Natalya Bandera' 7 days ago
Ich kaufe ein "R"
justin vertefeuille
I do not understand why nobody has made a laptop with the display able to be detached and put on a stand or fold upwards so its higher than your hands. Always a problem for me atleast.
Christopher Sparks
Wow that thing is huge and I mean big
'hagglefaen' 1 week ago
It's a fucking solarium.
Sean Hyland
'Sean Hyland' 1 week ago
Spoiler Alert: Annnnd a mobile CPU, folks. How could they fail so hard on that one? $9000 with an SLI config and nerfed with a mobile CPU. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. We've seen this before with 20" laptops.
'TELEVISIBLE' 1 week ago
a nerd must have !
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