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The BIGGEST, HEAVIEST, Laptop EVER - $9,000 Acer Predator 21X -
Published: 3 months ago By: LinusTechTips

By: LinusTechTipsPublished: 3 months ago

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Weighing in at 18 pounds and featuring TWO GTX 1080s, a 21" CURVED display, the Acer Predator 21 X is one monster of a laptop...

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'Chaoxz' 5 minutes ago
This is the opposite of the reason people buy gaming laptops.
I will never lug that around in my life.
Amine Mebarki
'Amine Mebarki' 3 hours ago
its also used to workout lol
'xxmlgxxpurexx' 5 hours ago
The real question is; who is going to but this laptop when you can build/buy/pre-built a pc for $3000 which is more than enough than you need.
Lets see what i can get with that money....
1.5K for a gaming PC
500 for a cheap bike(its indonesia so....)
7K for Rent and daily supplies
Gamingwith Omar
'Gamingwith Omar' 15 hours ago
i saw it i threw my gaming set up and got this one
Molly Short
'Molly Short' 18 hours ago
Keep it up bro
Tao Tao
'Tao Tao' 19 hours ago
With this much laptop I can probably build myself a portable desktop for half the price...
Tao Tao
'Tao Tao' 19 hours ago
Imagine someone pulling this out during English class...
Rachman SNP
'Rachman SNP' 1 day ago
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harvey Last
'harvey Last' 1 day ago
any way you look its still not a mac
-.- Cat
'-.- Cat' 1 day ago
Uses this laptop in an airport
Gets busted
'Sinclare' 1 day ago
I would pay $5,000 for it.
'thegamerman' 1 day ago
hey can i umm you know, just have this laptop pls.
The Ace TV
'The Ace TV' 2 days ago
Man you know what

Read more
Aris Furqon
'Aris Furqon' 2 days ago
why don't you just build a gaming PC? why?
'XxMacroTechxX' 2 days ago
BigD Travels
'BigD Travels' 2 days ago
I wouldn't understand anybody who spends 9k on a laptop. It isn't portable in any sense, and because of that why wouldn't you want a nice 27 inch or 34 inch monitor?
'Mudge' 2 days ago
probably created by an army as a shield
LaTe Ko
'LaTe Ko' 2 days ago
can i paint my gamer girl 4:04
craety donutkey
'craety donutkey' 2 days ago
Imagine yourself watching this video 10 years later ... You probably think this so-called laptop is even heavier than your desktop
MrSoldier Tf2 Rblx Untrnd
i remember having an acer monitor
Monado Ryan
'Monado Ryan' 2 days ago
Alright, who is the nutcase in the comments who purchased the acer predator 21X?
'fredericlaflamme' 2 days ago
buys the laptop just to get one key from the keyboard for his 100$ pc
Caio Gamer10
'Caio Gamer10' 3 days ago
esse cara parece que antes de gravar o vídeo ingere gás hélio '-'
'messibo' 3 days ago
It still retains it's "Notebook" Name? a fucking Notebook? more like a Portable Tank.
'EDWAR ORAHA' 3 days ago
Why 1080!!
Mohan M
'Mohan M' 3 days ago
plz make a video of unboxing Acer predator 21x
Endelig Gnist
'Endelig Gnist' 3 days ago
I'd sell my mother for that laptop.
'Rainbow6GodPboi' 3 days ago
Whose gonna buy this shit
Meister Bold
'Meister Bold' 3 days ago
9000 $..., and the "R" drops out of the Logo :D (3:23) p.s. you can see it hanging down from the "T". :)
'DaSpoody' 3 days ago
can it run minecraft?
'LeKo' 4 days ago
Plug an USB killer in it
Bradley Irwin
'Bradley Irwin' 4 days ago
super duper dorky
محمد معوض
'محمد معوض' 4 days ago
i need this laptop but gift
Won Becket
'Won Becket' 4 days ago
Gayest fucking thing ever.
You could build a beast PC even with 2,000.
Waste of money. It's like buying a Mac Pro.
'nomad20122' 4 days ago
looks heavy as fuck get ready for back pain everyone
'bench261' 4 days ago
does it come with modular griddle connected via attachable heatpipes to dissipate heat and cook at the same time?
God Of Fire And Thunder
"Dad, please buy this for my birthday."
John Shearer
'John Shearer' 4 days ago
I really wanted him to drop it and maybe crush his foot, that would be a great video
Gallito 審美的な陰茎
Yo Linus
How Much Can You Bench
Leo Auger
'Leo Auger' 4 days ago
And people say Acer is shit.
Andrew Munoz
'Andrew Munoz' 4 days ago
no-one cares the laptop says predato? 3:21
Levi Cassidy
'Levi Cassidy' 5 days ago
yeah i'm poor i can only afford a 300$ laptop -_- .......
Ville R.
'Ville R.' 5 days ago
'prettylolitadoll' 5 days ago
And this thing got returned because the fans are so loud!!!
Alejandro Medina
'Alejandro Medina' 5 days ago
If they lower the price to 499 i woulndnt care about that R letter that fell off the lower part of the screen :P
'ThaneDane' 5 days ago
That is just incredible! :D
'AdvacedLaserz21' 5 days ago
Please tell me if this computer bulid is good :)
'PLAY4FUN' 5 days ago
look like F1
'NaCOrVa' 6 days ago
Fantastic. Now I can watch HD Down Syndrome Porn with ease. 👀
ItsLiam 21
'ItsLiam 21' 6 days ago
why cant i find any place to buy it? is it out of stock or something?
Michael Zhang
'Michael Zhang' 6 days ago
If you're male and want to have children, might not want to put this in your lap...
'Replicanoob' 6 days ago
the only point of a laptop is for it to be portable, so just build a PC?
Pas d
'Pas d'imagination' 6 days ago
Vincent Tan
'Vincent Tan' 6 days ago
if Acer make the All in One 32" to 40" with DIY GPU ,Ram,SSD, HDD, i would happy to see that . for now day the wireless combo keyboard & mouse no longer the issue for increase the size of the casing.
'Aseril' 7 days ago
For that price, this thing better kill the USB killer.
Mashal Khan
'Mashal Khan' 1 week ago
i'd rather buy a desktop... because it makes more sense to call a "desktop" more Portable than whateverthefuck linus is reviewing
Santhyago Gamer
'Santhyago Gamer' 1 week ago
Incredible, must wheel games all in ultra peformance. Congratulations on the channel
'KABLOSUZ-MODEM' 1 week ago
onda cs atcan ufff
'MROKJIA _' 1 week ago
It's ugly
The Greek Freak
i bought this laptop to play my favourite FRIV game :DD
Sport Highlights And much more
i just get my laptop about 3 years ago for 400 euro, playing cs go wtih 140 lol with 140 fps wow with 110 fps and watch dogs 2 with 25-40 and absolutely 0 fck about you trashnoobs.
Salim Ounadi
'Salim Ounadi' 1 week ago
I can't buy it !!!!
Hallur Holm Johannessen
That is not a laptop but a tabletop :)
Furry Fursuit
'Furry Fursuit' 1 week ago
Or I could just buy a new car...
'AzNstat' 1 week ago
Is this the new George Foreman?
Jackalack313 M
'Jackalack313 M' 1 week ago
would this run skyrim with aaaalll those graphics mods and General mods at 1080p 60 fps
David Halver
'David Halver' 1 week ago
"Don't be so proud of this technological terror you've created......"
Jason Bourney
'Jason Bourney' 1 week ago
1:16 I mean look at my arm!!! I'm not flexing I'm just holding a laptop!! 😂😂😂😂
Kedar Bhat
'Kedar Bhat' 1 week ago
this one is really a beast.i really love it but for GOD SAKES LOWER THE FUCKIN PRICE!!!
Kedar Bhat
'Kedar Bhat' 1 week ago
it can be called the perfect MINI DESKTOP!!
'Geoweb35' 1 week ago
The beast
Gabriel Gaplanian
'Gabriel Gaplanian' 1 week ago
i See someone disabled cortana via group policy dont want microsoft to spy on ya?
T. Kushida
'T. Kushida' 1 week ago
UM..2 GTX 1080's with 1080 res? are these guys retarded? why...? whats the point.
Bleach McBleachersen
3:43 so it's a PREDATO, cool
André Penha
'André Penha' 1 week ago
Qual o nome do Notebook? Desejo comprar
'Damian' 1 week ago
duuuuuuuuude we want a full in depth look into this "laptop" please do a full review please.
Harley Ryder
'Harley Ryder' 1 week ago
This is the heaviest laptop? This is VERY big, for a MODERN laptop, but the original laptop from the 1980's was so big and heavy when it was closed it looked like an overpacked suitcase. it even had to have a handle like one. Even with all that mass, the screen was still only the size of a gas station ATM screen, and it was only blue or green with a white text screen. NO GAMING, BARELY INTERNET, BARELY ANYTHING. It was an oversized piece of junk that basically did calculations for you. THAT sucker was needlessly large.
Hubert Kuś
'Hubert Kuś' 2 weeks ago
were can i buy one?
Diamond Dave
'Diamond Dave' 2 weeks ago
Does it run Crysis?
Mathias Skovsbøl Andersen
and still i has only 4 core 2.9 ghz i7-7820HQ cpu
abdullah altabban
'abdullah altabban' 2 weeks ago
Suck it I have 100k dollars
'MightyKingMonstar' 2 weeks ago

Wow the Acer Predato 21X looks pretty great
Paul Agang
'Paul Agang' 2 weeks ago
I just want to play GTA V
'EveryThingOld' 2 weeks ago
Reminiscent of the laptops from the 90s.
geoffrey yew
'geoffrey yew' 2 weeks ago
breaks your arms when your holding it
Chiiken Nooget
'Chiiken Nooget' 2 weeks ago
Who the fuck has the money to spend on a $9000 laptop? Who the fuck has $9000?!
Chief Primo
'Chief Primo' 2 weeks ago
what will happen if the guy carrying this thing suddenly drop?
Black Female
'Black Female' 2 weeks ago
ill stick with my gdp win or laptop with in home streaming connected to my pc
'DSPN00BY' 2 weeks ago
Can I use this as a bulletproof shield?
'Drdibleythecat' 2 weeks ago
'Fυℓℓвяιηg' 2 weeks ago
Fuck it..Buy a PS4 $250😎
Because i'm poor.
RK TV tm
'RK TV tm' 2 weeks ago
is this future proof?
'FlashYourMother' 2 weeks ago
pleas shake it a little bit harder and destroy the spinning hdd
Lefoliot Faire le fou
with that money i can buy a amazing pc, a decent car and a month on vacations at the beach.

Sure you can buy a 9000 dollars laptop, or a 15000 tv, sure, you can even put gold on your high luxury cake or a diamond in your water... but it doesnt make it a good fucking idea.
Berk Şen
'Berk Şen' 2 weeks ago
Ulan Ben Bu Laptop'a Bir şey olmasın diye yatakta yatırırım kendimde yerde yatarım
'toquio3' 2 weeks ago
it can cost 9k and have all the specs. its still a jade.
'sahariel187' 2 weeks ago
Too bad its an Acer.....
Brandon England
'Brandon England' 2 weeks ago
The Lamborghini Veneno of laptops.
'SuperSaiyanIntros' 2 weeks ago
I mean should I buy a car or a laptop hmmm...
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